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Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Vogue Covers

Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Vogue Covers

Lindsay Lohan celebrates the opening of the “90 years of Vogue covers” exhibition at Crillon Hotel on Thursday (October 1) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress was recently named Creative Consultant to French design house Emanuel Ungaro. She wrote on her Twitter page, “I just saw my office at Emanuel Ungaro en Paris. It’s so pretty. I was shocked and so happy I cried. A dream come true.”

Lindsay also extended an invitation to Miley Cyrus: “Will you be in Paris this week? Would you like to come to the Emanuel Ungaro show for the new collection I’ve designed love? xo*”

15+ pictures inside of Ungaro creative consultant Lindsay Lohan

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lindsay lohan vogue covers party 01
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 02
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 03
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 04
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 05
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 06
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 07
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 08
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 09
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 10
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 11
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 12
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 13
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 14
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 15
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 16
lindsay lohan vogue covers party 17

Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Julien M. Hekimian/Getty
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  • kate

    wow the outfit is hideous!

  • Ju

    why she is showing her lips? lindsay, you is not angelina!

  • dee cee

    Even Gloria Swanson would be shocked by this worn, torn and weary twenty year old life.

  • g!na

    I love Lindsay and i wish the best for her!

  • ct

    she needs to work on herself.

  • nat

    In the second photo she looks like Donatella Versaci. This girl could not be more of a mess, I don’t understand why she is still around.

  • mju8

    My god. Her trout pout lips are out of control!!!!!! Just hideous

  • Goddess

    I feel bad for her. So many people hate her and I can’t understand why! Well…..maybe a little, she screwed up her chances to be a great actress since she was so promising at an early age but I think people put her down too much. She deserves one more chance like anybody. She’s human. Everybody makes mistakes. I love her. I hope she’ll get to show her acting skills in a big movie soon. I believe in her. I can’t believe that little talented girl in the “parent trap” isn’t there anymore. She’s just hiding. She has yet to come out. Go Lindsay, you still have people loving and supporting you! <3 P.S : that outfit is hideous though, to be honest! =) Also, go back to red hair. I don’t understand those celebs who are not proud of their natural hair color. Jessica Alba looks so much better with dark hair and Lindsay Lohan looks so much better as a redhead. Jess went back to her roots Lindsay, do the same! You’d look so much more gorgeous.

  • M.T

    Sexy love her so much goo lindsay

  • Joey


  • M.T

    @Goddess: u soo right

  • .

    dear god, is she still trying to be relevant?

  • TR

    This girl is a dirty and nasty mess. WTF is she doing with her lips? I think she actually believe pursing her lips like that is sexy. It just proves how unsophisticated she really is. She’s white trash from New Jersey with a huge drug problem. And, no one in Hollywood will hire her. She can’t get insured for any project and truthfully, who really wants to see her in a film??? She looks like she has crabs, lice and herpes. I have seen her out in LA and she is disgusting up close. Dirty nails, coke in her nose, ratty hair. I will bet anyone she overdoses within a year.

  • OMG

    GROSS!! she looks like a haggard 45 year old junkie! Get off the crack rock and get back in rehab asap!

  • dani

    Her years of hard drugs are starting to show big time. She is 23 and she looks like she is in her mid to late 30′s.
    What a shame she has wasted her life. She had so much promise and talent and she has sold it to drugs, partying and more.

  • Ania

    This girl is so unfortunate looking. The saddest part is she is slow so she doesn’t realise how people are laughing at her. She’s revolting and really needs help. If she was a bit brighter she wouldn’t want to discust people the way she does. She doesn’t know any better and as for her Mum, she’s got nothing in the coconut either. Lindsay hasn’t got a chance.

  • Jaz

    damn she looks like a 40-something year-old tacky lady! yikes=/

  • chrisler 1

    I am in my forties and still don’t have that many wrinkles on my forehead.

  • Jaz

    but its not really her fault. her mom has been pimping her out for as long as she can remember. being a celebrity is all she has been taught to be and its all she knows. in some cases, kids handle fame well(like the kids from harry potter and Dakota fanning, Brooke shields), and others can’t handle it on their own. she is on the unfortunate side of child fame with MJ and others.

  • ewwww

    Lindsay’s got a$$ hole lips

  • lilmiss

    eww she’s looks hideously disgusting. she needs to eat. Can somebody buy her Mc Dees or something.

  • alexkziel

    She looks so old! O.o

  • Chanel

    She looks like crap and will never be what she could have.

    End of story.

  • ann

    what in hell is she doing with her lips?! looks like she got bad lip injections or something. Whatever that hell she’s wearing should be burned.

  • youbugme

    like mother like daughter and I’m afraid for the younger sister..
    Lips injections are the most ridiculous trend of the century..

  • me

    She reminds me of Angelina. Maybe they went to the same doctor and got the same treatments?

  • Monica

    Is she serious with those pumped up lips? Did she actually look in the mirror before going on the carpet and say “Damn, I look good!” ? She’s a creative consultant to what the hell again? I need to get away from this. My head is starting to hurt.

  • loyal

    Is this possible? That a French design house would hire this rag wearing hot mess? I am sorry but this is too impossible to believe. If this is who they chose to represent them, they must be a hot mess, too.

  • kk

    wow, she looks pretty wrecked. Look at those dead dead dead eyes.

  • What?

    Shes still alive? Wha…How?

  • #1fan

    gross looks she looks like the tranny hookers on my street corner

  • whatev

    Why does she deserve a second chance, especially one like this? So many other talented 23yr old fashion grads who’ve worked their whole lives will never even get a first chance like this. She will get to rub shoulders with industry’s best, which is the biggest insult for them. BOYCOTT UNGARO

  • sweetness

    it’s shocking how this girl who lives a trashy life is still rewarded a great job being a fashion consultant for a prestigious company…WHY?
    when there are so many hardworking people who actually contribute to society YET the more sleazy you are the more fame and money falls on ones path.

  • blacksheep

    what’s with her lips???? i mean seriously?! IT SHOUTS LIP INJECTIONS

  • OTT Botox Alert

    Jeez, if she’s gonna inject shed loads of cr.Ap in her lips, then she should a done the same to that wrinkled druggy mess she calls a face.

  • Linday’s Sagging Tatas

    She ruined her face and her tits.

  • leah

    Clearly someone at Ungaro is out to destroy the brands name ones and for all. I mean Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus??? What the hell were they thinking? Someone needs to stop giving this girl attention so she can actually start to do something for her money.

  • Mewnaru

    OMG ! sorry but she’s so ugly !!!

  • Violette

    She really does look like a 50 year old! Her hair and make up are doing nothing for her.

  • WTF

    WOW! She looks like crap! Hagard, grotesquely thin, puffed lips, way older than her 23 years.

  • Snitz nitz

    OMG lindsay looks bloody horrible and those lips r a disaster…..Get help girl u need to get some meat on those bones ur so unhealthy and yet u have the ability and looks to be beautiful !!!!! . Marilyn Monroe would be so unhappy with the way some hollywood celebs look in this day and age. You should think about healthy choices and looking after yourself all these women look so damn old from lack of nutrients and no food…..I hate what has happened to Hollywood its just wrecked from the trashie generations lack of class. Love u Lilo but when you looked healthy girl. Please wake up before its to late. xoxox

  • LolaSvelt

    Does she actually think anybody is taking her seriously? A lot of very prestigious people have declined their invitations for the Ungaro show because of her. But the fashion industry thrives on controversy, I guess.

  • jess

    Good heavens, what is wrong with her lips? Who in their early 20′s gets work done on their lips? She needs help. And if she thinks pushing out her lips like that is sexy, she’s delusional.

  • 11

    whats up with the lips??!!

  • Van M

    This is what showbiz does to yung uns…makes them into crack head whores and it shows

  • Billythekid


    Ah, no need to drag Miley Cyrus into this mess. It’s not her fault that Lindsanity decided to tweet her about coming to Paris when she probably knew full-well Miley wouldn’t be anywhere near Paris this fall, let alone this week. I think she just picked her in an attempt to get her some news-worthy attention. And Miley, to her credit, ignored her – and right she should!

  • bella

    LOL . . .wow, cannot say too much and don’t have to as the pics seem to say it all. what is she wearing and what the hell happened to her lips?!?!?!
    Its sad she need to get her life in order.

  • Avalon

    What’s happened to her lips!

  • Denise

    Her younger sister is looking like a 45 year old too now, there are photos on the web of them together. It is too bad, Lindsay Lohan is actually talented, but how do you get roles as a 23 year old when you look 50?

  • marina

    sharon stone, at her age looks sexier and healthier than Lindsay