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Rachel Bilson: How I Met Your Mother's New Star!

Rachel Bilson: How I Met Your Mother's New Star!

Rachel Bilson has been cast in the much-anticipated 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, according to EW.

It’s not clear whether the 28-year-old actress will play the mother (as in the show’s title) or the mom’s sister, best friend or some other relation.

FYI: The show revolves around Ted (Josh Radnor) recounting to his son and daughter the events that led to his meeting their mother. How I Met Your Mother airs on Mondays @ 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

DO YOU THINK it’s it too soon to reveal Ted’s real wife?

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  • gay

    hopefully doogie houser will steal rb’s heart

  • ob

    aw, now all the rachel haters here can’t complain about her not having a job :( poor babies

  • cicy

    OMG I’m so haaaaappy!
    Love the show… Looooooove her. Good match!

  • boycott

    I boycott everything this talentless twit is in so that frees up my time. :) lol

  • Belle

    I hope it come back soon. Love the show.

  • dundies

    what an accomplishment to be remembered truly

  • Ange

    Love Rachel Bilson!!!

  • Anakin

    @Lexy – would this qualify as RB getting a job on her own merits?

  • Amy

    She’s had a job. She was on Chuck! And a few movies too like Jumper, Last Kiss, etc.

  • carrie

    Hmmm….I wonder which relative of hers got her this job, probably daddy Bilson. No doubt that this episode will be a bore…

  • antigona

    she´s so boring… I hope she´s not the mother she´ll ruin the show

  • stacy

    I hope that she is the mother !!!!
    It would be great…

    I love Rachel Bilson, and i think she could be really funny in the show !

  • team_jen

    love this show cant wait to see it

  • ?

    she will return to television? LOL
    I think his film career is not working.

  • hjdasjsdja

    tooo sooon
    more hmym

  • the best they can do!.

    while i’m not calling the this proves even more
    she has failed big time in her effort to become a movie star and she knows it, no wonder she was looking so miserable when out
    with her mum yesterday all rb has since nyilu is two endorsement’s,
    know doubt her agent had to beg for. wow she really is busy
    doing nothing.

    if this is the best they can do fot the 100th episode i would hate to see who they did turn down for the role.

  • jamie

    this is the work that she said? I thought it was a movie, but think about it, who would hire her for star a movie?

  • the best they can do!.

    forgot to add that since nyilu she done waiting for never.
    how long ago was that?.

  • Anonymous

    @jamie: Apparently she said it was a movie so maybe this isn’t it. Can’t help feeling that a guest appearance on a tv show is nothing to crow about, more like the sound of her career scraping the bottom of the barrel. While other actresses do guest star in various tv episodes, they also continue to get film parts as well.

  • pipi

    I am so EXCITED that the show is coming back. However I am not a fan of RB, I dont hate her I just dont like her…and dont think she is a good match for this show.

  • lexy

    Ugh! I LOVE this show!!! I can’t believe they have this moron on it!!

    First Heidi and Spencer and now this moron – the writers don’t need these D-listers to guest star – they’ve got Neil Patrick Harris and Alison Hannigan – who are awesome!!!

    Everyone knows she got her role on Chuck b/c her BFF is married to the producers husband.

    Anakin gotta be honest – after Heidi & Spencer and Kim Kardashian having her as a guest star seems appropriate – Rachel’s about in the same celebrity league as those 3. The show is GREAT but I guess it doesn’t waste a lot of money on talented guest stars.

  • lexy

    PS – the show has been back on for a week or 2. I believe you can catch up at

  • jamie

    Most of the artists who appear in series are B-lister, Rachel is a Z-lister and is very difficult to hire someone like she for star a movie. But I hope she makes a movie, if any director knew who she is. LOL

  • Anonymous

    RB is perfect for the small screen, it’s where she started. She’s not got the character needed for the big screen…no oomph, no wow factor. She’s a small time talent ideal for small time comedies and soap dramas. This is where she should be and where she should have stayed, she can be more successful in this media, a small fish in a small pond, instead of trying to play ‘look at me’ with the big stars. She was never going to win at that.

  • Gloom

    @ob: Err, not exactly work, tho, is it….I mean calling this work is a little like calling a saturday summer job a permanent career. Umm. Not really, I think. I think this is exposure based on someone, somewhere assuming there are ppl out there who, like, really, really want to watch a muppet in this..but, hey, exposure is good, for her at least, she needs it coz she’s not got anything else going. Hope it isn’t too embarrassing for her tho, you know, bit of a come down, bit toe-curling thinking bout it, like being a journo one mo then delivering papers the nxt.

  • ob


    uh, a paycheck is a paycheck. it doesn’t matter if it’s a permanent position or not.

  • jessica
  • Anakin


    They must have wasted some money?… on someone named Britney Spears, and she of course is completely devoid of talent (when her head’s screwed on right)

    I’m still waiting for your great excuse for how she got this gig? The shovel is at the ready as always

  • Anakin


    There’s only one special 100th episode, that’s why it’s so special

    Rachel should be honored to guest star on this special occasion

  • Viper

    This must be a mercy screw that the director gave her making her believe she has potential. JOB if she can’t tell the difference between a movie and TV show she is truly a fool. Don’t think she will be moving anytime soo to Canada.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think they should have her as ted’s wife
    it could be a really good move for both the show and her since she needs some work
    i like the show and ive been dying 2 no who his wife is

  • nat

    I love the show and I love her. That’s a great match, can’t wait!

  • lou

    I’m glad to see all the whiny minority opinions here don’t make sense and have been nullified. The majority opinion is elsewhere.

  • emmaa

    OMG OMG YES! Rachel is good for television. She’s gonna be great. Haters shut up.

  • Tricia


  • the best they can do!.


    could not have put it better myself good for t.v its the big screen
    she sticks and its been proved now!!!.

  • Audrey

    But I’m sure that she won’t be the mother!
    Can’t wait to see it!

  • shutup

    haha, girl, why people hate you so much?

  • lexy

    Britney Spears and Rachel Bilson – how can you even compare the 2??? Despite all the drama – Britney continues to be one of the most successful people in Hollywood – Britney’s royalty checks are probably more than Rachel will make in this lifetime.

    If you’re doing comparisons it’s more like Rachel and K-Fed.

    Yes, Rachel she be honored that someone would hire her. Then again Anakin as you pointed out – TPTB on this show like to do charity work with guest stars. Britney was in a pretty bad place when they hired her. And as I pointed – Kim Kardashian and Heidi Spence have also been guest stars so Rachel fits in.

  • jo

    yes, it’s too soon! i don’t want the series to end yet.


    Cindy ( Rachel Bilson’s character ) is Stella’s roomate in fact, and if you have followed the episodes closely, when ted talks too his son and daughter on the couch, Lyndsy is the daughter ( Well Stella’s daughter from the first marriage)…. there is a great twist involving the umbrella, and how ted comes upon stella once again, how the producers have yet too come up with everything is still in the works, but rest assured Stella Zimmerman ( Sarah Chalke is the mother )…and not Cindy as one would obviously think!!

    My 2 cents!!