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Rachel Bilson: Excited For Seinfeld Reunion

Rachel Bilson: Excited For Seinfeld Reunion

Rachel Bilson grabs breakfast with a female friend at one of her favorite eateries, Little Dom’s, on Friday morning (October 2) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress recently shared that if she could guest star on any TV show, it would be the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

When asked if she’s excited about the Seinfeld reunion, Rachel told, “I am! I’m totally excited. I’m such a huge Larry David fan – he’s my man.”

Rachel was just cast in the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother.

10+ pictures inside of How I Met Your Mother star Rachel Bilson

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  • jessica

    z-lister LOL

  • ?

    “Larry David is my man”, LOL, rachel marry him and make everyone happy

  • pixy

    ewww…i love “Curb” having her on it would be awful. stay away!!!!!

  • dundies

    i just blacked out…did i miss anything

  • juliane – brazil

    she said that she loves to cook but the only thing I see are pictures of her in restaurants every day, why she needs to be photographed every day? this girl has serious problems.

  • OK

    Does anybody else get the feeling that Jared is holding back alot of stuff she said to him that one time they met in order to use it everytime she has a photo op? I bet we’ll get a whole bunch of snippets within the next few days.

  • Bex

    I love her purse. Who makes it?

  • Oh Please!

    Why is she on this site every damn day?? Is she paying someone here?? She does absolutely nothing and is not considered star material. Please stop with this woman!

  • Marieme

    Gaaaawd. She must be partial owner of this blog. Has to be.

  • lauren

    she’s such a media whore now but she looks cute in those pics.

  • Kate


  • D

    Purse is Jimmy Choo

  • Anonymous

    @dundies: Just the desperate sight of a d-lister trying to revive her d-list status and stop it slipping any further into the nether regions of z-list no talent tv guest stars. So no, nothing of interest here.

  • Poor Rachel

    Poor Rachel, she’s in quite a sad plight now, doomed to a part-time career trawling for guest slots, doomed to a part-time engagement with a guy who should have been called Frank the Plank and doomed to being a lightweight in the fashion stakes. Her fans have lost interest and even her haters can’t be bothered to rant. 28 years old and getting older and less interesting by the day. All she has to look forward to is a ‘marriage’ with HC, an actor so wooden it even affects his real-life persona, if he has one, and maybe a couple of kids ( though with those two sets of genes in the pool, hopefully not).

  • Anakin

    @Poor Rachel:

    But you know you’d trade places with her in a second

  • Anakin

    @juliane – brazil:

    Good luck with the Olympics. and the red ink

  • shutup

    i wanna sleep with her

  • Poor Rachel

    @Anakin: For what, a moribund corpse of a fiance, a failing career and clothes fit for a streetwalker, and a life with no relevance or meaning whatsoever. Thanx, but no thanx, I’ll stick with my life, full of love if a little short on the readies at times. I wouldn’t mind her money but not her clothes, lifestyle or the plank of no affection.

  • lexy

    Who would want to trade places with Rachel in a minute?

    Let’s get real here – if our fairy godmother arrived with one wish – who on earth would use it to trade places with Rachel Bilson??? LMAO??? Some talentless, average looking, D-lister barely hanging on to her 15 min of fame??? Talk about a wasted wish!!!

    She’d better write down on her hand that she’s got her guest spot on How I Met Your Mother. They are signing her pay check and would prefer she promote their show as opposed Larry David’s.

    Don’t want another mishap like in Lucky magazine, where she says doesn’t use the products she’s paid to endorse but uses other products.

  • Anakin

    deny, deny, deny LOL

  • juliane – brazil

    I know it will be great, Brazil is the best ever. o/

  • …..

    I think we can all say she DOES pay JJ to keep her relevant.

    She seems to love LA; the loon capital of the USA, drives around in her prius, ignorant to the real world, living in her bubble of daily shopping and shameless self promotion.

  • Anakin


    Fairy godmother?, you can do better than that, that’s your best reason for her getting the gig on HIMYM? I was thinking you were going to say she caught a leprechaun LOL

    Yep, I think instead of a shovel, I’ll need a bobcat for all the cr@p coming from here

  • Poor Rachel

    @lexy: If my fairy godmother arrived with one wish – sigh – it would be to be Hally Berry, beautiful, sexy, talented and with a loving, genuine, handsome b/f, but only for a limited time as I would miss my loving sofa slob too much.

  • Poor Rachel

    @Anakin: I think maybe you should read Lexy’s comment again. She meant that would anyone use their fairy godmother’s wish to be Rachel Bilson. Of course they wouldn’t. Who wants to spend their life as a brain deficient midget with bad skin, no style, no talent and a piece of wood for a fiance. No thank you, sir, I think not. Hally Berry, yes. Rachel Bilson nuh uh.

  • the best they can do!.

    @ ANAKIN

    if there is rubbish being said on here then why are you posting?
    its not because of the hater’s she has not got the big film career
    she so want’s its because she cant act. she know’s it and they know
    it since waiting for never what has she done? not much
    the hater’s cant be blamed for that.

  • gilmorie

    Just “sitcom” gig yet widely plastered all over the media (undeniablly due to her loads of PR Gurus!) as if she had landed a most coveted movie role w/c to be handled by the likes of S. Speilberg or M. Bay – what so spectacular w/ that?!
    A hacktress landing on a once-in-a-blue-moon-basis guest stint TV sitcom is just a big blah yet just apt as her hackting career & everything goes along w/ her is/are just a freaking joke.

  • me

    Couldn’t get Hayden to give her a part in his movie so what else could she do? There will not be marriage this have been coming for a longtime..She already had the part anyway during the summer. She just thoiught she would waited it out to see if he would give her another one. Also why don’t we see him in la with her?You all know what that mean break-up just covering that up with the jobs she got.Need to stay out are media wasn’t she just on three days ago?

  • Anakin

    @the best they can do!.:

    Someone has to try to balance the hateful sh!t around here, and the same thing could be asked of the haters, if they dislike RB so much why take time out of their precious lives to slam her like they do. Yes, it’s a free country and you can do whatever you want (mostly), but to attack someone you don’t even know constantly is beyond puzzling. But hey, it’s jmo

  • Anakin

    @Poor Rachel:

    She also said RB should write it on her hand, that’s how she got the HIMYM gig. Whatever that means.

    And your personal comments only show your intense dislike against RB, what did she ever do to you?, take a chill pill please. So really arguing with you is pointless. And when did you become an authority on acting, style, and relationships? Is there a degree on the net you can get for this?

  • lexy

    Anakin please go to some of the other threads – you know with the talented celebs – and offer some “balance”. Go to the Reese, Jen Garner or Katie Holmes posts and find out why people don’t only hate on the actors themselves (which is fine) but say awful things about their children?? Or some of the other celebs who really don’t do much other than their jobs (you know acting) and for some reason folks call them whores??? I can’t figure that out.

    No one would trade places with Rachel – unless they are the unfortunates whose homes are being foreclosed on or perhaps those kids in 3rd world countries you see on TV.

    I’d trade places with Angelina Jolie (another one who’s kids are criticized) – she’s gorgeous, she’s got a very successful career, she’s got a family, a man who loves her and yet still finds time to try and make the world a better place.

    I’d even trade places with Jennifer Aniston – she too is gorgeous, successful, she’s got friends who love her – she may not have a man but she’s still happy with herself and her success – which is so awesome!

  • italian japanese band

    Wow z-lister is a bit harsh don’t ya think!

  • jeezzum

    Of course a 30 mins TV sitcom wouldnt give a notch or even a stretch to her acting career (as she claimed) but would just only give way to a long list of media hype that she usually stirs up.
    But hey it better for her to ruin a 30 mins tv show than to ruin a 2 hour movie. Movie casting agents are still doing a great job for endlessly disregarding this craptress.

  • Anakin


    But if I went to those other threads who would be here to defend RB from people like you.lmao Hey I have a life, I can’t be all places all the time. And no landfill or sewer is big enough to contain the cr@p which passes for discussion that goes on around here, haha.
    And I would hardly call Katie Holmes talented, the only talent she has is being married to the Top Gun. And if you think she has talent go watch her performance on So You Think You Can Dance, that was something.

  • Viper

    The part she has in this sitcome from what it sounds like is a limited to maybe one or two episodes much like her appearance in Chuck. As for her liking this Curb with her claim Larry is her’s sure the man doesn’t want used goods sounds more or less she wants another guy sure hope so.

  • hayden

    HC is happy on his farm doing some construction stuffs .
    His “bad ” brpo is there with him waiting for his trial.
    HC doesn’t date that hollywho*e, it’s just an agreement with them even if they had sex in the past but not anymore

  • anon

    Hey, if people want to take pics of her, she must be a bit higher than D list :)

    Miss her with Adam!

  • t shi

    @Oh Please!:

  • Viper


    It’s called press tipping they are paid to take photo’s and that is about all that she is worth. Notice many that are A listers are not seen on this or many other board b/c they don’t need or want the attention. Those that do press tip..

  • Pat Casey

    this f######g W###e needs to disappear. now i won’t watch how i met your mother.DAMN

  • sotruetoo

    UGLY UGLY UGLY tiny midget with enormous saddle bags and flat chest, what is Christensen looking at, what a loser he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks cute as always
    im really liking her hair tho
    find her really adorable altho i agree with the haters, she really doesnt do much sadly =[

  • Birth Defect

    STAR TREK was casting (see below) and Bilson just missed her chance!

    -Unusual looking people were also encouraraged to come. Talent w/ interesting and unique facial features such as long necks, small heads, extreamly large heads, wide-set eyes, bug eyes, close-set eyes, large forehead, short upper lip, pronounced cheekbones, over-or undersized ears and/ or nose, facial deformities, ultra plain-looking people, ultra perfect-looking people, pure wholesome looks, MIDGETS, twins, triplets, EMACIATED TALENT and DINGBATS need to apply!!!

  • Cee

    love this bitch, but I would definitely steal her man in a hot second.

  • sotruetoo

    He may look hot, but can you imagine what comes out of his mouth if this idiot is in love with this defective looking ditz? Must be a real turn off.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @ 42 – she really doesnt do much sadly

    Barkson just freaking deserved what she gets. You know a less or no talent at all just begets a so-so project that would still look like that she hardly earned it when she got it. It just goes to show that she still wants to act and be a part of something big in HW; coz that’s what an actress do (acting) & she still believes that she’s actress – YO DUDE!!!
    She would dyingly wish to be in more movies or even get a lead part on a TV show just like her OC co-stars; B. Mckenzie (Southland) & M. Barton (Beautiful Life). Mischa’s show got axed but the thing is, she still gets to be cast as a lead on a TV show while Bratchel still & obviously cant & wont get any closer than that, that’s why she would just dwell “again” (aside from her pap tipping on the side) as a guest stint on a comedic show. How profound & so stretching…
    And it wont be surprises me at all if by next year, I’ll get to her see either in “Dancing With The Stars or I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” coz we all know that she badly needs to be relevant at all cost.

  • Butthead Bilson

    OMG…all of her media whoring has finally paid off with a gig on HIMYM. Good thing I don’t watch that show for this bimbo to ruin it. The producers must have been really desperate if they casted her….guess A-listers like Natalie Portman and Alexis Bledel weren’t available so producers had to settle for D-lister Ratchel.

  • grace

    Thank God Rachel has a job. Now she can pay her publicist.

  • Cee

    @sotruetoo: I think I might have to agree with you there. He IS gorgeous, but he’s probably better to look at, than to listen to.

  • John

    Whoa! Who’s the girl on the first photo right on front of RB.
    She’s so gorgeous, can you help find her?!? Is she a RB friend?
    Does someone know her?! Help!