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Rihanna: Dior at Paris Fashion Week!

Rihanna: Dior at Paris Fashion Week!

Rihanna returns to her hotel with her super stylist Mariel Haenn after attending designer John Galliano‘s Dior Spring Summer 2010 Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week on Friday (October 2) in France.

Other celebs who sat front row for the ‘film noir’ themed show included Bruce Willis, and his new wife, model Emma Heming, and burlesque stripping queen Dita Von Teese.

“I’d like to see Emma in some of those dresses,” Bruce said after the show.

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Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • love derails

    What a charmed life! And I want those shoes and that hat Riri. Very Parisian. Very swanky. Nice fashion statement. Very French.

  • ayj6m6l

    ye lahze fek kardam site ro eshteb umadam =)) eyval.ghashang shode

  • Weber from Brazil

    OMG :O She looks PRETTY AWESOME *——*

    I Love it *-*

    Very French ♥

    RiRi, this time, you didn’t let me down *-*



  • TC

    Awful. She looks like a 40 year old woman.

  • Jules

    Not chic at all. She’ s probably wearing Chanel, but she looks like a street walker.

  • ghost

    This girl always paints herself up like a clown.
    Why does she do that?

  • WTF
  • LINA


  • Jeff

    She is getting a bit of a belly. Or did she eat a big lunch?

  • kara

    She is not classy at all, In France we don’t dress like that! (except in streets where prostitutes work;) stop with cliché.

  • enoughalready

    This look would be great if we had’nt seen it before, Victoria Beckum.. Maybe two months or more ago.. She looks cute, but she has no originality what so ever. She will swagger jack a dead dog and you know she is desparate since she is jacking cartoons now! Johnny Bravo… Rihanna is an Epic Fail any more she never had a style of her own she just used everyones and the media gave her credit for it.. Now it’s time to pay the piper if you cant come with your own dont come at all…

  • megan’s my babe

    is she going to her career’s funeral?

  • enoughalready

    I forgot, them shoes ar nice, but she just dont have it!!

  • Weber from Brazil


    aff, please –’

    RiRi looks georgeous *-*

    pretty classic and chic

    You are ugly, she isn’t –’

  • express

    The dress is not flattering to her thighs. She looks as big as Beyonce in those photos.

  • just sayin’

    @Weber from Brazil: Can you see Lina? Then you have no idea if she’s ugly or pretty. This girl’s stans always make personal attacks on other posters and then turn around and make the same comments about celebrities they don’t like.

    I can see Rihanna in these photos and she doesn’t look pretty at all. Quite the opposite. Why does she always look a mess?

  • true blood

    Time for a new look. Rihanna is 21 and should not be looking like someone’s mom. In those photos she looks like Tara’s mom from True Blood — I’m sure that’s not the look she was aiming for. I hope she finds a new stylist.

  • RIP

    The dress was worn in honor of the death of Rihanna’s fashion sense which has been pretty awful for the past year.
    Finally an official funeral!

  • Venus

    I love LBDs but think this one coupled with the black tights (too much black on black) is too short to flatter her great legs…

  • Pie

    Who died? Is it just me or does she dress like she sold her soul to the devil recently?

  • Venus

    …Something to flatter her classic, hourglass figure would be more flattering.





  • tealeaf

    Another day, another “Look at me, Iam Fashion Icon wannabee”.

    I wish she would go away for 10 yrs..

  • H.

    cheap looking ho.

  • Weber from Brazil

    @just sayin’:

    first of all… I’m not a girl, I’m a guy –’

    Second: I don’t make attacks about RiRi or any celebrity…

    I’m just honest… When they looks fugly…I say: They looks fugly
    When they looks beautiful, I say: they looks beautiful
    RiRi doesn’t ugly at all, but some outfits make her looks like that…
    Shut the hell up

    I’m really sorry
    I can see ya, my comment was unnecessary… so I think u r beautiful, ok ^^

  • odie

    she looks like she;s going to a funeral.

  • odie

    she looks like she;s going to a funeral.

  • sandra

    Awww, she’s all dressed up for Halloween. Why didn’t I think of going as a smug-looking hooker?

  • Cammie

    She looks like a Ho attended her pimps funeral

  • southern caribbean girl

    all i have to say this girl sooooo media whoring.

  • haha

    Rihanna FTW! Bitch

  • Pat Moroney

    I think she looks good in that dress

  • mm

    @ayj6m6l: chera fek kardi siteo eshteba omadi

  • love derails

    French upper class women dress like that and the fashionistas. I lived in France. I have many French friends. And my sister also lived in France. This is a very FRENCH look and it looks fab. Sorry America: not everyone wears flip flops and wife beaters with Daisy Dukes

  • Yellow



  • gemini

    So not classy. The whole look is very contrived and tacky. There are probably women who do look good in this style but Rihanna ruins it with the unflattering weave, bad makeup and the silly bo in her hair. She looks like Minnie Mouse at the opera.

    Also agree, the length of the dress does not work.

  • LA

    Every day is Halloween for this bitch.

  • Cammie


    Don’t insult French women like that, Marion Cotillard is French and she doesn’t dress like a two-bit hooker. No way, Marion never wears see-thru shirts and dark lipstick so she can get attention.Rihanna looks stupid and phony

  • Ladyb

    horrible. Ever since the Chris Brown incident, she knows that the camera is always on her so she dresses over the top. She really needs a fashion sense, cause she looks HORRIBLE.

  • Eric

    Bitch wants some attention thats why wearin all that crap! She’s a singer but cannot sing without soundin like a nigga inside a can so… she has to dress like that so ppl keep on talkin about her

  • RayBanFan(:

    Is it just me or is she taking fashion advice from Lady Gaga?!

    I think Rihanna is very talented and I thought she was quite striking with her previous hairstyles but now she just looks like a hot mess :(

  • Anything New?

    @enoughalready said:
    “…She will swagger jack a dead dog and you know she is desparate since she is jacking cartoons now! Johnny Bravo… Rihanna is an Epic Fail any more she never had a style of her own she just used everyones and the media gave her credit for it.. Now it’s time to pay the piper if you cant come with your own dont come at all…”

    ROFL, “swagger jack a dead dog”, couldn’t agree more! Especially the part about Johnny Bravo, looks like his hair is making a comeback in fashion! Rihanna has never been original, and since she has no talent to speak of, she must rely on dressing in an outrageous manner to get everyone’s attention. She tried being a sweet, shy Carribean girl, no one cared. She tried being Beyonce Jr., everyone laughed at her. She tried edgy rocker chick with a bob, then that’s when everybody payed attention and bought her records and praised her as the new “it” girl. Now she’s pushing it with the stupid haircuts and even dumber clothes. I saw some pictures from another website where Rihanna is wearing a blazer, no pants and knee-high boots at a Vivienne Westwood show. So not only is she ripping off Grace Jones, but she’s even ripping off Lady Gaga, which is sad, cause Lady Gaga is a Grace Jones/Madonna ripoff herself. Why can’t people be original anymore? What is up with everyone TRYING so hard to be cool and edgy? The coolest and edgiest thing you can do is BE YOURSELF. Is that message lost on people?

  • Yily

    GAG! She looks horrible. What an ugly man chick!

  • Her Black Dress

    I’m not a big fan of this dress. Some of her other dresses are much more her.

  • Black Dress Girl

    She definately has a few hits & misses in the fashion stakes, but overall she does not do to badly, she could probably lose the gloves and find a bit more hem line though!