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Solange Knowles Covers Honey Magazine

Solange Knowles Covers Honey Magazine

Solange Knowles takes the latest cover of Honey Mag. Here’s what the 23-year-old rebel (and younger sister of Beyonce) had to say:

On whose closet she’d love to raid: “Probably Björk. It would be a tie between her and Grace [Jones], but I think I’d have to go with Björk because over the years there have been so many different phases and extremes and color. I am a person who loves color and I think it’s the most beautiful backdrop for life.”

On five words to describe herself: “Water, blood, melanin, bones, and … vajajay.”

On five words that the public would use to describe her: “The general perception is that I am crazy, maybe? That I am attention-seeking. But I think everyone can say that I’m smart. At least I think I come across smart. I don’t really know (laughs) because I don’t really care.”

FYI: Solange is wearing lia sophia jewelry in the Midnight and Cape Town Collections and Custo Barcelona Limited Edition Gold Sequin Leggings.

Check out Solange‘s full interview at!

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Photos: Angela Boatwright/Honey
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  • Janeth

    That is one tacky a** girl! My gosh…. ugh! she looks like a MAN…..

  • LuckyL

    She’s like Micheal’s siblings in one.

  • LeviKlein

    “Blood, bones, vajajay”?


  • jj

    while Beyonce is winning billboard woman of the year, her sister is posing in shopping carts. how dreadful

  • jj

    RE: I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    You racist troll!


  • amber

    What a cool, unpretentious chick.
    So different.
    I love her.

  • lette

    JJ – why would you call her a rebel? she’s a woman who’s unafraid to be her own, individual self – and that’s what makes her so beautiful.

  • lalalove


    HAHAHAHAHHAHA…ah, man.

    Any who…Ladies and gents I give you the second fiddle, the ugly knowles, the “basement baby”-(Michael Dlisted).
    “Water, blood, melanin, bones, and … vajajay.”???????? WTF? Poor Solange.

  • lalalove


    EXACTLY, huh? That’s something to think about.

  • M

    beyonce is so classy, but solange is pure TRASH

  • dundies

    re: infamously cool

    were you not hugged enough as a child? you have got to calm down-no need to get racial

  • dundies

    and shame on just jared for not censoring racist remarks over anything else

  • me

    I saw her singing with BB king on a Television show singing the blues, and she was fantastic. I think that she is in a good place, I love the natural look and I bet that she feels liberated, wash and go lol. #5 calling her an “ugly Negro”, she is a negro but a beautiful one.

  • Keith

    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l is Hugh’s fan.
    He will feel pity for you.
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 09/30/2009 at 9:41 am
    hugh should of been bond. he would of been perfect

  • celebritygossip

    I like her with shorter hair. I think she looks pretty

  • Jules

    She thinks, she comes across as smart? Delusional.

  • Powersaver

    She’s clearly trying to differentiate herself from her superstar sister Beyonce. I am feeling what it is like to be in her shoes, trying to get recognition for the artist that she is ,and ppl keep comparing her to Beyonce. I sense frustration made her shave her head. Her voice and music are decent, there are many ‘manufactured’ artists in the biz who can;t sing yet they sell millions. I don’t need to name names…

  • pop86

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: She’s living better than you.

    Solange looks so much better with her hair short, but she like Ashley Simpson always trying to hard to be different.

  • q.frostine

    Wow. I came to comment about how amazing and cool Solange looks. I’ve never noticed her before but this photo shoot is fabulous.
    I’m really surprised about all the negative comments.

  • Kiara

    I think she is pretty.

  • Cristobal

    I love how different show chooses to be and she is not ugly at all.

  • Yuck

    She is ugly and pathetically trying too hard. She’s the wierd
    basement baby.”

  • khristi

    i love her hair like that and unlike alot of people who have no talent but are beautiful-she is amazing and I think that her album is amazing. PS Jared please filter out right wing bigots from your blog.

  • nat

    I don’t really like her. @Powersaver: I understand her frustration, but many artist had been able to break that “curse” and are now recognized for their accomplishment, rather than their family name. I find her arrogant.

  • ?

    More importantly…Honey magazine is still around? That magazine is pathetic

  • chrisler 1

    Her natural hair looks very good on her. However, the photos are not the best. The background and clothes drown her.

  • SubSub

    Wait. What is Solange famous for? Being Beyonce’s sister? W.T.F.

  • rica

    teenage motherhood doesn’t make you come across as a smart person

  • Whoever

    Just Jared you need some better moderation! I do think its interesting that you dont filter certain things. nigger

  • barbie

    I like her look, very original. And her comments are different. Not the run of the mill responses. She’s very pretty, in a kooky sort of way. I actually think she is prettier than Beyonce, who looks more and more waxen and artificial every day. On achievements, Beyonce is undoubtedly very talented and successful, but then she has had incredible amounts of backing and support from everyone around her. I doubt Solange has had the same amount of investment in her; she is the sibling of a famous star, so historically less likely to success and additionally, is less traditionally beautiful and mouthy with it. I think Solange also does not have an extensive PR machine around her, to ‘protect’ and ‘promote’ her image.

  • p3rp3tu4

    I actually thought she looked like one of the Kardashians with long flowing locks

  • Kristina

    I love her leopard shoes!

  • msblknasty1

    shes on wack and her sister is on crack …. the new baby is making bey have a breakdown ….. stop it solo you aint going nowhere stay home….lol

  • Avalon

    Awww, poor Solange, she’ll never be as talented as her sister.

  • blumoon

    @ q.frostine

    I dont understand the negative comments either, its like shes being bashed for simply being herself!!! i love her hair,style, and demeanor….comparing her to beyonce is such old news, this girl is clearly a true individual.

  • blahblahblah

    Wholy trying hard much?

  • becca

    I LOVE Solange! She and Beyonce are so different. I’m sort of a Beyonce fan too, but Solange is edgier, and she does what she wants to do.

    She doesn’t seem concerned with the opinions of others and that’s what makes her so cool.

    Plus, her music is AMAZING!

  • t shi

    You got it.

  • dona

    who? never heard of that b!tch before NEXT

  • Cristobal

    @dona: You look retarded with this statement.

  • Tnt

    Cute girl…. Hey I feel like has so many haters!! no matter what it is if you do good or bad. So she’s just doing her!.. he attitude is shaky sometimes but. I don’t think she’s ugly at all. She’s her own person, not Beyonce. Thats the problem with society they act like they never have anythang positive to say..people be quick to criticize!

  • Bruce Bruce


  • Robert Thompson

    Wow my fellow black people you continue to amaze me with your attacks on each other. Especially you sistahs,no wonder a lot of you crabs don’t have a good man. I can see why us good black men date women outside of our race. Your negativity and self hatred against your race is so ignorant. As for Solange,i am totally in love with her. I love her independence,her not being afraid to speak her mind,she is a very talented and beautiful black woman. Don’t hate,appreciate.