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Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan

Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their 14-month-old twins — Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon — to pick up some sweet treats at Licky Licious Ice Cream Shop on Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan on Friday (October 2).

“They really enjoyed our ice cream,” said Licky Licious owner Ihab Fakhouri.

As for the ice cream flavors they chose, can exclusively report that Angelina picked Mango and Brad went with Crocan (pecan with caramel and vanilla).

Earlier in the day, Brad and Angelina visited two Iraqi families in the Jaramana district of southern Damascus (the Syrian capital) to call attention to the the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees who remain in exile.

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  • Katsaridoula


  • Anon


  • lozzie1921

    sooo cute.

  • hannah

    omg they are so cute!

  • Jennifer

    Brad and Angie FAIL.
    Jen Aniston FTW.

  • loli

    So good to see them again!
    Is that me or Know looks a little like Jayden (Britney’s youngest son)?

  • pinay

    Wow…………………………………. Very Very happy to see them with the twins.

  • blah blah blah

    Brad is going to look like Moses before long.

  • anon

    Hahaha I feel obligated to write something just knowing that I’ll get on the first page, ahead of about 1000 other comments.

  • emma

    I have been wanting to see them for so long!!!!!!!!!

    They are so cute as are Maddox. Pax, Zahara and Shiloh.

    From what I can see of Vivienne she looks like Shiloh. And Knox is so handsome. Its nice to see them again. And I am glad they have not been stalked.

  • boo

    The kid really looks like Shiloh…

  • katie

    Cutie pies!
    love the family

  • Babsii

    there soo cuteeeeeee!!
    nice to see them again!!
    and to see that brad and angelina are happy(:

  • Bronx

    I think Knox resembles Brad’s dad Bill Pitt.


    OMG! The twins! Love Brad & Angie and the family. Bless them.
    Before long, the comments will reach 500 within 24 hrs.

  • ava_jean


    OMG! yes! that’s why i thought he looked familiar! haha!

    adorable totally adorable!!

  • alice

    Awwww the babies are so cute. The parents look so happy and relax.

    Jared give credit to the twitter who took the pic. You know the rules of twitter.

  • B

    they are so cute and definitely look a lot like Shiloh… but it is sort of expect as she is a perfect mix of Brangelina and so are the twins.
    They are beyond cute and they look all really happy
    thanks JJ

  • pan

    Ha, try making a sap story out of this adventure trashy magazines. they look like a happy family to me.

  • Kuvamagh

    A happy international family…beautiful

  • Cheyenne

    Yes loli he does look a little Jayden, he also looks a little ukraine/russian. How odd for two people with light colored eyes to have a brown eyed child, not likely at all.


    omg thank you Jared.. (million times)
    they are sooooo cute little babies, I love the twins..
    Vivienne and Knox!!!!! Viva JP family

  • Jaja!

    that’s right next to my school!!!! and that ice-cream place TASTES HORRIBLE!!!
    i wish i was there last night! its 5 minutes away from home! :(

  • lola


    Know REALLLLY loooks like Sean Preston Ferderline!!!

  • teri

    THANKS JJ, how cute!

  • for real


    I can’t tell from the photo that the baby’s eyes are brown. But you would be correct if they are are with two blue eyed parents. How can you tell the baby looks Russian?

  • The Inglourious B*sterdina

    Sweet Jezus mother of God

  • Oldie but Goodie

    Cheyenne obviously needs a biology lesson. 2 blue-eyed people can have brown-eyed babies. All it means is that both Brad and Angie have 1 blue-eyed gene and 1 brown-eyed gene. Since the brown-eyed gene is dominant, the baby ends up being brown-eyed.

  • http://www BLUE EYES

    Knox and Viv got BLUE EYES

  • The Inglourious B*sterdina

    Jennifer @ 10/03/2009 at 6:32 am Brad and Angie FAIL.
    Jen Aniston FTW.

    Maniston cries because of movie bombs, no man but Norman and 4th anniversary of deadend marriage
    Brad and Angelina smile because of current movie success, soulmate partners and 6 babies.
    Karma is a b*tach

  • for real

    @Oldie but Goodie:

    Ummm.. I think you may need a lesson yourself. Though not impossible I suppose, it is very UNLIKELY that two blue eyed parents would have a brown eyed child.

  • Not impressed with JA

    Everytime they are in the region, they usually stay first in US friendly Jordan and visit Queen Noor who said she is a personal friend of Angelina

  • Not impressed with JA

    What is all the hype about chinnified old cougar bleached blond with blue lenses and crowded stinky vajaje visited by losers like Mayer, uh ?

  • JP Power

    WOW cutie babies.Viv is not having her photo taken good girl.eyegate lol

  • JP Power

    Knox and Viv on their on their humanitarian trip,Angelina and Brad rocks.Amazing parents.

  • Oldie but Goodie

    Oooops…got the eyed colours mixed up. I stand corrected.

    Even so, Eye colour isn’t simply determined by one gene, or by dominant and recessive allele inheritance. Eye colour is whats known as a polygenic trait. This means that more than one gene is responsible for the eye colour. There are lots of variations and mutations that can occur by interactions or differences between the responsible genes. This means that with few exceptions, parents with any sort of eye colour can theoretically have a child with most other sorts of eye colour.

    AND now we have eye-gate. Congratulations, trolls.

  • alice

    The twins have blue eyes. The pic above is just not clear. See these earlier pics to see their eye color.

  • oh

    Trying to explain to the trolls is stupid who cares what they believe.

  • for real

    My goodness wouldn’t the loons implode if a Jolie Pitt had brown eyes?? Gasp.. lol As much as they went on and on about how inferior Aniston is because of her brown eyes. Oh wouldn’t that be karma at it’s finest?

  • brad & angie fan

    What a nice treat for all the fans to see pictures of the twins,finally, we see them again. They are so cute. They both have blonde hair now. Daddy Brad & mommy Angie are just so happy to carry them around. They travel with the whole group that means they will stay a little bit longer somewhere.God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • Cheyenne

    His eyes may be blue but they don’t look blue, the earlier baby pic alice , most baby’s eyes look bluish early on.

    At any rate i would love to hear some examples of two blue/green/hazel eyed partners having a brown eyed child.

  • http://www BLUE EYES
  • karen

    Thanks Jared for the pics.. I think the babies are just adorable.. but hey look at Mommy and Daddy.. Glad they brought them out.. I guess the FF freaks will have to develope yet another theory. the Twins exist.. Stupid hags.. You will never learn..

    Love that Brad and Angie play by their own rules.. never letting the tabs and hate sites dictate what they do and when. They showed the babies when and how they chose.. Love them..

    The babies are so big. From that small side shot of Viv she has the same Shiloh profile.. I love that they have blonde hair.. I was hoping that one of them would be dark haired. like Mommy. but Brad’s genes seem to be very strong.. Cute children..

    The tabs can suck it and now look like even bigger liars if that is at all possible.. LMAO.. lets see what the hater troll will say..

    Angie and Brad seem really happy and relaxed. Good for them.. Enjoy you life and family,. and let the haters continue to feed on their hate while they are still together and happy.. BRAVO… BRAVO..

  • alice

    Cheyenne B and A eyes don’t look blue either in the pic above but we know their eyes are blue/green.

  • OMG

    Who knew the twins pics will come from Jordan?Brad and Angelina are trully an international family.they are love all over the world,next stop- chilling with Queen Noor.

  • J-P fan

    Wow!!! So cute! Love this family. Glad Brad went with Angie on the trip. So happy to see the twins, they have gotten so big!!!

  • teri

    I want to see more pictures anyone have more links??? They are growing up so fast, love the JP and family.

  • morning

    Hello to all the fans. Viv & Knox are so adorable. They were recognized in Jordan, thanks to who ever took the pictures, we were able to see the twins again. It’s an invasion but at least, they shared the pictures with us & let the gossip(negatives) about the twins put an end to it.

  • morning

    Beautiful family .