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Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan

Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their 14-month-old twins — Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon — to pick up some sweet treats at Licky Licious Ice Cream Shop on Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan on Friday (October 2).

“They really enjoyed our ice cream,” said Licky Licious owner Ihab Fakhouri.

As for the ice cream flavors they chose, can exclusively report that Angelina picked Mango and Brad went with Crocan (pecan with caramel and vanilla).

Earlier in the day, Brad and Angelina visited two Iraqi families in the Jaramana district of southern Damascus (the Syrian capital) to call attention to the the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees who remain in exile.

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748 Responses to “Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan”

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  1. 76
    ME Says:

    OMG!!! They’re so CUTE!!!!!!!

  2. 77
    fay Says:

    They sure put a smile on your face…adorable!!!! Yayyyy! I pray this family will survive the harshness of the media.

  3. 78
    annika hansen Says:

    Who are the FFs?

  4. 79
    Scottish-Hawtness Says:

    That photo is not real. Look at the photo idiots. Did you happen to notice the size of Brad’s head? Look how far back he is from Knox(Jayden), and look at Angie’s head compared to Viv (if that is Vivienne)? And the person only took one picture? Oh please, this is the worst photoshop job i’ve ever seen.

  5. 80
    alice Says:

    bdj @ 10/03/2009 at 8:40 am

    Little Vivi looks like Shiloh and Knox is handsome like his papa. Keep crying hen.
    Here is a picture of Shiloh. From the profiles Viv and Shiloh do look the same.

  6. 81
    diane Says:

    ahhhh this is so precious!!!!!

  7. 82
    nikomilinko Says:

    at last

  8. 83
    karen Says:


    I don’t think it is that the fans CARE.. I think it is a matter of knowing what these fools are up to. And as a fan I want to know what the enemy is saying.. Trust they come here and repeat everything we discuss and they go on every site spaming and spreading lies. I don’t live with my head in the sand in my everyday life.. and i don’t do so on line either..

    I will not be blind sided so I want to know. the fans who don’t should skip those post.

  9. 84
    KRissy219 Says:

    Finally Twins picture!!!!! Thanks Jared

  10. 85
    arlene Says:

    esos gemelos estan mas feos que los de jenifer lopez ja,ja,ja

  11. 86
    Aniel Says:

    Knox is mini Angelina , but blond hair

  12. 87
    huh? Says:

    How odd for two people with light colored eyes to have a brown eyed child, not likely at all.


    What? Both the twins have blue eyes clearly obvious from the pictures of them at the airport in Japan in January. It’s genetically impossible for 2 light eyed parents to have a brown eyed child

  13. 88
    Mackenzie Says:

    I HAVE WAITED TO SEE THEM FOR SO LONG!! Im so happy to see what they look like as they grow, We have only seen them once in the 14months they are so big now.. i hope more pictures surface from this icecream trip :)

  14. 89
    angie fan Says:

    Ignore the haters just enjoy this beautiful family. IT will have a brown eyed story guaranteed. But lo and behold the twins have blue eyes. But IT doesn’t care about the truth EVER!!!!

  15. 90
    huh? Says:

    I couldn’t read all that nonsene up thread but a big LMAO over more then one person claiming Knox’s eyes are brown in that photo. Well look at Brad his are too. lol. The store owner took the photo with a cell phone camera. Sheesh. So much scary at this place

  16. 91
    jane Says:

    Dude, some fan hit paydirt with this pic! Heee. The twins look adorable and Angie/Brad look happy.

  17. 92
    teri Says:

    Karen I’ve never been on FF so I don’t know what they are cackling about. I only read what posters on here write about them. Jenhags won’t change, same thing everyday repeating themselves like a broken record. At this point going on five years do you really think they’ll grow up and change their views on the JP? I don’t believe they’ll ever get past the divorce, I know ridiculous but true. Two grown adults agreeing to divorce should have been ok’ d by the jenhags in their minds. I know how dare they agree to divorce without consulting with them. Again Brad and Angelina have nothing to defend, they haven’t done anything to x. They keep the triangle alive because x can’t be relevant without them. The happier the JP are the more miserable jenhags become and spew more vile. I’ve noticed that x fan base are divorced bitter b!tches who want revenge, they cannot move past the fact that their own relationships have ended just like x. I can’t be around such negative people. Just think what their own children have to go through living with such psychos.

  18. 93
    abcd Says:

    Good morning to all (excluding the trolls,haters)

    Finallly the twins are here!!!!

    Enjoy and IGNORE negative posts.

    Have a good Saturday. I love Knox. He is georgeous. Viv is beautiful

    Brad and Angie are very happy.

  19. 94
    neer Says:

    A while ago somebody informed me that he saw the twitter link re twins pic I posted here few minutes ago (10/03/2009 at 8:41 am). When I checked it now, it says, “YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION”.
    I wonder why.
    it seems odd.

  20. 95
    abcd Says:

    Those who are posting “photoshoppped pics”, please get your eyes checked they are “photoshut” already.

  21. 96
    For Real Pitiful Says:

    for real @ 10/03/2009 at 7:59 am My goodness wouldn’t the loons implode if a Jolie Pitt had brown eyes?? Gasp.. lol As much as they went on and on about how inferior Aniston is because of her brown eyes. Oh wouldn’t that be karma at it’s finest?

    Actually, “karma at it’s finest” is a Former A-Lister hiding out in her eCOLD, empty mansion, high on crack and trying to soothe the pain of her second humiliating box office defeat. Suddenly, in the middle of her crack-induced stupor, her Cage Attendant, Huvane, calls to inform her that new pics of the adorable twins and their RADIANT parents have surfaced. Like her three fans, she had prayed that the twins were in some way disfigured or ill (her “heart” is as big as her nose).

    So she freaks out (per usual) and her Cage Attendant must now spend the remainder of the weekend calling all over LA begging Stuber and anyone else with a ***** to pleeeeeease take the Hag out on a public PITY DATE . Huvane needs pics to pimp to the tabs to prevent his mentally unstable client from taking her own life.

    Hopefully, Stuber (and all others) will decline and we will finally get to watch her being carted off to the loony bin “Britney Style.”.

  22. 97
    huh? Says:


    ROTFLMAO. Thanks for laughs this early in the morning. ha ha. You moron. Let me guess you’re one heifers that claimed Jolie was never pregs with Shiloh and the twins to begine with. Um, good luck with that. Hopefully it’ll be med time and lights out for you soon. Enjoy your rest you obviously need it, lol

  23. 98
    lea Says:

    the shop’s owner took the photo
    ( Ihab Fakhouri)

  24. 99
    miho Says:

    so cute

  25. 100
    annika hansen Says:

    I can’t get over how much Knox looks like Jayden James!! Such cuties!

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