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Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan

Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their 14-month-old twins — Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon — to pick up some sweet treats at Licky Licious Ice Cream Shop on Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan on Friday (October 2).

“They really enjoyed our ice cream,” said Licky Licious owner Ihab Fakhouri.

As for the ice cream flavors they chose, can exclusively report that Angelina picked Mango and Brad went with Crocan (pecan with caramel and vanilla).

Earlier in the day, Brad and Angelina visited two Iraqi families in the Jaramana district of southern Damascus (the Syrian capital) to call attention to the the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees who remain in exile.

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748 Responses to “Brad & Angelina Take Twins For Ice Cream in Jordan”

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  1. 126
    Natalie Says:

    Boy look like her mother, Angie. Vivienne look like Shi.

  2. 127

    Are you sure that is a genuine pic?
    It seems photoshopped to me ….

  3. 128
    Ignore #127 Says:

    Keep trying?? No one is buying!!!

  4. 129
    Dang Says:

    Brad actually looks happy here. What a change. What’s with all his facial hair though? Is he a mountain man or something?
    Brad shave that mess off your face asap!!!!

  5. 130
    BLUE EYES Says:

    KNOX and VIV’s eyes are not bluish … they both have a pair of BLUE EYES.

  6. 131
    neer Says:

    Not impressed with JA @ 10/03/2009 at 10:21 am
    The irony of ironies : Brad is all smiling with his babies on a pic taken 4 year exactly after his divorce was official.
    It’s like he is saying proudly : ” i didn’t want children before i met Angelina Jolie cause i was in a deadend waste of time merger and look at me now all smiling and depression free with my precious ones, 4 years later at Noor’s home and not the Coxes….lol”
    What an upgrade lifeworth

    Yeah, it’s very coincidental.
    It’s the anniversary of Brad’s divorce from X, and now the pics of the twins!!!

  7. 132
    loyal Says:

    So fun to see how big the twins have gotten. That is just amazing. It shows what a good home life they have to thrive so. It is tougher with muliples. And while I don’t like Brad’s scruff either, love him clean shaven, I am sure the scruff has to do with the Lost City of Z which is in pre-production.

  8. 133
    lenker Says:

    wish good luck for all this family!

  9. 134
    teri Says:

    I’m so happy that Brad has taken up charity work like Angelina, not that he has to but wants to. I guess many take what they have for granted till it’s gone, be it health or money. They don’t have to do anything like so many other celebs or average Americans but they really make so many people aware/pay attention to the lack of food, housing and medical that millions are going without. Millions of people would have a better understanding seeing first hand how people in other countries live but don’t have the resources. Brad and Angelina would be another average celeb if we saw them laying on beaches slurping their daiquiris or putting their children in the most expensive clothing, but they’ve gone far and beyond to help others. Let it be known that Angelina’s humanitarian efforts going on 10 years. I’m not even sure how this angers the hags but this is certainly their down fall. I couldn’t imagine what the haters would think of Angelina if she spent 50,000 on her hair or 3 million per child for clothing while urging others to donate to other countries to survive.

  10. 135
    love'em Says:

    awwwwww. The twins are almost unrecognizable. chubby cheecks so cute.

  11. 136
    the real lou Says:

    Eye color gate?You trolls do know this photo was taken with a camera phone right?.None of their eyes look blue in the photo.So I guess Angelina and Brad have brown eyes to?LOL.Wow,Knox looks a lot like Shiloh.

  12. 137
    Sit Down Says:

    Oh and most babies eyes are bluish when the are young, the japan airport pics mean nothing to me.


    honey, if a child’s eyes are brown there is no doubt about it. You don’t look at them and think they’re ‘bluish’ All 3 of their children have blue eyes. Stop trying to convince people here who have seen up close photographs of these kids that Knox’s eyes are brown. You’re making a fool out of yourself

  13. 138
    Richard P Says:

    Babies cute,i love smile Angie

  14. 139
    angemeg Says:

    Rocket scientist, two blue-eyed people can have a brown-eyed child just as two brown-eyed people (like my husband and I) can have a blue-eyed child (like my daughter). My father-in-law is blue eyed as is my grandfather. It happens, more often than you think. Regardless, the twins have blue eyes.

    @for real:

  15. 140
    LOL Says:

    LOL these FF freaks are just mad because of these pics. They can see BRAD’S BLUE EYES from these pics. *Shocked* LOL

    Now gho and jump in the Ocean cause the twins don’t need Blue Contacts ;like 40 year old hag name Aniston. They will love their eye color no matter what color it is unlike someone we all know.

  16. 141
    Well Says:

    No they can’t.

    And freaks strike again. That poor guy removed his twitter page where Jared swiped the pic from

  17. 142
    fan Says:

    knox more likely end up looking like Brad . is hard to tell what viv looks now. Her face is not seen except her shi kind chubby cheeks.
    I don’t know what is the big deal about eye colour, You can’t even tell Angie’s or Brad eye colours from this pics.

  18. 143
    Nora Says:

    Knox is actually a great combination of Angelina and Brad’s baby pics. Someone posted Brad’s baby pic and Knox doesn’t look that much like him. I wish we could see Vivienne too. Knox looks happy so do the parents.

  19. 144
    for real Says:


    I didn’t say they couldn’t, rocket scientist.. you are pathetic. lol

  20. 145
    yes Says:

    They look bilisfully happy. I am very happy for them.

  21. 146
    Melody Says:

    Knox is really a little Jon Voight in making. He doesn’t look anything like Brad. The shape of his face , his lips even his eyes are totally Jon Voight. I want to see Viv.

  22. 147
    kim Says:

    @PHOTOSHOPPED PICS: Yeah, because the twins don’t exist right gmab

  23. 148
    alexanderina Says:

    awwwwwwwwwww they are so cute and adorable

  24. 149
    eliza Says:

    Nice to see them together and looking happy. They should be admired for getting involved in humanitarian causes.

  25. 150
    Thank You Teri Says:

    teri @ 10/03/2009 at 9:57 am

    Why would any normal human being want a child born with disabilities? I don’t care how much you hate someone for whatever reason why wish that on an innocent child? I must say it makes me sick to my stomach seeing a child with down syndrome and what the child will go through. So innocent and precious but still ignorant people will mock and laugh at them because they are ignorant. My heart goes out to all parents caring for a disabled child and the child especially who will suffer. I wouldn’t even wish that on X who I disslike or her trolls who speak so nasty.
    Thank you for your comment. I have a disabled daughter, who has cerebral palsy, who I am the sole caregiver of. Your comment is so sweet.
    Thank you so much for caring about us parents with disabled children.

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