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Gerard Butler: Villa Blanca Brunch

Gerard Butler: Villa Blanca Brunch

Gerald Butler grabs brunch at Villa Blanca restaurant on Friday (October 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud is the October 2009 cover star of Angeleno. The mag reveals he own homes on both coasts (in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and in Los Feliz in Los Angeles).

Gerry also talks about why he’s not married: “Over the last few years I’ve been in a couple of relationships, and I’ve successfully managed to keep them very quiet. Maybe I should play it safe and stick to the cliche and say I haven’t found the right person. I find it hard to get into at the moment.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler feeding the meter before his Villa Blanca brunch…

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gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 01
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 02
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 03
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 04
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 05
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 06
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 07
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 08
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 09
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 10
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 11
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 12
gerard butler villa blanca restaurant 13

Credit: Fame Pictures, Marcos Vasquez/Filmmagic; Photos: The Media Circuit/, KI Photography/Art Mix
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  • ManLESSton, I likely

    This is one sexy man!

  • 1st

    yepee i am the first. G looks hot. nice sandals and what nice feet he got.

  • Jill

    Gerry also talks about why he’s not married: “…Maybe I should play it safe and stick to the cliche and say I haven’t found the right person.

    Maybe he should just tell everybody to butt out and mind their own business. It’s his life and he can live it however he wants to.

  • coco

    why do i care?

  • lilac

    His fans care. ‘Cause he’s hot.

  • brunch


    I was thinking the same thing. A dude ate brunch. Stop the presses.

    Nice thongs with the dress shirt.

  • back in LA

    Nice interview and some great photos.

  • Bugzee

    Does Gerry have a haircut every day? He always looked like he just got a haircut. Gerry longer hair please so you look better and save money too.

    Who were the women in relationship with Gerry in the last few years? Bianca Christians was one? Who was the other?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Maybe Jasmine in NY?

  • yo mama

    such pretty feet. He needs to wear his hair messy and longer.

  • rainyday

    Good. A post about GB in which there is no mention of JA.

    Does it mean this thread will be free of the crazies?

    I think he keeps getting his hair cut to get rid of the darker hair he sported in Bounty. Back to natural GB. A little S&P. Gorgeous.

    Those Angeleno pictures are wonderful. His eyes are just mesmerizing.

  • hahahahhaha

    It looks like he picked those jeans up off the floor and put them on. How do jeans get that wrinkled except by being wadded up?

    Put on some clean clothes, Gerry. (-:

  • pafan

    I like his hair longer, too. But maybe he thinks that was too 90′s. LOL. He doesn’t have to grow it like in Dracula 2000, but just a little bit longer to show the curl.

  • Mrs.Beady

    He has a funny sense of humor in interviews. I think he’s just a down to earth guy underneath it all. I bet he’s fun to be in a relationship with.

  • Lowest denominator

    Thumbnail #9 looks obscene.

  • Lowest denominator

    And I’m probably the only one who likes his salt ‘n’ pepper color.
    I’m not a big fan of his, but Clooney rocks it well, too.

  • Lowest denominator


    Sorry, “rainy day.”
    I’m one of two who likes the B & W.

  • rose

    I love the S&P as well. But if there were a contest between GB and GC, I’d take GB every time. Different strokes for different folks. The old “if we all liked the same thing it would be a dull world” applies. I have to admit. I’m just gaga over Gerry Butler. So, I may not be rational here. I can’t think of a more handsome man. He trips my trigger. The voice, the accent, the eyes. Oh, those EYES. When is the next ship leaving for Scotland? Is it a bloodline? Do they all look like this? LOL.

  • rainyday

    What’s B & W?

  • Giovanna

    “I find it hard to get into at the moment.”

    Huh? That sentence doesn’t make any sense. What does he find it hard to get into? Sorry, English isn’t my first language and I just don’t understand what he means.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Count me in for the salt n pepper look. Much prefer that and a little longer length for the curl. Was just starting to like the hair length as shooting on his last movie ended.

  • Trilby

    How cool it would be if this macho stud finally came out and said, “I’m gay!” Notice he said, “person…” not “girl” so there’s that. He IS inching closer. I understand it’s that Catholic upbringing and his Mum that makes it difficult to just be who he is. I’d still love him. And all the cows who are his fangurls need to wake up. He wouldn’t want you in a million years. If then.

  • beowulf’s witch

    ‘Beautiful, beautiful boy’. Makes me think of John Lennon’s song. GB is just beautiful. I agree. His eyes have IT.

    Talk among yourselves. Hope he kills on SNL, which has been awful in recent years.

  • Lowest denominator


    B & W = black and white.
    (brunette & white, since I’m not sure if he’s black or dark brown)

  • A.

    @Trilby: yeah *yawnandeyesroll*

    Typo Jared…his name is still Gerard and not GerarLd!

  • rainyday

    Thanks. Black & white is cool. Anyone who follows his career knows that back in his young days, his hair was very black. Long, black wavy hair, light green eyes. He was just the hottest man I had ever seen. Sir Lancelot embodied. But you know, he’s even better now. That’s MHO.

  • sugar

    Trilby, I use the word “person” a lot when I’m talking about my husband, does that mean that I am secretly gay?

  • i’m a gonner

    Ok, ‘Beautiful Boy’. No one can measure up to this guy. GJB is just so hot. What am I supposed to do? I’ll never really know him. Should I just sit around and watch GB tribute videos on Youtube all day? Can we clone him? What’s a girl supposed to do? HELP!

  • cK_always

    @sugar: Trillby is just another hopeful tween. Moving on ..

  • Jill

    Trilby @ 10/04/2009 at 12:40 am
    How cool it would be if this macho stud finally came out and said, “I’m gay!”

    Of all the stupid comments. Why should he say he’s gay if he isn’t? Just because he wouldn’t give YOU the time of day doesn’t mean he’s gay.


    What else can be said? He’s just the hottest human that was ever put on earth. He’s bright, he’s beautiful, he’s just IT. Makes me sad, I’ll never really know him. But I can dream.

  • Um….

    NONE of us will ever meet him, but we can dream…
    And he is looking older, a little puffier…but that is OK bc he is just fabulously sexy.

    My fave look for him all time were those shots of him in maybe early 08? at the airport, arms up behind his head…had a had on but took it off for the security run thru…? omg his hair looked totally S&P there and he had a head ful!!

    Why cant i meet this man :-( !!!?? lol

  • ….

    The man has had flings…but the two relationships he “successfully” kept “under wraps?”

    Those were the two “unofficial officials”, but obviously neither worked out…and yes, he was reportedly “with” others during these relationships, but he still considers these two the only two he’s had for an extended amount in the past few years.

  • sugar

    I know people hate it when I bring her up, but what about Kristi? The day they were photographed together at the arcade, they were dressed too casually for this to be a first date. They might have been together for a while.

  • Benita

    Gerry looks really great. I´m very glad that he has apparently managed to lose some weight. Keep on, Gerry!

  • back again?

    @….: I get the feeling with your ‘He did this’ He considers that …’ that its Markasite Madame back peddling her brokered info again – just can’t quite own up to your usual posting name since Camilla gate?
    jog off back to your fansite please. You don’t know if those women are the ‘officially unofficial’ etc – please – stop writing as though you actually know! your exhaustive eight years of stalking, and you stin’t catch on to who one of his most regularly photoed friends was???
    Your posting style is so obvious. Where are your pictures of Danielle Robinson? not found them yet?

  • meh

    I don’t find him attractive at all.



    Sugar. I have read almost every single thread on this board as my sis and i are diehard GB fans. I have seen you post on a lot of them – but none at all until AFTER that whole stupid arcade thing.

    AND no one, and I mean NO ONE, else mentions that chick but YOU — and you mention her OVER AND OVER. Its obvious that you are Kristi and that YOU are stalking GB. It is scary and sad and I hope you don’t have his number anymore.
    I’m sorry he used ya hun but you gotta move on! The minute he saw that you had the paps alerted to see you guys there your time and your gig was UP hun.

    Get a job, a normal boyfriend and STOP COMING ON the board to ask about yourself or to be fair KRISTY. No one else is BUT YOU.

    Grow up.

  • sugar

    38, thanks for the advice, but I am married, live in Australia, have a job and never met GB, but thanks again for the amazing tips lol :)


    @sugar — and don’t try the whole “I am from Australia” or “I am married” because I don’t buy it. Neither of us do…
    After reading all the threads for stupid fun, your posts just stand out – yours and zICO who was obviously YOU also.

    I think that you just can’t let go and it’s beyond obvious and sad and don’t you KNOW his people troll these boards and every time you mention your own name KRISTY his people probably get nervous that you are about to flip out???

    Just move on, hun. Its for the best!

  • Dita

    i kind of noticed that about you too, Sugar. but hey.

    how can anyone think this man is gay? where on him does it say anythign but hard-working man who loves women but is just right now in his element and doesnt want to stop to nuture a relationship until he can??

    where do you see gay???

  • Joan

    Yes Dahlings I have been to Glasgow and met quite a few of the very charming Scottish people. The taxi drivers are really cool, like Gerry they have a great sense of humour and are so obliging. Gerry is a lovely man I have met him quite a few times and he has a great sense of fun. One girl I standing next to at the TUT premier handed him a photo to sign and he said ‘ But that’s not me’ she looked horrified then he laughed and signed her picture and gave her a hug. It was like a circus but he still had his great sense of humour. Love ya Gerry and always will. Roll on Law Abiding Citizen.

    Joan (HUG).XXX

  • Wat the heckk????

    @back again?:

    I agree that sometimes MM is a clown on these boards but will you please STOP with that ugly hagged out spider-web p*ssy Danielle Robnette or Robinson crap??? no one cares!!!! I certainly don’t want a picture of her pasty, skin strecthed too tight over botoxed gums and farty smile bc I personally don’t want to have nightmares for the next six weeks.

    if you want to see a picture of that gilded hyena Robinson BY ALL MEANS get one from Madame annoying. But for god’s sake don’t subject us all to her mundane flabby fuggery by posting a link here.

    My computer screen might melt on contact. Spare me! Have pity!!!

  • cK_always

    annnd the crazies have arrived, time to ditch this one, nice pics JJ. :)

  • sugar

    40, lol “neither of us do” oh no :) Oh and by the way I am NOT from Australia, I just live there. I said on another thread where I’m from .

  • Joey

    This dude is as boring as cooking minute rice. Must be alot of gay males on this site or fat black, white and Spanish women with no lives. Wake me up when he does something important

  • Darva

    ok…you guys are seriously funny. lol

    Re: “I find it hard to get into at the moment.”
    I took it to mean:
    He’s type A;
    He is very busy right at the moment, and has a tough time getting something “real” going with one person when he is on two coasts every week of every month??
    Maybe he sucks at multi-tasking? LOL
    Love Angeleno!

    Anyone else want to try and guess what the hell lol?

    But i have to say i love that he is single single woo hoo
    as if Id have a chance tee hee i know it osnt true but a girl can dreaaammmm.

  • Lame-o


    Um, Joey?
    What is it under 40 night at ‘Rawhide’ or something and ya can’t find a lil boy date? Aw shucks. Sucks.

  • I agree – no more Madame M

    @Wat the heckk????: I agree. I just hope that Madame Annoying leaves for good. She and the other crazies are terrifying. Mind you, it was great to see her get caught out for once on the last thread. No pixs please!

  • LOVE the man!

    Thanks Jared you rock as always! Keep Gerry pics coming please!!!
    JJ is becoming the hot source for all things Gerry and we fans appreciate it!!
    :-) Aisling