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Jay Leno Jokes David Letterman Extortion Plot

Jay Leno Jokes David Letterman Extortion Plot

During Friday’s monologue, Jay Leno poked fun at David Letterman‘s affair and extortion plot he faced.

Leno joked, “If you came here tonight for sex with a talk show host, you’ve got the wrong studio. What is going on? First, Conan [O'Brien] hits his head. Then, someone tries to extort money from Letterman. I’m so glad I’m out of late night. I myself was once the victim of an extortion plot. How do you think NBC got me to do a 10 pm show?”

And on Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher joked, “I’ve never had sex with members of my staff – the guests, yes, of course, but not the staff.” He also said, “Hey, next to Roman Polanski and Mackenzie Phillips’ dad, I think Dave looks pretty good.”

Meanwhile, former Letterman assistant Stephanie Birkitt has been named as one of the women that the Late Night host had a relationship with.

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  • Naomi

    I always though David Letterman looked a little creepy and suspicious. And good for Jay for poking fun at the situation. I was getting a little bored watching Conan last night because Drew Carrey came out and made a joke about letterman and Conan changed the subject immediately and said he had no comment.

  • Rhonda

    and it begins, this is the tame stuff, it will get worse, when those girls start get offered big bucks for their stories.

    Poor Dave! His karma has bite him in the ass!

  • MatthewR

    What did he do that was so wrong…that is any of our business? Who cares. It doesn’t sound like sexual harassment in the slightest. “Creepy and suspicious?” He’s not accused of unwanted advances. If what he did is creepy and suspicious, most of your dads are just as creepy and suspicious. The suspicious creep in this situation is the EXTORTIONIST, hello.

    Leno has no class and soon will have no show.

  • Chau

    Never thought Leno was funny. Oh by the way, he looks fat and ugly. There you go.

  • Chau

    @Naomi: Amen. I thought Letterman looked like another creepy old white dude when I first saw him while flipping through the channels on TV at night. It wasn’t a shock to me that he was a perv. Most guys are pervs, and it’s too bad that his dirty was exposed to the media. I hope more guys get caught, to be honest.

  • you can’t be serious

    @MatthewR: if that is the cause david letterman should have never had a show as many people has he has belittle!!!!!!!!!!!!! arod for one! karma, that what it is! don’t you know bill clinton is laughing his **s off

  • dundies

    two consenting adults having sex is hardly creepy. it was wrong but not creepy. why is noone bitching out the women?

  • Margaritaville

    Jay Leno is just jealous that David Letterman got to have sex with girls from the ofice. Jay is way to ugly. No one would want to have sex with Jay. I don’t find Jay Leno funny at all. I think that he needs to call it quits. His new show is the really bad.

  • Ali

    I agree that the guilty party is the extortionist. It is not okay to try and blackmail someone, no matter who they are or what they did. If his assistant had issues with him, she should have taken them up directly with him, not try to extort him for 2 million dollars.

    Leno is actually like an adolescent. He doesn’t look comfortable on his new show and he is not really funny. I prefer Letterman to him any day. Bravo for Conan not jumping on the bandwagon.

  • suzanne

    jay looks really fat. what happened to him? all this sex stuff is private. why do all the late night shows have to talk about it? it just shows that they all are a bunch of immature men.

  • lola

    dave deserved it. he had it coming

  • Cherry

    I’m sorry for him !!

  • salma

    the last comment was very innapropriate when he compares david to roman polanski
    roman raped the girl and that was a crime dave had sex with the women he didn’t make them do that
    and i think people just need to get over it for god sake nobody died just because he had sex with his employees doesn’t make him a monster
    I HAD SEX WITH MY high school english teacher and i was willing so he’s not a criminal!!!!!!!!!

  • zena

    I REALLY don’t get the uproar. So he’s had several workplaces romances. Big deal. Isn’t that really common in the US. You meet people at work, possibly get together, sometimes it stays casual and not serious. So I’m asking, so what?

  • ann

    What goes around comes around Dave.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not that i really care but i think it was 2 soon 2 be poking fun of the situtation
    altho i hate leno and i find letterman 2 be a creepy with that gap in his teeth

  • simpleman


    If it’s not your bussiness why you posted your comments? You’re an Idiot.

  • Chau

    @salma: Oh Salma. Thanks for letting us know. LMAO!

  • JAN

    Is it CBS policy to sleep with the help?? CBS CEO left his wife of 20 years to marry Julie Chen who worked for CBS. They just had a baby together. Dave and Les must be buds.

  • Rhonda

    Lots of people here seem to not understand the big deal about Letterman, just like Clinton with his intern, teachers with their students, bosses are not supposed to date their help.

    Most business and offices have certain rules about the top guy dating the help. But if I’m not mistaken the people at CBS must be real slackers on the sexual harrassment rules and the hostile work environment rules since I think the President of CBS just had a baby with the Chinese chick, I think he left his wife for her, so the rules that most people have to work by don’t really seem to apply at CBS or in entainment in general.

    Those laws came in effect because of so many “dirty old man” bosses who threatened young women with firing if they didn’t “date” him and the girl who “dates” the boss usually creates a hostile work envirnoment because she climbs the ladder of success quickly. A lot of businesses have paid out alot of money because of work place romance.

  • bobbyo

    we are all human beings. Sex happens. What happens between two consenting adults is just that, legally and otherwise. This is never going to stop, and why should it? We are free to do such things. I think Dave handled it really well by being straight with the people, and I think people who are the most judgmental about this are perhaps sexually frustrated in their own lives. It would have been different if it was a complaint brought by one of the women, but it was not. It was a sleazy, greedy attempt by an unscrupulous opportunist to extort money from someone who happens to have some because he has worked for it. And that’s against the law. Let’s not deny that sex is probably one of the most natural things that human beings can do, or else none of us would be here. And hey, if Dave is still going strong at his age, more power to him! And for those of you who are so judgmental — “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    dave deserves everything that happens to him. he’s been a huge douchebag for years, and it’s finally catching up to him. i hope the media rips on him for the next couple of months.. hell, i hope he loses his job.
    leno will always own letterman.

  • Moonshine

    Dave was only doing what comes natural to alot of people. So what, leave him alone. This kind of stuff happens everyday and we don’t hear about it. Just because Dave is on late night television, the whole world found out about it. It’s just plain wrong for other people to be making fun about it.

  • what?????????

    @Moonshine: Bet Arod, Paterson and Clinton to name a few wished Dave had followed your thought process along with their innocence families! Guess they did what came natural also and had it played over and over by good ole Dave! Now the top ten should be: When is the last time Letterman dated or had an affair with a person outside work??????????????

  • Davleigh

    Of course Leno isn’t having sex with his staff, he’s the mayor of Chinsylvania.

  • cari

    Leno is an ass who can’t get any. And his show is so bad it’s uncomfortable to watch. Leave it to Mr. McJealous to take a stab at Dave. Of course it’s not the first time he’s backstabbed him.

    Second, Letterman WAS NOT MARRIED at the time. So, OH THE HORROR…a single guy cheats on his girlfriend! If that’s news…then people ought to look in the mirror and think about how much they have stuffed in THEIR closet.

    The only thing I wonder is why Letterman goes for the homely chicks??

  • An

    @salma: Salma, this is not porn site… take you sex stories with your English teacher to a crowd that will jerk off on it… Dave had sex, he was blackmailed and he nailed the guy who tried. Big deal, I am not how many people will have the balls to come out in the open and confront their blackmailer. You go Dave! And FYI to all the J Leno anti fans – he made his millions and continues so either get a life or change the channel. Who the F cares what your think! :)

  • youwillmissme

    I like Jay. He’s funny and kind, not mean and ugly like David. I’m not surprised with what happened to David at all. He’s one creepy jerk!

  • shanen

    The problem with all this discussion of Letterman and with some people trying to drag him through the mud is that it could give a kind of victory to the blackmailer, or at least make it easier for the next extortionist going after a celebrity: “Remember what happened to Dave Letterman!”

    What Letterman did wasn’t particularly good, but it wasn’t particularly bad, either. If it had been so bad, then one (or more) of the women involved would have made a public issue of it long before this. (It’s already pretty clear this goes back many years.) In reality, we know non-marital sex is quite a common thing–but it can’t have been too frequent in Letterman’s case because one of the women would have published before this. He’s plenty famous enough.

    In conclusion, I hope Letterman rides it out. I never thought he was perfect. I don’t want to confess to my sins, but I’ll be you have made at least two mistakes in your life that YOU could be blackmailed for.

  • shanen


    c/I’ll be you/I’ll bet you/

  • lee

    having sex with multiple women on your staff while cheating on your wife? that’s not creepy? whoever is saying that…well, i guess that’s what all creeps will tell you.
    by the way, david letterman seems extremely bitter lately, and not just in a satirical manner. wow, did he really think jay wouldn’t “go there” after making fun of him “mercilessly” every night? i mean, seriously. he still sounds like he’s angry carson chose leno over instead of him.
    first he needs to clean up his own house rather than worrying about jay leno. if it was only about ratings, he wouldn’t be fueding with him.

  • lee


    um, leno is married.