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Operation Smile Honors Jessica Simpson

Operation Smile Honors Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson and her parents Tina and dad Joe are honored at Operation Smile‘s 8th Annual Smile Gala at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel on Friday (October 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Operation Smile presented the Simpson family with the Operation Smile Founders Circle Award for their dedication to improving the lives of children throughout the world suffering from facial deformities.

Jess is a Smile Ambassador and attended an Operation Smile medical mission to Kenya with her father Joe in October, 2005.

25+ pictures inside of Operation Smile honoring Jessica Simpson

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jessica simpson operation smile 01
jessica simpson operation smile 02
jessica simpson operation smile 03
jessica simpson operation smile 04
jessica simpson operation smile 05
jessica simpson operation smile 06
jessica simpson operation smile 07
jessica simpson operation smile 08
jessica simpson operation smile 09
jessica simpson operation smile 10
jessica simpson operation smile 11
jessica simpson operation smile 12
jessica simpson operation smile 13
jessica simpson operation smile 14
jessica simpson operation smile 15
jessica simpson operation smile 16
jessica simpson operation smile 17
jessica simpson operation smile 18
jessica simpson operation smile 19
jessica simpson operation smile 20
jessica simpson operation smile 21
jessica simpson operation smile 22
jessica simpson operation smile 23
jessica simpson operation smile 24
jessica simpson operation smile 25

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • Julia

    White thong…

  • Ashley

    seems like she doesnt care that she lost dasy

  • julia


  • So Judgemental

    Wow.. this girl is always a mess. white thong with black sheer

    And when is she going to learn that somehow she lives in a parallel universe where black is neither flattering or slimming? Every time she wears black she looks gigantic. Black hates this girl.

  • Katsaridoula

    gosh, she looks like an 100% b*tch in these pics :-O

  • Rhonda

    Jessica does have a beautiful smile and a kind heart. sorry, about Daisy, Jess.

  • danea

    she’s so orange

  • Hoot-hoot

    That girl got SOME hooters!

  • barron797

    I thought she would’ve lost the weight she’s gained by now. She should’ve gone on a diet after she was dumped so she can look hot and say ‘this is what you’re missing pal!’

    instead, she looks like she’s letting herself go.. she looks pretty good by non-hollywood standards tho.

  • italian japanese band

    Jessica seems happy.

  • Tina

    Is it me or does Tina Simpson looks alot like Lynne Spears??

  • becca

    Her body looks fine, but that jumpsuit is the polar opposite of flattering! Love you, Jessica, but maybe it’s time for a professional stylist.

  • Rachel

    I actually think she looks amazing. She has a REAL body!! I dont know what some of you are even saying…she’s happy and not fake like all the other hollywood stars. Half of you here probably don’t look as good as her so you shouldnt be bashing.

  • Mrs.Beady

    She is a cute and sweet girl. And it looks like she is getting involved in some good causes. She looks really happy here.

  • t shi

    1,12,& 13 I agree.

  • slambang

    Fat and orange. And that “sexy face” makes her look retarded.

  • cosi

    early 90s are calling, jess

  • angie’s old nose

    Who in the hell is her stylist??? God awful granny jump suit ;{

  • La sigh.

    Old lady back fat and arms uugghh.

  • Liverwurst

    Can’t she be bothered to freshly shampoo and style her hair? And enough with the tacky extensions already! They shed all of that horrible outfit anyway. And another thing: you based your entire career on your appearance (God knows it wasn’t the voice) so don’t be boo-hooing that the public is critical of your looks now. It’s YOUR JOB to stay fit and pretty, so naturally the $ is drying up cause you’re too lazy to keep yourself looking good.

  • pfft.

    I can’t imagine anyone in the public eye attaching themselves to this career schlep-rock. She should just scrape together what’s left of her money and go off quietly, with a bit of dignity… instead of this slow, embarrassing to watch, showbiz death.

  • lexy

    This is a charity event and you know this talentless moron and her dad don’t like jobs that don’t pay.

    It’s 2009 – who cares what she did in 2005. She and her father and media whore sister need to go away.

    There’s nothing wrong with her body and the fat comments only help! She and her father are trying to do another reality show to make more money. Why doesn’t she use some of this money for acting lessons??? Don’t feel bad about her dog – if she was taking better care of it, it wouldn’t have gotten killed.

  • Kaylie

    Seriously, a white thong? The outfit is not flattering on her body and she looks way too orange. When is she finally going to get it together?

  • Lillianne

    She can’t possibly have a stylist. Please pull yourself together and make an appearance so you aren’t the butt of jokes. For heaven’s sake, your best friend is a hair stylist. Get a hairstyle. I’m sure you’re a small person. Wear something that makes you look small.

  • All Women Stalker

    She is a pretty girl and she’s probably sweet but dear lord she needs a stylist. Seriously.


  • xoxo

    She got a nose job…I think

  • Ona

    Considering this girl’s net worth is reported at well over $100 Million(clothing line, hair line) you would think she would just hire a stylist

  • Milli

    What’s up with getting your toungue out while smiling , Jess? Looks really stupid.

  • Milli

    What’s up with getting your tongue out while smiling , Jess? Looks really stupid.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughh she looks disgusting in that thong
    i wish i hadnt seen it
    boring outfit, boring person
    nothing is interesting about her
    even her boobs r boring, saggy

  • *** JAMIE ***




  • anonmus

    jessica needs a bra. =/

  • coco

    Wow too bad no one cares. I guess no more albums are happening.

  • Mrs.Beady

    She’s a good business woman.

  • Dan

    She was very nice at the gala. She was not bitchy at all.

  • Mia

    TO : Ashley @ 10/03/2009 at 11:19 am

    Your comment is mean!
    You have no idea how she feels inside, she’s probably still very sad for the loss of her little dog. Her eyes look puffy she been crying a lot.

    Despite her smiles and the makeup, I see sadness in her eyes.

    Jessica, I’m sorry for your little Daisy.

  • Adri

    I feel bad for her. She looks very sad, her smiles are forced and her eyes are empty. Jess has lost weight and looks much better! For those of you that say she isn’t good at anything, she is very successful with her clothing line. I wish that she finds a good man soon. She deserves it. She’s been through a lot in the media.

  • lexy

    Her clothing line?? Are you trying to tell me she actually designs clothing like Donna Karen or Donatella Versace??

    If not then please she’s not better than the rest of these celebs letting truly talented people design clothing and putting their name on it. I don’t know why regular people waste their money on these celeb endorsed products – do you see JS or Jennifer Lopez wearing their crappy clothing lines? No b/c they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that stuff unless they were trying to promote the line.

  • ?????

    @lexy: And what are you successful at, Lexy? Jessica Simpson shoes are very popular. Who cares if she designs them, she makes money off them, doesn’t she? It’s called business.

  • nookies mom

    Why does she always stick her tongue out of her teeth when she smiles??????

  • ANon

    ????, how do you know she makes money off the shoes? Are you her accountant? Macy’s has been closing a bunch of stores. Jessica’s shoes didn’t sell enough to keep those stores open.

  • ???

    @ANon: Another loser trying to make up stuff so they can put someone down. You’ll just look for anything, won’t you. Are you really that miserable all the time? Her shoes sell at a lot of places besides Macy’s. If they didn’t make money, the stores wouldn’t carry them. It’s not hard to figure out. Regardless, are you trying to say that Jessica Simpson single-handedly brought down Macy’s? GMAFB.

  • ANon

    $$$, you have no idea whether or not the shoes make money. The company that makes them is privately held, so that information is not made public. The company that makes her perfume, Parlux, is publicly held. They have not been profitable for the last two years. Look it up yourself. Isn’t that about how long they been doing business with Jessica Simpson?

  • backfat

    Even Jessica’s back is fat.