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Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck is a Slow Director

Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck is a Slow Director

Jennifer Garner grabs her cup of morning coffee while out on a walk with her adorable daughters — Violet Anne, 3, and Seraphina Rose, 8 months, — on Sunday (October 4) in Boston, Mass.

The family is in town because papa Ben Affleck is directing and starring his new movie, The Town.

Would Jen want to be directed by Ben in a film? Not really.

Jen shared, “I don’t want to because he is not the world’s fastest director, and I like to get in and do my work and go home and put the kids to bed. I’m afraid there would be this moment where I would say, ‘OK. You’ve got it. I promise you it is in the can. I’ve got to go home.’ But you know, life is long and I never say never. I think Ben is brilliant at what he does. I am so happy for him and proud of him.”

FYI: Jen is using her Lascal baby carrier!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner‘s Sunday stroll…

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  • carrie

    but Jen,you won’t work with David Fincher or chris Nolan if you don’t want to work with slow directors!?

  • g!na

    omg! Violet can fly with those big freakin ears! lol.

  • ivermom

    Jen is such a AWESOME momma!

  • Rita

    There’s my favourite hollywood girl <3 Violet! She’s growing up so pretty and tall!!!

  • adorable

    To cute, but this set of pics contains a much more adorable pic of Jen and Sera. Sera’s hands are in the air and Jen is kissing her fingers, all the while with a huge giggle girn on Sera’s face.

  • enough of that b!tch!

    That hag is boring as hellll

  • sunday

    g!na @ 10/04/2009 at 8:19 pm

    to g!na
    Can’t get postive attention so you post mean things about a child so you can get negative attention. They have therapy for that.

  • same negative person posting

    #2, and #6 have a life much?

  • shoe fettish

    Just love the little shoes Sera has on.

  • betty

    Haven’t seen any pictures of Ben lately? It would be great to see a few snaps of Ben with his girls.

  • Haley

    Sera is cute! Hopefully, Violet will grow into her looks! seriously bad teeth on that kid!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest garner affleck fan

    I love this family!!

  • Pippi

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!. And yes, in response to #5 JJ for some reason did not post all the adorable pics from this set. I am convinced he is all about the hits (money). He does not like Ben and Jen for some odd reason. Thank God for other sites who show them in a totally different light. He loves TomKat and will not show negative pics of them,(ie Suri drinking barley milk from an infant baby bottle) and tries to bash Brangelina because Viv’s ears are pierced. Go figure.

    In any event, they can’t take away from these beautiful families no matter hard they try.

  • Tom

    What a bad actress she is. So is her husband

  • sonia0404

    @g!na: violet flyies with her beautiful flowing hair.

  • Iluvpickles

    Oh puleez….she wishes Ben would put her in one of his movies, She’s so prissy and full of herself.

  • mslewis

    Well, Ms. Garner will be lucky if ANYBODY put her in another movie after yet another bomb this weekend!! Maybe she should go back to TV!!

    Also, as usual, she is out and about with the kiddies dressed like trailer trash!!

  • boston babies

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, beyond words for how adorable.

    Comments Jennifer made were taken from 2 different interviews.

  • How?


    How would you like for Jen to dress? For a walk around a MA town? 3 inch heels?

  • Pippi

    Violet Affleck is a beautiful little girl (even with her less than perfect *BABY* teeth) lovely long blond hair, gorgeous dimples, perfect nose, porcelain complexion and a happy go lucky personality. She is exquistely breathtaking. I have heard the paps gasp at her beauty on videos.The best part is she is growing up like any normal child inspite of her parents being celebrities.

    It looks like Ben and Jen also have another beauty on their hands with little Sera. Papa Ben is gonna get lots of gray hairs when these two start dating.

  • actually

    Acutally it is only Ms. Garner when she is using her professional name, doing movies, interviews etc.

    At all other times she goes by Jennifer Affleck (legal name). So it is Mrs. Affleck.

  • Baker

    After another one of her movies Invention of Lying bombed bombed at the box office this weekend, Ben should never put her in one of his movies. Exploiting her children and branding herself as the most perfect mother in the universe is the only thing she has left. Yes it looks like somebody had a word to her about only appearing in public with Violet and not Seraphinea, she’s not wearing a ratty old ti-shirt, she made an effort to put on some make-up, and everyone is smiling can you say photo-op.

  • Two

    How is she exploiting her children and when did she ever brand herself as the world’s best mom, #22?

  • steelers

    Hey #22, you really think this is a “photo-op”? If so then Jen needs to fire her press person. Because I am sure they could come up with something better then Jen walking with Violet and Sera.

    If this was planned; don’t know which is more dumb, Jen’s press people or the paps for showing up to take the pictures.

    Not a photo-op, just a Sunday morning stroll.

  • why not?

    JJ, why not the the close up pictures of Sera smiling? A ton more pictures of them this morning. I think Faded Youth had these pictures up earlier in the day.

  • como

    Her movie is not bombed it surprisingly did better than drew movie but neither did well fot the gener.

  • Cambridge not Boston

    They took a walk around Cambrigde this morning, not Boston.

  • Cambridge not Boston

    Just checked the weekend boxoffice stats. Wow, Drew’s movie didn’t even break the $10 million mark.

  • no photo op

    A photo op would be Ben, Jen, Sera, Violet with 3 bodyguards, 2 assistants, a driver, and a nanny going to a restaurant in Boston. With Violet in a $300 outfit.

    Oh wait that was Tom and Katie.

  • twit

    This woman has another movie bomb under her belt. She is so full of herself that alot of folks are turned of by her. She is fugly as hell too! Her only role is as a good mom and we all know that it is a image that she wants out there, most celeb moms are better than her because they don’t put their child out there in the spotlight so that the paps could get to them.She is a media whore. Angie and brad finally leta store owner take one photo of the twins and it was all over the net everyone was so excited because the #1 couple don’t whore their kids, there areso many photos of vio and fugly jen that you only see them in jj or celebrity kids no one else cares. Thiswoman acts like an azz, what is the stupid baby voice, she acts like a teenager. Jen stop dissing ben you are lucky he put you in the spotlight and married you after you trapped him with vio. Directors out there stop giving this talentless woman roles , give roles to the good actors benny and her can’t act for shitz.

  • Two

    That wouldn’t be a photo op then since they’d want an image of an independent and normal family, #29.

  • to the above

    Violet is such a beauty. She will be model-worthy when she hits her teens, just wait.
    Sera is gorgeous as well, time will tell if she has Violet’s to-die-for dimples and height. If not, well, she’s sitll gorg.
    This is HARDLY a photo op. THe person above described the perfect photo op, and you know Jen’s smart, she would have done just that if she wanted publicity. She however, believes there should be laws protecting her girls privacy, but since there are not, she just ignores the paps, and goes about her life.

  • annab

    You can tell Jennifer loves her children. They are a wonderful family in a celebrity world. I like Ben and Jen so much better than the other famous families on here. About the ears and teeth on Violet…everyone has flaws…myself included…look beyond the flaws …I see very adorable children.

  • rainbow

    #29, I didn’t see assistants and 3 bodyguards in the Cruise photos. You don’t have to insult them to defend the Afflecks.
    I happen to like both families.

  • ***

    yes it did better than whip it but whip it has 81% rotten tomatto it must be a better movie 57% isn’t bad either for jen movie.We have seen worse 7% for all about steve and 17% for love happens..

  • to the above

    Oh, by the way, her movie did not bomb, it opened in the top 5 and made over $4,500 per screen average. So its not going to be a big hit but it will make back its cost, which is what counts in hollywood. Bruce Willis, now he’s had a HUGE bomb in Surrogates, which cost $80 million. So does that mean nobody wants to see him? No, it means nobody wanted to see him in that particular movie.

  • lol

    @twit: I don’t care about her much but your hate seem personal.

  • lexy

    This latest “bomb” isn’t a Jennifer Garner film – it’s the guy’s film. He’s the star. Jen is just a supporting actress. Just like Megan Fox’s bomb -Adam Brody’s not going to take the hit for the film tanking. Megan’s the “star”. Though to say it tanked is a bit much. I’m sure the film makers didn’t expect it to earn Star Wars type money!

    Jen is out on a Sunday morning with her children being a hands on mom. Should she be wearing thigh high stiletto boots and a black leather mini with a halter top?? Is that what the mothers in your neighborhood wear on a Sunday morning outing with their kids???

  • no photo op

    rainbow @ comment #34

    So true so true, I should not call out Tom and Katie to prove that Ben and Jen don’t set up photo ops. I don’t really think that Tom and Katie call the paps either, but at times they do travel with a bit many people.

    And Katie usually has a bodyguard with her. Maybe it makes Tom feel better. Maybe things behind the scenes we don’t know about (threats against Suri, hope that is not true). And they feel the need for extra security.

  • Twit is a Vartan Ho

    Twit belongs to that loser group that put an ad in Variety when Michael Vartan left Alias demanding he be kept on. Embarassed him greatly I’m sure. They are mad at Jennifer because Vartan not only hasnt done anything since Alias to speak of, he hasnt even had another girlfriend because he is a latent gay or something. THey take out all their disappointment in their hero who they paid good money for that ad on Jennifer because she well, is doing better than him.

  • Dr Pepper

    # 31-

    Normal is Jen and Ben.

    abnormal is Katie and Tom

    Wake up!

  • ben/jen fan

    Whole set of pics on Jenfans.

  • Lauren

    Jen is such an awesome, hands-on mom. Kate Gosselin could take a lesson or two from her.

  • ME

    They’re so ADORABLE!! Violet is so big and looks just like her mommy!

  • chloe!!!

    While Violet looks just like a mini Jen , I think Serephina looks alot like Ben .

  • Pippi

    Actually Violet looks more like Ben and Sera looks like Jen. I think Sera also got Jen’s dimples. Both girls have the cleft in chin that Ben has. Such a beautiful family.

    For the record, Jen’s movie did good actually when you consider the number of screens it was shown on. Very good showing all things considered. BTW, she already has another movie in the pipeline and more on the way. She does not have to worry about movies (her second priority) because her husband is very successful. Eat you heart out losers. (all the garner-affleck haters).

  • tina

    The little one looks like a boy may be it is because her hair didn’t grow yet.

  • ee

    Garner should thank Ben every day, because she wouldn’t have any career had she not gotten herself pregnant while they were dating.
    I have no idea why people keep giving her more chances.
    She even ruined a Matthew McCaughnehey film.
    She is far from pretty and seems so fake.

  • ee

    is it too much to ask? Actresses should be pretty and petite.
    Garner is NOT pretty. Far from it. If I wanted to see a very tall manly woman, I would watch my homely neighbor.

  • There You Have It

    ee (#48, #49) is a peeping tom! Nice to know!