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Lindsay Lohan: Chaos at Ungaro Fashion Show!

Lindsay Lohan: Chaos at Ungaro Fashion Show!

Lindsay Lohan struts her stuff on the catwalk with Spanish designer Estrella Archs after the Emmanuel Ungaro fashion show during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 at Le Carrousel du Louvre on Sunday (October 4) in France.

Three weeks ago, it was announced that Lohan would be the fashion house’s new creative director.

When asked how she collaborated with Estrella, Lohan explained, “We both kind of mixed our (ideas) together, and that’s why it came out so well. I really appreciate everything that goes into, like, any article of clothing. I think it’s fantastic and I think it’s so expressive in so many ways.”

After the show, FWD reported, “Too many of the styling tricks did not come off. It’s all very well covering the odd nipple with sequined hearts, but placing the same thing on a half dozen heads was naff. And on three occasions straps fell off shoulders, or boobs suddenly swung out form tuxedo jackets, which was a little unlucky, bit did not look too professional.”

WWD added, “As for the clothes, they looked cheesy and dated…. Hot pink, orange and flashy, with an overworked heart motif relentless in its execution, the collection displayed none of the promised younger side Lohan was supposed to deliver.”

30+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan at the Ungaro show…

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lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 01
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 02
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 03
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 04
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 05
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 06
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 07
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 08
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 09
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 10
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 11
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 12
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 13
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 14
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 15
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 16
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 17
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 18
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 19
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 20
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 21
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 22
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 23
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 24
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 25
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 26
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 27
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 28
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 29
lindsay lohan ungaro fashion show 30

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • erica

    I find it very sad that there is so much young talent in the designer world who really understand and know about fashion and Lindsey Lohan gets a job like this. What exactly are her qualifications for this job, that she can dress herself and pick clothes? This whole thing is ridiculous and someone as classless as Lohan should not be in the fashion industry!

    Young designers would kill for such an opportunity!
    One of the project runway judges was right, this is a joke!
    As far as I’m concerned, Ungaro has lost its mind and good reputation, I will not buy anything more from them after they hire someone as talentless in fasion as Lohan.

  • kate

    The show was good , and that suprised many.

  • LadyB

    Her face is not looking good. I think the fall of Ms. Lohan is now official. No movie deals, no magazine covers, etc. I think she’s done in Hollywood.

  • Jacky

    Why did you post the ONLY negative thing that blog said?

    Here is the blog you took that quote from

  • suzy q

    She makes me so sad.

    As for the job – times are tough my guess Ungaro needs the publicity and they will take it anyway they can get it so they attached themselves to Lindsay. So sad for real designers and it will be sad for Lindsay when they toss her aside once she’s served her purposes. What a mess for everyone involved in this union.

  • Lind

    She is NOT Creative Director, that’s a top job. She’s “artistic advisor” to the head designer. In other words she says whether she likes things or not and promotes the brand.

  • lexy

    Lindsay looks awful! She kind of looks like Donatella Versace. Who are their plastic surgeons – these guys need to be arrested or at least have their licenses revoked.

  • dani

    And why is she the “artistic advisor”???? She is a joke. Aren’t there any celebutards that can fulfill this role aside from a woman who has sunk about as low as you can go and not be dead?

  • kidi

    She is the oldest looking 22 year old I’ve ever seen. Too much sun, cigarettes, booze and drugs. Sad.

  • dundies

    can we not

  • dundies

    the clothes are borderline psychotic
    if she purses her lips once more imma cut a bitch
    don’t give me that look

  • lUCAS

    HAHAHA ugly.

  • Sulistyo Nugroho

    ouwwwh..again..wht she’s been thinking, bdw??are u insane, Lilo??that..u are disaster in that Fashion show..what a grotesque..YAY!!

  • http://tuti75 arlene

    Que labios tan horribles ,odio los labios tan llenos de colajeno uf wacala.

  • Neil

    The telling is in the amount of comments lately and on this thread with mine it’s 16 and unlikely to have many more. You can only hold a tantrum and watch a train wreck for so long…

  • Weber from Brazil

    Yeah, LiLo looks older =/
    so sad…
    but I feel happy for her +_+

  • yikesabee

    Man, she’s looking terrible! You can see the consequences of her hard lifestyle in her face. She’s in her early twenties? It looks like she’s 39! And who is she trying to fool with that atrocious pursed-lip expression?

  • marissa


    I so agree with you

    celebs get away with any thing. so sad

  • Michele

    I feel so sorry for her. She should GO TO SCHOOL!! Get away from the lights and rethink where she is going. PLEASE CHNAGE BACK TO RED!! THAT BLONDE COLOR IS HORRIBLE!!!

  • helen w.

    i feel so sorry for her. she’s gone through the wrong path and now she keeps trying to get back and get back, but she doesn’t seem to succeed. nobody wants her anymore, it’s so sad. she’s not britney, a big come-back doesnt work for everyone.

  • toni

    looks like crap, lifestyles catching up 2 her

  • ummm

    thats all.

  • tidbit


    HelenW–no one wants her anymore because of her actions. It doesn’t matter how many times she tries to go back if she doesn’t follow through. She continues to act like a diva–showing up late (if she bothers to show up at all), leaving early, acting with great immaturity. She could have had a longer gig on Ugly Betty, but she was so disruptive onset with her entourage and diva like behavior they didn’t want her back.

    The girl has had more second chances than most of us have in a lifetime. She blows everyone of them. When you are managing a budget of millions upon millions and you have hired professional actors, models or whatever to do a job–you expect them to do so. Lindsay has blown it every single time. How many second chances do you give Lohan when she is supposedly sober and cleaned up yet picture and video appear constantly of her drunk or high. And her tweets don’t help her image one bit. They are the tweets of a 13 year old.

    Basically she has blown every second chance and she is not marketable anymore.

  • FallOutGirl

    You know at 22 someone should look younger than they are. She looks 10 to 15 years older. What a bummer!

  • ann

    she looks so old.

  • Porsche

    She looks terrible!!

  • GinaBelv

    LiLo is a haute mess.

  • Chau

    Why does she look like this? Doesn’t she have money to hire a proper makeup artist? She’s my age and she looks like an old lady. Ew.

  • pop

    Somebody needs to step in and give it to her straight!

    1. Dump the bad hair. You had natural gorgeous red hair that just needed a few strands of highlight, not a gallon of brassy highlight.

    2. Get that crap out of your lips because it distorts the rest of your otherwise natural pretty face and skip the fake tanner. It doesn’t help.

    3. Get off the coke. It gives you the deadest look in your eyes and ages you big time.

    She is one hot mess. Too bad her mother or father doesn’t seem to care enough to step in. She’s on her own and sadly with the wrong crowd.

  • hmm

    Ok soo

    She used to be in movies.. that’s not going so well.

    Tried to be a pop star.. that didn’t go so well.

    Tried making her fortune with sunless tanner.. that didn’t go so well.

    Tried to make leggings, especially the ones she designed a hot.. that didn’t go so well.

    So now she’s trying to find success with designing some things for Ungaro… I’m going to guess that it wont go so well.

  • ugly

    ll is such an ugly looking lady

  • susan

    Why would any designer think it was a good idea to make lindsay their creative director? She, herself, dresses horribly. Plus she’s a 23 year old girl who looks more like she’s 43. Bad bad idea.

  • lola

    drop dead already firecrotch

  • The Truth is Expensive

    If everyone is blond, you don’t stand out… that is why Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and people like Kim K’s beauty stand out. Lindsay should go back to her natural hair color.

    1. extreme exposure (2 hours+) to direct sunlight,
    2. excessive alcohol,
    3. drug use, anorexia,
    4. less than six hours of sleep for days at a time,
    5. lots of sugar in your daily consumption,
    6. more than two cups of caffeine daily,
    7. excessive dermabrasion procedures (this should be done once a year for your skin to not lose elasticity).
    Look like Lindsay were doing these all at once… which is young skin suicide.

    Things that preserve the youth of your skin and hair are:
    1. Natural foods that are red, brown and green
    2. Water
    3. Fish and white meat
    4. Soups
    5. Tea,
    6. Yogurt
    7. Cheese
    8. Olive Oil
    9. 7 to 8 hours of sleep
    10. 4 hours of walking or some type of exercise a week

    Everything else should be done at a minimal. All things must be done in moderation.

  • rocknmovies

    Attention seeker hasbeen! Please take her back to the States, we don’t need her in Paris.

  • lovey

    she is still a very pretty girl, but I feel sad for her, cause she seems so lost at such a young age. She’s already looking so old for only 23..:(

  • Kellie

    Her face is absolutely f**ked. Sort your life out Lohan!

  • Joboots


    Yeah,consider her blacklisted for all the damage she’s caused–she’s
    basically her generation’s Mackenzie Phillips,IMO!!!!!

  • oceane

    I’m still holding out for her to put on a pink wig. She’s almost there….

  • anna

    eeeww she looks terrible! her hair color is just awful! she should stick to being a redhead!

  • Jose

    Why does she look so old?

  • Lizzie

    My teachers at fashion school never told me that what I needed to get a job as a designer is being a failed, anorexic,addict, tanned,slutty actress with a cuestionable fashion sense. I’ll call the FIT to introduce the course.

  • me me me

    what kind of a blog is FWD? ART DECO heels?!? the heels are bauhaus at its best… not knowing your art history is a little unlucky, but does not look too professional :P anyways, the collection looks boring and lohan looks old.

  • lakers fan in boston

    hohan was gonna bring the younger side??!!
    just look at her, does she look young, she looks like she’s in her 40s
    damn, she’s even balding!!
    ive never heard of this fashion designer but she should lose all credit she has been given after hiring hohan!!

  • Art8Fashion

    I hoped when I read this maybe it was some cruel horrible joke. Who in their right mind would give this type of high profile job to this trainwreck has been.

    Lindsey has never shown any fashion intelligence that would lead me to believe she has any qualifications for this job. Is this fashion house on it’s last feeble legs. Lindsey does NOT have a positive public image.

    Now I could see someone like Kate Moss, Heidi Klum or even Rachel Bilson or Hillary Duff in this position but never Lindsey.

    Wow. I was just doing research on my favorite fashion TV show ( the forerunner of them all and still the best) from years past: Style with Elsa Klensch. Ungaro was one of the amazing designers featured many times on the program. How far have they fallen to come to have to make this terrible decision to even consider Lindsey.

    I have recently completely dedicated myself to pursuing my passions: art and design. There are so many other people who are much more qualified for the job than Lindsey could ever be. I love to see a celebrity make a comeback. Props to Britney and Mariah. Much respect.

    I wish Lindsey well. It cannot be very easy for her to build her career back to when she had so much potential. BTW I really hate to add injury to insult but man does she look terrible. The late nights and abusing her body have aged her face. We shall see what happens next.

    I cannot wrap my head around this at all.


  • ee

    Look what drugs do your body and skin.
    She is in her 20s and looks like a 42 years old.
    If you do drugs that will age you a lot!

  • M.T

    Lindsay You Rock it out so happy 4 her she looks cute and sexy love her ;********