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Rachel Bilson Gets Naked with The Bagel Broker

Rachel Bilson Gets Naked with The Bagel Broker

Rachel Bilson grabs a quick breakfast and Naked orange juice from The Bagel Broker on Saturday (October 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old How I Met Your Mother actress was seen carrying around a Star Wars key chain (her fiance Hayden Christensen played Anakin Skywalker in the film franchise).

Yesterday, Rachel was seen carrying her own bottle of Tapatio hot sauce and Arizona Iced Tea (ginseng with honey) into Yucca Mexican restaurant.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson getting naked…

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rachel bilson naked drink 01
rachel bilson naked drink 02
rachel bilson naked drink 03
rachel bilson naked drink 04
rachel bilson naked drink 05
rachel bilson naked drink 06
rachel bilson naked drink 07
rachel bilson naked drink 08
rachel bilson naked drink 09
rachel bilson naked drink 10
rachel bilson naked drink 11
rachel bilson naked drink 12
rachel bilson naked drink 13
rachel bilson naked drink 14
rachel bilson naked drink 15
rachel bilson naked drink 16
rachel bilson naked drink 17

Photos: Fame Pictures, GSI Media
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  • #1fan

    awesome i use Tapatio , it’s like a dollar and does the job

  • suzziey


  • mecabigail

    hahaha.. she brings her own sauce to the restaurant! that’s different! she’s nice.. ^^

  • Jennifer

    Pic #6, huge double chin. Rachel needs to work out more and lose some weight.

  • alex

    cute and slim.
    i love the natural look.

  • Kate

    hey jared

    rachel is also on cover of signature magazine this month.………...

  • Yelena

    let’s hope darth vadar doesn’t ruin this relationship like the one with padme. LOL.

  • sotruetoo

    When asked in an interview what kind of bathing suit his girlfriend was wearing HC immediately said boxer shorts. He knows she is hiding saddle bags, that is why not bikini or thongs. He knows she is too short and not a respectable actress. Why is he with her, bc she warships his work and no one else did. You call this love? 2 lonely losers.

  • qwerty

    @sotruetoo #8
    What does HC do? He has no done anything solid in a long time. So stop hating on Rachel. I bet she is a 100 times more successful than you will ever be.

  • sotruetoo

    This is not hate, just talking about JJ’s biggest star. HC still brings home the bacon, he makes a lot more money than she does and makes movies and commercials, she gets one episode. And no, she is not more successful than I am, I would rather be where I am than be lowest of the low in Hollywood. I am much wealthier than she is.

  • Smoke and Mirrors

    Not the most interesting story or pictures!

  • lexy

    I wouldn’t place that bet Qwerty b/c you’d lose. Clearly you’ve never been to LA – there are thousands of “Rachel Bilsons” out there. If it weren’t for Hayden and his SW money, Rachel would be a waitress like the rest of the wanna be actresses in Hollywood. Or maybe since she did the OC she’d be fortunate enough to get her own VH1 reality show. Do they still do that show where all the has beens live in a house together??

    I love how she’s now in one episode of HIMYM and now she’s the star of the show! LMAO!! It’s sad how JJ has to grasp at straws to make this chick sound relvant. 1st she was the “star” of NYILU – even though real stars such as Natalie Portman and Blake Lively were in the movie now she’s the star of HIMYM.

    Meanwhile Alison Hannigan gets top billing on the show (seeing this is her 2nd successful show) , Neil Patrick Harris just hosted the Emmy’s and has received Emmy nods and Jason Segal has a successful film career in addition to this show – interesting you almost never see these 3 bona-fide STARS on JJ. Guess these 3 don’t pay JJ or the paps to come running when they call.

  • chris23

    Here we go again. I guess the check cleared. Truly, are there no worthwhile actresses out there worth reading about? Must we be bombarded by the talent less and the lame? Wait, I forgot JJ is getting paid.

    I hope someone in Hayden’s camp reads this and realizes what a useless brat he has for a future wife. Than again, he’s as untalented and useless as she is so I guess they’re made for each other.

  • Anakin


    But at least they got married sort of like Seth Green and Summer Roberts lol

    Blake Lively is only known for SOTP and Gossip Girl, nothing else, so I wouldn’t put her on par with Nat, so gimme a break about real stars of that movie. And you want to know why JJ doesn’t post articles about those 3 actors you’ve just mentioned, to put it bluntly, nobody really gives a sh1t about them and people like you or me wouldn’t come here and post about people like them who are as interesting as an Adam Brody movie. I think even if they paid JJ to pap them, he’d turn them down. He’d feel he was stealing their money LOL.

  • schnickels

    The shorter the outfit, the shorter the talent and among all other things that surrounds to this vapid, insecure & useless little tabloid s-k-a-n-k!

  • sotruetoo

    @14 Anakin
    I don’t get it, what makes RB interesting to you that you post on her?

  • Anakin


    And I don’t get why people post the hate they do against a person or any person who they’ve probably never met or never will. And as for the answer to your question, which is probably the same as yours, because I can.

  • Anakin

    I meant Seth Cohen lmao, got Family Guy & Robot Chicken on my mind

  • chadwick

    Actually the likes of Padme is the one who deserves to live while the likes of Bilson is righfully deserves to be electrocuted by Palpatine’s mad wrath but if its a little bit to harsh, she could be just place in a quarantine permanently LOL

  • lexy

    Hmmm…Anakin why don’t you go and see how many magazine covers Blake Lively – the unknown as you call her – has done vs. Rachel Bilson – the “star”.

    And who’s that working on a film with Ben Affleck – is that Rachel Bilson…no that’s Blake Lively. And who got Blake her movie job in Sisterhood and NYILU – that’s right – Blake’s talent!

    Anakin you obviously hate Britney Spears, Blake Lively and Katie Holmes but who’s arguing with you? Their success speaks for itself. It’s a free country. However, if you want to discuss RB’s success well you’ll probably have to go to her fan board since she’s really not well known or successful except among a handful of people.

  • lexy

    And BTW, no body really gives a sh!t about Rachel and it’s very obvious on this board! I mean this is the only board where she even gets mentioned – she’s not even TMZ worthy.

    The reason no ne talks about Jason Segal, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris – is b/c they aren’t media whores. Everyone knows they’re talented and they aren’t calling the paps or paying small celeb message boards to promote their non-existent careers. They don’t need JJ to promote them – they have careers to promote that get them on late night/daytime talk shows. They actually get invited to the Emmy’s. Alison was on the late show – so someone is interested in her.

  • liz

    Star Wars key? She found another way to gain publicity? LOL She is ridiculous, continue with your ridiculous posts jared, I thought this was a site about celebrities, not about losers.

    And Anakin, Rachel is less famous than Blake, Gossip Girl has not been canceled for lack of audience and Blake is not considered a bad actress. Not offend Blake comparing it with a loser like Rachel.

  • ?

    Anybody know where is Natalie? I miss her

  • juliane – brazil

    rachel you have to do more than go to restaurants for someone hire you.

  • sidpny

    @#19 – the likes of Bilson is righfully deserves to be electrocuted by Palpatine’s mad wrath……

    And I would love to see that to happen literally… hopefully her tabloid host JJ would fully document it. Douchel’s thread would be interesting even for “once”!

  • Viper

    @ sotruetoo
    When asked in an interview what kind of bathing suit his girlfriend was wearing HC immediately said boxer shorts.

    BC his G/F is a dude telling you the man isn’t straight and RB is a beard.

  • sidony

    Natalie probably been busy shooting w/ soo many movies; she got 4 in the works & 5 in development via IMDB. See Natalie’s is a seriously busy working actress unlike someone here who’s only busy in paparazzi shootings.

  • Anakin


    Blake isn’t any better actress than Rachel is and being the superficial pig I sometimes am, Blake also has fake boobs, she’d fit in well on The Hills, haha. Gossip Girl like OC isn’t Shakespeare so cut the comparisons. Even its best ratings, GG isn’t even reaching OC’s final season. It’s not even close. GG’s best ratings aren’t even half of OC’s. And just wait GG sooner or later will be cancelled for lack of audience.

    And why do you post on this thread if you think RB’s a loser, I guess this so called ‘loser” is worth taking time out of your wonderful life to garner a response.

  • Anakin


    Yeah working with Ben “Gigli/Pearl Harbor” Affleck’s a real prize, when’s the last time that guy made a good movie without Matt Damon. He hasn’t. Matt’s the bigger star.

    And even I wouldn’t lump Katie with Blake and Britney, that would be the ultimate insult. Katie’s known for 2 things, DC and being Mrs. Cruise. If you that makes a whole career of stardom, then your defintion of success must be warped.

    As for the 3 aforementioned actors you keep harping about, nobody cares about them, not because they’re not famous though I wouldn’t know Jason Segal?? from George Segal. They’re not newsworthy or gossipworthy, and I doubt JJ would really post articles about them which would garner very few posts. And who could blame him.

    And Rachel’s been on the Tonight Show, Ellen, I could go on, what’s your point? Are we going to compare how many talk show appearances actors appear on to judge their star power, oh good gawd!

  • anna

    i love her and i miss her

  • me

    JJ why you keep posting her so much?She could brought the keychain herself to keep this relationship alive. How you know its starwars keychain? you know can buy them on the internet and at the store where she lived.Hayden is not in la with her and when he got there he left. stop trying to make a relationship its not. He gave it to her as gift or she got it herself.Also she has a new boyfriend anyway why don’t you just say so.Its over fot them two.And other who say he’s taking care are her think again.It don’t look like it to me. I know she read this everyday and you tell her what people say.

  • liz

    Why I waste my time here? I really try not to waste, but every day has new photos of it here, an hour I would “waste my time” commenting here is not it? I’m a fan of Hayden, always been, maybe I waste my time here because of it, I think he is doing something really stupid being related to someone so stupid like Rachel. And about Blake, LOL, do not make me laugh, she is much better than Rachel, not to mention that she is younger, taller, prettier, has a boyfriend who likes her and has a decent career in film and television.

  • liz

    and speaking of Rachel, what will be the restaurant that she is now? soon we will know, don’t jared?

  • shanda

    She has another guy that’s why hayden don’t come to LA to visit her and she don’t like star wars at all. She brought that herself so why haven’t we seem her with eariler? Blake lively is a better actress. and rachel was the one who said that she like to wear her boyfriend clothes not him.You all know he don’t atlk about his lovelife to no one.Rachel need to tell people the real reason Hyaden don’t visit her in la and she don’t visit him in canada.

  • Anakin


    Blake needed that boob job to get noticed, can’t she get by on her natural beauty? Those things wouldn’t jiggle in an earthquake.LOL

    And her boyfriend is fug and must feel like a midget when Blake wears her high heels.

    It’s HC’s choice he’s with RB, if you were any sort of fan of his you’d be happy for him. But talk is cheap

  • liz

    Because I’m fan of Hayden I have to be happy with his choices? He chose the dumbest girl, no talent, no career, a whore that the only thing she can do is to call the paparazzi every day for photographed it in a restaurant or shopping. A real fan of Hayden not be happy with what he is doing with his life and career, you really do not understand nothing, and yes, Blake is much better than Rachel.

  • lexy

    Boy Anakin you need to turn it down a notch.

    How do you know Blake’s boobs are fake? Also insulting Blake’s man?? Maybe YOU should turn down the hate a few notches.

    You’re not going to convince anyone that RB isn’t a has been loser with little talent and brains who pays JJ to post about her and calls the paps when she goes outside.

  • lexy

    PS – that’s Ben “Oscar-Winner Can Get a Job Despite Gigli” Affleck.

  • the best they can do!.

    @ ANAKIN

    at least blake is not tipping the paps off she is to busy working

    as for rb is this what her so called career all ways coming or going out of a restaurant?
    i mean is she now so skint she has to take her own bottle of sause with her?.
    i mean did hc say even on video that the pair of them where a private couple, who dont bother much with hw? if he can go about his daily life without being paped why cant she?
    i mean not even going to canda she just loves going there dont we all know that.

  • Anakin


    It’s not hate, if you think those boobs are real, I’ve got some beachfront property near the Arctic Circle I want to sell you. Yeah but it’s ok to insult Rachel at every turn like the others on here, I don’t see your self righteous outrage directed at their hate. Kind of hypocritical don’t ya think? But you think it’s ok for others to insult HC, I don’t see you getting all over them when HC gets continually insulted. So please get off your high horse, ME turning it down a notch? Are you kidding me? You must have tunnel vision when it comes to hateful comments, compared to the others around here, I’m Mr Nice Guy.

    And the only reason people hate on RB is because she’s with HC, if she was still with AB, I doubt very much she’d receive this much flak. Search your feelings you know it to be true.

    PS – and that’s Ben “I’m not as big as a star as I used to be or as Matt Damon” Affleck to you


    You’re no fan, you’re a bitter person who can’t stand that HC has found someone you dislike so much. Maybe he should have checked his relationships through you and your kind. Blake takes every opportunity to flaunt her boobs, come on. She should put a sign around her neck saying “I’m up here”, because her face probably isn’t the first place people look at when they talk to her. PB must really hate it when she wears high heels, sort of the Tom and Nicole syndrome.

  • 629/1-A

    Uninspiring, untalented, shallow & unintelligent. A materialistic bubble-head who can’t act, can’t hold an intelligent conversation, thinks only of herself. Only in HW can someone like this command so much attention…(apparently she has some kind of brain damage – a friend of mine said she’s a wee bit ‘special)…there are real talents out there, you know.

  • Jolietta

    @Anakin: @Anakin: They are both cr*p actors tho, I mean, really, that’s the problem. Good actors are a joy to watch and the best can even carry off a bad script but these two have so little ability that their attempts at acting are cringeworthy. Personally I think they deserve each other. HC ruined Star Wars, killed it dead, he should never have been cast. RB is just a typical HW stereotype, nothing to get excited about. They should quit acting, leave it to the real actors, get married, have kids and not inflict their mediocrity on anyone but themselves.

  • lexy

    I’ve defended HC many times when people claim he’s gay and or a druggie. I’ve even defended Rachel when they say she’s been brainwashed by him and his druggie and unbathed self (yes people claim he doesn’t bath). Frankly if he were gay or a druggie who didn’t bath, I’m sure Rachel would dump his butt and be crying to the women on The View for publicity. But since she’s not, I presume they are happy together. I think they’ll get married and I’m waiting for her to get knocked up or gain a pound or 2 so there can be speculation on her bump.

    If Adam Brody came up to me and stole my wallet, I wouldn’t know to tell the cops it was him. That’s how much I know about Adam Brody.

    What does not being as famous as Matt Damon have to do with anything??? At the end of the day – Ben’s still got an Oscar and a career. Of course Blake flaunts her body – in addition to a career that Rachel would kill for Blake’s got a body to die for. The woman could wear a potato sack and she’d rock it!

    I don’t like Rachel, nothing to do with HC or Adam or Mischa Barton or Natalie Portman. It doesn’t matter how rude or insulting you get I’m not going to change my mind.

  • Viper

    Trust me seems that RB would stick with him no matter what he is. All I see is a contract and she isn’t dumping a contract arrangement.

    Where is this SW key chain I have that keychain variety it’s not SW there are tons of them it’s a pen keychain with rubber hair there is nothing SW about it. As for the dude on the cell phone can’t view it really well and who knows she might have downloaded a pic of him from one of his Fansites that she goes to maybe to see where he might be. I think both use only behind closed doors.

    @ Lexy
    Many people don’t like RB or HC just b/c they are not talented people and looks to me that she makes people remember SW for HC to get him more attention again and from the only movie he did that made money with a decent cast sad for her she won”t ever be one of them.

  • liz

    Anakin, you’re hilarious, I’m a fan of Hayden, is sad to see him going down because of an idiot like Rachel, is sad to see people hating him because he’s with Rachel, it’s sad to see everyone speaking ill of him, inventing stupid rumors about it, all because of Rachel. I have many reasons to hate her. There’s millions of girls in the world, actresses or not, he could have chosen a smart. Honestly, I would rather see him with Blake Lively than Rachel.

  • Anakin


    Let’s see, you made such a big deal that Blake got a part with Ben and Rachel didn’t. I’m just pointing out the fact that it’s no big deal, you mentioned his name, I didn’t. BA is no longer the big movie star he once was. I’d respect Blake more if she got a role with MD.

    Let’s see how many roles Blake would get without the artificial enhancement to her chest, can you imagine RB doing something like that, people like you would probably say that she can’t get any roles, that’s why she did it. Nice double standard.

    I don’t really give a fig if you like RB or not, and I really don’t care to change your mind, but your dislike for RB is perplexing to say the least. You say you defend RB (which I very rarely see) by saying HC is not brainwashing her, but on the other hand you take every opportunity to insult her. Either you dislike her or you don’t, please show some consistency. There’s no I don’t like her but I’ll stick up for her once in a while, nothing to do with HC, AB, MB or NP, whatever!

    Moi?, rude or insulting?, there goes that tunnel vision again, can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen

  • Anakin


    GL killed SW, it’s just a cash cow to him now, just wait for SW on Blu-Ray and 3D, the next time GL needs a cash infusion. As I recall they were having a lot of trouble casting for Anakin, HC was the best choice, Who did you have in mind, Paul Walker, Leo, Jonathan Jackson, all wrong fits.

    And you’re an authority on good acting, and your pedigree is…


  • ?
  • sharon

    HMMM is she is such a fashion icon then why is she in LA …they are still having fashion wk in Paris maybe she didn’t get invited and who gives a shit if she carries her own hot sause and what she drinks ,her headlines are getting so lame!!!

  • huh?

    Can aynyone read that? Is it really a keychain?