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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Charles River Run

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Charles River Run

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their son Connor, 14, for a run along the Charles River from Boston to Cambridge and back on Sunday (October 4) in Mass.

Tom, 47, and Katie, 30, wore matching New Balanace sneakers. Katie and Connor donned Nike tops while Tom wore Quiksilver shorts. Katie was “in the zone,” listening to music during her run.

30+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ Charlies River Run…

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Credit: Jackson Lee, Fame Pictures; Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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# 1

wow connor is getting so big he looks much older than 14

# 2

It is nice to see that they run together. But their shoes are not matching. They are even different colors.

# 3

So what, #2?

# 4

where is isabella ???

# 5

why doesn’t nicole like her children?

# 6

Such great candids, i really like this family.

# 7

Enough of these overrated people. I would rather see more of Matilda Ledger.

Um, Connor is not Katie’s son, he is Nicole’s. Stepson yes.

But sick of all the Tom Cruise articles.

commonsense @ 10/04/2009 at 10:06 pm

@Tom: I see your point the fact is that they’re not matching, its like JJ is scrambling for things to say, it’s annoying. Another thing is why does JJ always point out the brand names?

JJ, Connor is Nicole Kidman’s son! You shoudn’t write ‘their son’ when he’s actually not hers.
Anyway, we haven’t seen Bella around lately. I believe she’s spending some time with Nicole in Nashville. At least, I hope so.

Wow! File this in the category of “Who the f**k really cares”…

# 3 (TWO)..

why do you have to be such a jerk with your silly answers? NO One cares what you have to say!

# 2 was just pointing out to JJ (regarding his post) that the sneakers don’t match like he states. That’s all. Why is this such a big deal to you # 3?

Go to bed …..and stop posting annoying comments to others.


and it seems like Nicole has pushed her adopted kids aside especially now that she has Sunday Rose.
But, then, we’re just speculating.

lol # 13 its nice to see a thread like this, where everyone is not kissing their ass like another Hollywood couple

why doesnt Tom admit the conner is his real son, there is no reason an adopted son would loook just like the father unless hes the biologcal son

wow great family…love them…

Will they be running the NYC Marathon ?

Sorry I have another question. I’m not from Boston so wanted to know the distance in miles that they ran along the Charles River.

Friend of nicile @ 10/04/2009 at 10:42 pm

Tom has full custody of the kids b/c he want them to practices Scientology. They are free to visit Nicole when every they or she wants. Currently Bella is with Nicole and Kieth in Nashville. You don’t see pictures of Nicole with her kids b/c she does not like her kids being photographed.

^Bella seems to be avoiding this whole Scientology thing pretty successfully.

They didn’t run the whole Charlies btw. I can tell because I’ve run about half of it. They ran the part from the dock and around a separate pathway–most likely a few times. It’s not too long.

garner affleck fan @ 10/04/2009 at 9:13 pm

wow connor is getting so big he looks much older than 14
I’m sure he does because Tom is so tiny. He looks like most 14-year-olds of average height to me.

i agree with you number #15 every since she had her baby i have not seen isabella or connor with her .

yak yak yak @ 10/04/2009 at 11:14 pm

what is wrong w/ Katies mouth? She always looks weird. And tom should slick down his hair, as he looks hilarious too, when he runs. Now, we all know it’s a photo-op, as they call up the paps when they do this sort of thing, to keep themselves relevant, I suppose. Freaks. At least Nicole is normal, and doesn’t do this sort of thing to get her picture taken every, running, whatever, they are always looking for photo-ops, if they aren’t pimping Suri out, disgusting…go away Tiny Tom and Katie Homely

I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 10/04/2009 at 11:16 pm

@tina: why do you care where she is?!? she’s not suri’s age.. she’s wherever she wants to be.

I care less about them. I am writing this because I am at jj main page and see their pic running.. They look fine normal for a change but being them and run out side when you can do it at home looks a planned photo op to me.

Love this family…. Great parents.. Tom crise is still #1 actor in my book.. I’ve seen Conner with Katie plenty lately.. Try to find fault with anyone… Sale old people as usual..

Nicole doesn’t want her kids photographed, that’s why you never see pics of them with her. I doubt she “pushes” them aside.

I think they look normal for once, but jj, what’s with the “their son”, Connor is not “their son”, it’s Tom’s son, Katies step-son!

#17, interesting theory! I’ve noticed their resemblance as well…

# 25 and others so concerned about Isabella.

who in the H*LL cares? Isabella and Conner are now old enough to choose who they want to be with. Perhaps Isabella does not like the spotlight,etc…… perhaps she does not like being with Katie……who knows and who cares?

It could be that Katie has her hands full with her special needs bratty daughter….and her attention needs to focus fully on Suri.

again….who knows and who cares!

i think it’s cool that they are doing something “normal” as a family. Especially since running and sweating isn’t an attractive activity, lol.
Connor is looking cute. Can’t believe he’s only 14. He seems close to Tom.

Look at photo # 13

Kate is for sure a “pear shape” with a pin cushion head

Good question, #4. Her mom I guess.

How can people be overrated, #7?

He only posts them because they’re so popular, #10. You should just stop replying to these.

Obviously you do since you keep posting here and others as well, #13.

I was wrong, #14. I missed that. Chill out.

Here’s a reason, #17: It’s a coincidence!

They have joint custody actually, #21.

He’s not tiny, #24.

And you know all this for sure how, #26? They told you?

They’re human beings with rights and privileges just like the rest and have the freedom to go out and jog like normal people whenever they want and not hide inside, #28.

That theory is nonsense and it doesn’t matter what Kidman wants, #30.

I was with you till you started picking on Suri Cruise, #31.

katie holmes doesnt look 30 at ALL

This is how a normal married couple acts
go to lunch with your kids
go jogging together with one of your older kids

This is how a normal mother spends her day with her child
goe s hopping for some groceries
you have an outing ,and take your little girl to a fairy shop catch up with some friends and have lunch,
take daughter to visit dad at work, meet all the people at dads work,
dad has a big trailer at work ,daughter sleeps or plays around in dads trailer, and gets to spend time with dad in between scenes
mom takes daughter for an outing to a childs musuem and a walk by the river
next day mother takes daughter to another fun place for children, then goes visit dad again at work, etc etc
unfortunately for the little girl she is always surrounded by a bunch of men shouting her name and sticking cameras in her face.
the little girl has a cool mom!

pretty young girl @ 10/05/2009 at 12:15 am

Very cute. Earlier I posted a comment and it didnt appear on justjared. I guess he only allows negative comments for this couple.

I lost any respect and affection I once had for Tom, once he went for a fame wh-ore who is such a gold digger.\
I also don’t like it that he doesn’t let Nicole raise her own children. A cult is a dangerous thing and there is no substitute for a mother involved in their lives.


It’s a much bigger deal to run the Boston Marathon

You show your disdain of Kidman all the time.

She has publicly stated that Isabella and Connor don’t want their parents talking about them and she has publicly stated that she guards her childrens’ privacy like a tiger.

If I may point out she had physical custody for a couple of years after the divorce and she zealously guarded their privacy. It was only when they wanted to settle down in LA that Tom decided to step up and become the primary parent in terms of physical custody.

Isabella was seen many times on other occasions but other morons were quick to point out she is ugly and has pimples.

anonymous @ 10/05/2009 at 3:17 am

TomKat = hotness overload

@two @ 10/05/2009 at 2:44 am

You show your disdain of Kidman all the time.

She has publicly stated that Isabella and Connor don’t want their parents talking about them and she has publicly stated that she guards her childrens’ privacy like a tiger.

If I may point out she had physical custody for a couple of years after the divorce and she zealously guarded their privacy. It was only when they wanted to settle down in LA that Tom decided to step up and become the primary parent in terms of physical custody.
Thank you for exposing this hypocrite like I have before. I don’t even read this vile beast’s posts anymore. He’s a passive-aggressive b*stard who pretends he never spews hatred about anyone and is just here to “protect” but his protection is very select and underhanded and he will subtly insult a child of a couple he has distaste for if he thinks he won’t get caught.

Beautiful family and Connor is growing up to be so handsome.

jj thanks @ 10/05/2009 at 3:29 am

Tom and Katie looks great and looks youthful.

Good to see them and looking forward
to their films.

You just don’t see Nicole Kidman with Connor and Bella, because unlike Katie, she doesn’t have to play the step mother who needs to show off to the paps. That’s all. A mother is a mother. A step mother is NOT a mother, it’s your dad’s wife in Bella and Connor’s case.

@Friend of nicile:
totally true, I am from Nashville and I saw Kidman with Urban and Sunday rose and a girl arounf 17, I’m sure she was her older daughter.

To those who think they have the right, or knowledge to attack Nicole re: Isabella & Connor…
Let me remind you of something that was “leaked” during the divorce proceedings… Early in their marriage, & because she loved Tom, she converted to Scientology & distanced herself from her parents, sister, friends because they would NOT do the same. After the couple adopted Isabella & Connor, NICOLE wanted them to grow up learning about other religions & decide which faith (if any) they wanted to follow when they were old enough to choose.
The children told the judge they were Scientologists like their father & wanted to live with him full-time – Even though joint custody was the outcome, both Isabella & Connor chose their father & Scientology OVER Nicole. They may see her sometimes but only under supervision of Tom or a Scientology “minder/protector”.
Crazy as it sounds, I know that Scientologists are a closed “society” who allow for working with people of other religions, but not be friends of or marry/remain married to non-believers. There are times outside work where they maintain “friendly” relations, i.e. parties, charity functions, etc. Although, most of the “friendly” chatter is trying to get others to “try” Scientology…
I know. I have friends who joined & never spoke to me again because I wouldn’t join; other friends left & moved to parts unknown.
Katie converted from Roman Catholicism shortly after she started dating Cruise. Funny how Nicole is a practicing Roman Catholic now.

Run Katie run! And take Conner with you!

I see they are in order their required order AGAIN. Crazy HAS to be in front, then Cankle, then Connor.

They are so GROSS! At least Katie has her tree trunks and cankles covered up!

Katie has the weirdest body! It is freakish.

Look at her…she’s huffing and puffing here yet claimed to finish the NYC marathon. Lmao Everyone knows that she hopped out of the car about two blocks from the finish line and lied. lol

Connor has a mother and her name is NICOLE — NOT KATIE!!! Sorry, but ‘Their son’ does not apply here.

i am truly getting sickntired of lil tom’s PR ways!!! we can clearly see what u r UP to Mr. Cruise. U positioning urself well in front of ur wife in order to make u look as tall or taller than her!!! OMG- i’m sic of it!!!!!!!!


Tom’s “order”:

1. Crazy
2. Cankle
3. Connor

Nicole, save your children
Connor and Isabella don’t deserve these wackos and their retarded child

Tom really messed up when he got involved with Katie “Cankle” Homely!
Talk about a career that “crashed and burned”!!!

Unfortunately, he’s in too deep to get out now. Divorce would probably give him even more public backlash since his “daughter” is autistic.

He could at least have gotten married to Sofia Vergara who is beautiful or a dozen other beautiful talented actresses. Katie is a big joke!

Shemp lugosi @ 10/05/2009 at 10:18 am

Um, since when do red and yellow “match”?

I like how this family seem to be close.. and its funny how people starts picking on them for the smallest thing… its either “they are out often with the family to get photographed” or “aww i dont see them with the kids, they should spend more time with their kids”… which one is it people?!?! and for those of you who picks on Suri, really?!?!? picking on toddler?!?! really.. so what if she still uses a bottle?! is that the end of YOUR world? .. and for those who said.. JJ shouldn’t write about this family and say that they don’t care about them… then why bother writing comments?! u say you don’t care BUT YOU ACTUALLY TAKE THE TIME TO ACTUALLY WRITE COMMENTS!… you have the control of your computer, use the mouse or the up and down button to skip these articles.. it doesn’t mean that just because its posted in the website that you HAVE TO read them….

Wow, I think Tom is really starting to show his age. I mean we all get older but he’s starting to look it. He’s all pasty white and needs to go to a tanning salon or something. It is funny how he’s always in front! :D Are bodyguards running with them? I’d be surprised if they were running without security…

If Tom is really Connor’s biological father, I wonder who his biological mother is?

Wonder if she’s famous like Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Jada P. Smith, etc.

@ Cathy

This is a blog. People have opinions that are different from yours. And yes they are not always expressed in the nicest of terms. Get over it.

Lainey Gossip has some great pics of Tom running backwards encouraging Katie. It looks like he is saying “come on, you can do it, go faster.:

Yeah, #35. She looks much younger.

How is she a fame ***** and a gold digger, #38. Kidman and Cruise have joint custody so I don’t know why you think that he doesn’t allow anyone to raise his kids nut him.

I have no disdain towards Kidman, #40 and #43. When did I show any disdain here at all?

I’d never insult a child and I could never dislike a child when I’ve never even met them.

Don’t believe everything you read, #49.

Don’t be silly, #51.

You’re sick, #51.

There are so many things wrong with your post that I don’t know where to begin addressing, #58…

Exactly, #60.

The problem is that you post unproven opinions as facts and you’re big hypocrites, #63.

pr person @ 10/05/2009 at 2:11 pm

So who exactly is taking these pics? Is it one (hired) photographer (like the one photographer that was taking pics on Katie’s ‘closed’ movie set)…..or were they taken by a swarm of paparazzi?

They were taken by the photographer that Tom hired. Who else?

Tom is a has been. Nobody has ever cared or even known who Katie Homely is. Trust me. The photographers are always hired by Tom to show up for each of his PR outings.

Nobody cares Tom. Get over it and get over yourself.

Get over it #66, “Two”. BTW, is “two” another way of saying “too stupid to know better?” lmao

They give love,family and marriage a good name!

I met them and they are awesome.

looking good Tom & Katie

The People love TomKat and family

even with tight security ppl find a way to be part of the action and hopes of seeing Tom,Katie and Suri.

Excuse me? You are criticizing people for having unproven opinions?

And what about you? Much of the stuff you swear is true is opinion just like everyone else.

Hired photographer, #67? Obviously the paparazzi are behind these latest sets of pics.

Obviously people care since his threads are such huge hits, #68. He’s nowhere near being a has-been.

Like what, #74? I always address my opinions as so and post only facts.

You're Crazy Two! @ 10/05/2009 at 3:25 pm

Obviously people care since his threads are such huge hits, #68

Read the comments genius. People cannot stand Cruise and Holmes. Mostly, that’s what’s being expressed. JJ puts them here to increase his hits, not because they’re liked.
I always address my opinions as so and post only facts

Interesting since you don’t know the facts. You only know what you read which are not necessarily facts. Get a grip! You’re posting opinions, just like everyone else. If you think it’s anything else, you’re delusional.

Annika Hansen @ 10/05/2009 at 3:28 pm

@Two: Huge hits? I love Katie but even I can admit the TomKat threads are no where near as popular as the Jolie-Pitt threads for example.

pr person @ 10/05/2009 at 5:28 pm

In the second row of pics… Crazy is looking over to make sure that his hired photographer is where he/she is supposed to be and doing what he/she is supposed to be doing….taking their picture. Crazy even has a wink ;) for the photographer. LOL

lol #78 Tom needs to go back to acting classes. It’s obvious that Tom is posing for the camera and knows where the camera is every second.

He is so in love with himself!

PR Person and Susan and the rest….

I think you are right–he is posing for cameras he knows they are there and probably had his publicist arrange for the paps to be tipped off. If you are familiar with Boston, there are places in the city where he could have gone to for a run and done the run/finished etc. before anyone knew he was there. There are also places outside of Boston where he could have gone for a run in complete privacy. But oh, wait. No cameras. No fun. No Run.

damn katie’s thighs r huge
not really her thighs but the leg part, knees 2 ankles
but other than that she looks like she’s in pretty good shape

@lakers fan in boston @ 10/05/2009 at 11:15 pm

Although Katie does have large thighs, calves and ankles compared to size 0 celebs, her choice of running pants is accentuating her bad areas. She has a skin tight top and she pairs it with looser pants, so of course it makes her butt and thighs look larger.

Any publicity is good publicity, #76. Hits are hits.

If I post opinions, I address them as so.

It’s not a contest, #77. These postings are popular even if not as popular as some others.

Get a life, #78.

Like where, #80?

Get a life too, #82.

anonymous @ 10/06/2009 at 2:15 am

Katie,Tom and Connor look great.

They inspire me to run and they make it look easy and fun.

btw what a beautiful happy and healthy family.

I’d like to see a pic of the buffet table that Tom sets up for the paps, I bet it looks pretty.

From Ted Casablanca’s column–last sentence in the reply. Even this seasoned gossip columnist sees that TomKat is pimping out Suri.

I was looking at the Brangelina clan and I can’t help but notice how they dress Shiloh. They dress her up as if she was a boy and I can’t fathom how two parents who look dashing on and off the red carpet dress their daughter. Maybe it’s their way of seeming “normal,” but when pictured Angelina Jolie looks flawless but then I look down and I see her children and it’s a whole different story.

Dear Sexist:
So a female toddler can’t be dressed in pants without it being child abuse? If anything, Shiloh’s tomboy outfits show how good Brad and Angelina are as parents, letting her wear what she likes instead of forcing her to wear über-girly, uncomfy clothes. Is Suri Cruise more your type of fashionista for celeb child style? Making a 3-year-old walk around in high heels for the cameras is more damaging, for sure.

I think that they would need a bodyguard to run with them, but I suppose the papz could act as a shield. Katie is so much taller than Tom its funny.

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