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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Charley's Saloon Family Fun

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Charley's Saloon Family Fun

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their kids — daughter Suri, 3, and son Connor, 14, — out to lunch on Sunday afternoon (October 4) in Boston, Mass.

The happy family noshed on classic American fare at Charley’s Eating & Drinking Saloon on Newbury Street. They later visited the Nike store to pick up a few athletic items.

Tom has been in town to shoot his new movie, Wichita, with Cameron Diaz.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Tulle pleated skirt in Marigold and Dolphin. Suri is wearing the “Petite Maloles Petite Barbara” shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ family fun at Charley’s Saloon…

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Credit: PPNY/GSNY, Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sillyme

    Does Connor ever get to hold Suri’s hand or carry her or anything?

  • LuckyL

    Isabella doesn’t exist.

  • LuckyL

    I think I should go see Newbury, observe Suri, and report back my findings. Unlike One/Susan Somers/etc. etc I can say I met the Cruises/ saw them in person.

    J/k, don’t care enough. But I’d love to shut up One for once and for all!

  • LuckyL

    And sorry, Suri looks honestly depressed. Check out picture 14.

  • LuckyL

    And 15 she looks ready to burst into tears.

  • #1fan

    Awesome love the Cruises, looking forward to Tom’s new film…it should be great

  • kip

    Is something wrong with

    WTF is Katie wearing? An outfit from her new fashion line?lmao

    Tom Crazy has gained all the weight back.

  • alli

    They seem to baby Suri a lot.
    She never smilies- she has the most unhappy/depressing looks of a celebrity kid I’ve seen.

  • kate

    damn katie look like an old hag.
    what happened to her?

  • jane doe

    Katie needs to get some tan in a bottle (is she trying to be like NIcole?)

    Nicole has beautiful skin..Katie is gross.

    Katie needs to keep those tree trunks and cankles covered. Damn…what ugly legs.

  • Morgane

    where in this world is isabella?
    tom is a media whore, popping out suri everywhere, and we are sick ofsuri already.
    i would be more excited if they apppear with isabella sometime

  • lourdes

    Look at all the people in the background making fun of the FREAK SHOW!

    Connor is the only one of them remotely normal looking.

  • Suri vs Zee

    Umm..Maybe a THREE yr old kid doesn’t understand why all those cameras are clicking in her face?? No one here EVER asks “Why is it Zahara always has a sour puss on??? never once! Does Zee even have TEETH? We don’t know, because it’s obvious she hates all the ‘camera’s clicking’ in her face! Recalling once Zee stuck her tongue out at the press. These are babies, not big kids! Oh I am sure she isn’t looking like this alone. And if ANYONE DARE mentions “SHES TOO BIG TO BE HELD” I WILL SCREAM!! She’s 3, the press is all over them. See Brad holding ZEE in the supermarket in France this week? ZEE is FOUR, not Three, FOUR! But..Alas, no one on this Brangelina board will DARE say a bad word about there ‘heros’. And yes, reading the mental postings, they walk on water, do no wrong, and are the best things since bread.
    I do think, Suri’s hair looked way better, in a bob, this is too long for her.

  • fug ugh huh?

    # 10, give me a break, let’s see YOUR legs and face, boy, i’d pay to. what a joke, Kate is ugly huh? Yeah, and I’m the Wizard of OZ. LMAO, get real!!!!!!!

  • Agree #11

    Agree with you. Everybody is sick of seeing Suri. She needs to live with someone that will take care of her. I’m sick of seeing these crazy people using her for publicity. Losers!

  • To #14

    Katie is fugly. Get over it!

  • Shaun

    Conner is looking like a little G. I see some swagger and a little style in his look, its good to see my little nigga hasn’t been brain washed by his loony step dad. But there is still time for his dad to turn this kid into a full blown cartoon who prays to money and goes to Pentecostal meetings.

    Little man should have gotten a shape up too,

  • pale who

    #10 And what do you say about white as a ghost angie? hmmm?
    Awwww thought so. Nada. lol. this board is good, for Laughs!


    Tom has man boobs..also known as moobs. Anyone got a bra to loan him?

  • #16 get real!!!!

    # 16 Please, let’s see YOUR face on here, LOL. Ugly huh, thats why she sold out that BWY show, I couldn’t get a ticket at any price. She is very sexy when made up. When she’s not, she’s like everyone else.
    Idiot. Ugly. LMAO.

  • #16 get real!!!!

    # 16 Please, let’s see YOUR face on here, LOL. Ugly huh, thats why she sold out that BWY show, I couldn’t get a ticket at any price. She is very sexy when made up. When she’s not, she’s like everyone else.
    Idiot. Ugly. LMAO.

  • lisa

    Where is Suri’s baby bottle?

  • girly

    at least they dress her like a little girl! and not like a little boy!
    she’s so adroable,as is Suri, if we can just once see her in something other then boys gear and a mess of hair . Suri, hands down, has the most awful foot wear on like all the time. What’s Angelina thinking>>>>? Boots, black puma’s, and ugh ugh ugh…what a shame, because she is adorable too. See, I’m not biased, and I’m NORMAL. And I wouldn’t call a kid the names posters do on her. it’s sick, end of story,

  • to #21

    You must look no better than Amy Winehouse if u think Katie is not ugly.

    She looks like she’s in her mid-50s. She looks like a deer in the headlights…..a deer with cankles and tree trunks that is. And the bags under her eyes..looks like she’s been crying a 100 years.

    She needs to bathe once in awhile.

    Get over it!

  • lisa??

    The same place Zahara’s “Blankie” is, you know, the girl with with her dumb in her mouth in the pic’s this week, holding her BLANKIE!
    Can you or anyone on here EVER SAY anything nice about Suri??
    She’s 3, what mental cases!

  • michaela

    Not a pretty family

  • #21 are u kidding

    #21, Well, I have Katie on the cover of Bazar from this summer, and ugly?? Yeah ok..she looks most with makeup on.Listen, if she were “ugly” she wouldn’t be so damn popular, and on so many covers, ugly celebs, don’t sell magazines. UNREAL the posters here, Just unreal! Yeah she’s dirty, you idiot. But she’s not the the SAME black disgusting dress day in and dayout, with dirty looking hair, either.
    She’s dressed like a mother, with kid, out for the day.
    To put it better, if a man of ANYONE on here had the chance to have Katie over ANY of you, you’d be waving ‘goodbye’ from your porch. Sad thing is, you all know it too. 5’9 120 something pounds, green eyes, and charming. Something not any of you have. Did you see Katie on that dance show recently? hmm..recalling all the men in the news the next day sayng ‘wow, sexy” But she’s ugly, and I should get over it?
    No dear (fattie no doubt) YOU need to get over this mental illness called ‘hate’ of a family, that you never met. It’s sick, whether you know it or not!

  • ugly

    Connor is so cute…only god knows where his other sister is :(

  • Suri Still Uses a BOTTLE!
  • where is cousin daddy bill

    free katie message board has pic proof that suri still drinks a baby bottle and she still wears diapers.

  • Suri’s with BOTTLE!! pic#2
  • where is cousin daddy bill

    free Katians also hate on A.JOLIE so this is not an angie vs katie thing.

  • where is cousin daddy bill

    they worship nikole kidman

  • lisa

    Thanks for posting those pics of Suri with the bottle. Those need to be brought to the attention of the public so that someone may rescue this child. I wonder if she has her diaper changed more than once per day?

  • Dana

    Jared, please post some pics of Nicole and Keith and adorable Sunday Rose!! I’ll bet Tom wishes he had never divorced Nicole. They had everything….now he has nothing…thanks to the Katie curse.

  • Suri’s Newborn Bottle

    It’s especially odd that she’s using the Playtex bottles made for newborns. What’s the deal?

  • oceane

    I hope this child gets to play with other kids her age, it’s the only way they learn. Seem like she spends too much time with adults. Katie scrubs up well when she wants to. The rest of the time she is tried, just like us other mums out there…

  • Hope Suri gets it!

    For over two years she has been digging in her nose every chance she gets (most pics are not on JJ). I hope she’ll dislodge whatever the heck is stuck up there and find something else to do with her hands.

  • bebe

    #35, How does Tom have nothing? He has a loving wife, an adorable little girl. He still get lead roles in major studio films. And unlike Nicole he still spends plenty of time with his older kids!

  • Liz

    No, she is not depressed. She doesn’t like paparazzi, nothing more.

  • Larissa

    Good Lord, what the hell does Katie have on?? That dress is hideous. She has really heavy legs and the biggest cankles I have ever seen. Not a good look for her! And what’s with the beenie. It looks ridiculous. Hats are in this year, but not THAT hat. I guess she’s just too lazy to do her hair, just as she’s too lazy to comb her daughters hair. It’s too bad too! Suri could be really cute if they would just wash her hair and comb it.

  • Suri is “Stimming”

    To #38

    Suri often has her hands in fists or strained positions or she is obsessively picking her nose. That is because she is stimming, an autistic behavior exhibited to calm a person (i.e., the person’s sense is hypersensitive). That is, the environment is too stimulating and the person is in a state of sensory-overload. As a result, the individual engages in these behaviors to block-out the over-stimulating environment; and his/her attention becomes focused inwardly.

  • Marlene

    Picture # 8

    Looks like Conner has to carry his Dad’s clothes for him.

    Uncool Tom.

  • Calvin

    Katie used to be so hot. Now she is nothing but a ugly old hag. Is that Roseanns mother behind that hat? Does she not want to wash her hair or what? She has been wearing that stupid thing for over a month now. And Suri, that kids retarded.

  • Purse

    They give Suri a purse to carry so people don’t see her simming.

  • Holly Molly

    That kid is STILL wearing a diaper!!!! Obvious by pic 3, unless she has a 10 pound butt. Way to go Sc-Fi idiots! Here comes the circus everyone, hot dogs for a buck to see the side show!

  • daisy

    Oh please everyone just please do not mention Nicole Kidman & her family in a thread about Tom Cruise & his family! One has nothing to do with the other. What goes on about Bella & Connor is their private business. Please do not pit one child against another. They each have their own lives.

  • Helen

    Still using a bottle and diapers? Is this because of her autism? Autistic kids don’t use bottles at 4 years old, right?

  • Ona

    Connor is getting to be a very handsome guy. Glad he has lost weight and now that he wants to be in show business seems more willing to be seen by the press. Although poor Connor seems to be a victim of the balding gene. His hair is already way back on his head to only be a teenage. No doubt he will be a handsome bald guy too.

    Now as for Katie. I have never seen an A list celebrity actress with any uglier legs than Katie. Why no lipo on the knee area? I just dont get how she doesnt know her legs are crazy ugly.

    Suri is approaching four(by most peoples calculations) and she is still very cute. I dont blame her for not wanting the Paps yelling and snapping pics at her all the time.

    Now Isabella, I have read is spending more and more time with Nicole. I was so happy to hear that… I just now Nicole will help her get a nice style and learn alot about transitioning into a young woman

  • iron chef

    get real happy lives jealous trolls
    its the same lowlives hating TomKat