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Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: Blue-Eyed Baby... with Ears Pierced!

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: Blue-Eyed Baby... with Ears Pierced!

Angelina Jolie carries her youngest daughter Vivienne Marcheline, 14 months, out of the Licky Licious Ice Cream Shop on Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan on Friday (October 2).

The mother-daughter pair was accompanied by Brad Pitt and Vivienne‘s twin Knox Leon . (Yesterday, all four were snapped in a pic together.)

“The kids look so much like Angelina. They look like their mother. But they have Brad‘s eyes,” store owner Ihab Fakhouri told People. “They looked like really happy kids.”

Vivienne‘s eyes are such a gorgeous blue. And her ears are pierced!

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  • Ants

    Beautiful family

  • harlequin

    Pretty eyes! Love this family =)

  • Jubilee

    Beautiful family

  • Lily

    Thei kids are soo cute.

  • alicia

    So gorgeous!

  • christyjolie

    Oh snap! I am so excited to see Viv! she looks just like Angie! Knox looks just like Shiloh and Brad! I LOVE YOU JARED!

  • Charisse

    Viv looks a lot like AJ. You could clearly see Viv has blue eyes. It’s really nice to see the twins, they all look great!

  • christyjolie

    And we were right about Knox being the one brad was holding! Viv has her ears pierced!

  • Tatyannnnaaa

    Viv is the spitting image of ANGIE! she looks a lot like her big sister, Shi too! HOW CUTE.

  • just me the original

    Viv is a cutieee!! and so is Knox and the whole JP kidz!!

  • nini

    I love this family so much! They’re just so cute! Viv is spitting image of Ange, except those gorgeous blue eyes from Brad! But Knox and Shiloh are definitely Brad Pitt juniors!

  • skipsie


  • Ellen

    Undeniably beautiful kids.

  • katie

    OMG that have such adorable kids. vivianne looks just like shilo. SOOOOO CUTE!!!

  • iSA

    having your ears pierced as a baby is totally normal in Spain!

  • liz

    Vivienne (love this name) looks like Shiloh, so cute *-*

  • mika

    that is so cute. but…. if that was tom cruise and katie holmes, everyone would be saying “OMG!!! PIERCING A BABY’S EARS IS ABUSE” bla bla bla. you know i am right. but vivienne and knox are adorable.

  • Jill

    Well, let’s hope that takes care of eye-gate. Let’s all brace for pierced-ears-gate.
    The twins are lovely. Thanks to the proprietor of the ice cream parlor and other customers who snapped the photos with their cell phones and posted them on Twitter.

  • Angie’s eye color

    The girl is way cuter than the boy. The boy Looks like Brad and Shiloh. Vivienne Marchaline Jolie-Pitt looks like Angie. Angie needs to go make babies with a green eyed man so she can pass on her gorg eye color. Plus, if It were me I would be afraid to have more kids with Old botox Pitt outta fear the kid might look like him. Vivi is proof that the kid is cuter when they look like her.

  • maybe

    thanks Jared, those babies are absolutely beautiful. and viv is all angie, with daddys eyecolor.

  • sharon

    Gorgeous babies. Knox is all Brad. Viv has Angie’s eye shape, Brad’s eye color. The rest is just Shiloh.

  • Luna

    Knox is all Angelina-, Vivienne-Mini Shiloh

  • fan

    Very cute baby. Sorry for Brad for being a father of this all beautiful girls. He will going to have a hard time.

  • ME

    They’re both ADORABLE!!! Vivienne looks just like Angelina and Knox is the spitting image of Brad!

  • La girl


    In Latin America too

  • JUlia

    Viv look like Brad , but Knox Leon look like Angie

  • bdj

    Thank goodness you are you. All that rabid envy and hate needs to fester right where it is, in you. No need to spread your nasty bile around.
    Thanks to the original blog owner who tweet and took the pixs of the lovely twins.

  • Camille

    Beautiful baby! She looks just like her sister Shiloh. Goodness that is one gorgeous family.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Viv is so beautiful.

  • kara

    they are just to cute visit me

  • Not impressed by JA

    iSA @ 10/04/2009 at 6:33 pm having your ears pierced as a baby is totally normal in Spain!

    In Africa too

  • Angie’s eye color

    @bdj: LMAO! You know Vivi is cuter than Knox. IS Brad related to the Spears clan? Knox looks like Jayden and Shiloh looked like Brit Brits kids when she was that age too. Vivi is a beauty and doesn’t look as much like Brad as her siblings do. Vivi even has Angie’s eyebrows already :lol

  • Harry

    Credit THOMAS HOWARD on mega for finding this Jared!!!


  • LILI

    beautiful family..gorgeous looking adorable………love it!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    what a beautiful family! Knox and Viv has Angie’s features but Brad’s blue eyes. Oh soo cute!

    i had my ears pierced when i was a baby too!

  • Emily

    Knox look like Jolie , Vivienne is Pitt

  • no

    no credit to an jjb user, who send thomas howard the link.

  • Cheery

    Oh, how pretty!!! Sooooo cute! Not trying to be mean, but do you think they pierced her ears so they could tell the twins apart? ;)

  • Jill

    Angie’s eye color @ 10/04/2009 at 6:37 pm
    You should change your screen name to Stuck On Stupid. Or maybe Danglin’ Dumb…

  • AJ&BPfan

    Not impressed by JA @ 10/04/2009 at 6:47 pm

    iSA @ 10/04/2009 at 6:33 pm having your ears pierced as a baby is totally normal in Spain!

    In Africa too

    Read more:
    In the Philippines too.

  • pepa

    yes!!!!!Thanks to Thomas Howard on mega this morning so you could post this as yours, Jared.
    It’s Thomas Howard who cleverly found this early Sun morning.
    tx, TH

  • the real lou

    # 27 bdj @ 10/04/2009 at 6:42 pm ….BDJ,please just ignore Assley.Anyone who takes enjoyment from insulting children is a vile human being to begin with.Why waste your time on filth?Viv and Knox are BOTH beautiful babies.

  • awwwwww

    Knox and Vivienne are so cute. Knox is Brad mini-me. Vivienne looks a lot like Shiloh.

  • michaela

    Released yet?

  • Amy

    Girl look like Shiloh, boy look like Angelina

  • JM

    lately, i’ve felt like she has been looking sickly. but here, she looks great. i think she looks prettier in candid shots then professional ones.

  • Not impressed by JA

    IB sales figures
    Domestic: $116,947,000 (box office mojo)
    + Foreign: $141,500,000 (THR)

    = Worldwide: $258,447,000

  • teri


  • lilly

    both babies r cute…u never know , knox will grow up to be a stud like his dad

  • angie fan

    Happy Week end. Brad & Angie and the twins. Oh and The Bone Collector is on amc tonight 7:30Pm Now on overload. Brad, Angie, the Twins and Denzel too. The twins are amazing and Brad and Angie look over the moon proud.