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Henry Cavill Covers Neo2 Magazine

Henry Cavill Covers Neo2 Magazine

Henry Cavill heats up the October 2009 pages of Spanish magazine Neo2.

The 26-year-old British actor talked a little about being raised in a large family. Henry shared, “I grew up with four brothers, three older and one younger. There was a strong dose of healthy competition between us to get the attention of our parents.”

He also talked about the English boarding school he attended in Stowe, Buckinghamshire. “I went to boarding school when I was 13,” Henry said. “The education was great but I didn’t fit in very well. I wasn’t popular. I came late in the first quarter. When I arrived, the boys had already formed their cliques. Also, I was a chubby little boy, so I was a pretty easy target for others. But I got a good education there, so I don’t regret going.”

Henry‘s sexy Showtime series, The Tudors, returns in in Spring 2010.

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Photos: Alex Freund/Neo2
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  • Crystal

    Good lord he’s fineeeeeeeeeeee.

  • laurie

    wow what a cutie

  • khristi

    He’s adorable. It’s nice that he’s kind of under the radar so that everyone can’t jump on the bandwagon because then he would become just another hot commodity that everyone wants to sink their teeth into. More for me. I suspect when he does become big, he’ll probably blow up for his actual roles as an actor, not just for how delicious he looks.

  • khristi

    But…….my God is he good looking. Praise the Lord Jesus, is he my type.

  • http://jain jain

    large family!? Men ! they don’t know the meaning of large!. i come from a family of 9.

  • p3rp3tu4

    Great Info, Been wondering when the show will be back! Great actor. HOT

  • dundies

    humna humna humna hoo

  • keri

    Will you have the entire article translated into english?

  • Just Jared

    @keri: Those were the only bites that I could translate. :(

  • HCfan

    Love him! Men, not boys light my fire and this here is one damn fine man.

  • jillywilly_bean

    …and then God created Henry Cavill & all other men ceased to exist. Hot DAYUM this one is the very best of his kind and the one all others fail to compare to!!! Thanks for posting these. Henry is sex. A true man above all of these little boys in Hollywood. Mmmm mmmm mmm Cavilliciousness -drools, swoons and dies-

  • Camille

    Thanks !
    He is JUST PERFECT on these pictures !

  • Fay

    Henry likes meerkats. How cute is that? :)

  • rpatzfan

    OMG ,he’s so hot

  • Emma

    Aww, I love him! I can’t believe he was picked on, that’s so sad! He’s quite the hottie now tho!

  • blanche


  • Pining for Chris

    Damn, this MAN is fine. Enough with the sissy boys taking over lately…more Cavill please!!

  • Goddess

    Not very original I know but DAMN THE MAN IS FIIIIINE !! XD

  • mrs

    Beautiful, down to earth. Awesome.

  • mrs

    Thank you Just Jared for Henry grace your site.

  • pup

    wowowowow. Talk about man CANDY. Mmmm.

  • mojo

    thanks jared! more henry is always a good thing.

  • cm

    OMG! he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    HOT! :P
    Thanks JJ

  • lauren

    my goodness he is so hot!

  • ME

    HE’s so EFFIN HOT!! I get speechless everytime I see him. I can’t wait for the new season of the Tudors to start and there’s a rumor that he could possibly be cast as ALCIDE on TRUE BLOOD!! I hope it’s true!!!

  • linda

    I met him about a year ago in London. He is nice but very posh, very upper class.

  • tonie

    Perfection. Thanks Jared.

    @linda Lucky, lucky you. Is he as perfect in person?

  • Rio


  • Rio

    I met him too. And we had hot wild sex.
    And then. I woke up.

  • Rio

    I had no idea someone like him could even ever exist.
    Until I turned my TV on and there he was, as Charles Brandon.
    And my life has never been the same ever since.
    *bows* Your grace.
    He’s such an excellent actor!
    I’ve seen all his movies now and I’m impressed by his acting skills.
    That man knows how to make the camera adore him, and his audience adore him and believe him!

  • Anna

    If he ends up in True Blood I’ll die.
    Henry Cavill AND Alexander Skarsgard together? WOW
    They would need some scene together, right? That would go to my eternal hall of fame and hotness.
    Yummy Henry Cavill. I see him and my bra pops open immediately.

  • Brenda

    Gorgeous… I Love You….!!!!!!!!

  • SC

    DO ME NOW.

  • reba

    @khristi: Khristi I could not agree more he is EXACTLY my type and I am so happy he is under the radar!! Jared thanks so much for posting this I love love love Henry!!

  • sj

    @SC: My train of thought exactly!

  • Carrie

    The most aesthetically pleasing man I have ever seen. He’s painfully beautiful. I cannot wait for War of Gods.

  • http://hahahahaha JessicaX

    thank you Jared. The more of Henry the better!!!

  • awesome

    Wow and dayum!

  • awesome

    Wow and dayum!

  • me


    You didn’t see him in The Count of Monte Cristo when he was a teenager?? That’s when I first fell in love with him! *drools*

  • valérie

    Do you guys know Stephenie Meyer was thinking of Henry when she described Edward Cullen? He was her 1st choice for the movie too, unfortunately he was like 24 when they started filming and he doesn’t look like a teenager at all, I don’t mean he looks older than his age, but not younger either, he’s definitely a man…….still can you imagine him as Edward instead of Robert Pattinson……..not that Rob isn’t good-looking, but Henry is a class of his own…….

  • tina

    we all know this already. why do people keep bringing twilight up? twilight – the movie was so awful. we don’t care about twilight.

  • maria216

    Well, if Jared (or someone ) could provide me the article, I could translate it. There are lots of fans out there trying to get ahold of the mag and the article.

  • :)

    absolutely love him. the most amazing guy on planet earth.

  • linda

    Yes, he’s very goodlooking, beautiful eyes. :)

  • Jess

    Love his eyes also Linda. JustJared more Henry!
    Why in the world hasn’t this guy been hired more? He is far better looking than 99% of the actors out there and his skills as an actor are spot on. Can he sing?

  • 100mph

    Eye Candy! hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

  • valérie

    Sorry, didn’t want to offend anyone…..actually not a fan of the movie, although I liked the books, ok I’m getting out of topic again :) however just wanted to say that the guy is really really hot

  • British Latin american

    He was beautiful as Albert, which was when I first noticed him. He is unquestionably way above so many of the so-called actors that we are expected to worship.

  • http://none David Hynson

    great, wonderful, amazing………………..can’t wait