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Kelly Clarkson: NYC Deli Delicious

Kelly Clarkson: NYC Deli Delicious

Kelly Clarkson picks up a light salad for lunch at a New York City deli on Monday (October 5).

The 27-year-old American Idol champ is in town because tomorrow, she’ll be rocking out NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom with pop rock band Parachute and singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson.

If you missed it, Kelly performed a mash-up of two cover songs – Alanis Morissette‘s “That I Would Be Good” and Kings of Leon‘s “Use Somebody.” Don’t miss it!

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Credit: Giovanni Arnold; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • John

    My god. she looks just like a man. She is a great singer, i’m a fan. But she’s really ugly today…

  • me

    Love Kelly Clarkson!!!
    The mix of That I Would Be Good and Use Somebody is awesome!

  • Ali

    wow… wrong outfit. she needs to get working with a trainer before her weight gets too much more out of line. Call Gwyneth! Her trainer will get you into shape pronto. this looks like pretty bad depression.

  • Missy

    omg when she get fat?

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i usually don’t say anything about peoples weight. But she does need to get a personal trainer. She is a celebrity and this is not her natural weight. She has let herself gain a lot of weight over the last year. I know its hard to maintain your weight, but being a celebrity you have a lot more access to the best trainers.

  • christine


  • Brandon

    I agree with a couple statements above. I also don’t usually comment on people’s weight, but Kelly is cute in any of those pictures. She needs to take some of that American Idol money and lose weight pronto or her appeal with go away very soon. Kelly is walking Jenny Craig candidate. She can talk all that mess about Kanye and his lapse in judgment, but don’t point the finger at other people’s imperfections when yours are clearly showing every time you look in the mirror or see your reflection.

  • Brandon

    is not cute*

  • christine


  • Ashley

    That cover was good, but her cover of Janet Jackson’s If is sexier.

  • truck driver

    Salad my azz, she had a triple decker pastrami on rye for starters

  • whatever

    Ha Vin Diesel is right behind her line awesome. And to you jerks who are probably heavier than Kelly shove it. Kelly is not into the whole fame thing and she couldn’t care what ya’ll say about her.

  • jp

    -too bad for her it’s not Fall year round or she could hide that bookshelf keister of hers more easily with the over sized plaid

  • Jay

    Wow, she’s getting fatter!

  • Kelly Clarkson thoughtcloud

    les see …um…. I’llllll have…. one……of everything

  • LuckyL

    Omg, what happened to her from the awards show last???

  • christine


  • Brandon

    For the person who said she is not in it for the fame, that is bullsh*t. She would not have gone on American Idol if she didn’t want any part of fame or the attention it brings. And she damn sure would not have been part of the music industry for this long if she didn’t want the fame. Fame is what brings her fans, which gives her album sales. Don’t get it twisted. Kelly tries to pretend she doesn’t care, but she does; otherwise she would just be singing for free if it was “only about the music.” It just looks like here that she at her best friend. Period.

  • #1fan

    It’s like a live action Miss Piggy

  • whatever

    She has said plenty of times she could give crap about being a star she only wants to sing and write and she only went on Idol so she could sing. Hello the girl lives in Texas for a reason, if she was wanted to be a part of the lime light she would LA but she doesn’t you douche bag. You must have no idea who Kelly is you jerk.

  • Ms. Ralph

    Is that look from Chaz Bono’s new fashion line Bulldyke?

  • aska

    i’m all for embracing your body type and a woman who has curves is a beautiful thing but this looks like she’s just letting go of herself.

  • cg

    some of ypu ppl are idiots for talking smack, what if ppl said something like that too you. and kelly’s straight btw she likes men, partically men with facial hair.

  • Shelly

    Really,red hair. That’s the last thing she needs.

  • cg

    @Shelly: the girl can fit any hair color

  • she shall remain nameless

    The only thing I like from her outfit are her black Uggs. Kelly, I love you, but this outfit doesn’t do you justice!!!!! :(

  • kt

    She’s not skinny but I really think it’s the outfit that’s not doing her any favors. Plaid does not work on curvier people and it’s way to big. Clothes can really play tricks like that.

  • kimer

    She looks hot! Shake it!

  • dorie

    If you’ve ever seen her on stage or in person, you would not get the impression she’s fat. She looks short, pear shaped and solid. If you look at a fat person jumping, running or just generally moving about , there is usually a lot of jiggle. If you look at Kelly on stage jumping running and moving about, there is no jiggle, so there is not actually a lot of fat. Granted, there is some, but nothing like what some of the people here are carrying on about. Her problem in these pictures are her clothes. She never dresses well unless she has to. And her hair lately has been terrible.
    Oh, and by the way, she was on American Idol 7 years ago. I think the career she has now is due to her own talent and hard work, not American Idol. If anyone thinks winning AI is an instant ticket to a major career, take a look at some of the other winners.

  • Jebediah Crockett

    She needs to get a trainer and a stylist. Stat!

  • ewwww

    Yeah, ok. She only picked up a light salad, eh? BS! Her assistants must’ve picked up the 6 foot hero. Girl that big doesn’t just have a salad. I can understand her fans love her and defend her weight, but she’s looking like Rosie O’Donnell. You know it. Don’t lie.

  • chris

    She is beautiful. You people are so ignorant. She likes to dress comfortable. She is not fat, she just isnt skinny. Sometimes she does not wear the most flattering clothes, but who cares. She is adorable, nice, and has a rocking voice. You all should go get a life.

  • BBQ


  • Eric D. Midget

    This Dyke just completely gave up, good for her….she doesn’t give a sh!t what people thinks of her ‘specially when when looks like a truck driver after the truck ran over her.

  • Jonathan F.

    alright people, get over yourselves. good for clarkson for not giving a sh*t. now why don’t we talk about her talent for once?

  • liz

    She doesn’t care about what you think guys. I bet she even does it on purpose, just to mess up with all of you. So turn off your computer, go outside, get a life, and realize that there’s actually normal people outside of the hollywood bubble.

  • Eva

    She is short… It is tough to look proportional when you are that short. My sis is 4’11″ and struggles with the same issue.

    Kelly is cute, but most importantly she is talented and has a healthy attitude towards body image in entertainment. You go, girl!

  • Marline

    Wow she has gotten so fat! She really need to lose that. What is wrong with her. Is she going through some kind of crisis.

  • Kari

    OMG she is huge.
    She don’t feel good about herself.

  • Chris

    She is a whale. I agree with the other
    poster that she let her self go. People
    must sit around and lie to her every day
    when she is putting that 7Th donut in
    her mouth.

  • black beauty

    people really need to stop the sh*t! she looks normal!

  • CDB1


    how you forget when she was on AI no one new what the show would hold….

    hell, kelly didnt even known it was gonna be televised…..until it was televised….

    anywho…kelly is a real person…with an amazing voice…

    pointing the finger at her for whatever reason only leaves 3 more fingers pointing at you…lets pick out your flaws

  • Maddie

    Dude, she needs to lose some weight pronto. That’s so bad for her health. She’s gonna end up having a heart condition. Seriously. Not good. I’m for anyone being any size, but, being fat is bad for you. It’s not all about body image, it’s about not wanting to die early. Seriously. This is why I run 4 miles a day and eat healthily.

  • Lindsey

    The difference between Kelly Clarkson and the average person is that she has chosen a profession where the focus is on her image. Yes, she is talented but image also matters. She has gained a significant amount of weight. If you choose a job where weight matters, like it does in the music industry, then it is a part of the job requirements that you stay in shape, just as if the requirement of another job is that you have an engineering degree than you would get the degree if you wanted the job. I am not advocating that she be anorexic by any means but she really does not look as if she is working at it.

  • Webster

    Some of you people need your heads kicking in. Aretha Franklin is a whale but she’s one of the greatest musical talents in American history. Britney Spears is skinny as all hell and is a talent vacuum. I know which one I’d rather listen to anyway…..

    And Kelly isn’t even fat! You idiots. The woman has a phenomenal voice and she’s gorgeous, ’nuff said.

  • cg

    hello people remember that episode of friends where monica says that old saying “camera adds ten pounds:” grow up

  • http://justjared jo

    sheees so goood, but wow shes changed.
    i love her music :D wooo and love her.

  • Brian41256

    she’s getting big!

  • Gordy

    Now way she would have won if she looked like that!
    Looks like another person.
    And she cant sing for shit!

  • khristi

    I get a kick out of these people that say they don’t usually comment on people’s weight-you and I both know that’s a load of crap. I’ve been the fat girl before and believe me I judged myself as well as having other people judge me. Cut the shit-you judge everyone that is heavy otherwise you wouldn’t do it on this site.