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Leona Lewis - 'Echo' Album Cover Released!

Leona Lewis - 'Echo' Album Cover Released!

Check out the claw-your-eyes-out hot album cover for Leona Lewis’ upcoming second studio album, Echo, out November 17.

The 24-year-old British singing sensation has a chock full of great songs on Echo and has worked with Ryan Tedder, Justin Timberlake, Max Martin, Xenomania and James Fauntleroy.

The first single off Leona‘s new album is “Happy.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Leona’s sophomore album to drop — YAY or NAY?

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  • aska

    it’s too i am sasha fierce.. in color!

  • Amanda

    Eh. I’m not liking it.

  • ganymede30324

    She’s beautiful.




    Vivienne Westwood is GREAT!

  • caduca

    beyonce wannabe

  • LoWiS

    F*ck Off Sasha Fierce -.-” Why people insist in compare people? This isn’t sasha fierce at all!

    BTW, i LOVE the cover, she’s beautiful :D

    PS: sorry my bad english

  • ashamed

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! @caduca: @caduca:

    i was about to say the same thing… its not about comparing, i just appreciate original things..she has a great voice though!

  • Julie

    Definitely looking forward to the release. Her first album was amazing and it can only get better. She’s great.

  • wendy

    Stunning, who shot this?

  • brush yo teefs!

    is she taking a dump?

  • maryelle

    to be honest, i thought she looked like beyonce with major photoshop. still beautiful regardless.

  • lina

    So then how is Sasha Fierce original? Why don’t you research the 80′s some more as well as some current artists who did it before Beyonce.

  • sophie

    woah does not look like leona. i hate those dresses that she wears though :|

  • sasha

    OMG i thought that was Beyonce. She has a great voice, but she needs something more original….

  • Goddess

    Well, there may be a slice of resemblance with Beyoncé’s matest album pix but those shots are amazing. I don’t like Leona at all but she looks gorgeous here.

  • jj

    She looks stunning. Now i’m not “happy” with her new single. I was expecting more.

    Why so much hate on here? Must be some butt ugly women on here always acting a troll!

  • Blackout

    Wow she looks amazing!!!

  • Pandora

    I do think she’s really talented and good looking too. In her own right. No comparison w/ Beyonce though. I mean…please! Who’d try to compete w/ B?

  • Texas

    Very pretty. No,she does not look like Beyonce.All Black people,(Beyonce) or People ofColor(LeonaLewisfromBritan)do not lookalike.

    Does Miley Cyrus look like CarrieUnderwood? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilac

    excuse me but Leona does not even look like herself here
    I guess soon she will be covering magazines like Maxim, etc. (which is not necessarily a bad thing)

  • Vincent

    Doesnt look at all like beyonce, that singer cant write or come up with original songs, she just a gd performer with a good voice ( stop copying B)

    Now leona is class, her new tunes are different from others , she has good writing skills and her voice is just out of this world….

    And if you insist on comparing ask beyonce why she snatched up ryan tedder to produce one song, after listening to kelly clarksons samples (Already Gone that was produced first) an is similar to bleeding love. Even the tones and keys she uses to sing ballads are exacly like leona did .. Anyways Stunning fotograph

  • the_boyfriend

    Happy actually fell in the charts last week.

    Not really a fan of mid tempo ballads, if this is what she’s offering up again.

  • Fabrizio

    I can’t wait to buy the album, but this awful cover turns my will off :-(
    What have you done, Leona?!

  • umm


  • Chau

    Photoshop much? And why do girls have to open their mouth like that in photos? Trying to hard to be sexy and seductive? I don’t like the cover. Sorry.

  • nyob

    She looks great. So much more grown up than the last cover.

  • Rose

    I cant wait for this album :D Its been too long since the last :p Love her!

  • LadyB

    That is not her at all. If I were her, I will be too embarrassed to release that picture. Making her something she’s not. Even Beyonce does not look this good.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    it looks good because it looks nothing like leona lewis

  • damien

    The most gorgeous ever!

  • La

    beyonce wannabe?
    she has much better voice!
    but i do love beyonce so im not slagging her off :)
    i like leona but she needs to realise britian made her so dont forget where u come from!

  • AB

    She´s amazing!!! Wonderfull!!!!! I love her!! I can´t wait ….I don´t like the cover, but her music It´s the best…..

  • vivance

    I thought It was Megan Fox““

  • laura

    i think she looks stunning!!

  • Saxy

    I like Leona a lot but i don’t like the sexy look for her…

    I dont lke the red lipstick.. She looks great with natural colours…

    Cover is still Amazing though!

  • omg

    @ganymede30324: Agree but have to say in most photos she looks manly. . . sorry but she does, here she looks beautiful but its so photoshopped.

  • juner

    *** JAMIE *** @ 10/05/2009 at 9:22 pm it looks good because it looks nothing like leona lewis

    couldn’t have said it better myself

    its like when ur internet dating and u sent this sexy photo to a someone u really like, and then the reality is nothing like it

    why they keep putting her in these sexy poses i don’t know, this girl couldn’t pull off sexy if it slap her in the face

  • Leona


  • anitta

    She looks stunning, like wow stunning

  • Kyle

    haha she has her hair slicked back and she’s suddenly a Beyonce wannabe. it is the fashion of the times. Rihanna and Keri Hilson have similar hairstyles and they are two totally different singers. to be honest the cover could be blank and i’d still buy it because of the voice.

    p.s Beyonce is a good artist but Leona could hit notes that Beyonce could only dream of.

  • Marieme

    WTH? Why do they make women pose as if they’re begging for sex? This sultry look is borrring. Booorrring. Leona is better than this crap.

  • shawnquek

    totally freaking love the album cover and everything she does! complete brilliance with her looks and especially her songs! can’t wait for it!!!

  • crisanna

    she is getting more beyonce-ish. i love the new leaked song stone hearts though.

  • Humho

    Hmm.. She is good looking, but to me it’s not the best photo of Leona. Actually, I’m thinking she resembles Mrs. Roger Rabbit here. Hehehe. Looking forward to hearing her tracks.

  • SnootyB

    I normally don’t post comments on websites, but I think Leona is so beautiful. Her voice is amazing. This woman has a lot of talent and I hope her music is around for many years! I hope her new c.d. is just as good as ‘Spirit’. I can’t wait to buy it, 11/17/09!

  • Connie

    I don’t know who the hell that is on the cover, but it’s not Leona. Just because we have photoshop, doesn’t mean it has to be used.

  • David Hynson

    She could be picking her nose………..I listen to her angelic voice and her fantastic lyrics. I love the cover though.
    To say she is amazing would be a gross understatement.

  • David Hynson

    great, amazing, wonderful, and WOW!

  • HC

    Leona has done so much in such a short time – there are reasons why people can only sit and criticise achievers and achieve nothing! She is a beautiful girl and very talented which is why she is out there achieving more than so many people put together.

  • Opinion Nated

    It looks like something from a wannabe sci-fi movie. It looks too…drawn (I guess that’s the word I’m looking for) thanks to photoshopping.