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Leonardo DiCaprio: Inception Headed To IMAX

Leonardo DiCaprio: Inception Headed To IMAX

Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page take a break from filming on the set of their upcoming film Inception in Los Angeles on Sunday (October 4).

Inception will be released in IMAX theaters along with the film’s wide release on July 16th, 2010, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This is director Christopher Nolan‘s third IMAX project following Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. “Chris Nolan and IMAX have proven to be ideally suited to each other, and we’re very excited to bring them back together again for Inception,” said Warner Bros president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman.

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leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 01
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 02
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 03
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 04
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 05
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 06
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 07
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 08
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 09
leonardo dicaprio inception headed to imax 10

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  • lexy

    Go Leo! It’s great to see good actors on this board.

  • appenaorte

    go ellen page!! can’t wait to see those two together in a movie.
    jared I want to ask a favor.. please post pictures of eminem!!!

  • Jennifer

    I hear Ellen Page is a Bit*h in real life. F her, i hope all the movies fail.


    Ele é muito lindo. E é o melhor no que faz. Love Leo =D

  • lana

    wow hes good looking. can’t wait for this film !!! and i agree with lexi – its so nice to see good actors on this board!

  • EmAppeal

    Just curious … is that Lukas Haas with Leo in the first pic? If it is he seems to be superglued to Leo’s side on a regular basis LoL! Does this guy not have a job or is he Leo’s personal assistant?? It would certainly explain why he only dates supermodels (not by any chance a smokescreen is it Leo old chap … )

  • jb

    He looks very handsome.

  • test


  • made

    love leonardo soooo much……ı can do everything for him even can die……coz he is my angel and no one could love him as much as ı do…

  • anonymous

    Fantastic pix of Leo , thanks :)

  • Peanut80

    Jared, thanks for great pix of DiCaprio and Page.

    I can’t wait to see the film next July !

  • Lilka


    Yes, this is Lukas and he has a job, he is rather good actor too and he also plays in this movie. His characters name is Nash.

  • Mari

    Can’t wait to see Inception on IMax. Leo is such a talented actor, and gorgeous to boot.

  • Endrys

    OOOOOO! I can’t wait for this film, i think it’s gonna be amazing, i mean a great actor as just Leo can be….and a great writer and director like Christopher Nolan, together in one film this is so great!…. I respect the leo’s work and Cris’ work a lot… I love Leo….

  • coco

    Wow Leo looks so handsome especially in his suit! His face and body are hot. Thanks for tongue shots – he has been doing this lately. Also Lukas needs to stop smoking, he is a bad influence on Leo. Stop with the poison sticks already. I hope Leo is not smoking.

  • anonymous

    I agree with Lilka, Lukas has a job working as a charater in Inception. But Leo and Lukas are best friends so obviously they hang out together a lot, duh. Leo’s looking mighty fine right now. :)

    I don’t think Ellen Page is a mean person..she doesn’t seem like it.

  • anonymous

    I don’t think he smokes a lot. He smokes occastionally. I do have a bone to pick with him..cause he’s environmentalist..he’s so ecofriendly and ciggerates and cigars are a hazard to the environment. That’s the only problem I have with him. But I think Lukas is the only one smoking in this picture.

  • adam

    I saw picture of Leo getting off a private jet from last month.

    I guess that shows how much he cares about the environment.

  • Angie

    Leo is lookin good, like always! Great Actor, I love you Leo!!!!! <3

  • Angie

    Leo is lookin good, like always! Great Actor, I love you Leo!!!!! <3

  • Angie

    Leo is lookin good, like always! Great Actor, I love you Leo!!!!! <3

  • jennifer

    Leo looks handsome, Love him!

  • celebrities s***

    #9; You are CRAZY! Leo doesn’t care about you or his other stupid obssessive fans. He only loves himself and his lover Lukas. Leo is just another overpaid dumb actor.

  • jennifer

    I hate this people who REALLY doesn’t care for Leo but they still come here to ofend other people, and call the others obssessive, @23 go care for yourself because you are abssessive to ofend and being a totally dumb with others… argh, it’s such disgusting have to read comments like yours, go to see a post of someone you like (if you like someone) and stop to being so annoying!

  • coco

    Leonardo is a gifted actor, an original, one of a kind unlike any other. He is so talented and breathes life to mere words on a page to create characters in films that millions of people cherish and enjoy. He also devoted his time and money to protect the environment.
    @23 your biggest achievement in life is scratching your crotch lice. Congrats to you on that!

  • made

    @celebrities s***: u think so bii tch it is just ur dumb think u are no one and ı dont care about u and f u ckkkk u…

  • made

    and actually it is u who is totaly obsessive for your saying about leonardo .so shut up stupid..

  • joy

    lol Ellen Page a bitch? Please! Thats a crock of shit. She looks amazing in that outfit and Leo hot as always! I’m so psyched for this movie!!!

  • celebrities s***

    #24-27 Comments just proved what losers Leo fans are. Kindergarden students are smarter than these dreks.

    #23; Needs to learn to put together a sentence correctly. You’re disgusting just like your sexually addicted overrated actor idol. Gross pig!

  • celebrities s***

    I meant #25.

    #26; Are you drunk or on meth? You sound like a retard. You don’t make any sense. Lay off the drugs, idiot.

  • Jess

    Leo looks soooooo Sexy, just like always ;) <3

    I can’t wait to see this movie on an IMAX Screen, it’s going to be awesome :D

  • Anonymous

    @celebrities s***:
    you sound like a sad person. If you don’t like Leonardo that much, why are you on this board?..I mean really? I’m not going to call you names because I’m much more mature than that. & most of these people are from other countries and english is their second language…it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. & if you think, we Leo fans are stupid, you should find a new hobby. You can state your opinion on Leo but don’t call people names. It’s harsh.

  • coco

    @celebrities s***: I cannot believe you keep sneaking out of your room at the mental hospital to use the nurse’s computer. They really need to invest in some better security over there. Stop letting it out of its room!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    wired… that since Leo in not with Bar anymore french doesnt leaves comments here and seems like she doesnt care about Leo anymore…….. and theres was a time when I thought that shes actually Leo’s fan and just hate Bar becouse shes his girlfriend!
    seems like I was right, she was just obsessed with Bar Refaeli!!! LOL

  • anonymous

    @Lisa Rose:
    that’s wonderful and all, but can we not talk about Bar anymore? seriously..I’m starting to really dislike her.

  • @34

    if you don`t have anything to say about Leo then GET LOST! You have to bring up Barf in every Leo thread so apparently you are the obsessed one! Get a life!

  • lukas

    Please stop mentioning that fat Israeli on Leo’s posts. He is trying to forget he ever met her. Thanks and goodbye.

  • hello LisaRose aka Michal

    Nobody cares about that f@cking b!tch. So please go back to that place where she is whorshipped morning, noon, and night! I know it saddens you that they’re not together anymore and to that I say “YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” “YaaaaaaaaHOOOO” It makes me happy to see you down!

  • french

    ım here and not obsessed with that disgusting bii tch . ı dont care about u coz u are no one and ı love leo soo uch and stop talking about the bii tch u admire on leos thread and dont contaminate this thread with her dis gus name..

  • SheKnowsY’Know

    Leo looks great in this suit; great photos! Really looking forward to this intriguing film too; shame we have to wait until next Summer!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @hello LisaRose aka Michal: OMFG…….how do you know my ‘real’ name?????????……..its so scary………please tell me how…..

  • sessy

    Leonardo is one hot piece. Dang he looks F-I-N-E. His tongue looks hot. I especially like the tight grey slacks.

  • jennifer

    nothing new?

  • me

    where is leo?

  • jennifer

    what you think about this? Leo’s secretly dating Whitney Port since some weeks… I think it’s just another rumor like all the others, but check this link!

  • This post doesn`t mention the fact that the source is Star Magazine. They had an article just a couple of weeks ago that Anne V is moving in with Leo in L.A…. Now he is dating Whitney Port for some weeks now. LOL!

  • anonymous

    It’s false cause neither Leonardo nor Whitney are dating..even Leo’s friends said Star made it up to make it a fairy tale story. The whole thing is fabrication. lmao. & two weeks ago Leo was at a club by himself & a couple days later he was walking his dog with his sign of Whitney.

  • I don`t know when was the last time I read something true from Star. Plus the idea of Leo dating Whitney Port is pretty funny.

  • coco

    Leo is one of the most private celebrities – he covers his face with his cap. Now he is dating a reality star? Maybe he will be on the Hills and the City? It sounds like extreme bullshi&t. He did not want to be seen talking to Brody Jenner in public when they were filming an episode of the Hills at a club. I do think Mr. Leo needs to stop dating airhead models though!!!!

  • jennifer

    I also think it’s a lie! but I had didn’t heard of this rumor of Anne V moving to L.A, how they love to invent, and they also have sentences of their “close friends” but never the name of the source, I read somewhere that Whitney just denied this gossip. and I agree coco, he needs to stop dating this shalows girls, being models or not, well he just stop and now it’s time to change his mind and find some interesting and normal girl.