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Levi Johnston Shows His Nuts in First Commercial

Levi Johnston Shows His Nuts in First Commercial

Levi Johnston is making his television commercial debut today as part of Wonderful Pistachio’s “Get Crackin’” campaign.

The 19-year-old father of Bristol Palin’s baby is featured in the first-ever TV campaign for pistachios, which features eight celebs demonstrating how they crack open a pistachio, each in their own unique way.

The commercials also include Olympic swimmer Dara Torres; Brady Bunch alum Christopher Knight and America’s Next Top Model wife Adrianne Curry; Jackass prankster Wee-Man; The Sopranos gangster Vincent Pastore; Miss South Carolina beauty pageant contestant Lauren Caitlin Upton; the Denny quintuplets; and a real-life dominatrix.

Check out Levi‘s nuts below! Visit for a chance to win $25K!

Levi Johnston Shows His Nuts in First Commercial
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levi johnston nuts pistachio 01
levi johnston nuts pistachio 02
levi johnston nuts pistachio 03
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  • loyal

    This boy is repulsive. He lies and manipulates for attention and sells out his child’s mother’s family. No respect for him at all.

  • jesse

    Wow – that isn’t even funny. Making money off something that was personal and should have been kept to the family.

  • jb

    he’s so hot! i love him

  • leah

    Hahaha i lol’ed, didn’t see that one coming. Don’t get what it has to do with nuts though?


    he is soooo hot….a true American!

  • bishop

    K-Fed in the making.JJ please post more of Mad Men,Army Wives,Drop Dead diva, Robert Downey Jr,Henry Cavill and Peter Facinelli. PLEASE.

  • Me!

    How does this loser get any kind of platform?
    No wonder the good old US of A is going to hell in a handbasket!

  • Stacy

    Glad he finally found a job!

  • rebecca

    i don’t care. he’s still hot! DILF!

  • Peach

    Tell me again… why is this guy considered a celebrity???

  • Denise

    I feel like I’m reading TMZ with all these odd headlines – when do we get “good genes or good docs” or whatever it is called?

  • Rhonda

    He is a really cute guy and I thought he and Bristol were a really cute couple. He doesn’t appear to be very mature and I think he’s gonna have alot of regrets when he grows up.

  • Jennifer

    why do we even care about this loser?

  • JAN

    Levi is FAT. I thought he was going to work out so he would look good in his photos in Playgirl. Levis is STUPID. He is allowing Hollywood to make fun of his mistake that produced a baby with a CHILD. Levi was 18 and Bristol 17, a CHILD, when he got her pregnant. He is PROUD of this. Hollywood is really backing sex with minors these days.

  • JAN

    I will not buy those nuts.

  • cat

    why are we still give him the 15 minutes of time? he’s nothing but a loser!!!go a way already!!!

  • bevvie

    I hope the baby gets his share of the money that his father makes doing this commercial.

  • erin

    he is a deadbeat douche bag! Gross!!!!

  • Tina

    I am glad that Bristol dumped his nasty ass. She is so pretty and he is just plain gross!

  • lakers fan in boston

    this kid is so annoying, i wanna f’ing punch him
    he’s a little famewhore, he loves the attention
    i do admit tho, the commercial was pretty funny
    but he’s pretty much a douche

  • Chanel

    @Peach: He had sex with a girl in the public eye.

    You don’t have to go jack to be famous anymore. Just have sex with the right people.

  • Tadd

    i thought it was funny. haha

  • suzanne

    Levi was 18 and Bristol was 17 when he got her pregnant? Why wsn’t he arrested?

  • Amy

    Guess I know what Pistachio’s I’m not buying for Dad this Christmas. Stop giving this ass attention. He’s a horrible father for publicly dragging his ex’s family through the mud for attention. His child is the one suffering from his immature behaviour.

  • yawn

    Why does he need a bodyguard? Too many people wanting to kick his douchy deadbeat immature @$$? How’s he paying for this? I agree I won’t be buying these pistachios.

  • John

    Hurry Levi! Your 15 minutes is almost over. He is a cute goofy dufus! See him looking back and forth at the production people behind the cameras? He has a look on his face like, ” Hey, look at me! I’m walking by myself!” The boy doesn’t have much to offer. He had better take some money from Playgirl for photos, and let us see the complete package before we all lose interest.

  • asdf

    I hope I see that AD during the superbowl, because thats as good as it gets

  • littleleers

    Levi is a good looking, but in the brain dept. he is a dufus.

    The nuts commercial is in “poor taste”, and Levi should learn to keep “his” tucked in his pants from now on.

    Totally self centered and obviously a deadbeat dad. He needs to stop passing on his DNA.

  • David

    Making a joke out of having unprotected sex is the sleaziest. I gather he’s about to pose for Playgirl and I sincerely hope he goes full monty because then his fifteen minutes will be finally over!

  • Mom at 19

    what a jack@$$. wait til he grows up. wait till his child grows up and resents him for being such a douche. not to mention the commercial is totally inappropriate and distasteful. not a company id be willing to buy from.


    Completely inappropriate marketing. I can’t believe a company would risk a reputation on THAT idiot with this type of ad!

  • JFD8

    When the convention got started
    Johnston came highly regarded
    Now from Palin he’s freed
    She and Playgirl agreed
    Levis are best when discarded.

    News Short n’ Sweet by JFD8

  • Kevin

    WOW! When I first saw this commercial I thought SNL somehow cut in to the show I was watching! What is just as disturbing is the idiots that excuse this sellout because he’s “cute”. But you know the nut company is well aware of the classless “nuts” that will find this a selling point, and that’s a sorry statement about our country right now.

  • interneta pieslēgums

    Little TWERP!

  • d-nique

    Ahahaha. Wow. That’s so tacky. Hilarious, but tacky as hell.