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Nicole Richie: Car Accident Caused By Paparazzi

Nicole Richie: Car Accident Caused By Paparazzi

Benji Madden comes to Nicole Richie‘s rescue after she was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles on Monday (October 5).

The 28-year-old star was rear-ended by paparazzi, who were later arrested and booked for being unlicensed drivers.

Ms. Richie was driving with a passenger around 2 p.m. when she was struck by two photographers driving in one vehicle behind her,” said Lt. Tony Lee of the Beverly Hills Police. “She complained of pain, and her passenger is transporting her to a local hospital. Her car sustained moderate damage. No paramedics were called to the scene.”

Get well soon, Nic!

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • macca

    Damned papz…. what if her children had been in the car?

  • ASHI j J

    HOPE SHE IS OK ………..

  • Halli

    Crazy paps. Her kids could have been in that car

  • NIki

    The papz just don’t care! And I think we, general public, encourages it. We continue to purchase the tabloid mags. We continue to visit the websites knowing these people went to extreme measures to get the story or the picture.

  • ME

    I would be PISSED!! What if they’re children had been in the car with her?! These papparazi have lost freakin’ minds and it needs to stop!

  • Wendy

    WHY are there no laws about paparazzi yet? There NEED to be! NOW!!!

  • watch

    I hope Nicole is alright…….she just had a baby and her body is still not right!

  • kt


  • G

    These paparazzi are the reason you are reading just jared and posting comments here. You support them by looking at these blog pictures. Also taking away paparazzi rights infringes on basic media rights. People forget that these people are photojournalists. Also to play devil’s advocate we are only seeing one side of the accident story here. Nicole is known for being one of the riskiest drivers out there so we have no idea how much of a hand she had in causing this accident. Lest we forget that Nicole was arrested for driving the wrong way on a Socal Freeway while drunk two years ago. She is not a competent driver.

  • ahuh

    those papz are nuts for sure!

    interesting……why is she carrying that huge bag if she was “hurt”?

  • Jane

    I hope Nic is OK.

  • omg

    probably did that quick stop…..thing and the paps ended up hitting her.

    I read somewhere a few celebrities do that hoping it results in a rear ender and they can sue and make a law to where paps can’t take photos, etc.

    I agree…some of the paps go too far…however, these celebrities are the ones that signed up for that type of life……and it’s all public. What do they expect?

  • lexy

    I understand what you’re saying about “photo journalists” however when it comes to driving and their behavior around people in cars something needs to be done – not just for celebs safety but for the safety of innocent people like you and me who drive around. In addition to being aware of those who drive drunk (like Nicole), those who talk on their cell and text you also have to worry the paps will run you down trying to get a picture of someone celeb. What if they had of hit her hard and she jumped a curb and ran into a bus stop? Or what if she or the paps swerved into another lane and hit another car???

  • Nobody

    Look G.

    Take your pics…dont hurt em. The best pics are candids not your stalkerazzi ish.

    Who cares about a crap pic of a celeb in a car.

  • Chanel

    The babies could have been in there!!!!!!!!

  • ls

    I’m guessing her car doesn’t like it up the a$$

  • louisa

    The paparazzi are not photojournalists. Many are criminals or waiters who decided to pick up a camera one day to make a quick buck. Saying that this is a celebrity problem not a public one is false and dismissing it as the celebrities deserve this because they chose to be famous is ridiculous. The paps have to follow laws. Videos always show the paps blocking entrances/exits for shots, running through stoplights/signs, etc. Unless a non-celebrity gets hurt, I doubt law enforcement would do anything about it. Also Nicole has changed her life three or four years ago. She hasn’t been in type of trouble since dating Joel Madden.

  • victoria #1

    The paparazzi do not care if children are in a car or not. They do not
    care if a car is speeding to get away from them, because they will
    just go faster and get others to join in for the thrill of it.
    Remember Princess Diana?

    They really could have cared less if an air-bag went off and did
    terrible damage to Nicole’s head and face or her passenger’s face. OR,
    worse, if THEY were speeding and came up from behind Nicole
    and slammed into the back-end of her car, while the children were
    in there, what would have happened to those car-seats?

    Would the impact push them foward into the back of the front seat?
    ( I have seen it, in my line of work )
    Would such an impact cause severe neck injuries after being whipped
    around and thrown forward, even though they are harnessed in?
    ( I have seen this also, sadly )

    It just makes you stop and think, what COULD have been, all for a
    stupid and useless picture of Nicole and a friend going somewhere
    or nowhere, because someone at the office said, ” Get the shot.”

  • *** JAMIE ***

    Paparazzi are sick. What if her kids were in the car? Or if she was still pregnant and was a passenger in the car, she could have had a miscarriage.

    Hope shes okay, and she looks great. Love her simple outfit.

  • G

    @victoria… Princess Diana died because her driver was driving under the influence of narcotics and alcohol.

    Also the paparazzi run redlights because the celebs run redlights. If a celeb stopped at a light legally then the paparazzi would obviously stop behind the celebrities vehicle because they would want to follow the celeb. They don’t run redlights “for the thrill of it” and speaking from personal experience paps often feel like telling the celeb not to drive so crazy that it’s just a picture and that THEY should not be the ones risking their OWN lives to avoid a photograph. They make the situation worse by upping the ante and making the follow dangerous in order to avoid pictures.

    And useless photos? No photo is useless. If you only knew how much money you could make to support your family off of a photograph.

    I’m not saying all paps are good but I’m trying to get you to understand that not all of them are bad. And the problem isn’t all the paps fault because the celebs are running reds and pulling illegal crazy manuevers as well. (Lindsay Lohan has crashed her vehicle into paps and been held at fault a number of times)

    It is narrow minded to assume it’s simply black and white that paps are evil and celebs are always in the right.

  • g!na

    i’m glad she’s ok! thank god those babies were not in the car!

  • Mrs.Beady

    Ohhhh. I go berzerko when people pull nasty crap when I am driving. I would have been beyond pissed if I was Nicole. If a celeb is at an event, okay to take a picture of them, but other kind of stuff, like the pic the other day of the abulance at Gwyneth’s (violation of privacy) or stuff like this here (dangerous to the celeb and everyone else) should be illegal. I don’t think celebs signed up for this when they became famous. They signed up for being seen at events not having someone hang over their fence, rear end them, or bust in on emergency moments in their lives.

  • crapolanonsense

    # 22

    hard to read what you are trying to say.

    hilarious what your reasoning is……..

  • ace11

    she is gorgeous

  • Mrs.Beady

    Poo on u #23 of course is wrong!!! What if her kids were in the car? You can’t do that to people no matter who they are!!

  • she shall remain nameless

    I know…seriously what happened if her children were in there??? I hope those stupid paps stay in the slammer for a few days. She should sue…

  • lalalove

    Sadness…at least she didn’t die.

    Ona brighter note, I love her shades!

  • lylian

    Yes, Princess Diana’s driver was drunk. He might have crashed the car had he NOT been chased by the paps. But the fact is, he was being chased by paps and the alcohol plus additional pressure from the paps caused the crash.
    As for how the paps behave, here’s a site for the transcript of an episode from CNN called Chasing Angelina:
    Note, Angelina’s car did run a red light, but it wasn’t angelina driving. So, who knows whose fault it is?
    But the transcript reveals one thing clear as day – the paps – they stalk and they chase, run red lights and do everything else in between.
    Are the public like ourselves also at fault to wanting these photos? Yes. No argument.

  • Yelena

    this is bad. didn’t she just have a baby

  • hmm

    Paps need to be less invasive and back the f*ck off! What if her kids were in the car, they would be sitting in the back and minor accident or not, they shouldn’t go through something like that! Paps=Scumbags!

  • lexy

    If you are ever pulled over for speeding or running a red light and tell the officer well the car in front of me was speeding or ran the light – they will NOT say “ok you’re free to go”. Millons of people do drugs – again, you telling the court that b/c you were busted doesn’t make it OK.

    So b/c celebs run red lights that makes it OK for the paps to run red lights??? So it’s OK if you’re a by stander crossing the street to b/c you have the “walk” signal, to get run over b/c some celeb ran the light and someone is chasing them to make money? Screw you and your injuries as long as the guy gets his photo opp and money.

    As for Princess Di – what about the fact that the paps were taking pics of a woman dying after a car accident and trying to sell that?? I mean they couldn’t even put their cameras down and try and help. Just snapping away thinking with dollar signs.

    Who “wants” these photos? How many photos of some of these celebs can one see before getting bored. I don’t know about you but some fame whore like Nicole Richie driving her car isn’t really interesting. I love Britney Spears but I don’t really care that she has Starbucks or buys a CD at Target. I suppose as a fan if I were at Target or Starbucks while she was there it would be different but otherwise who cares.

    The paps can stick to the basic hangouts – red carpets (b/c most of us like to look at celebs for fashion anyway) or maybe the popular places they hang out – restuarants, shopping, stuff like that. But hanging out in front of someone’s house following them and getting involved in a car chase in the middle of the day in Los Angeles is too much.

  • Kerri

    im glad nicole was not severly hurt, and that her babies were not in the car

    however, isnt that benji with her, not joel? joels tattoos are not as colorful, and not on his hands…hmmm?

  • G

    @ LEXI

    I am not saying it’s ok for paps to run reds. I am saying that part of the problem is that celebs are running them too. People are very quick to put all the blame on paps for pulling dangerous stunts when the problem is both parties are pulling dangerous stunts.

    The truth is Red Carpet photos dont sell nearly what these candid (starbucks, target, etc) photos due. The magazines demand for these photos is incredible. Getting a photoset of Britney at starbucks or Target could easily make a couple grand. Jeniffer Aniston at Target nearly 8 grand. Getting them at a red carpet event would be more like 5 dollars.

    The real problem lies in the public’s mass consumption of paparazzi photos and mass web interest. If you don’t like what they do then you shouldn’t post on this blog you shouldn’t click on these pictures, because by doing so you are supporting them. And if you’ve ever bought a people magazine, us weekly, in touch, or life and style then you have directly funded their work.

  • lakers fan in boston

    tose papz really take it 2 far sometimes
    altho i h8 it when celebs bitzch about the paps, i agree they can be out of control a lot of times
    nicole reminds me of alexa chung in these pics

  • coco

    No licenso, illegalo alieno = back on plano deporto.

  • abby

    Wow.. How nice is he to come and rescue her when she was involved in an accident.. How manly.. :)