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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Boathouse Bunch

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Boathouse Bunch

Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, share a romantic lunch together at the Central Park Boathouse Restaraunt in New York City on Sunday afternoon (October 4).

Miranda is expected to spend some down time on Virgin boss Richard Branson‘s luxurious Necker Island resort in the Caribbean.

She’ll then jet back to Australia on Saturday to launch her own organic skincare line Kora and to attend the Caulfield Cup Carnival in Melbourne.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • meems

    Love them!

  • heart

    this boy is smitten! heehee i think they realized they were being photographed and orlando switched seats. must suck not being able to even eat in peace.

  • CH

    Oh yeah he totally looks smitten. I never knew that having that depressed look on his face meant he was into her. Damn she needs a nose job.

  • shoot me


    No, he probably just realized the paperazi wouldnt be able to get a good angle.

  • nikomilinko

    she has ugly nose. i agree with you.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    he is so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!! one off the hottest things on earth!!!! one off my biggest celebretie cruchs

  • baby Gone

    They didn’t seem so annoyed by the paps in Paris…that’s interesting…

  • Jamie

    Cute couple, luv them!

  • gee

    Trying to read too much into a couple of pictures again?
    BTW nobody “needs” a nose job unless they have a problem to breathe with it.

  • ada

    OMG! Is she weeping? or sth?

  • @3…CH

    Maybe he switched seats because he wanted to sit closer to Miranda or didn’t want to sit directly in the sun and had absolutely nothing to do with being depressed or posing for the paps…….but of course your delusional conspiracy theory sounds so much more believable…….lol…..poor jealous haters……..Yeah sure, Miranda being the 9th highest paid model in the world and who was just photographed be the icon Patrick Demarchlier really needs a nose job……again lol.

  • ????


    i think the same

  • baby Gone


    What the hell being the 9th highest paid model has to do with their faces in this pics? You don’t need to be a hater nor a shipper to see they don’t seem that enthusiastic, you just need a pair of eyes!
    Maybe they were just annoyed by the paps, but then again I don’t understand why they posed separately for them in Paris.

  • whatev

    Nobody is enthusiastic the whole day. Big deal.
    There’s no point in trying to guess why they aren’t rolling on the ground in laughter it could be the paps or they could just be too full after the meal.

  • ????

    i know that i have no fans now but that is my opinion.
    Do they both look happy? In love? Sorry no…i see they have problems. Miranda looks like she is crying.
    I don´t saw the between Orlando in Miranda in Paris and now in NY too.
    Both looks not good. depressed and so on!

    Like i said that is MY opinion.

  • Oh my

    The timestamps say that he was sitting opposit to her first and changed seats then. He looked bored like hell.

  • missme

    She has been looking so painfully thing lately I am glad to see she is eating!!!! By the way, I happen to think she has an adorable nose :)

  • whatev

    Hey you’re free to delude yourself into believing you know anything about two people you’ve never met because you see UFOs in some random pictures. There’s people out there paying fortunes to therapists to know what you think you know.
    IMO Miranda looks like she just woke up or is seriously jet lagged, but I know I could be wrong.

  • sara

    Love these two!

  • Kirsti

    They look so…umm…happy – yeah that’s it. NOT.

  • Mrs.Beady

    I love that she went back to her natural color. She’s so beautiful! Orlando is lucky and so is she. Purty couple.

  • yes

    both of ‘em

  • how do you

    look when you are eating lunch, so you smile, laugh through the whole meal, especially when you are with someone you are comfortable with? They look like two people eating lunch, Miranda does not look like she is crying. if anything they are tired and jet legged, I don’t know how they do it.
    They both look great and I for one am happy they are together.

  • @23

    So true!
    It’s like the idiots who believe that they should be staring lovingly into each other’s eyes while walking down the street, or rushing to get to a concert.
    People who believe these things must have never been in a comfortable relationship. They are together. That says more than whether or not they are smiling 24/7.
    And besides, if they WERE smiling, others would just use that as “proof” that they are only smiling for the paps.
    remember the rules…..
    Not smiling = they obviously hate being around each other
    Smiling = they obviously hate being around each other and they are just smiling for the cameras. SO FAKE!!
    Gotta love the haters for their predictability.

  • hmmm

    I remember a fan picture taken while he was in Whole Foods while filming in Durham. He had on a cap that said ‘Necker’.
    I don’t think that this is their first time to that private island. Maybe that’s where they disappear? The pics that I have seen are gorgeous. They must really like it there.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really hate the glasses but ill let it go
    im jealous of orlando for having such a hot gf, but i admit they look pretty nice together

  • lovie

    I love them together!

  • such a shame…

    you don’t get to control whether or not they actually stay together isn’t?

    have fun enjoying your over confidence, while it lasts.

  • @28

    such a shame…
    you don’t get to control whether or not they DON’T actually stay together isn’t?

    have fun enjoying your pathetic hatred, while it lasts.
    Seriously, who knows whether or not they are destined to be together for the rest of their lives? Who knows whether ANY couple is destined to stay together? The point is that they are together NOW. I don’t understand why people try to deny that simple fact.

  • orlando-fan

    @????? /15
    yes,i think the same.

  • lucy

    Yes ,they are together now.But, here we are saying our opinion!!!Otherwise,…Why we should judge photos?? this blog should be useless!…In other websites there are more photos: it’s more clear that he changes his chair because she watches pap…However, if we must keep to facts and photos, before she watches pap they don’t seem happy,they seem bored.

  • orlando-fan

    i wunder that she spend some down time on the Necker Island without orlando.

  • lucy

    But…her poor dog???

  • This may sound crazy to the “experts” in relationships that believe that real life couples spend the 24 hours of the day smiling and looking at each other in awe, but a couple can be fine together and still be bored sometimes.
    I don’t see that clear that he changed seats because of the pap. In one of the pictures he talks to her ear, so I think he sat there to speak and not be overheard.

  • lucy

    No, in those JJ photos we don’t understand: it’s clear in OTHER websites!! Exactly, it’s not possible smiling 24 hours every day but one year ago they smiled more often!! And it’s MY opinion!!

  • talan

    Shippers are really blind. Do O&M look like happy couple? They don’t. He didn’t look happy in Paris with his deadly serious face and she was still smiling. None of them is smiling now- on the contrary, they look sad and upset. Some of the shippers told me that I am crazy – because I think it is possible to read emotions from the body language. It is possible and very visible on this photos – this couple has troubles.

  • ????


    thank you that i what i think all the time. This couple has trouble and i see that. Miranda looks like she cry. I saw that in Paris and now in New York.
    They don´t look like a happy couple. NO!!!! They both have problems. They both look sad….That is not a couple what happy is, maybe wants to marry. NO….

    I´m not blind i say that since weeks but you all want not to realized that Orlando and Miranda are NOT happy together. You see that now in this Pictures!!!!

  • orlando-fan

    @talan @????

    Thank you.You are not along,i think the same as you two.

  • just as long as….

    ….they’re smiling in the bedroom it doesn’t matter if they have a happy lunch….

  • @37……????

    Duh……talk about delusional, you are judging a relationship based on photos that are taken over a 5 minute to half hour time frame… do know there are 24 hours in a day right????………they could be laughing, smiling, jumping for joy for all you know in the 23 hours you can’t see them…….only Miranda and Orlando know the state of their relationship, they could be about to get engaged or break up, only they know, and certainly not you by pretending to know what they think or feel by looking at pics of them, it’s all just speculation.

  • lol

    I love the comments about Miranda crying.
    You can’t see her eyes for those glasses, and she looks like she has been crying??? That’s just stupid.
    And I also love how people apply “fact” to their own interpretations of the pics.
    I think that they need to look up the word, because they certainly don’t understand its meaning.
    FACT: They are having lunch together.
    FACT: They were in Paris together.
    Those are the ONLY “facts” that can be determined from these last sets of photos.

  • @talan

    You got it all wrong. We can see that they aren’t smiling in these pics. We can see that they are serious.
    The crazy part are the conclusions you arrive to by seeing two serious people -that you don’t know-. 1. That they are serious the whole day, 2. That they are serious because they have problems with each other.
    It’s like if I saw some random guy in the street laughing hysterically and under the excuse that I can read body language I claimed to know that he’s laughing because his brother in law just told him a very funny joke, and even what the joke was about. That would be crazy, wouldn’t it?

  • ssdd

    not smiling = unhappy
    smiling = fake
    nothing new in this fandom, I see

  • http://justjared lol

    The Delphi loons are having a mental break down on Orlando Love about the Ellen thing so much about them not being members(liars) they are having a felled day with this funny stuff go see it lol .

  • echo

    Like her top. I’ve got one just like it. I got mine at Top Shop too!. Hope they enjoyed their romantic lunch of scallops over bluprints for their new love nest. Looks like she might be allergic to that slice of lemon there to bad she didn’t have any tissues. Maybe she got juice in her eye. Awe look at Orli switching seats to distract the pap glare and protect his love from them. Nothing says true love like making sure you get the spotlight straight on. They look as stunningly in love as they did at that restaurant in Malibu but hope they hurried because poor Sidi’s waiting out in the car in the parking lot with nothing but attendants to keep him from harm.

  • kathy

    Actually if you look at the progression of the pictures and not the way they are put up here, it looks like he had his back to the photogs while he was eating then noticed them and moved to sit closer to her and looks like he is done eating. I went to a gallery opening a few weeks ago because I knew the artist and there were people there constantly running around taking pictures. Of course it wasnt on the scale of what these two have to go through but it was very irritating to turn to talk to someone and find a camera clicking right in your face I cant imagine going through that all day every day. Sorry but if anyone here has ever had their every move photographed I dont think they would be smiling either.

  • @45

    So pathetic.
    You haters just can’t stand the fact that you were wrong about them breaking up, can you.
    What a bunch of sad losers.
    But always entertaining

  • hmmm

    I’ve been to that restaurant, and it is right by the water. I wouldn’t want to sit with my back to the scenery, either. I would have moved, too. I guess that makes me a famewhore as well.

  • bah

    It’s not like it matters. If he hadn’t moved, he would’ve been accused of being a famewhore for any other reason.
    Come on, even the pics at the King of Leon concert were called set ups by this lunatic bunch. It’s not like they considered that the paps were attracted to a concert packed with celebrities, or that they noticed that these two were running at the speed of sound to leave there.

  • ona

    Their relations it is simply advertising company.
    On one of photos this pair not to be happy it is the most important fact, it is not clear why they till now together, have possibly signed the contract on joint occurrences on public.