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Shiloh & Zahara: Supermarket Sisters

Shiloh & Zahara: Supermarket Sisters

Zahara Jolie-Pitt holds hands with her younger sister Shiloh Jolie-Pitt while grocery shopping at the Intermarche supermarket in Brignoles, France on Monday (October 5).

The sister-sister pair was joined by their super mom Angelina Jolie. The girls shopped for snacks, Barbie Dolls, sausage and remote controlled cars.

Zahara, 4, looks like she happily skipped in the supermarket. Shiloh, 3, wore a fedora and a necktie!

FYI: Shi is wearing the “Drip Skull” shirt from Inky Dink Tees, the same one that Brian Austin Green‘s son Kassius wore.

10+ pictures inside of supermarket sisters Shiloh and Zahara Jolie-Pitt

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  • fernanda


  • Jessica

    I do not find Shiloh gorgeous anymore. She is turning into a very homely little girl. Zahara looks very pretty but if Angelina got someone to do her hair she would look like a mini supermodel.

  • fernanda

    oown lindos

  • ca

    looks like Zahara is becoming more the fashionista and girly girl and shiloh’s the tomboy! :)

  • lola

    Jessica, I agree with you. from the looks of it, they are encouraging her to dress like a hillbilly. I know kids will be kids, and got thru the stages of what they WANT to wear, but in my opinion, she should dress a little more appropriate for her age…and I say that light heartedly.

  • wo

    the twins are just copies of Shiloh!!! amazing

  • alexanderina

    super super cute sisters and their mommy. I love that Shi have her own style

  • Jessica

    @ lola

    I know right. LOL. The chipped tooth, the fedora, etc. Shiloh looks…….. Vivienne and Zahara are the pretty girls.

  • lexy

    These kids are adorable! Angie and Brad should continue to let them where whatever they want to wear as long as it’s appropriate (meaning not slutty looking)- which both outfits are.

    I’m sure Angie and Brad are losing sleep at night b/c some of you don’t think their kids are cute.

  • maddy

    Why do they dress Shiloh like a boy? It is very odd that the choose to do that.

  • july

    Cute super sisters!!!
    holding hands,,,so adorable!!

    Shi is saying “what’s up?im cool” yeah!!
    Beautiful COOL girl!!

    Princess zee is like ” do you like my summer outfit?”: )

    Love them!!THanks for posting…

  • Grace

    Shiloh is hilarious — I love it when kids are at that stage when “clothes” and “costumes” are interchangeable terms. And Zahara’s got a dress on just like the ones her mum usually wears.

    Say what you like about Angie and Brad, but they look like they’ve got pretty well-adjusted kids.

  • nikomilinko
  • val

    Too cute..LOL Shiloh!
    Zahara does not need to look like a supermodel now. She is just a little girl, she looks beautiful the way she and all.
    The entire family is just gorgeous, I would love to see a family portrait of all as they are now.

  • lol

    There is nothing wrong with zahara’s hair, looks fine to me.
    Its sad that people feel the need to talk about a childs hair; Just because it isnt straight like “white hair” doesnt mean its not right. I know this mentality goes way back and its time that it ends.

    By the way she is a gorgeous little girl..

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ahahahahahaha.. hey toothey.

  • Jessica

    @ lol

    Please, I have a natural, I rock an afro daily. But my fro is oiled and picked out. It doesn’t look like I just rolled out of bed. I see nothing wrong with Zahara in an afro but Angelina needs to comb it.

  • the real lou

    # 2 Jessica @ 10/05/2009 at 10:27 am ….Why are these X fans so concerned with how the Jolie-Pitt children dress?Why should you even give a damn?This troll spent most of yesterday judging what J-P child was the “cutest.”(eye roll) BTW both girls look adorable.

  • JKN

    Shiloh is the prettiest baby. Why is Angie trying to ugly her up?

  • val

    Jessica @ 10/05/2009 at 10:39 am
    Get over it, the girl’s (z’s) hair is shiny and looks very soft and healthy. I am sure Angie uses the best in Zee’s hair and it shows. Its not your job to tell her what to do with it. Go take care of yours.

  • loyal

    Adorable and obviously a very happy family. Love it. Shiloh is just going thru a phase and emulating her brothers and daddy. It is sweet and harmless. Kids do this. Good for the parents for letting this be. It harms no one and they grow out of it.

  • Annika Hansen

    Awesome pics!! Both girl are soooo cute!!!! I love their styles!! Soo individual!

  • Jessica

    @ val

    Ummmm, I just said that my hair is combed and oiled daily. You can’t read.

  • Jessica

    There’s a difference between letting your daughter be a tomboy and her looking like a boy. Shiloh looks like a boy.

    Zahara is a cutie-pie but that hair is never looking right.

  • The Afflecks

    I don’t like the way Shiloh dresses it’s as if her parents are encouraging her to behave and dress like a boy. Doesn’t surprise me that the so-called Queen Angelina would enjoy this since she was once a Lesbian herself.

  • the real lou

    # 19 JKN @ 10/05/2009 at 10:39 am Shiloh is the prettiest baby. Why is Angie trying to ugly her up?

    I just love how you trolls blame every thing you deem “wrong” on Angelina.Shiloh is old enough to pick out her own clothing and ANY Mother would know this.My oldest son walked around for 6 months dressed like a vampire with cowboy boots EVERYDAY for 6 months at age 3.

  • Jessica

    These pics are cute though. Shiloh looks gangsta with her side-ways cap and Z looks cute with her hat and wellies.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..shiloh’s the ugliest boy in that family. maddox and pax are more handsome than she/him is. LOL.. kingston and the beckham boys are also. she’s not even a mediocre looking dude. ahahahaha..
    what parent lets their 3 year old so WHATEVER they want?!?

  • A Lurker

    The girls are so cute and sweet, their smiles radiate happiness! Love Zee’s necklace, bracelet, and dress that is a purple version of one of mom’s! Love Shi’s outfit, too! And Angie looks great, her arms so strong!

  • Eve

    Guys, please don’t respond to “Jessica”, who’s either a miserable white person who hates black people or a self-hating black person who takes pleasure in tearing down black women and girls. Go to and take some notes.

    Zahara looks gorgeous. She is a beautiful little girl. No, nothing needs to be “done” to Z’s hair, she has curly, big hair and it looks fine. I am so glad she’s being raised by people who don’t have problems with natural black hair and who celebrate their child’s ethnicity. Let people just be who they are. There are enough white girls featured on this site where you can admire their long, straight hair.

  • Anonymous

    It’s clear Shi dresses herself. Why shouldn’t they allow her to? She’s a child not a CEO. It’s great to allow any child to explore his/her imagination and creativity.

    Zahara’s hair looks clean and fine. As always.

  • val

    Jessica @ 10/05/2009 at 10:43 am @ val

    Ummmm, I just said that my hair is combed and oiled daily. You can’t read.

    And so IS Zahara’s…haven’t seen yours so I can’t say much about that, either way I am sure Z’s hair is healthier than yours.

  • Jessica

    @ val

    I can assure you it is. Zahara’s hair isn’t growing as fast as it should. That means it’s breaking off from not being oiled and combed on a consistent basis. I don’t know your ethnicity but I’m actually black.

  • Annika Hansen

    @the real lou: LOL Your little boy sounds cute. I agree, children should wear what ever they choose to wear. Shiloh and Kahara are both such gorgeous little girls, just like their mummy.

  • rhonda

    Omg! Please I dresses in ugly brown corduroy overalsl for like a year when I was four let the kid wear what she wants shes not ur kid

  • Jessica

    @ Eve

    Well I’m certainly not a white person so I guess I’m a “self-hating black person who likes to tear everyone down”. Thanks for diagnosing me.

  • loyal

    To infamouslyafool:

    What kind of parent gets hung up on harmless phases? You sound like a creepy control freak. Not to mention your ugly thought process.

  • Morgan

    Um they KIDS. They don’t need to look good for you judgey people. As long as they are clean and happy that’s all that matters. Geez people get a life and don’t judge preschool kids!

  • Marcela

    @Jessica: So you think all that matters when you’re a kid is to look like a supermodel? I’m sorry for you if that’s the kind of childhood you had: no fun at all. Maybe that’s why you have to pick on a 3 year old kid as if you should care.

    These kids are gorgeous and happy no matter what the haters say.

  • Jessica

    Ok you guys can’t read. There is nothing wrong with a fro but Z’s always looks uncombed and lopsided. Angelina just needs to pick it out. I’m not saying she needs to have it braided up or anything. Just combed.

  • zk


    To the Maniston fans who are hating on a 3 yr old little girl who likes to dress herself, I say you are quite pathetic and sad.

  • rebekah

    zahara looks too skinny for a 4 year old get some meat on the girl and shiloh is freaking adorable,wierd outfit though

  • Jessica

    I’m sure Z’s weight is fine. A lot of kids who like to run around are skinny.

  • Freaky looking

    Why are they making Shiloh into a freak??? Seriously. Something is wrong with this freak of a family.

  • bam!

    Ha, I LOVE the fact Shiloh seems to be a tomboy & enjoys the whole trainers & a tracksuit look over silly frilly dresses…also love the fact that her being a tomboy seems to annoy so many people out there too, keep it up Shiloh (or whoever dresses you!) lol!

    And to those that say she looks like a boy, does it really matter? Girls can look like boys, boys can look like girls, it’s all fine & if the kid is happy with it then let them do what they want! People who think it’s bad that she’s a tomboy or dresses like a boy probably also think boys shouldn’t have long hair or wear pink. *rolls eyes*

  • Jessica

    There were a lot of people on different sites calling Zahara, a monkey, nappy-headed, savage (that was recently), all because of her hair. That shit was uncalled for.

  • A Lurker

    Not only do the girls radiate happiness, but tons of personality –no boring here!

  • JKN

    Shiloh is naturally girlie. We’ve seen her cuddle her dolls, wrap them in blankies, and we’ve seen how adorably she holds her baby brother and sister. No, this is Angie;s doing. She wants Shiloh to be uglied up for whatever reason.

  • Annika Hansen

    @Jessica: I thinks its funny how you presume her hair is breaking because it “isn’t growing as fast as it should” HAHAHAHA have you considered the possibility that she might have her hair CUT occasionally? LOL

  • me me me

    it really is clear that shiloh is dressing herself, and i see nothing wrong with that. i remember always resenting my mother as a kid for not letting me wear what i wanted to and dressing me up according to her own taste. i believe shiloh’s lovely to angelina no matter what she wears, and that’s a healthy attitude. why try to force your child to conform to some stupid standards?