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Gerard Butler: Elephant Project Proud

Gerard Butler: Elephant Project Proud

Gerard Butler poses with an elephant stuffed animal in support of The Elephant Project, an organization to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association.

The organization was started by David Niederhoffer, now 19, after his grandfather passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. There is a phrase that says “elephants never forget,” and in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, David is striving for those affected by the disease to “never forget.”

Here’s how it works: Celebs pose with an elephant beanie baby and sign a special Elephant Project card, which are then auctioned off to raise money to fight Alzheimer’s disease. Each auction package comes with an 8″×10″ picture of the celebrity and the elephant, a signed card from that celebrity, and an elephant beanie baby. Gerry, Jennifer Garner, Lady Gaga, Brandon Flowers, Ashley Tisdale, and many more have participated in the project.

Currently, over $15,500 has been raised for Alzheimer’s care, research and support! The Fall 2009 round of Elephant Project auctions began Saturday with 34 auctions live until Tuesday, October 13th. Get in your bids at!

10+ pics inside of Gerry leaving West Hollywood’s Porch Restaurant with pals on October 5 …

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler elephant project 01
gerard butler elephant project 02
gerard butler elephant project 03
gerard butler elephant project 04
gerard butler elephant project 05
gerard butler elephant project 06
gerard butler elephant project 07
gerard butler elephant project 08
gerard butler elephant project 09
gerard butler elephant project 10
gerard butler elephant project 11
gerard butler elephant project 12

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  • ho hum

    Great charity – but bored with all the Gerry overexposure.

  • nikomilinko

    i like the little elephant.

  • huh

    Leaving the restaurant with friends? Looks like they are coming in and blonde is the restaurant hostess.

  • pafan

    Overexposure? Never. Keep them coming. I hope there are pics from tonight’s big doings. He likely will be all prettied up.

  • @4

    What big doings tonight?

  • Crikey

    The premiere, u doof. LOL
    Yep less Gerry exposure will make him a bigger star though.

  • Porch Is the Best

    Yes that is one of their host staff.
    He was there with a bigtime movie director – all business.
    Great place to see and be seen and EAT!

  • Premiere

    LA premiere of Law-Abiding Citizen.

  • Lori

    like Ted said, Gerry is boring.
    but in a good way!
    i dont buy ANY of the stuff that has been said about him being a womanizer.
    I DO buy that certain women never got to see him in live action naked (when they thought they WOULD) lol so instead decided to find childish ways to trash him endlessly.

    We love gerry – the fans do!


  • overexposure

    Yep less Gerry exposure will make him a bigger star though.
    I totally agree. Exposure related to work is good. Constant pics of him looking sloppy and/or picking his nose is not good.
    It makes him look like an attention whore instead of a dedicated actor.

  • debk

    I tried to bid on that elephant,but too high already, GB all exposure is good get a couple more elephants going the charity is a noble one!

  • maria

    I just checked the bids. Others have one bid or no bids, Gerry’s up to 16 bids and $325 for the elephant. The fangirls want that elephant.

  • jaye

    He’d better hope his next movie doesn’t bomb. Good charity though.

  • Cath and Release


    Is Gerry really the biggest star in Hollywood right now?

    Thats what they are calling him…
    Funny how allll these chicks he’s allegedly been with – not a one has a story?? For the bloids even ???

    Hahahahahhaha….how sad?? Now, when it would make sense…no one has a story.
    If Gerry never called sweetie, just enjoy the fact that 1) you got a smile or flirt and 2) you got him to ask for your number to get away from you. Stop wishing he wanted more.
    PYT,Norwegians, KimK, Kelly Bensimon etc etc.

  • Sighhhhh

    I would give my husband and his new car to have a long kiss with tongue this man….god.


  • Mr. Giggles

    Audio clip
    G is used to people watching him perform —- just doesn’t like it when it’s the paparazzi !!! LOL
    Oh, and he acknowledges his nose picking — ah, scratching…..

  • Dip!

    Is there a way to follow the red carpet? Online?
    Twitter will proba have the best coverage…TMZ.
    He is going to walk the carpet with Jamie and F Gary :-)

  • curious cat

    @crikey #6. I can’t see calling someone “u doof” because s/he doesn’t know the LA LAC premiere is tonight. I don’t think I did either. Or if I did I forgot. I won’t get to go anyway so why does it matter? Some of us enjoy reading these posts and posting ourselves, mainly to get information, share our opinions and hear what others think, but have busy lives of our own, aren’t so obsessed we know every single thing that’s going on in stars’ lives and when. The name calling, mud slinging, foul language (even if edited with asterisks and such) and bashing of both celebrities and other posters on some of these sites gets objectionable and eventually drives me away from sites. (I know. I know. I sound prissy as hell. Somebody will say, good riddance, or something ruder. Fine. ;)
    @overexposure #10 Right on. I wanted him to be the actor he seemed to be too, not the dismaying caricature of the attention-seeking, self-indulgent HW celebrity that we keep getting.
    @Lori #9. Not sure of your theory but I don’t know the man, have never met him and am willing to keep an open mind. We keep getting various versions of that same song, that the only women who spew these “rumours” about his wh*ring ways are those he turned down. I dunno. Where I live, most people I know, even women, don’t seem to know who GB is, unless you prod their memory with POTO or something and get, “Oh yeah.” For the rest, they don’t care. And I don’t live in LA or NYC but don’t live in Hicksville either.
    I like going to different sites, about GB’s films or anyone and anything else I’m interested in, where people share legitimate info and opinion and correct each other about facts in an intelligent and civil way. I learn much and hope I enlighten someone occasionally with what I know. People criticize you, but don’t attack with verbal nonsense. The Internet is an incredible resource. I’d like to see it kept that way, not end up being regulated for being out of control.

    Okay, Miss Prissy shuts up. I hope StinkyLouise, ManLESSton, Amen, Pafan and other faves show up, but after LAC opens is okay. Back to work.

  • Alan

    I am SO not reading #18′s ‘Colin Powell’ address but I just wanted to say as a fan I so hope he gets a good one going with this LAC deal!!!

    Keep it real!

  • The New Brad Pitt???

    That’s what this one media outlet just called him and Im dying bc they are the same age. LOL

    I do not think GB is 39. Prob 43.

  • blondie

    I enjoyed Gerard Butler, so much, in the movie called,
    “The Ugly Truth.”

    I think that he is a very good actor.

    I guess that makes me a fan.

    I also saw him in “Gamer.”

    I even saw him in a DVD of “300.”

    Yes. I am definately a fan.

    (His body seems like the type,
    that when he enfolds you in his arms,
    you do not want to even THINK about wanting him to stop holding you
    in those strong and comfortable arms.)

  • gillianfey

    Keep the pics coming, please, JJ. Hope you get some good ones at tonights LAC premiere and the afterparty if there is one.

  • lisa

    adam brody signed product is alsopart of this,but jared will not mention his even for a good cause,i wish i have the money to buy adam brody signed elephant.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @curious cat: ITWAY. Although I really backhanded a troll earlier, most of the time I try to be civil.
    I agree with your observations of Gerry’s career. I first discovered him in Dear Frankie and had my own “oh sh!t” moment when I realized he had been in POTO. Although many of his films haven’t been the best I’ve ever seen, I enjoy watching him.
    I also think he is sexy as hell but have no delusions of meeting him or anything else.
    The speculation of what he does outside of his work can be fun, but needs to be thoughtful and light-hearted. After the poster outed by Star magazine for unknowingly confirming a false story run in their rag, I try not to use any names and not to specify relationships other than professional. If I do mention anyone in his personal life it is only by first name only.
    I like that Gerry is so open to doing charity work. I watched that interview that Mr. Giggles (IIRC) posted on an earlier thread. He loves to be involved in doing good. I say, good for him. To be involved in a 9/11 fundraising for a non-American is commendable.
    As you can tell by me responding, I am not hanging by the Twitter to hear all the details of his premiere. I am just hoping for the best for this movie for him. I think he can be a brilliant actor under the right circumstances. If all goes well with LAC, he may get more chances.

  • Rœçkßtær

    What time is the premiere? PST I know but is it actually going on right now?

  • Devil’s Food Angel’s Drink


    (His body seems like the type,
    that when he enfolds you in his arms,
    you do not want to even THINK about wanting him to stop holding you
    in those strong and comfortable arms.)

    IAWY!!! His face, arms and everything…just amazing.
    I would also like that passionate kiss poster above mentioned…
    I’d never let go!!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    6:30 p.m. PST

  • Mr. Giggles

    For anyone interested in watching the LAC premiere live……

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Mr. Giggles: D@mn you’re good.

  • Stinkylouise

    So tonight’s the night. I’m really curious as to how the film will be received by critics and audiences.Can his career withstand another flop? Perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic, but I think LAC will be a turning point.
    The latest batch of photos, G and Gabriele Muccino, were rather interesting. Is this an attempt by G’s peeps to portray him as a “serious actor/producer”,instead of a celebrity manwhore?There seems to be a lack of -G and the latest bedwarmer -gossip. Deliberate, perhaps? Has someone finally realized that his rumoured sexcapades and the tabloid nonsense weren’t doing him any favours?

    As for the audio clip? No sympathy from me. He must have known what he was getting into when he signed on for an Aniston film.The razzis were given unlimited and unrestricted access to the film set.And I have no doubts as to who is responsible.

  • Mr. Giggles

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Thanx
    Here’s a vid of G (and his cup of coffee) and Gary Grey —audio isn’t great at times….

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Stinkylouise: The critics in my area who have reviewed the film have been very positive. Hopefully this will be the turning point we’re hoping for.
    That’s funny that you said that about The Bounty because I thought the same thing. How many threads did JJ post about that movie? My guess is at least 30. The exposure may not do the film any good either. We’ll see.
    Mr. Giggles thanks again for the link. I will watch as soon as Gerry runs in the theater. I can’t help watching. Hubby is watching baseball and I have my earbuds in.
    BTW Gerry looks great on the RC. He looks really at ease too… BBL…

  • cubedweller

    @ Stinky – well said. I was thinking recently we haven’t seen the bird flipped in quite a while. Butler is getting papped coming out of high-end restaurants after brunch, not clubs at 2 a.m. An interesting development, me thinks. Maybe he is making more of an effort to appear businesslike and career-oriented. I like his work and think he is capable of more than he has been offered lately.

    On another note, if anyone spots my crush, hunky stuntman Tim, at the premier – give me a heads-up – I’d appreciate it :-) LOL and thanks.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Here comes Gerry…

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Just watched the interview with Gerry. The guy is a stud! The interviewer was really weak, but Gerry was having fun. Off to watch the link from Mr. Giggles…

  • Chris

    If GB is all that-then why are all of his movies bombing at the box office. The next one will bomb to.

  • Stinkylouise
  • ManLESSton, I likely

    My hubby is making fun of me. I had an eye exam after I got off work today. So we are sitting in our bed and he is watching baseball and I have my laptop in my lap, my moisturizing mask still drying (purple no less) on my face, my hair all scrunched up into a top knot, with my sunglasses on because my pupils are still dilated watching the Red Carpet interviews for LAC. Once Mr. Giggles furnished a link I was hooked. Oh what we fans will do to see Gerry. Hubby is telling me I am becoming too Hollywood for him. If hubby keeps this up, he may be sleeping alone tonight. Just kidding, sort of…
    Mr. Giggles thanks so much. I loved this relaxed conversation that Gerry and Gary had. I really enjoyed getting more insight into the making of the movie and how Gary was painting his masterpiece including the scenery. It is interesting to get into their heads a little and see their creative process. Even when they were interrupted, Gerry kept his focus, sort of. Great interview.
    I feel spoiled with another link Mr. Giggles. As always, thanks for your time and effort.
    Goodnight gals. Will check in again tomorrow if I can.

  • maria

    #36: All his recent movies have bombed? I think not. TUT has made over $88 million in the U.S. and so far over $70 million in the foreign markets with more to open. Last weekend it was the #1 movie worldwide outside the U.S. If that’s a flop, I think he’ll try for more of them.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Stinkylouise: Thanks Stinky. Doesn’t Gerry look great? Between you and Mr. Giggles, you are keeping me well informed and connected. Thanks to you too!
    BB tomorrow.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    My wife loves Gerard but I’m hot for Angelina Jolie.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Sh!t. Sorry gals. Never leave your laptop unattended if you are married to a prankster.

  • Devil’s Food Angel’s Drink

    Can someone tell me what the audio link said – or a mini synop of it?
    Mine link isnt working right…what did he say about the paps???

    Yeah the Bounty movie looks stupid. Jen being a part of it doesnt exactly help because she is not regarded as a true thespian. She’s a small screen actress at best who is using her Friend’s fanbase and appeal to do big screen.
    Unfortunately that fan base is moving on to other programs now so Jen is actually standing on her own, more or less…why her sh*t is bombing.

    Bounty will suck and yes LAC will be a hit. He is opposite Fox who is a double Academy Award

    The fake hoe stories werent doing him any good so his “staff” decided to lay off it. Creating that persona wasnt working…

    i hope he gets into producing and being as hands on as he was for LAC. i think that it is good for him all around.

    As someone with an addictive past like Gerry, he needs to keep his hands from being too idle at times.

    Cant wait to see the reviews!!!!

  • Devil’s Food Angel’s Drink

    Haha that’s funny ManLESS!
    My man is partial to Charlize, Bullock, Tyra Banks and Heather Grahm.

    I tell him sweetie, all those actresses are 5’9.
    I’m 5’1 and some change :-(

    Even Jolie is 5’9. Zeta Jones is like 5’7.

    Gerry is like 6’2 right???

  • pafan

    Can’t people stop with the JA references? Leave it alone until Bounty comes out.

    This is his night to shine at the premiere.

    I’ll be interested to see what the ‘professional’ critics have to say now. Since it’s had an official premiere, it’s fair game now. I will say, I disagree with the pros about 80 percent of the time. I often wonder why they say what they do. Pay offs? Trying to make themselves more important than they are? I surely don’t know.
    The ‘pros’ loved to dis TUT; and the general public responded by buying tickets. Lots of tickets – all around the world.

  • Sue

    I saw Gerard Butler at the premiere tonight and I just want to say that he is very handsome in person and is slim and very tall. He does not look ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’ at all. After seeing the pix of him here, as well as some of the comments, I was surprised to see that he looks great and fit in person. I guess he just does not always take good pix, but in my opinion he always looks good and comfy.
    He was very nice to the fans and came across the street to greet all of us along the barricade.
    I have read some of these posts and just thought I would add my 2 cents.
    Thank you.

  • curious cat

    ##18 Since when I am I Colin Powell?’Thanks Manlesston #24. Good comments. Yeah, #33, I hope we don’t see more flipped birds. I sure hope GB is getting to know America and how much he offends people by flipping the bird at the country that’s made him rich and famous and infamous. (Look up the last word if you don’t get it.) Sorry, do I sound like Colin Powell again? :) We aren’t even related,

  • Aunt Bee

    I’m just hoping for a lot of pictures and videos of the night to hit the web. Everyone who sees him in person always says he’s just so hot, and that pictures don’t do him justice. And, that there is a difference in seeing pictures of him and actually seeing him right in front of you. (How could he be much better?) I’d love to have the opportunity to see him up close and personal. He’s just the best.

  • Devil’s Food Angel’s Drink

    For the record…I don’t mind the JA references bc I think she stinks too…I just don’t want the refs to conjure up her evil spirits. lol

    What is this about Colin Powell?? lmao

    I read he flipped one or pretended to flip one tonight people…we spoke too soon. lol
    We’ll see pics soon enuf

  • Kirstie Alley

    I read that Jamie and Ger didnt really get along on set…I do NOT believe it was “because Gerr got more attention from the ladies.” LOL

    Do you think these two massive egos collided some???

    It had to be tough for Ger to relinquish his movie – well, rather, the role he originally was to play. Luckily – playing against type here was the right thing to do, so far so good :)

    Fan of both.

    I’m going to grab a couple twinkie or a whole roast. Thanks for asking.