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Gwyneth Paltrow Threatened By Scarlett Johansson?

Gwyneth Paltrow Threatened By Scarlett Johansson?

Gwyneth Paltrow dons a classy Burberry trench and bag as she checks out of the The Ritz Hotel on Monday (October 5) in Paris, France .

The 37-year-old actress talked to ET about how her character Pepper Potts progresses in Iron Man 2. Gwyn shared, “Things progress for Pepper professionally, she’s offered a really exciting position. That’s really good for her but in the meantime, she’s really threatened by the new assistant that comes in, which Scarlett Johansson plays. It’s a great dynamic because it triangulates us all and it makes it fun to play.” (The third party would be Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr.)

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gwyneth paltrow scarlett johansson threatened 01
gwyneth paltrow scarlett johansson threatened 02
gwyneth paltrow scarlett johansson threatened 03
gwyneth paltrow scarlett johansson threatened 04
gwyneth paltrow scarlett johansson threatened 05

Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • loves it

    She looks like Lizzy Grubman in those pics.

  • TC
  • vids

    Is it just me or is her nose getting bigger as she gets older?

  • LolaSvelt

    What a stupid misleading title!

  • jess

    She only looks good from certain shots. Get her at the wrong angle and she’s a complete butterface.

  • hoyt

    If that’s how Gwyn wakes up in the morning, then yeah, she’s probably jealous of a hottie like Scarlett.

  • becca

    Personally I find Gwyneth a better actress but Scarlett is very pretty and younger, so there’s probably some natural competition and jealousy there.

  • W

    Gwyneth reminds me of Claire Danes there…Danes’ mother actually.

  • kfree

    Interesting there are shots of her leaving but she someone managed to arrive without any photos. Makes you wonder if she calls the paps. I guess her newsletter must not be getting her enough press these days.

  • happy

    What’s up with her face?
    GP looks like she’s wearing a prosthetic nose in the main image.

  • Misleading Title

    Yeah, this title is completely misleading and it looks like #7 took the bait without reading the article. This is lazy writing and shows how misunderstandings can lead to or perpetuate rumors. Please respect the intelligence of your readers a little more!

  • dragon

    Her outfit is really cute.
    Does she smoke or something?
    She looks quite old for 37.

  • Duh

    @#9 – Uhhh, unless while she was there for fashion week people figured out where she was staying and started hanging around for a photo? Don’t be an idiot.

  • becca

    @Misleading Title: No, I read the article and was commenting in general. It’s a natural question to ask in light of recent reports that Gwyneth boycotted Comic Con because of Scarlett getting more press coverage including the cover of Entertainement Weekly.

  • JB

    @Duh: I saw pics of other stars arriving at the hotel but not her so I agree, she probably does call the press. She seems to love to complain about the attention but she knows she needs it for her career.

  • nikomilinko
  • LolaSvelt

    @kfree: Erm, she was there for Paris Fashion Week (Stella McCartney’s show).

    Why are people always out to get her? Sure she says some stupid pretentious things, but there are worse celebrities out there who you stupid teeny boppers seem to adore.

    And she probably looks a lot better than most of you without makeup…at 37!

  • yowza

    @LolaSvelt: She does looks terrible without makeup. Why can’t people give their honest opinion? No one is out to get her. It’s just an honest opinion.

  • ee

    Scarlett is rumored to be the insecure one who is has been “threatened” by other actresses- like Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel etc.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again.

  • Magnolia

    Unfortunately Gwyneth inherited the Bruce Paltrow.

  • YUCK


  • YUCK


  • icey

    Scarlett seems like a pretty chill chick. From what I read the Iron Man crew did not like Gwyneth. It’s interesting how their reports match the way people seem to view her in the media.

  • Farmer Ted

    The horsey faced bitch looks beat.

  • Jules

    Yeah, she’s pretty average w/o makeup. Most stars are but this one is just a little more average than the rest.

  • volchok

    honestly u gotta stop with this ridiculous titles.

    second time this week.

  • wexx

    ITA, she truly benefits from makeup and styling which should actually be pretty inspiring to most women. You can clearly see how plain she is without it. Most of these actresses who look so gorgeous on the red carpet have had a team of stylists working on them for hours. Anyone could look good if they had access to the same resources.

  • illuminatea

    I covet her outfit! Haha.

  • SnarkAttack

    Dear Gwneth-
    I’m sure the writers of Iron Man 2 would be pleased that you approve their planned character development. They might not be so pleased however to hear it described as “triangulation” since none of their characters are actual GPS receivers. I know it’s fun to make up words but maybe next time pick one that doesn’t already have a meaning.
    Goopy McFatous

  • shutters

    @kfree: It’s possible that her publicist does call them. I noticed that when Jen Garner left town for Boston this past summer, the paparazzi suddenly stopped hanging at Violet’s school (also the same pre-school Moses attended). I don’t think shots of Gwyneth are as coveted. She doesn’t sell mags like certain celebrities.

    Agree, these are bad pics. She looks scary in # 2 and 4.

  • reba

    Gwynny your roots are showing ..

  • lexy

    I think she’s a jerk but she IS a good actress and she is somewhat of a fashionista. Clothing/shoes-wise she looks fine. But she’s also doing her personal stuff and not on the red carpet so if she doesn’t want to get glammed up so what.

  • ashock

    is that photoshop?
    when did she become such a Pinnochio nose?

  • *** JAMIE ***

    Scarlett is a terrible actress

  • 100mph

    OK actress IMO however.. she has always been homely, no surprise there.

  • hal

    She was never a great beauty but she really hit the wall hard.

  • MJ

    Gawky Gwyneth has always been plain with or without makeup.
    @#1 She really does!

  • Chris

    Please let them fire Paltrow from Iron man! I hate her in that movie.

  • clay

    @YUCK: You are right about Gwyneth’s mother, Blythe Danner, being so pretty. The woman is HOT. She really should be getting more work. She is one of the great beauties still out there, but Hollywood does not seem to be promoting her. I bet she would find a HUGE audience if given the opportunity.