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Jennifer Lopez Debuts 'My Glow' Fragrance Ads

Jennifer Lopez Debuts 'My Glow' Fragrance Ads

Proud mama Jennifer Lopez spends time with a little one (the baby’s not Emme or Max) in her new ad campaign for J.Lo My Glow.

“The inspiration for the fragrance My Glow came from where I am right now, a place of happiness and fulfillment at this intimate stage in my life,” Jennifer explained in a release. “There is a special glow that women get when they’re pregnant and when they are falling in love with their babies. I wanted My Glow to be for all women to be able to connect with this intimacy and love.”

My Glow will make its debut Wednesday (October 7) on HSN – an eau de toilette spray, body lotion and shower gel will be on sale for $49.50.

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Photos: Coty
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  • LuckyL

    Much better than being whorish <3 Good for JLo

  • Liza

    Beautiful. I love it!

  • haley

    That’s because her twins are to ugly to photo shoot! lol.

  • pretty young girl

    Pretty .

  • marina

    reminiscent of the campaign adds for the Estee Lauder “pleasures”

  • Sara

    Yeah… there’s something really creepy about encouraging pregnant and new mothers to spray/slather on some random chemical concoction around a baby’s tiny vulnerable system. Ew.

  • italian japanese band

    I didn’t know she was still doing fragrances.

  • Powerver

    that’s so cliche in a world where celebrities are upping each other by using babies , thid-world adoption. babies sells!

  • nikomilinko
  • fabp

    i love her and buy all her products….great smell to wear, her glow! protests on babies are overrated *blech*

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i gotta say, i think the photos are beautiful

    but i NEVER EVER buy anything celebrities design

  • cal

    J Lo My Glow…I bet it smells like an old lady’s vajayjay

  • veingelina Jolie

    Nice try to reinvent yourself honey, but no real Mother looks like this while playing in the backyard with her child. Especially, we don’t wear big fluffy hair pieces when we pull back our hair.

  • yoyo

    Yeah, she isn’t using her kids in the photo shoot because they are fugly like her skeletor husband.

  • jujube

    She doesn`t ever seem very maternal to me. Even if these pics, she has no chemistry, too preoccupied with how she looks, always about her. Think JLo is in one of those blind items about a celeb Mom who rarely sees her kids, the nanny is raising them, she just doesn’t seem into motherhood.

    JLo’s is passé. Think she knows it too. Seems like every pic you see of her now she is trying way too hard, like she’s desperately saying “I still got it people”. She now has the look of fear in her eyes knowing that her popular years are now behind her and that nobody really cares. She`s so narcistic and full of herself it was a matter of time before the public tired of her.


    Well, they couldn’t use any of her children. This baby is adoreable — nothing like hers. Sorry, but maybe when her kids get older they’ll look better, but then again, look who is the father!

  • elle

    jujube, i have to agree with you completely

  • roja


    SO TRUE.

    I, I and I and me, me, my fragrance…..

    It’s just about how to make more money with my new image of a lovely mother ……pffff!!!

  • Jennifer A

    Now this old has-been is selling more stink water, I bet it stinks like fried bananas. Who in their right minds would but perfume from a P.R? I wish she would just vanish and take her ugly twins with her. Notice they didn’t even show the twins face in the photo shoot because they are so gross.

  • Sara

    “protests on babies are overrated *blech*”
    I know, right?? Who cares about babies– babies aren’t really all that important… it’s not like we’re saving the whales here or something. Baby protests just aren’t cool. Awesome argument. *eye roll*

  • bree

    Lovely photos. I´ve bought some of her perfumes and all smell great!!

  • just saying

    .Great mom, she doesn’t pimp her kids on a daily basis to paps, she doesn’t have to prove that she is a great mom to anyone but her kids. Unlike some celebrities who pimp their kids on a regular basis so to be crowned “best mom” lol!!!

    Great perfumes, she keeps coming up with perfumes because they sell. Now everyone is into selling fragrances, I guess they are following Jlo’s good business sense.

    And to those people who say that Jlo’s kids are uglie, there are alot of celebrities with fuglie kids like; Jessica Alba, Gwen Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek, all their kids are uglie so if Jlo’s kids are uglie they will be in good company lol, and they all have not such good looking husbands.

  • Sarah

    it would make more sense if she used her own children…

  • ana quintero

    is beutiful

  • sweetpea

    Awww now she looks like a real genuine loving mother, unlike some other mother of twins whose name I won’t mention.
    Rock on JenniferLopez!!!

  • StopHating

    Her perfumes bring her millions, don’t comment if you have not purchased them. They are not over powering like some that are out there. It’s a beautiful scent.. And as far as her not using her own beautiful children, that’s because she smart enough not to do that. Whether you like it or not and maybe that’s the reason you hate her is that she’s the smartest business woman in entertainment. What she puts out sells…. here and around the world… She’s got the Moolah.. Stop hating so much… Get a life.

  • franco

    now she uses her kids to sell her product? I don’t know but there something about her that I just don’t like

  • emma

    Beautiful JLo <3