Paris Hilton Gets Supernatural - FIRST LOOK!

Paris Hilton Gets Supernatural - FIRST LOOK!

Paris Hilton breaks out her acting chops as she joins Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on an episode of Supernatural.

The 28-year-old hotel heiress plays herself in the episode and allegedly kidnaps someone. Catch Paris‘s episode this Thursday at 9pm EST!

DO YOU THINK you’ll tune in to see Paris – YAY or NAY?

More pictures inside of the first look of Paris Hilton on Supernatural

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paris hilton supernatural first look 01
paris hilton supernatural first look 02
paris hilton supernatural first look 03
paris hilton supernatural first look 04
paris hilton supernatural first look 05
paris hilton supernatural first look 06
paris hilton supernatural first look 07
paris hilton supernatural first look 08
paris hilton supernatural first look 09

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  • Yup

    She allegedly tries to kidnap Butters and dress him in a bear costume.

  • mel

    i hope they kill her!!
    i just want to see that

  • Maggie

    UUUUUUUURG. I hate her.

  • H.

    I will be watching but certainly not because of any Paris Hilton. It’s a shame this show and Jared and Jensen only get mentioned now because of her. They have the best show on TV currently, it’s a shame they haven’t been recognized more.

  • Rumour

    I’ll be tuning in to see the boys, not her skanky butt.

  • Whatever

    Lol. I heard she acted like a complete diva and snob on set when they were shooting her scenes. A LOT of people were pissed. But then again, what do you really expect from someone who thinks she’s the best thing to have happened to the world???

  • wendy

    I love this show, and its soo weird they would have her on it, but maybe it will be done well.

  • erica

    What acting? She’s playing herself, just like in any other movie or show she was ever in. There’s no acting involved in anything she does.

  • erica

    What acting? She’s playing herself, just like in any other movie or show she was ever in. There’s no acting involved in anything she does.

  • Sarah

    I know last year there was an episode called “Jump The Shark” and it was a joke, but kripke is actually doing it this season. Paris Hilton is just another reason not to tune in… I will not be watching.

  • Caetano

    I can’t wait to see it!!!

  • j

    i agree with #4.
    this show is great.

  • M

    I’ll be tuning in to see those fine boys tied to poles!
    Paris be damned!

  • lisa scofield

    that would be a NAY

  • 100mph

    mel @ 10/06/2009 at 7:32 pm
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i hope they kill her!!
    i just want to see that
    laughing my ass Offfffffffff!

  • *** JAMIE ***

    yeah i would probably watch

  • http://AEON AEON

    best show on TV. Love the Supernatural Men. Gorgeous all around.

    Love me some Jensen and Jared more please JJ.

    Don’t care for Paris but whatever.

  • Gin

    Lord, they just killed the show by putting Paris Hilton in it. I’m not watching it. EVER AGAIN. That show has loss my respect.

  • Stephen

    Its more publicity stunt that anything meaningful. The CW is almost losing its shirt and they need any publicity they can get. Most of their shows have lost a good portion of their viewers I don’t see the network surviving past this year.

  • valerie Henderson

    She actually plays a demon that turns into Paris Hilton – that’s the official word from the creator of Supernatural and it isn’t a publicity stunt. He wanted the episode to kind of be a little lighter and make fun of Hollywood. So Paris Hilton will be playing a demon that turns into the real life version of Paris Hilton.

  • valerie Henderson

    By the by if she’s playing a demon then it means they will have to kill her – so if you don’t like Paris Hilton then well you do the math – and if you like Supernatural and are turned off by this then please think back to the Ghost Facers episode or the episode where they go to Hollywood on the Warner Brothers set – the episode is supposed to be funny/satire!

  • Becks

    I’m huge fan of the show.but paris hilton. ew

  • elisa

    agree with #4 supernatural is an amazing show i wachted since season 1 and i never thought seen paris in this i hope she dies

    JJ you should give us some news about jared and jensen insted of the same boring people

  • clay

    I love the color of this dress.

  • clay

    I love the color of this dress.

  • Lu

    # 4 SO RIGHT!!

  • Fabiola

    being a fan of this show since day one im actually looking forward to this episode. not because of paris because obviously shes the worst. i just know that the writers are awesome and it’ll probably be hilarious

  • Gasol16

    I love the dress and the color on Paris. She does look fabulous.

  • emmaa

    Lol as much as I wish she didn’t get to join Jensen and Jared, this should be pretty damn funny. Like when she did the cameo on The OC lmao

  • Juliana

    shit no, come on ! ¬

  • Nay

    So stupid. Love this show, what the hell was Erik thinking?!

  • Van

    They put that b***** in Supernatural?! Why????????

  • aaa

    Heroes is better

    Ya I wrote that and no no no no no no i think not i disagree.

    Heroes is a good show and that is a fact. I want people to watch this show and continue to stay for two more seasons. Why don’t people get it that Heroes is the best tv show on earth. I know one or most have been saying “it sucks, im not returning, the worst piece of crap I’ve seen.” I mean lets be reasonable here, last couple of seasons weren’t as good as season one. ok thats okay i can deal with that. Now this season we’re getting somewhere interesting in season four. I just hope people watch this instead of other crap like Dancing With Stars(stupid just plain stupid), Castle(have no clue what that is), and How I Met Your Mother( what the hell never heard of that either). Heroes is better than those crappy shows. what the hell man? Heroes deserves the combination of Castle, How I Met Your Mother and Dancing With The Stars. Seriously, I want to be reasonable with you people and to see whats happening to this society of TV. Actually, just to think of it now, absolute TV corrupts your mind. I hope Heroes does better next week or else something will happen.

  • Emily

    Im always watching the show, so yes, in gonna tune in!


  • Sykes

    Hey, great news, hope they choose an inventive death for her, she died so well in House of Wax.

  • Tavore

    Have a little humor !!

    Supernatural is a great , awesome show ! Jared yes but Jensen ? Again more ! I love you Jensen !

    Uh , anyway , I’ll be watching not for her (even if it sounds she have some sense of humor , her) but for the J2 !

  • lala

    Yeah Totally agree! Dean and Sam kill her please!

  • belgiangirl

    Love The show! :)

  • Aylin

    I love this show. Finally some news about Supernatural, but bad that you posted it only because of Paris.I will be watching,but not for miss Hilton. More news about the show please.

  • blahlalalovely

    I wish it didnt take Paris Hilton being on the show for it to get recognition. Supernatural is one of the best shows on tv and Jensen and Jared deserve much more praise than they get.

  • Rita

    I love this show and wish more people would watch so we could see more of the boys online and in mags!

  • elle

    i hope they kill her real good

  • Jen

    I will be watching because I loveee Supernatural and it’s the best show on tv right now, not because of Paris Hilton. Oh and the people who are saying they will not watch again because of Paris Hilton need to get a grip, she will be playing a demon or something that turns into Paris Hilton, it was even in the previews. But yes more Jared and Jensen, love them.

  • jorja

    this show rocks my world. i hope that sl*t doesn’t ruin the episode. sam & dean ♥

  • lauren

    i dont care about her, but jensen and jared are both effing hottttt

  • paulina

    i loove supernatural, and Im actually looking forward for this, or it can also just be the new episode and not so much just paris.. we’ll see

  • lakers fan in boston

    the plot behind her appearance is kinda interesting
    ive never watched this show so i dont no anything about it
    ill admit she does look kinda cute but i still find her annoying

  • Leo

    The way Paris got killed in the show is too brutal,which is unnecessary,

  • Peanut

    I thought she was hopeless in her porn flick, but she suxed more in this…She’s a total waste of space…having her in this has really brought the show down a level.

  • C Parker

    You guys need to get out more! Because if you did, you’d realise this episode featuring Paris Hilton is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the movie “House of Wax”, which starred both Jared and Paris.
    There were heaps of ‘in-joke’ references to the movie – Jensen Ackles even mentioned it by name fercrissakes! Sykes (#35) seems to be the only one of you to have made the connection.
    Then again, maybe my involvement with the production of “House of Wax” (I supplied the red Dodge Charger Jared drove in the movie) has made me more adept at noticing these things?

    C Parker