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Charlize Theron: National Equality March for Gay Rights!

Charlize Theron: National Equality March for Gay Rights!

Charlize Theron is throwing her support behind this weekend’s National Equality March, which hopes to gain equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people across America.

“Every step of this march is another important step in moving forward to making the United States truly a country of equal rights,” Charlize tells exclusively. “Just like any other civil right, everyone deserves the choice to have their love and commitment recognized through marriage.”

The National Equality March is scheduled for this Sunday (October 11) and begins at 12:00 noon. The rally at approximately at 2PM on the West Lawn of the Capitol building. For more info on this cause, visit

FYI: Charlize is deeply committed to this cause but but won’t be able to attend National Equality March this weekend because of a work commitment. Lady Gaga will be there to lend her support (she even made a call-to-action video for the march).

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  • Sabrina

    Great Charlize – love her. Equal rights for every human being!

  • t

    so cool of her

  • missy

    ya, ya, all the pervs will be there!

  • Sabrina

    @missy: seems like you are the perv…!

  • nikomilinko
  • globalvillage

    Yep, totally agree, all people, whatever gender, should have the right to commit to the marriage of their choice. So how come, in a country that professes to be the voice of democracy, polygany is illegal. It is a form of prejudice and persecution against those wishing to participate in a multiple marriage. Legalise all forms of marriage between consenting peoples, not just the few.

  • rhonda

    is Roman Polansky gonna be there too! and Woody and daughter/wife and Whoopi “thats not rape-rape Goldberg, and Rosie and whoever, Perez, doogie howser and his “wife” and Wanda Sykes and her “wife” and “their” children. and super freak Cat Cora all the best people will be there, I’m sure! How about girl/boy Chas/Chaz!

    Have fun kids!

  • Sarah

    Yeah! sounds like a WONDERFUL time. To bad I ‘m not an idiot, so I guess I can’t go. This country is so screwed!

  • erica

    All right! Love Charlize for doing this! Civil rights are for everyone!

  • rhonda

    Its not equal rights, gays want to feel “special” gay affirmative action, hate crime, “their special” being gay like being black, they have all “suffered” so much. Maybe 200 + years ago some did but NOW, not so much!

  • Fruit loops

    She is a talented very beautiful woman who does not need to use the press for attention. *cough* parisite hilton, lindsey lohan, britney spears. *cough* Nice to see a Hollywood star’s work just speak for itself.

  • rittman

    It is hard to believe that there are so many unhappy , ignorant, and hateful people out there. Missy and the rest – there was time jews, women, and blacks didnt have rights and people fought for you – oh i guess you arent any of those

  • Chris

    You go girl! Equal rights mean EVERYONE is equal, not just some. Equal rights are not special rights – they are deserved by every person on this earth. Maybe this years march will finally get through to the government now that Obama is in office! I’ll be there marching, can’t wait!

  • rg1024

    rhonda-how would you like to have to pay 300,000 dollars more over your lifetime b/c you do not get the same benefits as straight married couples…for many people that is equivalent to an entire retirement fund…you cannot receive social security benefits, real estate benefits, partner’s health insurance.etc..etc…list goes on and on… seems to me gay ppl want to feel anything but special…they just want to be treated the same as everyone else…gay ppl miss out on 1100 rights that straight married people can have…evenif gay people are married in certain states they do not get federal rights…seems a little ridiculous when the 14th ammendment gurantees equal protection uner the law…and this country is supposed to provide “liberty and justice for all”…a little hypocritical to say the least

  • sure

    Yes sure equal rights for all. I can’t wait in the next couple of years people are going to bitch about why they can’t marry their daughter. Or marry their cousin. Equal rights for all, what will all of you say when that happens. Gays can have a relationship or life partners but don’t take the tradition out of marriage. A marriage is between a man and women. Gay people can vote, ride on the front of a bus and can practice their own religion, so don’t even try to compare this to the battles blacks, women and jews had to go through. Not the same thing. Call your relationship anything you want, just leave marriage sacred.
    Leave a will to your partner if you want their assets after they die. They can have life insurance as well.

  • Jes

    To “sure:”

    Slippery slope fallacy fail. And the “tradition” of marriage is just the tradition of an oppressive religious institution that seeks to rule the personal lives of all the peoples of the world. Get your religion out of my relationship and let me have the same rights as any heterosexual. Civil unions for everyone, marriage for the religiously guided. Marriage should NOT be a government institution. But equal rights should be given to all and protected by government. Also, minorities really aren’t done facing discrimination (including blacks, Jews, and women), FYI. Do some research and come back and play with the big boys once you’ve got some understanding under your belt.

  • Kit

    Thank you Jes, that was perfectly stated.

  • mecabigail

    wow.. charlize is awesome.. she said she won’t get married until everyone has the rights to get married.. how cool..

  • rhonda

    she’s been shacking up with her boyfriend for years and they haven’t gotten married, who gives a f—k if she gets married or not. The right to marry or not–your choice! Society is in a deep enough hole, we don’t need to keep digging.

  • dsgsdg


  • Mary

    Thanks Charlize!

  • lesbo

    @rhonda: thanks to closed minded people like you!

  • Stepmark

    I have a feeling that my thoughts are committing to her.