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Jennifer Lopez is Fresh Out The Oven

Jennifer Lopez is Fresh Out The Oven

It seems Jennifer Lopez will be changing her nickname from J.Lo to Lola with the release of her upcoming album.

Her new song “Fresh Out the Oven” was released earlier this morning, in addition to an online promotional campaign introducing her alter ego Lola. Visit: and @_WhoIsLola.

Check out the chorus: “Love, fresh out the oven/ Straight sugar lovin’/To the beat a lovin/hey.”

Jennifer is rumored to host and appear as a musical guest this season of Saturday Night Live.

UPDATE: Apparently this track won’t appear on Jennifer‘s new album, her label rep tells People. And Jennifer won’t be known as Lola, apparently!

Jennifer Lopez – “Fresh Out of the Oven”
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  • err.

    err, copying beyonce’s idea much? =\

  • sooo

    not bad

  • gold baybay

    Yeah, why need an alter ego? We all know its you! thats a joke by the way.

  • babyboo

    Loved her 10 years ago but this is LAME sorry “lola”

  • Ilia

    What in the hell friggin’ poop is this? Wow – ha-ha-ha-ha-ha – some come back!!!

  • loyal

    I have admired her forever but her last album was a dud. She needs to determine who her target audience is. It is not the kids anymore. She isn’t a pop idol anymore. And gosh, holy nipplegate. Can we get one more flash? Jennifer, you are a grown up now. Still gorgeous and sexy but play to the adults.

  • black beauty

    lola? b*tch please!

  • Jlo lips ..why..??

    Lola is what her husband Yes Marc calls her … So who is your market Lola… Jlo is so Sean P Combs…..Fresh out of the oven sounds like
    an ad for Bakery …

  • J. Affleck

    Gawd No, pleas no! Will this old woman just stay home and take care of her children. It’s over for you JLO accept it, you are history.

  • Stupse

    I hate the name Lola. I like the song though!

  • mary

    terribbblllee……….as in Horriiibbbble. Used to love J Lo but this sounds like fingernails screeching down a chalkboard. Hopefully they re using this to test the market and WILL PUT THIS BACK IN THE OVEN!


    First Sasha Fierce and now Lola……………gosh to much diva alter ego’s
    But at least sasha fierce can sing but lola……well shes got her butt

  • tina

    I can’t wait to hear her new album.

  • hope girl

    no matter what, i like her.

  • Frost

    trashy brown ghetto trash with zero class.

  • me

    @err.: No Beyonce copied from Jlo in everything lol.

  • omg

    Beyonce wannabe!!!!!

  • bryan

    Sasha Fierce we have heard of since her second Album…
    Lola…this is new….and of course copied!!!!
    J Ho needs to stop.

  • Alice

    Isn’t this woman like 40 something. Shouldn’t she stop trying to put out music for the younger generation.
    Well, maybe that is because the older generation doesn’t like her either.

  • J-no

    No more JLO please.

  • Chris

    she should make more dance songs like waiting for tonight!

  • truth be told

    I said before when she started she cannot sing.
    beyonce has a voice
    christina has a voice
    jennifer is karaoke bad
    she has back ground noise to distract you from her bad singing she has such a flat voice.
    no variation in p itches just an annoying flat pitch with alot of techno noise to distract.
    she got away with it in the beginning because no one noticed all the background vocals overlapping her flat voice.

  • no jlo please

    It is time for these women over the age of 35 to understand that it is time to grow up. You are no longer in the 18-25 crowd. She is married and have 2 children and enough money I’m sure to pay her way through the golden years, her children years to adulthood to her grand children. Nothing wrong with capatilzing on your earlier investment but doing the same thing that started your career is not it. She needs to focus on producing new talent and writing, not singing and dancing.

    Just because you are still good looking as you age don’t mean you can still pull off or should do the same things you did when you were younger.

  • LadyB

    JLO can’t sing. Beyonce can’t sing. Enough of them.

  • emmaa

    I don’t know if I like this song….Jen hasn’t really produced anything great since Rebirth. And why is she now “Lola”? Stick with JLo

  • emma

    Hm, kinda catchy……..

  • Pooter

    ya talking about her “buns” ? lol

    king sized buns for sure.

    What’s wrong with J Lo?

    She is not a ” Lola” for sure. Silly

  • Quintin PErez


  • lola

    Her latest CD will go straight to the Dollar Store just like Paris Hilton’s CD. She’s so forgotten that she has to reinvent herself several times. Can’t she get it in ber big wigged head that nobody wants to watch or see her anymore? Cut your losses, Lola and be a stay at home mom. Your twins will love you for it!

  • Sgt Friday

    I don’t like the music at all (frankly it stinks), but once you hit 35 you’re supposed to retire to Shady Pines? If she enjoys singing and dancing, there’s nothing wrong with it. She’s not parading around half-naked. J. Lo actually looks a lot younger than the supposed “young” Hollywood like Britney, Lindsay and some of the others.

    I don’t get this whole “you have to do this/give this up once you reach X age” idea.

  • cainvx

    seriously the alter ego thing needs to stop.

  • jamie

    To all the haters of j.lo out there:

    1. She can sing better than most young stars today, such as slutty cyrus, selena gomez, demi lovato and those faggot a**h**** jonas brothers. Just because she isnt aimed towards the tween market doesn’t mean she can’t sing because obviously she can.
    2. look at all the other older singers that sing: Mariah, Whitney, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper etc… so just becasue you reach a certain age doesnt mean u should retire.
    3. and just wait in 25 years when the fag brothers (jonas’s) are in there late 30s to early 40s you all will be changing your minds probably.

  • Allison

    I honestly was excited to hear new music from her, but I didn’t really like the song that much, which was a total drag! I expected more from her! So I’m actually thankful it’s not on her new album, and thank GOODNESS she’s not called LOLA, JLO is much better!

  • LALA

    hmm okay alter ego? uh yeah she doesn’t need that.
    she’s a great singer/dancer though. love her work. real entertainer.

  • Ellie

    Jamie, just because “u” can’t form a cohesive argument for your girl JHo doesn’t mean she’s talented. She has never been able to sing. She has never been able to act. She has never been able to behave like an adult. She’s a wanna be has been – possibly the first to be able to achieve such a distinction, with Lindsay Lohan a close runner-up. Anyhow, perhaps you should devote your life to another never-was star. Because “Lola’ is going nowhere – and going there even faster than she was before.

  • ggonzo

    Jlo is back bitches….can’t wait for the album….lovin the teaser…..haterz back off

  • AMO

    Who does she think she is, P Diddy, changing her name all the time? Did you also notice that she raps like Diddy too… horribly! You’re over JLo, can’t sing, never could actually. Just stay home and take care of the kids like Marc wants you to, thanks. I love Pitbull though; he’s super hot!

  • Raul

    Love Lola

  • bree

    First was Jlo. Then Shasha, people don´t forget it.
    The song is really really hot

  • jamie

    Excuse me, but this was a convincing argu,ent to all the intelligent people of the world, not just the gay or 13 year old fans of the jonas brothers. oh and by the way j.lo can act, sing and dance a hell of a lot better than any of these new disney “stars.” So before you go on bashing my comment think before you type about who has talent and who doesnt.

    FYI any one who is a fan of these new disney stars who are not 13 or younger will probably grow up to be some creepy pedophile who will probably never be able to accept the fact that these so called “stars” have never in a million years had talent in the first place.

  • Raul

    Go Lola

  • Chris X

    Raul – you are right – Go Lola – go away. Forever.

  • LUZ

    JLO can’t sing. Beyonce can’t sing. Enough of them.

  • LUZ


  • Christobal26

    I love how the Beyonce stans seem to forget that Jennifer had J.Lo way before Sasha!!!! And I’d like to know what the hell Jlo has copied in her ten years in the business? Beyonce has copied people over and over again, including Jlo, she has no orginality. Great voice but that’s it, her acting is horrible, her outfits are horrible, and her wigs are just plan annoying! We know its fake so take it off!

    JLo has been acknowledged for her acting several times and her acting actually catapulted her to stardom, Selena and Out of Sight ring any bells. And why should she retire because she’s 40? She looks as young as girls half her age! And if you’re gonna go there than Madonna and Janet should also retire? Her voice might not be all that great but at least it still evokes some kind of emotion and isn’t over produced like Britney’s!

  • me


  • anay

    I love the song… different .. but nice and danceable …. bridge kinda catchy

  • Kelly

    I happen to like JLo but the song was lame, the video worse and the name change just silly Whomever advised her to use that video needs to be shot.

  • Ms. Bitch


  • stephanie