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Jude Law: Opening Night And Curtain Call

Jude Law: Opening Night And Curtain Call

Jude Law attends the after party for the new Broadway production of Hamlet held at Gotham Hall on Tuesday (October 6) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor took his curtain call at the Broadway opening night of Hamlet at the Broadhurst Theatre. Opening night attracted stars including actress Natalie Portman, Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick and director Sam Mendes.

Last week Jude appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, dueling Jimmy Fallon in a sword fight.

20+ pictures inside of Jude Law‘s opening night and curtain call…

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jude law opening night curtain call 01
jude law opening night curtain call 02
jude law opening night curtain call 03
jude law opening night curtain call 04
jude law opening night curtain call 05
jude law opening night curtain call 06
jude law opening night curtain call 07
jude law opening night curtain call 08
jude law opening night curtain call 09
jude law opening night curtain call 10
jude law opening night curtain call 11
jude law opening night curtain call 12
jude law opening night curtain call 13
jude law opening night curtain call 14
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jude law opening night curtain call 17
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36 Responses to “Jude Law: Opening Night And Curtain Call”

  1. 1
    jami Says:

    He looks gorgeous! You go Jude!! Congrats on Hamlet…I will see you Saturday!

  2. 2
    Forocoches Says:


  3. 3
    dulcemirita Says:

    A true star. Best Hamlet of the century. I am absolutely thrilled to have witnessed Jude Law ‘s powerful performance. Bravisimo¡¡¡¡

  4. 4
    aeg Says:

    I HATE hairy chest! Get it shaved.

  5. 5
    elle Says:

    Congratulation Jude!!!
    great pics thanks Jared.

  6. 6
    vinnyblue Says:

    Go Jude! Congrat for the wonderful Opening Night of Hamlet.
    Great reviews by far.
    nice to see Natalie here.<3
    I know she will come to support her friend, Jude. <3

  7. 7
    acaba Says:

    ı fallen lave whit him but ı dont like this jacket and trousers. he is always wear this

  8. 8
    sweetannie Says:

    He looks really great here and his Hamlet is amazing. He deserves all the rave he s getting for this. Love him

  9. 9
    juanita Says:

    He is amazing in Hamlet. Brarvo Jude!! Jared, thanks for the fantastic photos of this georgeous man.

  10. 10
    Pole Says:

    I’m so happy he got great reviews – as he ought to ’cause he’s amazing on stage. And he’s looking good to as always :D

  11. 11
    sharyllee Says:

    Jude is a very English guy as He mostly wears a suit on.. I rather see him in a t shirt and a jean ( very sexy)) I will see you , Jude In November for three nights.Blow Kisses to you, Jude.

  12. 12
    outlander Says:

    I was really glad about the good reviews as well, i´ve seen the play in london myself and loved it!
    although two reviewers were´t that pleased and made fun of the fact that he has a too expressive body language because he is e.g pointing to heaven when talking about heaven etc..
    oh well,i suppose you cannot please everyone which i am pretty sure mr law knows as well.
    most important thing is he´s incredibly enthusiatic about it and there are loads of people who loved (and will love) his performance

  13. 13
    Pole Says:

    I think those reviewers were just nitpicking. He is very active and physical on stage but he’s hardlly too expressive IMO. I guess they couldn’t find anything else to be negative about! It’s almost like some of the British reviewers who seemed almost desperate in their search to find some thing negative to write about him. A hopless job IMO ;)

  14. 14
    dolorescraeg Says:

    thanks for giving us these great photos….95% of the new york critics praised jude to the sky.” riveting, thrilling, exciting.”….some said run don’t walk too see this performance….only 12 weeks.
    when hugh jackman did the boy from oz, no matter what the price of the ticket it was worth it….go see jude law as hamlet. you’re not going to have this opportunity again……

  15. 15
    dolorescraeg Says:

    by the way….i just enlarged these photos….jude’s face must have been sculpted by michaelangelo….perfection.

  16. 16
    wtf Says:

    hes so hot. pity about his receding hairline

  17. 17
    outlander Says:

    i certainly didn’t want to critisize his performance…and din´t think he was overexpressive either..
    but i guess critics love being critical..people should just go and judge for themselves.
    and most critics were indeed fantastic which is great!
    i envy those who will get to see him in new york, i wish i would get to see the play again : )

  18. 18
    Pole Says:


    So do I.. Well, one can dream ;)

  19. 19
    mery Says:

    Congratulations, Jude!
    London, Elsinore, New York: Hamlet is a success. Good thing the young people know Shakespeare.
    Natalie Portman, Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, the people who are working with him are in the theater in London or New York. Those assistence proof he is a good mate.

    Very significative. When the post is over the career the people have less post that the post over the private live the people. It’s very sad.

  20. 20
    Sara ☼ Says:

    Congrats, Jude Heart! x3333
    I Luv You!

  21. 21
    Sara ☼ Says:

    @aeg: Oh no no no no, I think it looks great and I loove Jude showing it off ♥ *sigh*

  22. 22
    Sara ☼ Says:

    and oh, Jude, keep your party goin’! You deserve it!! Have fun! <3

  23. 23
    Eloisa Says:

    He always has been a great actor and the great reviews he is getting are just justice. I am so happy for him and i hope this is only the beginning for a long list of successful work for him, both in theater as movies.

    Bravo Jude!

  24. 24
    Daphne Says:

    Bravo to Jude! He is one of a kind.

  25. 25
    Fiona Says:

    He looks gorgeous as always:) I watched the Charlie Rose show online and it was intense….never seen a show like it! It was cool cos I remembered all the different acts from studying it 6 years ago at uni in English Lit. He seems to know his stuff anyway! I’m kind of jealous of Natalie Portman going to see it although she’s one of my favourite actresses lol!

  26. 26
    mery Says:

    The Charlie Rose show is incredible.
    Jude love his job. His interviews are ever good. He talks over his job, his opinions, never over his life and never, never he talks bad other actor.
    Others actors are empty or they don`t know to talk.

  27. 27
    azlyn Says:

    handsome jude now and eternally…

  28. 28
    dolorescraeg Says:

    jude is really wowing them over at the broadhurst….standing ovations for him every night. victor garbe rthe actor said jude’s acting is in the stratosphere.

  29. 29
    bond007123 Says:

    damn, he does look good!!! As always. Wonder if he has seen the new baby yet. I bet he’s waiting on the paternity test to come back. Don’t anybody act like he’s not getting one, either. I’m sure he didn’t just go by her word that he was the father.

  30. 30
    sheryl Says:

    Caught it last Thursday, and judging from the standing ovation Jude got, the rest of the audience loved it as much as I did. I loved Jude’s physicality…it was not the least bit boring. Had Jude not been in this play, I know at least 4 of us who would have never made the trip to New York last week. But the best part of it is, yeah, we went for Jude (and the great buzz that’s been going on since London), but once the curtain went up, we forgot he was Jude Law. Cheers to Jude for tackling this difficult role and making it enjoyable as well as understandable!

  31. 31
    sheryl Says:

    Also, saw Matt Damon there the night I went. He and his wife exited the stage door moments before Jude did. Managed to get my Playbill signed by Jude, who is simply delicious up close! Thanks to Jude, Grandage, Donmar, and whoever else, for bringing this play to New York!
    *blows kisses and winks at Jude*

  32. 32
    natalie smith Says:

    …I just read that Jude met Sienna at some party ”Johnny (Miller) threw a party for her dog Bess, who has just recovered from a kidney infection” can this be true??? Someone serious to throw a party for such a reason??? Is it me or this is soooooooo rediculous…!!!!!

  33. 33
    jazz Says:

    It was a made up story according to Sienna’s rep. Typical Sun story.

  34. 34
    sharyllee Says:

    can someone show me how to use Just-Jude?

  35. 35
    sharyllee Says:

    When will we see more pictures of Jude at Hamlet on Broadway?? I would love it.

  36. 36
    dolorescraeg Says:

    i flew to new york last week to see jude at the broadhurst theatre…i have never, ever seen such a magnificent performance in my life. he owns the stage…you cannot take your eyes off him. how he does three hours and ten minutes every night and twice a day wednesday and saturdays is amazing. he exudes energy. he articulates with such clarity. you understand every word that shakespeare wrote AND i was sitting third row center….he has to be the most beautiful creature on god’s earth. what charisma and sexy as hamlet…oh yeah….

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