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Katie Holmes Covers 'Elle' Magazine November 2009

Katie Holmes Covers 'Elle' Magazine November 2009

Check out Elle Magazine‘s five cover stars for their November 2009 issue — newly engaged Emily Blunt, Julianne Moore, Katie Holmes, Renee Zellweger, and Zoe Saldana.

In the “Women in Hollywood” issue, here’s what Katie shares:

On her life revolving around Tom Cruise and daughter Suri: “In my own life, my whole world really revolves around family. I do what I need to do, but it’s like, ‘How is everybody else doing?’ And it’s wonderful for me as an actress to put some of that into a character.”

On life as a working mom on the Broadway set of the play All My Sons: “Suri would sit in my lap in the makeup chair. She’d hand the wig lady the bobby pins.”

On her favorite fashion brands: “I love Ala├»a, for sure. Stella McCartney. I like Ralph Lauren because I feel like it’s very American, and I’m pretty all-American, from Ohio. Isabel Marant and a new designer, Sari Gueron.”

On her fave movie genres: “It can be any genre. I even like vampire movies – they just have to be well done. I want to believe in the characters. The minute it starts to feel not real, I’m not interested.”

More quotes from the cover stars at!

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  • wendy

    OMG what a bland cover, specially compared to the fierce Victoria Beckham from last month!

    Katie is a stunning girl, but they could have given her something more exciting to wear on the cover, and she gets the main cover over all those actresses? Oscar nominated, and winning ones? Why? I doubt she sells more!

  • jb

    She is such an idiot~ Nothing that this robot ever says sounds real and spontaneous. I guess the cult gave her a script to read.

    Tom sure has bought her a lot of magazine covers. Too bad none of her publicity has helped her. lol Everyone sees right through these two fakes.

    Talk about photoshopped……lmao

  • loyal

    jb is off her meds I see. Katie looks adorable and fresh. She deserves the cover and it is great to see her on it!

  • annika hansen

    Wow Katie looks fantastic!

  • zk

    What a joke!! Putting that alien worshipping beard in the same category as REAL actresses!!!!!!!!

    As an actress, she is a colossal FAIL…….

    This ridiculous scientology campaign to try and make her world famous and on par with REAL actresses is absolutely laughable.

  • TMC

    I think she looks very fresh! Way to go Katie!!!

  • Pooter

    I don’t care for Katie or the crapola she says……

    BUT….she does look good. She really cleaned up this time.

  • Annie

    Remember in school when they used to say, what one thing is not like the other? Boat, car, train, plane or picnic basket? Cankle girl would be the picnic basket. She just doesnt make sense or fit in with those other smart, successful women. Wonder how much Crazy titty man had to shell out to get her on the cover.

  • cainvx

    she looks like a teenager…that vanessa hudgens (?) grl. love julianne moore and zoe saldana tho.

  • voe

    Photoshop is doing many of us fashion magazines readers a disservice. Elle magazine was quite refreshing with their covers in the past but lately it has gotten so boring with all these actresses. If I were Julianne and Renee I would recognize being featured along talentless Holmes an encouragement to retire. Too bad they are very good actresses.

  • annika hansen

    @Annie: LOL @ “Crazy titty man”

  • jada

    Looks like they’ve stunt-casted the beard again!

    Does Katie not realize that she is viewed as 1/2 of a freak show and that the only reason she is on that cover is because the magazine hopes people will want to read more about the freak show.


  • drop out?

    Did she finish high school or did she drop out like midget man? Her answers are completely wacked and child like.

  • Daniella

    What has Katie Holmes ever done but marry Tom Cruise for his money?

  • Mike Miller

    Loving the hair on Katie but the Renee cover is waaaay cooler.

  • Daniella

    I believe she quit school just like the midge!

  • to Mike

    It’s a wig Mike! Nothing about this photo is real!


    She is NOT in the same league as those other women!!!! They should have picked Nicole or Penelope, at least that would make sense. Katie Cankle Holmes is nothing but a gold diggin beard.

  • autumnm

    She doesn’t sound too bright. Her thoughts seem to be all over the place. Katie really doesn’t make much sense at all.

    However, I must say she looks very nice and refreshed on this cover. Katie should just be seen and not heard………

  • dina

    love the katie cover

  • Crrn

    Someone needs to tell her, Sari Gueron is not a “new” designer. She had a collection out 3 years ago.

  • swing

    very beautiful even with no makeup

  • s

    the prettiest lady & cover of all

  • bebe



  • annika hansen

    @to Mike: I’m pretty certain that is her real hair! I’ve been following Katie (not literally) for a while now and her hair is diffinately that long.

  • anonymous

    Im glad Elle picked her she is the best,so classy,talented,likeable and the freshest style.Im excited for her coming films and she’s a wonderful mom and wife.

  • tidbit

    Ms. Holmes should have stopped at the pictures and kept her mouth shut. She comes off as usual sounding ignorant, inane and incredibly boring.

  • seek therapy

    the same trolls that bash celebs on here really need happy lives
    if you dont like em why look or post on their pics

  • hansen

    Katie looks

  • calling a spade, a spade!~

    What liars! You’d give your RIGHT Arm, RIght Leg, to LOOK 1/2 as good as her. All the ‘ugly’ talk is coming from fatties who would kill to look like this sexy woman. what a gal, beautiful! Jealousy is sure evil.
    I supposed angie in black with her thin arms and bod would be a better cover? LOL. Get real KAtie is hotter then hell. Better yet,ask your husbands…..If you Dare. LMAO!

  • 23

    She has the best cover and that of Zoe. Katie is a class act and glad she mentioned Ralph Lauren and that she is very All American because she is one. Refreshing to see an actress not dissing being an American. I love her,Tom and the kids.<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • penelope or nicole instead

    At least Nicole and Penelope have an Oscar and what does Mrs.
    Cruise have nothing but D LISTER MOVIES …She does not belong
    with these women.. she has done her clothing line why not show
    it in the Katie…Since all the other women have movies
    coming out..

  • Beautiful

    Do you idiots like ANYONE but Angie?? Come on, get real, Katie is beautiful! so without makeup she’s bland, so what? She’s stunning, and would stop traffic, she’s some sexy looking woman. Lucky Tom.
    Her hair is better this length too.

  • @calling a spade, a spade

    Baby cakes–any of us fat or thin would look good on the cover because Elle photoshopped the hell out of Katie. Her body is much more sculpted than what you see in pictures. Her moles are gone. And if you look at her left arm you can see the results of some poor photo shopping–it looks like Harry Potters arm in Chamber of Secrets when the inept dark arts teacher attempted to fix a break–he removed the bones. Her arm looks like a rubber twisted doll’s arm.

  • annika hansen

    @calling a spade, a spade!~: I agree that Katie looks stunning here and that anyone saying otherwise is clearly jealous but I disagree about AJ. They are both stunning women! You’re coming accross as jealous yourself and a little 2 faced.

  • Duh?

    I felt stupid just reading her comments.

  • get rid of pelosi


  • Why?

    Why is she on this cover???? And she is NOT an “All American Girl” like she says. Most “All American Girls” that I know believe in GOD not ALIENS!!! AND they usually marry men that arent gay and nuts!

  • maggie

    What exactly has she done to become a woman in hollywood honoree?


    Dizzy Feet is a dead foundation. Now that the show is over you never hear about it.

    Her fashion line has generated very little buzz whatsoever.

    Her performance in Batman got a razzie nom.

    Her performance in Mad Money was bashed.

    Early rumblings about her latest movie aren’t good.

    Basically she is just arm candy for Tom. Yeah that is why she has been named a Woman in Hollywood. She makes her man look young while she hangs to him for the status and money.

  • annika hansen

    @Why?: LOL So you have to believe in God to be an American? Haha haha! I thought the USA was a free country were people could believe what ever they choose to and marry who ever they choose to.

  • annab

    Airbrushing can make anyone look great.

  • Pooter

    # 22 swing

    she DOES have make up on! Lots of it. I think you need glasses or new ones!

  • Mousse

    she looks healthier there. But what a pity she had a nose job.

  • Whack job

    Check out popsugar, stupid Katie once again has Suri in the high heels, no socks or stocking when everyone else’s wearing winter coats. Least she has her baby blanket around her.

  • Elle

    On Weaving Baskets: ” When Tom comes home I go schitzo from all of his Scientology blather, so I lock my self up in a dark room and weave away.. I have quite a collection…and dark circles under my eyes”

  • Abby

    Oh, you poor girl Katie. Keep your mouth shut. I saw her on Regis and Kelly a few years back and she couldn’t say anything intelligent. All she could muster was the word “incredible” to describe her husband. Nothing more, nothing less. AND…..this is photshopping at its’ worst or best….depending on how you look at it.

  • Whack job

    Katie Holmes on making tin-foil hates: ” We make them nightly when Tom gets home. Then, we as a family, go sit on the roof and wait for aliens. After that, Tom just laughs and laughs and Suri and I go hide in a dark closet. It’s incredible.”

  • riri

    Nobody cares about either of these women who were mentioned, so WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?
    Katie is a gold and fame digger, so who cares.
    The rest of the women are barely stars, and nobody knows with the exception of Julianne Moore.

  • Nic’s HOT 2008 Elle Cover!!

    Kopy Kat Katie. No wondr Tom bought her this cover. Will her obsession with Nic ever end?

  • To #36


    it’s like her contagious disease