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Natalie Portman is in a Hamlet Hurry

Natalie Portman is in a Hamlet Hurry

Natalie Portman doesn’t stop on the red carpet and rushes into the the Broadway opening night of Hamlet at the Broadhurst Theatre on Tuesday (October 6) in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress, who wore a wore an ink blue Ferragamo double-breasted jacket with puff sleeves, came out to support Jude Law (her co-star in the 2004 drama romance Closer).

Also spotted in the audience: Barbara Walters, Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick, True Blood star Rutina Wesley, former Frasier star David Hyde Pierce, former Alias star Victor Garber, and director Sam Mendes (Kate Winslet‘s husband).

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Photos: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • vinnyblue

    nice to see Nat here.
    I know she will come to support her friend, Jude.

    I saw HAMLET couple weeks ago. Jude Law was fantastic.
    I had great night.

  • voe

    Love the Ferragamo jacket she has on.

  • lisa

    She looks so elegant and classy, as always.

  • le solei

    Her smile is radiant. What a beauty and talent.

  • marie

    i lost all respect for her after she signed the petition to free Roman Polanski

  • dundies

    this is the same dumb *** who wanted to free polanski

  • michaela

    The Polanski petition sunk it for me. see ya Nat

  • kroq

    Ugh, love her. What’s up with her love life? She’s been single for about a year now. Unless she’s hiding her boyfriend.

  • ray

    @ marie
    you don’t know the details of the case, Polanski made a deal with the judge and plead guilty without trial and that same judge backed our of deal after the plea, now the judge is dead. What is judge did is outrageous. I don not condemn rape, but deal is a deal and the authorities should honor it now too. Portman was right to sign it.

  • rina

    Love her make up, so light and natural and complementing. I hate when girls put a ton of heavy eyeliner around their eyes and change the shape of the eye beyond recognition, so you can’t help but think that they must look awful without eye make up. Natalie is a natural beauty.

  • rachel

    Glad to see Natalie finally, she is so beautiful and talented. Go Nat.

  • kroq

    She should’t have signed that petition no matter what.

    However, it doesn’t make her Satan’s spawn. Her involvement with the many humanitarian projects she promotes far outweighs her association with Polanski.

    If I were to boycott every celebrity whose principles I don’t agree with, there wouldn’t be many left for me to support.

  • Gasol16

    OH!!! How beautiful she looks!! I love her swing coat paired with her skinny jeans. She is always classic and beautiful! Please JJ! This is the woman to have all kinds of threads on. She deserves it! Not Bilpoo!

  • framed

    Polanski was framed, many people would take the deal from the judge to make the problems go away. He may have won in court if he did not plea guilty getting framed by the judge. Portman was right to sing the petition. What kind of justice is this if the authorities make a promise and after you sigh go back on it. BTW, the victim is not cooperating with prosecution.

  • dundies

    re: kroq

    that was a disgusting comment you made. NO, humanitarian projects do not dismiss or outweigh the fact she stands behind the man who raped a 13 year old girl and fled the country like a coward. I’ll pray for you

  • jessica

    Who the hell is Bilpoo?
    Natalie is number 4 most profitable actress in Hollywood right before Meryl Street who is number 5. Not Bad!

  • @15

    If the judge did not offer the deal to Polanski, he would have never admitted to rape and you would never knows that he did it. Polanski would have denied it. So bug off. It was 30 years ago and the victim settled for money and does not want to prosecute and Polanski had a deal with the authorities which must be honored. The matter is not about rape anymore, it is about justice. People commit murder and serve time and are forgiven, the guy was on the run for 30 years, he served his time. Leave him alone. Go after terrorists and murderers, not movie directors who are no longer a threat to anyone. We don’t know if he raped this girl, we don’t know exactly what happened.

  • anonymous

    Celebs are not above the law and it shows karma really is a pain for Polanski. Portman signing up for him is so disgusting and she’s not so smart after all.

  • jessalyn

    Living in France for 30 years is not ‘serving time’. A judge doesn’t have to honour any agreement made by defence and prosecution, that is the American justice system. He confessed to raping a 13 year old girl, and No it’s not ok for him to be free because it was a really long time ago. He raped a 13 year old, I can’t even begin to comprehend what goes through people’s minds that make this ok.

  • @19

    You are absolutely wrong. They made a deal, the deal must be honored, otherwise, there is no guilty plea. He would not have said he did it if he was not offered something. If the deal does not stand, than the plea does not stand. PERIOD. You can’t have prosecutions going around making deals and than backing out. That is framing people. What kind of justice is this? They must honor the deal, otherwise, he is not guilty. He could have been tried and exonerated by now, instead, he was on the run all his life. The victim wants nothing to do with this and he is no longer a threat.

  • kroq

    @ dundies
    I don’t condone rape, and like I wrote, I do not agree with her stance. She should not have signed the petition. Art does not excuse rape nor is it above the law.
    I just don’t agree with the mentality that anyone who signed that petition should be vilified. Portman is by no means an immaculate human being, but her support for Polanski doesn’t nulligy the other good things she promotes in this world. Does it taint her? Sure. Is it hypocritical? Sure. Am I just as evil for being nonchalant about this issue? Well crucify me.

  • Anakin


    Mainly due to the SW movies, after that she really hasn’t done anything profitable, and I’m a big fan of hers.

  • dundies

    wheres the justice in running? you sir are just as cowardly as Polanski

  • @Anakin

    Check the numbers for V for Vendetta and her other films. They don’t base their numbers on one movie but on all of them.

  • dundies

    @ kroq

    i agree completely

  • @23

    He was not running, he was cooperating and making deals, that is how it works, it is when they backed out after they made the deal, he escaped. Leave him alone. It is way too late to punish him anyway, everyone forgot about this including the victim, she said she does not want any part of this.

  • jessalyn

    no, You’re wrong. Judges can absolutely reject the terms of a plea. While it is rarely done, it is understood that they approve sentencing, and are well within their rights to reject a plea which is only a recommendation. Either way, the man flew the country and has escaped justice for 30 years. As for the victim, if she wanted him to be sentenced to the death penalty would her desires be carried out? It’s the state versus Polanski not the victim. My other question is why are we viewing him as no longer a threat? He’s old?

  • @27

    In that case Polanski was misinformed by his attorneys. If the deal was made and than rejected, than the plea should have been thrown out. If it does not work that way, than it is a sad state of affairs. He agreed to the plea only bc of the deal. I am sure that if he knew how it would turn out, he would have never agreed to the plea. And, to this day, we are only relying on this plea, but DO NOT REALLY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. He should be left alone, the are real criminals out there that the prosecution should concentrate on and protect the innocent not in this case when the victim is not interested in pursuing this. It is a technicality now, no more than that.

  • the excutioner

    love her look! very classy!

  • riri

    I love her. She is smart, educated and beautiful= perfect.
    I completely disagree with her and Polanski should pay for the horrible thing he did.
    Nevertheless, she has a right for her opinion, and she is one league above all the other actresses today, so hats off to her.

  • lexy

    It’s so nice to see real and respectable actresses on this site once in a while!

  • Anakin

    Natalie’s really stepped in it lately with her ‘recession is exciting” and now signing the petition to free Polanski.

  • lalalove

    Very refreshing to see different faces on here. She’s gorg.

  • sotruetoo

    Stunning beauty, so talented, so graceful, such a delight to see.

  • rebecca

    Love her. She is the tops.

  • me

    Beautiful skin and love her make up.

  • rosie

    Go hug a paedophile, you b*tch.

    Anyone who supports this b*tch is either a downright moron or they actually support the anal rape of children. Say what you want about some judge, but Polanski confessed to a) getting a child drunk, b) getting a child high, and then c) raping her.

  • chris23

    Lovely, as always.

  • rachel

    Polanski did not confess to anything, he made a deal and the other side backed out of it. If Polanski was not offered a deal, he would have never said anything and you would never know to bitch about it. We don’t even know if he did anything, he made a deal, that does not mean he did it.

  • @rosie

    Stop hiding under other names and hide under a rock, yes YOU VOR, so called Voice of Reason. You defend Rachel Bilson and do not deserve any attention. You are a retarded loser just like your midget retarded favorite star on JJ. This is a Natalie Portman thread for people who understand beauty, talent, intelligence and other quality NP possesses and RB never will. You are too sick to comment on anyone else but loser RB. You are jealous of NP and you should be. I am sure NP knows something we don’t since she signed the petition. RB would sign it too but know one would let her near big stars and she can’t read.

  • lexy

    Do any of you REALLY believe she condones rape?? Do you see her hiring an attorney or speaking out for those wackos in CA who held that girl hostage & raped her in a tent in back of their house?? Was she one of the neighbors that sat back and didn’t report them or even think it was odd that a young girl came to live with a family out of the blue and slept outside for several years?? No those weren’t Natalie’s neighbors those were your neighbors!

  • melissa

    NP was very uncomfortable receiving fan mail from older men when she was in her early teens after she played in Professional. I am sure she knows why she signed this petition, she is a very intelligent woman and there are a lot of others in HW who signed it. I am sure she knows more than her critics.

    BTW, love the look and happy smile. Glad she is busy.

  • Anakin

    @rosie/lexy -

    You really are pathetic, RB would sign it too??, there really is no defence for signing that petition, and NP wasn’t even born when the rape occurred, so how would she know something we don’t. Has she been in contact with RP’s lawyer? HW is doing what HW always does, looking after their own.

    Yeah if RB signed the petition you’d be all over her, but since NP signed it, it’s OK. You’re such a hypocritical dingus, please get someone to put back on the straitjacket you miraculously got out of and go back to your well padded room.

  • jessica

    She looks so elegant and classy, as always *-*

  • ?

    Anakin please, you will discuss again? what you want? say that bilson is better than Natalie? She is not! If you want to discuss, go to post on the idiot bilson, not spoil a post about someone so smart talking about shit like bilson.

  • melissa


    RB is mentally challenged, who would want her next to their name? Are you completely insane, who in HW would want RB on their team, she is an embarrassment, she is uneducated, stupid and has no talent and no work and no prospect of any work. She has never done anything respectable, she is a TV show reject. She is an ugly midget and a desperate for attention JJ star.

  • melissa

    Natalie is gorgeous.

  • paula

    Gorgeous as always like many of you i dont agree with her in signing that petition to free him, my motto is if you cant do the time dont do the crime, he shouldnt have done it. He shouldnt have done it and he should pay for his actions i dont care who he is a movie director brad pitt a homeless person they need to pay. And be locked up because how in the world can you do that to a person, you must be sick. I still like her and appreciate all her good deeds her opnion on this matter wont make me dislike her. But then again i am a hyprorite because if it was another person in HW i might stop liking them based on this but because its her i still like her. And like you guys say IN NO WAY IS RACHEL BILSON BETTER THAN NATALIE PORTMAN. Thats like comparing Meryl Streep to Audrina Partridge they just dont compare.

  • paula

    ohh and question for you guys, who else has signed this petition?

  • Gasol16

    RB is mentally challenged. What Natalie does in her personal life is her own damn business. Signing a petition is not a crime and do we really know the whole story on Polanski? No! People just want to bash Natalie or find a good reason to b/c they could not find anything before.

    Riddle me this. Most actors study Hamlet. I doubt if RB even understands the play Hamlet and let alone spell Hamlet! Do we ever see RB doing anything cultured such as going to a play or opera? NO! It is all her being pressed out doing mundane tasks shopping, eating, and walking down the street flashing her bling bling engagement ring. Or attendending fashion shows. Big whoop! The girl is really do so much with her life. NOT! I bet she paid friends or tutors to do her homework for her in high! The only reason she actually graduated from high school! The girl seems to slide by the seat of her pants and has everything handed to her. She has admitted and bragged she get’s everything she wants.

    I wish people would stop bringing this stupid midget Rachel in the mix and stop comparing her to Natalie. Rachel is mentally retarded and has the brain compacity of my cat who walks around looking stupid all the time. I think even my cat is smarter then Rachel. Stop comparing a rocket scientist with a mentally challanged girl!