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Rachel Bilson Has Family Fun

Rachel Bilson Has Family Fun

Rachel Bilson goes shopping at Target for Halloween gear with half sister Hattie Bilson, stepmother Heather Medway and toddler half sister Rosemary Bilson in search of a costume and other items on Tuesday (October 6) in Glendale, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress has been cast in the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, it was reported last week. Also on the episode will be Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn.

On Monday, Rachel was spotted at the modern office building Tribeca West in Santa Monica, Calif.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson having family fun…

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rachel bilson has family fun 01
rachel bilson has family fun 02
rachel bilson has family fun 03
rachel bilson has family fun 04
rachel bilson has family fun 05
rachel bilson has family fun 06
rachel bilson has family fun 07
rachel bilson has family fun 08
rachel bilson has family fun 09
rachel bilson has family fun 10
rachel bilson has family fun 11
rachel bilson has family fun 12
rachel bilson has family fun 13

Photos: Famepictures, WENN
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  • ocsethummer

    The paparazzi actually stalk underground car parks waiting for celebs in the USA?
    Surely this had to e a tip off!

  • hello

    it was

  • lexy

    Of course they don’t. They were tipped off. She’s not Britney Spears or Jennifer Aniston – they don’t wait outside her house and follow her around. Nor do they hang around the local underground parking lot at Target.

    She should be looking for an “actress” costume for halloween.

  • cicy

    She’s soooooo pretty!
    I mean, look @ pix#3!!!! She’s just flawless!
    Love her

  • whizbang

    @ The 28-year-old actress has been cast in the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother….

    Where would BilPooo be without “NEPOTISM”?
    Who would ever dare to cast her who is not only undeniably a whacktress but also who looks like a person with w/ “mental disturbance & special attention needs”!

  • Nats

    @cicy: No, she looks like a druggie. She looks waxy & haggard with racoon eyes

  • sophie

    Well she doesn’t look healthy, for sure. Been thinking she hasn’t looked healthy for a while now, like, peaky, sort of washed out. Hope she’s ok but what’s up with Hattie, Rosemary’s a cute baby, has Heather’s looks.

  • Rachel

    I love her!!!!

  • liz

    Can anyone explain why Rachel is the only artist who is receiving attention because of NY, I Love You? Neither Natalie Portman who acted, directed and wrote a part of this movie is not getting attention.

  • Whoever

    She is really pretty, but I agree that she do look off a little. It just look like she haven’t had a good amount of sleep lately

  • liz

    people who enter in this site think that NY, I Love You stars just Rachel.

  • Ashley

    Love her!!!

  • Elle

    I think shes gorgeous. He hair looks lovely. Its been a while since shes been looking nice.

  • mimi

    Rachal has nothing going and will be going for her because she can’t act. I watched Jumper recently and that girl couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. She should just stick to TV.

    And why is she even photographed when she’s hardly in any movie or tv show? She tips off pappz so she can stay in the limelight so people will not forget her.

  • helmi

    Where’s Hayden gone? I would love more pics of him with or without Rachel.

  • sotruetoo

    she looks like a dumb cow, can’t stand her, her inability to act and trashy way to dress and speak

  • Black Mamba

    Oh Yes!!! Let’s get’s the little sister Hattie out Halloween shopping and using her up media wh*ring one again. Pretending like she will be this great mother. Only when the camera is on her! Of course she was papped and they were paid quite well to come even inside of Target. Not most paparazzi are allowed in stores like that. She obviously allowed them. She is not pretty at all! She is retched and pathetic. If, he is so beautiful then why is she relying on media wh*ring? Their is your first clue Sherlocks.

    She is carrying the stupid kiddie Darth Vader key chain around. Is she going to incourage Hattie to dress up like Darth Vader then? And, that will be the next press paparazzi driven session on Halloween day! God! This woman is the most vapid and shallow attention seeker I have ever seen. She is worse then Heidi and Spencer! At least Heidi and Spencer look great and support each other and show affection towards each other.

  • Black Mamba

    @ Liz,
    The reason Rachel is getting all this attention for NYILY is b/c of this. Natalie is an A-lister actress an director. She does not need to pap or sell herself out. Rachel on the other hand is the former OC reject trying to sell herself out. I know. It hardly seems fair does it? Natalie Portman is so much more worthy of the attention.

  • http://deleted lisa

    whats wrong with her hair?btw when is she getting married?

  • @19

    She is getting married in the fall or summer of 2010. That only means that not only she is a desperate loser but her future husband as well. BTW, they are practically married. Pitiful HC and his midget.

  • lisa

    @justjared you mention rachel bilsons sisters name and when adam brody is with megan fox at the red carpet ,you forget his name. you are awsome,god bless you.i still come here for an adam brody sighting ,but get disappointed,thats ok,he is not a media made star ,he has enough talent to make on his own.but treating rachels siss as celebs,i have to comment.god bless u and your jens body may be a flop but critics are saying adam is the best part about the movie,unlike jumper where everyone told rachel was the weekest link.

  • rick

    She is promoting NYILY? She is the most irrelevant actor there with the smallest part! HAS SHE NO SHAME? I am not surprised, this loser will resort to anything, she is shameless. Go hide in Canada, talentless midget. You are a housewife not an actress.

  • lol

    you girls are just jealous that she is with hayden, has great taste in clothes and is not a fat hag like you

  • lexy

    #23 – speak for yourself…Nothing to be jealous of

    Frankly if I’m going to waste my time being jealous – I’ll try to be jealous of someone who has something going for them – like fashion – well Victoria Beckham’s got taste and a FINE a$$ man on her arm – then there’s Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry – again – great fashion, successful career, great guy….(Halle, Angie and Kate have Oscars too).

    I’m sorry your friends tease you and call you names but if YOU’RE a fat hag put down the cheetos, step away from the computer and get to the gym!

  • lexy

    BTW, nice try Anakin. As I mentioned, I post in many different threads so I kind of know what’s what around here and I know it’s you.
    If you’e not up for the gym, you can take a cold shower and play with your “lightsaber” while you think of how great Rachel is and how you wish you were HC and hitting that!

  • Anakin


    You are a full fledged moron, this is my first post on this thread, you delusional freak. Your lame attempt at insulting me when I haven’t even posted yet is proof enough you’ve probably been committed more than once and the real question here is how the he11 do you keep getting out?
    And maybe you’re the one who should be heading to the to slim down that fathead of yours!

  • Anakin


    You are a full fledged moron, this is my first post on this thread, you delusional freak. Your lame attempt at insulting me when I haven’t even posted yet is proof enough you’ve probably been committed more than once and the real question here is how the he11 do you keep getting out?
    And maybe you’re the one who should be heading to the gym to slim down that fathead of yours!

  • Hank & Frank

    @@19: Man, how dumb is that dude then? Why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk for free already? Seriously man, Hayden, listen up, don’t make it legal man, she will fleece you, shear you like a sheep. Just keep milking the b****, keep her sweet but don’t sign your life over. You marry, you lose coz the gain is all hers.

  • ; )

    Sigh, I am insanely jealous of tall, slender dark skin women. Don’t see why any right mind gal can be jealous of RB? Lol. What girl want to be a stumpy leg plain jane when there be so many stunning women out there who make us all green eye with their beautiful look.

  • http://Justjared Thornhill ontario

    Ooooooh. This is def a tip-off. She probably picked up the phone & called them herself.

    Where’s the infamous engagement ring??? It seems that she selectively wears it.

  • sotruetoo

    I admit, I am really jealous of this!!!!

    HA HA HA

  • Marieme

    @cicy: #4

    Can it, Jared!

  • sotruetoo

    that is what Hayden Christensen fell in love with.

    she is truly “flawless” or more like a defect!

  • ick

    She looks like Liv Tyler’s dad. But Liv turned out soft and pretty looking. lol Why is her hair two totally different colors? The bottom half is red and the top half is dark and it’s not even blended?

  • 2 sotruetoo

    Lol, that’s one scruffy little mongrel for sure. The dog is kinda cute, tho, but like the engaged one, MIA. Let’s hope she’s been spayed n all.

  • sotruetoo

    Just saw her on Craig Ferguson, it was a disaster, she was dumber than usual, so ridiculous OMG what a retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trevise

    @ #5
    Yah nothing really spectacular about that… even the likes of the dreadful Parisite Hilton gets to bagged a guest stint in Supernatural.
    TV shows opting for these reality-TV & gossip tards truly hits the low-down these days.

  • Voice of reason

    I hope people do know that the links are from last year

  • Voice of reason

    Sorry for the double post but 35/36 little boxes on the hill side, little boxes made off ticky tack, little boxes on the hill side and they all look just the same.

  • sharon

    @lexy: That’s a good idea for her go as an actress and you must have really got to Anakin because they double posted LOL ,keep up with the comments !!!

  • lexy

    Poor Craig…having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for guests on his show. This whole week seems like bottom of the barrel folks – except for Julia Luis Dreyfus and Gerard Butler and Sophia Bush. He may need to call it a day.

    Anakin is over in the Natalie Portman forum insulting her.

    Yes those pics are from last year and I agree – she’s just out walking her dog – she doesn’t need to glam up to do that.

    Unless of course you’re tipping off the paps and want to look upset when they show up (and THINK you look cute). As with Target and almost everywhere else she shows up – the paps aren’t taking pics of her at local celeb hang outs nor are they stalking her house like Britney or even Kate Gossling. These pics aren’t of her at say Fred Segal or another famous spot. They’re odd ball places that if a pap wanted to get paid – he wouldn’t be unless told to be there.

  • sotruetoo

    After watching Crag Ferguson I am convinced beyond any doubt that Rachel Bilson is SERIOUSLY mentally challenged and needs to be on medication.

  • sotruetoo

    And this is really what RB looks like when the stylist is not paid.

  • sophie q

    @sotruetoo: Craig had to work very hard to pitch his intelligence at her level, she was clearly struggling to understand his wit. Yep, it’s official, she’s dumber than a thanksgiving turkey!

  • sophie q

    @lexy: We all know she tips them off. I’m with Daniel Radcliffe on this, they need to know where you are to be there.

  • liz
  • lol

    she was booring. trying to be funny by repeating what craig said. how lame.
    her voice makes me want to shove hot pokers in my ears.

    she cant even talk right. she seems mentally “slow” not saying to be mean but she does come off as mildly retarded. she rumbles words together. not articulate at all.

    she comes off as rude at some points also.

    lol she doesnt like she probably doesnt understand it.

    outted her as being al quida? why joke bout that? this girl is sick. so out of touch from reality. her reality consists of puppies,love,money,shopping,makeup,photos,peace, lollypops,rainbows.

    did you se the nyily clip? gez she is horrible!! does she ever change her voice? charcter? does she understand these r characters NOT herself?!

  • lol

    rb: “hahahha anyway”

    she keeps rudely reacting to craig. saying “anyway”

  • lakers fan in boston

    her and her sister, the one in the blue, if they r actually sisters, really look alike
    not the best pics of rachel but it’s nice 2 no she spends time with her family =]

  • Here we go again

    Lexy, you go girl!