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Kate Gosselin: Mommy Skit on Jay Leno Show!

Kate Gosselin: Mommy Skit on Jay Leno Show!

Kate Gosselin pokes fun at her “mommy image” in a funny skit on Wednesday night’s Jay Leno Show.

Comedian Mikey Day and his JMZ crew play paparazzi for the day and catch the 34-year-old reality TV mama on camera in a grocery store parking lot.

Kate jokingly scolds them, saying, “Seriously, I am exhausted. Leave me alone. Hey, what did Mommy say? I asked you to stop taking pictures and you continued.”

Check out the skit below!

Kate Gosselin: Mommy Skit on Jay Leno Show!
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  • rhonda

    That’s what her poor children listen to all the time! Normal, Kate. She is desperate for another 15 minutes. Run, Jon!

  • Brooke

    hahah nice to see she can laugh at herself. That was actually pretty funny

  • ava rose

    wow. she LOVES being on TV

  • Linda

    Love it. She is funny. I do feel bad for the terrible things that Jon is putting his family through.

  • Lizzy

    I love Jay leno. What a good sport Kate was for doing that

  • cheap links of london

    hahah nice to see she can laugh at herself.
    Very beautiful!

  • mel

    hahaha yay for Kate!! :]

  • m

    lol that was pretty good.

  • g!na

    ha! she was a good sport! she’s never going to go away from the camera, though! I hope Jon eats sh*t! How could he take money from the mouths of his children? Tool!

  • sarah

    Haha! That was funny! I love it!

  • nikomilinko
  • minakr

    she’s smart blonde thief

  • ha

    how is this cute or funny? get off the tv kate.!

  • jo

    I was really disappointed to see Jay using Kate on his show. She must have used her Oprah connections on this one for her PR people to improve her image…they really are working overtime. Im not buying. I LOVED

  • jo

    ….Wanda Sykes… a truly talented, intelligent woman and star who doesnt use her kids for fame or money. Im so sick of the Gosselins. Seriously.

  • jo

    @Lizzy: Kate got paid BIG money for it and got a major credit on her appearance resume for it as well. This was a PR move by her handlers to boost her image and exposure for the new show and probably a new book coming out soon.

  • http://? fay

    FUNNY!!! I liked it!

  • veingelina Jolie

    That was kinda cute!

  • liverwurst

    @jo: So then stop posting on them and move on.

  • prizi

    I love Kate!!!! I loathe Jon, his pics make me want to puke.

  • Paula

    Why isn’t this woman home with her “devastated” kids? Oh, wait, Kate will do anything for publicity.

  • lexy

    Ugh! I can’t believe Leno would encourage this loser to continue with her publicity “tour”. I wish child services would investigage her and Jon. BOTH are pathetic losers who see their kids as meal tickets. Kate is worse b/c she’s so busy playing the victim – meanwhile it’s America that’s the victim of having to put up with her and Jon’s drama!

  • CJ

    If she was filming this, and Jon was in New York prepping for the twins’ birthday, who was back in PA with the kids?

    Oh, that’s right, their nanny.

    Kate’s PR people should bill her as “Not really a mommy, I just play one on tv.”

    Team KIDS.

  • Colleen

    Not funny….

  • tammy

    ha ha
    I think Kate should HIRE eight little asian kids and be a mom on a sitcom or drama
    Boy wouldn’t that get jon by the short hairs

  • Cat

    That was terrific and funny! Good for Kate. And good for her PR handlers, they know what they’re doing. She will continue to be on TV and in general do very well, while that sniveling slug will end up in the garbage where he belongs, and that I can’t wait to see!

  • mela

    Kate is a good sport and is really pretty. Good for her. She’s in showbusiness now guys, get used to it. That’s her career.

  • Nancy

    oh lighten up Kate haters. This was funny and just the comic relief the whole Jon media mediocre hollywood tour needed. Now if she could just stick a pacifier in Jon’s mouth and shut him up…….

  • jenni

    love it!! any woman who can go through what she is, and still laugh at herself in front of millions has my vote!! kate, you have supporters out there — ty for reminding us why we love you so much!

  • Carson O. Jen

    I’m praying she gets cancer.

  • prole burgher

    Boy,there’s no underestimating the intelligence of the uneducated American sheeple. Stupid and proud of it.

  • Khates Fake Cans

    CNN poll: Do you care about Kate Gosselin and her “money problems?”
    NO—— 67 %

  • just so you know…

    This was filmed when she was in L.A. a couple months ago.

  • Jan


    “Ugh! I can’t believe Leno would encourage this loser to continue with her publicity “tour”.
    Read more:

    Doesn’t matter if you can’t believe encourage Kate. He did. Certainly beats the paps behavior ala Jon.

  • Jan

    @Carson O. Jen:

    You need to see a doctor.

  • Jessie


  • Ashley

    I feel bad for everyone. Maybe pulling the plug on the show was the best idea not for the sake of children but for the parents. Being on the media, and having all that money w/o working for it probably changed their perspective in life. And now they feel like the media has to get involved in every single aspect of their lives, even airing out their dirty laundry in public like that. Kate going back to being a nurse and Jon going back to doing whatever he was doing before they became “infamous” will restore some order in their lives. I hope they come out strong in the end.

  • lexy

    Kate treated Jon like crap and then wondered why he left/cheated on her. Duh?? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by some of her fans – a lot of angry bitter man haters out there.

    I wouldn’t say she’s in showbiz – I mean do consider K-Fed “in” showbusiness??

    Britney Spears puts her kid’s car seat in wrong & runs a red light and social services is knocking at her door. This couple has abandoned their kids to have a public brawl and the state of PA thinks that’s fine.

  • Joanne

    There is nothing funny about this, because she is like this with her CHILDREN! How scared those kids must be when the witch it around. She is a famewhore whose only goal is to be filthy rich at the expense of ANYONE who gets in her way. Her kids are being used by her.

  • rhonda

    you only think its funny, if you’ve never watched the show. she wasn’t acting, thats was Kate

  • Shelly_2

    @Carson O. Jen:

    Wow. You know about karma, right? You’ll be thinking of that when YOU get cancer or someone you know and love dies. Idiot.

  • Shelly_2

    Show me ONE mother that doesn’t lose it at some point? I have a look that I give to my kids and they know that’s it – they need to stop whatever they’re doing. You must not have children to think that by yelling and using a tone is bad. I do agree that the kids are being used but they’re being used by BOTH and if Jon wants to mediate so badly, maybe he should stop talking out of both sides of his mouth and trashing Kate on TV. I loved how Nancy Grace put him in his place.

  • Eva

    FUNNY! Loved it!

  • sberry

    That was pretty funny:)

  • nasi

    that was funny …lol

  • nasi

    that was funny …lol

  • nasi

    that was funny …lol

  • flo

    TLC probably urged her fo do it after she was voted by HLN as the biggest hypocrite after her weeping on the Today show that she cant feed her kids and then describing the new 8 diamond ring she was gonna buy.

  • flo

    @rhonda: yes but after that little piece now she can afford to feed her kids

  • kitty

    Funny. Love her on TV. Jon not so much. Quit the entertainment tonight PVR. He needs to go away.