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Michael Jackson's Karate Kids

Michael Jackson's Karate Kids

Michael Jackson‘s kids and a few of their friends brush up on their martial arts during a karate class in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 7).

Prince Michael I, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II (a.k.a. “Blanket”), 7, all wore or carried their karate uniforms after class. Prince was spotted wearing a cap and carrying a MacBook. Blanket was seen getting a piggyback ride out of class!

10+ pictures inside of Michael Jackon‘s karate kids…

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  • ********

    Cute kids! I hope things get better for them

  • veingelina Jolie

    Bet they enjoy not wearing a mask out in public.

  • Shannon

    I thought that nanny Grace was gone?

  • fifa

    never saw the kids before michael that he is gone i susspect we’ll be seeing alot more of these kids.shame on the grandfather for always turning everything into a circus.

  • **Jamie**

    see this is why Michael Jackson hid his kids all the time. As soon as they are exposed everyone is taking photos of them. I guarantee you that these photos will end up on the front of a tabloid magazine this week.

    Poor kids hope they can grow up normal to some extent

    all Michaels kids are beautiful, hope Debbie doesnt get custody

  • Mj,best entertainer that lived

    They look happy. I hope that they will be left alone by the tabloids.
    Omer Bhatti is with the kids, that’s good… he’s older and can stand by the kids.

    Love MJ

  • mad

    they are going to be seriously attractive when they’re older…
    RIP MJ

  • louisa

    There has always been pictures of the kids. It’s just that their faces were hidden by masks 95% of the time.

  • kim

    Beautiful kids =)

  • ummahyk

    omg,blanket has michael’s eyes and hair,he’s gonna be a beauty!

  • Cin

    Prince and Paris wore blue how cute. BTW Prince looks hot.

  • Cin

    Blanket is so cute :)

  • http://justjared love the king

    Those kids are beautiful Blanket = Michael it’s scary .

    But they are not celebrities I don’t get why the paps bother them .

    It’s time to leave them alone .

  • anne

    Beautiful kids.
    Blanket is the sweetest.

  • H.G

    Aaaw, Blanket is a cutie. I never thought Paris resembled Michael much before, but now I see their bone structure is similar. I hope they’re settling well in their new life.

  • jdub

    they are very good looking kids! even tho Michael had them hidden, its seems like he raised them very well. They need to leave these kids alone tho, so they can live the rest of their lives as normal as possible. RIP Michael Jackson

  • Karen

    Blanket has Micheal’s looks!

  • betty Crocker

    I hate to say this, but now it seems after MJ’s passing, these kids are leading a normal life. Prince with his baseball cap looks a regular pre-teen and all and Blanket is so adorable, but he still needs a haircut.

  • Caroline

    I’m happy to see them and to see that they are doing good.
    but Michael tried soo hard to put away his kids from the paps. Please leave them alone. They just want a normal life.
    they are very cute.

  • dawn

    These kids only wore masks when they were out with Michael Jackson because he knew how the media worked and he was trying to protect them from what we’re seeing now. Every other day there’s a new set of photos of them. They are not celebrities. At least the paparazzi are maintaining a respectable distance from them now, which they didn’t when they were with Michael.

  • Posh

    They are very attractive kids, and agree that Blanket looks the most like Michael (May he RIP), I can’t imagine having to cope with life after losing my only parent, you can also see that Michael’s “secret son” Omer Bhatti is out with them also, hope they are well.

    Also I think the reason Michael had them wear masks was to hide the faces so eventually they would be able to go out normally and no one would no those were his kids.

  • Jen

    cute kids

  • autumnm

    Well for everyone saying they will have normal lives now, do u honestly think it’s normal to have papz in your face all the time following you? That’s not normal. The kids aren’t famous and MJ protected them the best way he could. Besides, people love to exaggerrate about the mask thing. I’ve seen MANY pics of the kids out with MJ before without the masks. I’ve seen them at Borders, Barnes & Nobles, In Vegas and other places with Michael and they had no mask on. They only wore it once in a while when they were out and the older they got, the less and less they wore it.

    Either way, the kids are so cute! I LOVE Blanket. Blanket, Nahla, Angelina’s kids and Suri are the cutest celeb kids if you ask me!

  • Leti

    See this is the reason why MJ hid their face!!!

  • Leti

    See this is the reason why MJ hid their face!!!

  • juniper

    They look like good kids.

  • T

    I agree with what everyone is saying about how MJ wanted to protect his children’s identity. We never saw these kids’ faces as much as we do now that he’s gone. I hope they grow up and lead healthy normal lives.

    RIP MJ. I MISS YOU!! <3

  • meh

    oh cut out with the “Yay no more masks”, “finally a normal life” crap. this is the media-brainwashed world we live in. these people DO have lives and relationships with each other, when the cameras are NOT turned on them. the dangling, the masks are just a SMALL FRACTION of their lives we see. just because you see them out for a few seconds, doesn’t mean that’s ALL that happens in their lives.

    they wore masks so pap & BUSYBODIES who have to right to look & criticize children who aren’t celebrities/public figures in their own right, cannot see. they wore them to be protected from US & the wolf pack paparazzi! when the pap & intrusive gaze of media/public are GONE, of course they’re leading their own lives.

    just how many of us lead “normal” lives ourselves? none of us non-celebrities have problems with marriage, school, work, drugs, money, career, health etc etc?

    it’s easy to be high and might picking the Jacksons apart, isn’t it?

  • Kate

    Everyone bagged on MJ for covering his kids…but this is exactly why it was so smart. When they DID go out without their father, as friends and family have said, without their father no one knew who they were or recognized them. Now that the whole world knows what they look like photographers stalk them all the time. He knew what was best for his kids and he was right….

  • Sheri

    It’s nice to see Michael’s kids doing normal kid stuff. Also nice to see their nanny back with them. The court report said they are doing well with their grandmother and, if these pictures are any indication, that appears to be the case.

  • Joey

    the love blanket and the masks were so people DIDNT know what they looked like.

  • Sabine

    I agree:these kids are beautiful, especially Blanket.They look happy and healthy.God bless them.

  • Michael Jackson fan

    Very cute kids!
    I think that Omer Bhatti look gorgeous, just like Michael jackson ;)
    All the siblings are together, its very nice too see :)
    Hope that they are feel good!

  • nico

    God bless them! Their father was great and he loved them more than everything! He shouldn’t have died, but he’ll live forever in their hearts, as well as in ours! Love you forever, MJ!

  • caitlyn

    Don’t care what no one says. those kids are his. Blanket is identical to michael. He’s got the signature Jackson nose!! I love it! And prince is one good looking boy….. Superfine when he gets older. The kids are beautiful so they must be michael’s.

  • Sunshine

    I agree they are all very beautiful kids. Paris and Prince also seem very mature for their age. Blanket is just gorgeous and it is good they have the same nanny who evidently is very good with them.

  • lyla

    this is why michael jackson hid their faces, now people can criticize them and follow them everywhere they go
    poor kids
    i just hope theyre okay
    they are gorgeous though, and blanket is mini michael :P
    r.i.p. mj

  • http://justjared love the king

    How can people criticize Michael for hiding his kids from the media?

    The media has always been assholes with him bashing him for everything from his face to they way he dressed and making out false lies about him HE WAS THE BIGGEST STAR EVER .

    People were always on his business not to say on his dick 99.9% percent of the time so of course he protected his kids from the madness around him allowing them to have their privacy and normal kids lives not like other celebrities which names I won’t mention (Brad and Angelina) sorry I couldn’t help myself .

  • G-D Kidd

    i love her necklace!!

  • KIm

    They are wonderful and beautiful kids…seem like they are now adjusting to normal life…somehow, Michael’s death brought some good things on his children; being normal….they could now walk in the streets with kids like them without having to wear masks…THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, WONDER WHY MICHAEL HAS TO HIDE THEIR FACES?

    He should be proud of them instead of hiding them….anyways, hope that they are happy, loved and being taken cared of…

  • coppelina

    All the kids look like MJ to me, they all have something.Even Omer has MJ’s hands!
    I hope they are happy.
    Miss you MJ

  • Cherubim

    Michael Jackson’s children are BEAUTIFUL.
    I know their father is watching over them from HEAVEN.
    God Bless them all.

  • All_that

    cute kids, and he ONLY let them wear masks when a bunch of paparazzi were standing their way.

  • jaye

    D*amn there are some seriously stupid people on here. The kids don’t look like Michael; THEY ARE NOT BIOLOGICALLY HIS KIDS! I assume some of you don’t know what that means. H*ell even Michael didn’t look like Michael. He’s dead, the kids aren’t and they’re being exposed to the real world. It’s not a perfect world, but neither was the world Michael kept them in. Why should the paps leave them alone, they don’t leave any other celebrity’s kids alone. That’s just life; you take the good with the bad.

  • http://justjared @40 and 44

    You are both idiots SHAME ON YOU.

  • http://justjared Nikki


    Lets take off you ” BLACK AND WHITE” glasses for just a second. Lets forget about the light skin and straight hair for a bit. Look at Blankets FEATURES and the Michael’s as a LITTLE BOY. THEY ARE IDENTICAL. MIchael was a child star. He has enough pictures on the internet as a child. Then look at Blankets ( just remember to take of your ” WHITE” glasses) u will see the resemblance.

    “rolls eyes” people are so stuck on colour . They just cant pass it. Its sickening. The child is the picture of Michael. I guess mariah Carey and Jennifer Beal from Flash dance cant be half black I guess. They have only WHITE features.

  • Jessa

    Wow, the blonde older boy Prince Michael is SO handsome ! And Paris is a beauty as well. Blanket would be cuter if he didn’t have that long messy hair. It is going to togh however to have birthdays and Christmas and receive no gifts. Michael lavished those kids with parties and presnts. But thei grandmother is a Jehovah’s Witness and they do NOT celebrate any of these things. I think that they are going to have a hard time with that.

  • lala

    @**Jamie**: your so right. he hid their faces for a reason, so ppl wouldn’t know what they looked like, and make fun of them like they made fun of him. he even said that he didn’t want ppl to call them ‘jacko’ when they saw them….ppl dont seem to understand the kids did NOT were masks all the time, only when they could be recognized i.e. when they were out with Michael. they wore no masks when they were out with their nanny. ppl act like the kids were uncomfortable with the masks, they weren’t their smart kids they knew the craziness their dad had to endure so they wore masks when with him. plus they were the ones who picked out every mask they wore so im pretty sure they were comfortable. and you dont have to worry bout Debbie getting custody not only does she not want it, their grandma already has full custody ;)

  • clay

    @**Jamie**: It was brilliant on Michael’s part to have the kids wear masks when they were out with him. Then when they were not with him, they would not have to wear the mask. That way people never knew who they were and they could enjoy their lives just like anyone else. Now look at this. They are continuously photographed.

  • tyr


    um prince is in no way blonde. that blond hair he had when he was little was a dye job. his hair is DARK brown, it just looks lighter in the pictures because of the sun