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Suri Cruise is a Pellegrino Pee Wee

Suri Cruise is a Pellegrino Pee Wee

Suri Cruise drinks some Pellegrino water while spending time with her mom, Katie Holmes, and dad, Tom Cruise, on the set of Wichita on Thursday (October 8) in Boston, Mass.

Tom, 47, filmed some stunt scenes and performed some acrobatic moves!

If you missed it, you have to check out Suri, 3, wearing a cute ruffled skirt yesterday!

FYI: Katie is wearing Nobody denim’s boyfriend jean in Grinder.

25+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise, the Pellegrino pee wee…

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suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 01
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 02
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 03
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 04
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 05
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 06
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 07
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 08
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 09
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 10
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 11
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 12
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 13
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 14
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 15
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 16
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 17
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 18
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 19
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 20
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 21
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 22
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 23
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 24
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 25
suri cruise katie holmes pellegrino pee wee 26

Credit: PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • lips,tits & ass

    Pretty kid.

  • pellegrino

    Fine choice of beverage, kid.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    I love tom cruise he is a great actor suri is so cute oh and just jared made a mistake suri is already 3 her b-day is april 18

  • faith faith

    Suri is 3 1/2

  • Suri’s stimming again!!!

    Now that child not only isn’t cute, but she looks rough in some of these snap shots.
    And Pellegrino for children? These Sci-no are just amazing.

  • nyob

    She is so pretty, but she looks nothing like him. When they did that vanity fair cover there seemed to be such a resemblance but not at all now.

  • Chris

    These two desperate people pimp out their kid every day. Bet they hired a pr to get her image out in th media every day.

  • Pee Wee

    This pee wee brat looks more like her puggy mother.

  • g!na

    Suri is so pretty & stylish!

  • Shurly

    Everybody is wearing a big coat but her… so is it chilly or not ?

  • Nay

    I hope he gets face planted. (:< Much better view then.

  • susan

    They seem happy…

    OT: dang.. Tom wears his jeans too tight. I hate when guys wear those skin tight jeans.. especially if they are more buffed. Daniel Craig does it too.. just something unsexy about it.. yuck

  • dani

    As usual, Katie is fashion challenged. Does she have any clue how to dress. She looks like a major dork in the beanie. Torn jeans are for the younger set, and the sweater leeches the color out of her–very bad color for her skin tone.

  • rainbow

    ^^Katie is 30. I’ve seen plenty of actresses who are older than her wearing ripped jeans. Kate Beckinsale, Reese Witherspoon, and Halle Barry to name a few. Do you think they are dressing too young for their age?

  • lolly

    suri has a lovely smile. the 3rd pic is so pretty.

  • Halli

    Are kids supposed to be drinking carbonated water?

  • Pooter


    This is mineral water! Much better for you than soda pop or juice.

    healthy mineral water for heavens sake Halli

  • dani


    Yes I do.

  • jasper

    suri is cute!!!!!

  • sooo

    shes so cute cant believe tom’s her dad

  • erlyn

    She is very pretty in pic #3. I think she looks like Katie in that one. :)

  • donna

    all of you loser…quit it! cant any of you be happy for once when you look at picture of happy family! get a life!!!!!!!

  • Two

    I completely agree, #12. I hate it when he wears tight jeans.

  • @Donna

    YOu mean look at this manufactured family of crazy as*s Cruise and his robotic wife with the pimped out princess pet?

    We’re happy, we’re happy. Gives us all a chance to show our mean and nasty sides. Can’t think of a better couple to sharpen our claws on.

    Get a life.

  • anja
  • cheezy_peanut

    Does the kid ever walk on her own? She is always being carried by Kate-bot.

  • lee

    little kids shouldn’t drink from glass bottles. too easy to hurt their teeth or to drop the bottle and have it break. that’s why they make plastic bottles or better yet, sippy cups.

  • Kristen’s Army

    i think those haters should just leave the family alone, they are just spending time together, it’s paps taking pics of suri, not really their fault …
    anyway, suri is cute.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    love photos of Katie Holmes, thanks JJ

  • leni77

    It’s not summer any more. Everyone is dressed properly except for this kid. She’s half naked. I don’t get it.

  • hehehehe
  • ummahyk

    i think Suri is very cute but she isn’t dressed properly for the weather,i mean look at Tom and Katy..they are dressed like..for winter

  • emma#2

    I think the 3 of them are beautiful, like what Katies’ wearing, sometimes Suri looks Tom other times Katie. Gorgeous little girl , full of character. As usual JJ NEVER shows the true pictures of Suri where she is so animated and happy . But there are other sites where you can enjoy her playfulness, animation and her beautiful little face .

  • Onz

    so grown up sipping on a 8.00 glass bottle of carbonated water. true sciento fashion for the adult suri housed in a soon to be four year old body. freaks.

    it is amusing to me that katy appears to be set on not making the same mistake that nicole did. gotta appreciate that katy, not even for a minute lets that little girl..oops i mean adult spirit… alone with tom’s sister or mom.

  • Mayberry

    Tom is WAY TOO OLD to be doing his own stunts!!! sheesh!

  • Susie q

    Why oh why does Katie conitnue to wear that bag on her head? Is it some sort of Scientology punishment from Xenon Tom?

  • Wow

    Just so much wrong with these photos……SO OBVIOUS that it is a planned photo-op by Crazy Tiny Titty Cruise. And what is wrong with that kid? Blank, far away, expression and where oh where is HER jacket and socks??? I just hate this family, would the circus please just go away!

  • Wow
  • me

    I just bought that same Gap dress for my daughter in brown! And I assume she was thirsty and one of her parents gave her their drink. Everyone does that. Or maybe it was the only thing on hand.

  • Suri’s stimming again!!!

    @me: No, Suri was about to stim, that’s why they gave her the bottler to suck to alleviate the symptoms. After that, it’s the baby blanket tucked in her mouth.

  • ISBN

    Haha Suri is almost as tall as “daddy!” but do you think she knows how to walk? Or is she like one of those pocketbook dogs that they just carry her around?

  • Two

    Why do you people persist on asking this silly and often-answered question, #26?

    Oh shut up and quit nit-picking, #27!

    Maybe you should actually know what the weather is like before complaining about her wardrobe, #32.

    He’s only in his forties, #35.

    Probably so, #39.

  • Lily
  • Donna brainless

    Donna # 24 – are you serious??? Normal Hollywood Power Couple, going about their daily life, is what it is. And Kate isnt in a black frigging gown to the stores, and Suri isn’t in Skulls and Bones and boy gear. I would say, as usual, the JP wacko’s on here are again, WISHING like hell, their “SuperHeros” (and don’t ask who they are, gee, just read this thread, anytime!) dressed like average Hollywood celebs do, and not, like the damn Adams Family. What do the JP’s wear On Halloween? I wonder.

  • danielle

    @ #44 Donna Brainless

    Why do you people constantly throw the JP’s into this thread? Are you threatened by them? Jealous of them?
    Totally have lost your minds? Explain to me why disliking TomKat means you must love the JP’s or Kidman. Did you ever think that some of us actually have disliked Tom because of his perceived (as put out by his media machine) personality? HIs blind devotion to a cult that really hurts people? Have you looked at the YouTube videos of him saluting like Hitler during the Sci-Fi awards ceremonies? Him ranting like a maniac about how Xenu’s are the only ones that can save the world? Did you ever think Katie is her own worst enemy? The vapid brainless spiels that come out of her mouth are an embarrassment to women everywhere.
    All of this has absolutely nothing to do with any other person/movie star/actor/actress/world refugee saver/world women saver/ ex-wives etc.
    Most people on this thread dislike TomKat because of who they are rather than because they might like another actor.
    You think Katie and Tom are a normal Hollywood couple? I don’t think so. The way they pimp that child out is awful. If she wasn’t distressed much of the time with the pap exposure that would be one thing, but they both totally ignore her signals. She is much better since All My sons, but she still has her moments. Most parents when their child is tired or upset, take her/him home. Not TomKat–they just allow her to continue being distressed. Great parenting. Now how does this have anything to do with the JP’s, Kidman, Afflecks or any other movie star? It has to do with looking at Katie and how she looks tired and stressed in the pictures much of hte time, looking at Tom go nuts in the videos, looking at a distressed Suri.
    Get a life

  • Mom of 3

    There are so many things wrong with these pictures, I don’t know where to begin.

    Anyone who is a parent knows you don’t hand a 3 year old a glass bottle. First of all, it could chip her teeth if she bumps it against her mouth too hard as little ones do. Secondly, if she drops it, she could get cut….and 3 year olds drop things alot. Next, everyone is dressed for the cool fall weather in the Northeast. Except Suri. Unbelievable. Then there’s the hair that looks to be so matted that it seems as if it hasn’t been combed in days! This is not normal messy hair on a kid! It’s MATS and that doesn’t happen overnight.

    The Cruise’s are the most incompetent, idiotic, clueless parents to ever have a child. I feel sorry for poor Suri. There’s not a chance in hell she will grow up normal.

  • CM83

    Don’t care what anyone says…..Tom is still HOT!

  • pr person

    Uggghh! Here we go again…another winter with this child not wearing a coat. People…. if the weather is cool enough for the parents to BOTH be in coats,the grandma to be in a coat and if the people working on set are in coats… then the CHILD should be in a coat. DUH!!


    MY nephew drinks carbonated water that he calls Bubbles…he loves it.
    Tom is not to old to do his own stunts when 65 year old Harrison Ford
    does his own stunts..But why does Tom do stunts by himself where
    is the criminal that he is chasing in MI movies they always showed who
    he was after… The great thing about Tom is that he adores his fans..
    and shows it…

  • Mom of 3

    This is to # 44 (Donna brainless). Wanted to add that I’m not a fan of the Jolie-Pitt’s either. Why assume something so stupid just because people are commenting on these pics? It makes no sense. Tomkat fans need to get a grip and realize that all is not right in Cruiseland.

    Also wanted to comment on # 42 (Two). What a nutcase!! Who is he/she to tell people to “shut up”?? This is an open site. Anyone can comment and we’re all entitled to our opinion. If you don’t like the comments, don’t read them. Another example of a crazy, overzealous Cruise fan. I think this family has the most insane, delusional fans in the world!! If those crazy fans think the Cruise’s are “normal” in any way or capable parents, I pity the fans children as much as I pity Suri.