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Katie Holmes Hits Nike Town

Katie Holmes Hits Nike Town

Suri Cruise wears a fun pair of ladybug rain boots while shopping at Nike Town with mom Katie Holmes and grandma Kathleen on Newbury Street in rainy Boston on Friday (October 9).

Katie, 30, is on the November 2009 cover of Elle. She admits that husband Tom Cruise often critiques her clothes. She shares, “Sometimes I’ll walk out and he’ll say, ‘I think that dress might be wearing you.’”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes hitting Nike Town…

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katie holmes nike town 01
katie holmes nike town 02
katie holmes nike town 03
katie holmes nike town 04
katie holmes nike town 05
katie holmes nike town 06
katie holmes nike town 07
katie holmes nike town 08
katie holmes nike town 09
katie holmes nike town 10
katie holmes nike town 11
katie holmes nike town 12
katie holmes nike town 13

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  • alex


  • poppy

    why is suri using a baby bottle. she’s way too old that!

  • zzz…

    three generations of boring women.

  • mary

    what ever happened with her brother’s embezzlement crimes? did tom pay them off?

  • Suri’s stimming again!!!

    Is autism contagious? Now even Katie the beard looks autistic.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest movies312

    I love tom and katie!!!!

  • VIDEO of Suri
  • Tell Me

    Why are they shopping again? A normal child wouldn’t find it interesting.

  • LuckyL

    …because Tom Cruise is a gay man?

  • LuckyL

    Snow, rain or shine–Katie’s gonna shop y’all!!

  • LuckyL

    And no one wonder she’s always dressed sh*tty.

  • Ma Belly

    Now,that is better. Suri has on tights. Boots. Sweater.
    Very good.

    Netxt time…Comb her hair.Use a brush.Use a scrunchy, ribbon.A barrete,something.

    Next,no more thin skirts.

    Cordory.Jean.Jumpers by Oshkosh,too cute.

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    I think Suri is very spoiled by her mother?? very boring!!

  • emma#2

    If everything is so boring , why do you bother to respond.
    gorgeous as always, nice to see Katie out and about with her mom.
    Little kids like going shopping eating out buying new things . The most important thing is , that Suri is with her mother most of the time, she is not left behind with a nanny. She spends her time on her parents sets , wherever they are, she is with them.
    Whether you like Tom and Katie, or not, they keep her close to them, unfortunately or fortunately, this their line of work, so they are trying to make the best of it.
    Any parent will appreciate the bond between them, only those who don’t have children will say something nasty.

  • AutumnM

    Suri is really such a cute girl, but really seems so spoiled. Most kids are spoiled, that’s true, but it’s just above and beyond with her. Something tells me that Suri is the one that rules that house. I’m sure Tom & Katie give in to her every wish.

  • p

    Tom’s girls are so lovely

  • twilight

    I love what Katie is wearing. She looks so chic and pretty even in her simplicity.

  • ?

    @ 15 are you The Father of the Universe that sees everything to judge their home or maybe a peeping Tom since you know it all to see the flaws of this kid and family.

  • jj thanks

    Good to see Katie’s mom with them. I respect this family a lot.
    Cant wait for Katie’s movie with Guy Pearce and her Elle Magazine.
    Looking forward for this action comedy that Tom is doing too.

  • beware of karma

    LuckyL please stick to your Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie threads. Is that what you learn from your idols Pitt and Jolie? homewrecking others????? You are on every Cruise family threads and pictures 24/7 much more than the fans. Your perfect role models Angelina and Brad will be worried your time and efforts are so divided.

  • JAJA!


  • bianca

    Is it me adorable Suri is looking like Tom these days?

  • cheyenne

    Katie looks great.

    I like picture number 2 of Suri.

  • huh

    watched the video that # 7 posted…..

    yuck… and grandmom allowed the brat to hang over the glass,,,,,the brat’s hair is hanging over where it should not be. If I had been behind them I would have said….hey- put your brat down.

  • 7ut~

    They’re darlings. Suri has an exquisite beauty thanks to her
    mom and dad.

  • iron chef

    love them

  • Suri’s stimming again!!!

    Particularly in the video, you can see her autistic symptom so very tail telling.

    And now I understand how Katie the beard is such a lousy mother, it must run in the family. You can see Katie’s mom held the unsanitary homeless looking brat up at the sneeze guard in the ice cream store.

    I always know that Katie Homely doesn’t have much education, yet I never knew her mom, as the wife of a lawyer, can be this low too.

  • Suri’s stimming again!!!

    Sorry, her stimming is very tale telling.
    Also, how can anybody compliment Katie Homely’s ensembles? She may be too lazy to put in something decent and presentable, yet she never forgets to wear multiple jewelries to show off her gold digging results.

    That tacky humongous engagement ring and multiple bracelets vs. her horrible homeless style. What’s up with that??

    Anyway, they are not boring at all, the three generations of women are all very pathologically interesting.

  • huh

    In photo # 3- Katie looks like a pug puppy.

    She has a face that needs a good smacking. lol

  • the Katie’ stalker is back!

    simone alanes, the freaky filipino woman obsessed with Katie which was outed several times and banned from IMDb, She used hundreds of nicks, I think she wrote all comments #16,17,18,19,20, 21,22,23,25,26. She is insane. Seriously, simone, you’re suffering from dementia. You need medical help. Your family must be mortified. Get out of your basement and seek for help. Maybe you have no friends but doctors and psychiatrist can help you.

  • Shawna

    Where is Suri stimming? Hmmm? I have an autistic niece and an autistic nephew so I know all about this and I don’t see it. So please enlighten me with your “vast” knowledge about autism and show me where she is stimming.

  • lurker

    Very cute pictures of Katie,Suri and Kathy Holmes.

  • Two

    Right, #14.

    Perfect, #20!

    Wrong thread, #24. Get over it.

    She’s not autistic, #27. And get over it.

    She’s never going to stop so quit bugging her, #30.

    She isn’t, #31. These critics only badly want her to have autism so then they can find another way to bash her parents.

  • Stacy

    Poor Suri needs to be in a preschool playing with other toddlers, not shopping.

  • love


  • dido

    suri katie and katie’s mother all are very gorgeous , suri looks like tom more and more everyday and ı am sorry for brad pitt fans here who write bad things about cruise family because angelina is a bitch

  • @dido

    Of course you have to try and stir things up don’t you. This is a TomKat thread. What’s with you? You’re the one that is bring the JP’s into this thread.

  • um..

    …so now we must see the robo bride and the trophy baby everday untill the man in heels finish the 3rd romcom with cameroon diaz? how boring! Take a day off kate katie and give the girl a much needed break as well.

  • rocknmovies

    Hmmm, here is Suri looking miserable again. All the baby Dior and baby Burberry dresses don’t seem to buy her happiness.

  • TC


  • nikomilinko
  • Drone

    How many times a day does this Crazy Cankle need to pimp out her kid? And what IS wrong with that kid???

  • jenny

    I agree with the posters who don’t think it was appropriate to have Suri hanging over the glass counter at the ice cream store. It is unsanitary with her hair hanging over the ice cream. Suri clearly needs boundaries. It’s even grosser to me that the grandmother allowed it.

    I do find this kid intriguing though. I love how she acts like a kid-even though the paps are around…..cries, pouts, laughs, runs, picks her nose, etc. I wonder if any observers see any tantrums? I’d love to know. I’d also love for her to get reprimanded by Katie. Katie just seems to placate to her every whim. It’s kindof creepy.

  • jrt

    Suri’s got that retarded look going on again.

  • to #5

    Lmao!!! Actually, Suri got her autism from Katie. It’s in her genes.

  • donna

    Well, I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen the photos but no wonder Katie Holmes has no class. Her mother was letting Suri hang over the display window and sneezeguard at the ice cream shop. What a rotten spoiled brat Suri is. Do these people not realize that she needs a PARENT!!! Katie strikes me as the type of mother that wants to be a friend to her child. What an idiot. Katie’s Mom is probably afraid to discipline Suri…afraid of backlash from Tom .

    The reason Suri has no friends or companions is most likely because she is a spoiled brat and has obviously been allowed to do whatever, whenever. If I were a good parent, I wouldn’t want my children hanging around with Suri. She’s nothing but an attention-craving brat!

  • Me!

    Katie’s mom must be tall. She looks as tall if not taller than Katie.
    I see that Katie inherited her unfortunate legs from her mama!

  • Suri’s stimming again!!!


    Katie the beard doesn’t want to be the friend with Suri, she’s the maid of Suri.
    Get your facts right. The way she’s afraid of Suri throwing tantrum is so very funny. I saw this in a TMZ video, Suri was yelling, screaming and wailing inside the bullet proof SUV, while Homely was about to assume her stun role, the way she flustered, it was very funny to watch!!

    They have to give in to Suri’s every whim, both the midget and the airhead, for they know how much they owe Suri her pimping and outing fee.

  • judy

    Why is Katie always looking at her phone? Hoping she’ll get a job? lol

    #28 I agree about the jewelry…..Katie looks like she just rolled out of bed, yet she’s wearing all those bracelets. Looks rather odd but then again almost everything she does is odd.

    Katie’s hair is a mess as usual. What’s this new do supposed to be with the barrettes? Suri needs the barrettes in her hair, Katie.

    I’ve seen some pretty unruly kids but I think Suri is right up there with the worst of them. Poor kid….she needs some discipline. I think the photo of her in the ice cream shops tells the story!!!!!

  • lol

    “Netxt time…Comb her hair.Use a brush.Use a scrunchy, ribbon”
    Katie Holmes isn’t smart enough to do something like that, LOL.