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Miley Cyrus Raps: Good-Bye Twitter!

Miley Cyrus Raps: Good-Bye Twitter!

The rumors are true! Miley Cyrus has, in fact, deleted her Twitter account. The 16-year-old Disney started created a video rap explaining why and here are some sample lyrics:

“Yo, it wasn’t because my friend [Liam Hemsworth] told me to/ Ya’ll know very well what you say I don’t do/ And the reasons are simple, I started tweeting about pimples/ I stopped living for moments and started living for people”

“Yeah, you write what you’re doing but who really cares/ If I’m playing with [my little sister] Noah or just doing my hair/ Everything that I type and everything I do/ All those lame gossip sites take it and they make it news”

“I want my private life private, I’m done trying to please/ I ain’t living for tabloids, I’m living for me/
No more emo quotes and feuds with Demi [Lovato]

Miley Cyrus Raps: Good-Bye Twitter!
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  • marisa

    This is why i love Miley. She is so relatable and real. I’m her age too and i no longer spend as much time on the computer anymore, and no longer go on twitter. No one really cares what you have to say, and chances of a celeb talking to you are slim to none. She’s right, we have to stop living for the moment and live in the now, otherwise we just spend wasted time on something no one cares about.

  • Amnda Dubs

    That bitch’ll be back.

  • Amnda Dubs


    Yay! Isn’t doing what other people tell you fun!!

  • jennifer


  • Sophia


  • Alex

    I was upset that she left twitter, but after seeing this video, She’s so amazing. =)

  • Bree

    retarded hillbilly

  • DC.

    What did I just watch? I want my 1:46 back..

  • Matt

    NOT True idiot! Miley is still tweetin’ duh! I just look on my ipod touch right now and Liam is a liar! He can’t tell her what to do and is NOT a friggin daddy! Miley’s daddy Billy said she is still tweetin and get a your fact straight! Liam is just brainwashing her and also Liam does NOT know anything about Miley because they just MET on the scene duhhhhh! Miley already have a boyfriend who just reunited with Jona Brothers after she dumped that 20 some year old fart model dude! So, anyway, justjared, you have just fail and her rap video that Miley made, she made it up lol!

  • jo

    Very cute! I thought it was funny :)

  • sillyme

    smart girl. i never understood the appeal of twitter.

  • george

    It’s not about you though Miley, you’ve got a huge fanbase.
    Twitter was an ideal way to connect w/ them – you could have just cut out non-important tweets rather than deleting the account and then making a ridiculous video about it afterwards.

    Get a grip.

  • jo


    Whatare you talking about? Mileys twitter is GONE.
    She’d post the simplest things and everyone made a huge deal about it as if it was news. I dont blame her.

  • jo


    Shes 16 and ANYTHING shed post about would become the most newsworthy story of the day EVEN if it were fan related. So, yea im sure she got tired of it… There are other ways to connect w fans.

  • Cristobal

    I never thought I would be saying this, but she is beginning to become a thorn in my spine.

  • j

    miley you look pathetic when you rap. never do it again.

  • male

    Yo Miley, I’m really happy for you…and imma let you finish… but TSwift had the best white-girl rap of all time! of all time

  • LuckyL

    If you’re “her age too,” go on f*cking JJJr.

  • coco

    That was the worst 1:46 minutes of my life. Those idiots in the background must have gotten paid a lot to be featured in this masterpiece. She is ugly untalented and no one gives a fcuk about her moronic Twitter rants. Anyways Twitter is just an advanced form of stalking and it is creepy. Miley sucks and Twitter sucks. The end.

  • LuckyL

    No one is paying attention to her accept her fellow tweeny imbeciles, so why is this relevant here? And they WANTED to read her blather.

  • jessy

    who cares about a stupid like she? obsessed teen fans? LOL

  • marissa


  • LuckyL


  • http://gg Grace

    the video was fun, but like you said “who really cares?”.. stfu Miley, i bet Billy Ray is gonna start to tweet stupid things about “you a light in a world of darkness Miley don’t leave us” HA-HA, thank God i unfollow her and her family a looong time ago, actually all the disney stars, i got sick of their stupid tweets and Demi hating the paparazzis, no one cares, that’s what YOU ALL have chosen as job, you win fame and money but lost your private life so stick to it.

  • awurbii

    I don’t like Twitter at all and I agree that ending the account would be better for her. But what I don’t understand is that, if this is how she left, why did she start a twitter in the first place. She’s already established a fanbase of over 2 million on Twitter and she just cut them off so quickly. I don’t think that that was a very good idea, honestly. I understand what she is saying but that is why you don’t start in the first place. Twitter isn’t that big of a deal but I know that it is for some people.

  • omg

    peace out. rapper m.

    twitter is stupid but a couple months ago i heard her go i love twitter i cant live without it, then say this. ohhh nooo

    im jsut annoyed that everyone thinks the end of the world is coming

    dont make her ego bigger than it already is. k?

  • lisa


  • ck_always

    Yesssss, finally this doofus is gone. It was a great day and it will continue to be a great week with this news.

  • awurbii

    sorry, I meant to say if this is how she felt

  • natalie

    Good 4 her!

  • blah

    Miley is a ugly little bitch

  • Chau


  • Mrs.Beady

    I once had a dream about 2012 and in some weird way in my dream I was doing some math and it totally made sense. Then I woke up and the math didn’t make sense, but in my dream it totally did. I don’t know about that whole thing. Depressing.

    Anyway, she could have just cut down on her twittering. It’s addictive to read what everyone is doing. But yeah, it can be a life suck.

  • Rose

    That’s why Miley is awesome. Twitter is so overrated, and people are becoming too addicted to it. And Miley has used her brain and quit the network, hopefully people will follow soon.

    Good on ya Miley!

  • Emily

    Good for her.

  • me

    Smarty pants lol. I hope she continues to do well and glad she decided to stop the lame twittering.

  • caro

    she cant rap..

  • evalynn

    finally she left twitter!
    good, do no one will have to listen to her

  • Roxy

    I usually don’t like to comment on CHILDREN, but I must say this CHILD is the most obnoxious teenager…16 going on 35. I’ve seen her in interviews and on the red carpet, and her voice is beyond repulsive. Like scratching fingernails agains a chalkboard. Her looks—passable at best.

  • Whoever

    LMFAO! That was too freaking cute! I feel like a big ass kid watching that though…. oh wells!! She is so cute!

  • Arya

    So she has enough time to write, film and edit this but not send a 12 second tweet. Personally I don’t care, but it seems like a smack in the face to her fans. Her Twitter hardly had anything news worthy on it and any blogs to published articles on it didn’t carry any weight with her fans.

  • anonymous

    May John Mayer follow this great move! And maybe, Taylor Swift, too as she is getting to be like him. Both of them are trying too hard to get as much fans as they can get by letting them into their lives. Miley, the best thing you’ve ever done. Just sing or play the guitar and make real good music. I mean real good music please!

  • Ana-Lexie

    @marisa: REAL? HA

    but ww i feel so sorry for miley because she just completely made a fool of herself.

    and she has an ugly mouth. she’s just.. ugly.

  • *&#^%

    i never got into twitter. it’s really lame. peepz like miles get stalked by papz anyways she doesn’t have much of a private life why should she write the 2% she still has. love her. p.s. DAYYYYYUUUMMMM she’s gourges. haha

  • valeria

    WHY on earth are people freaking about her deleting her twitter? seriously? there are more things to worry about in this world than what miley is twittering about. all this is stupid. WHO CARES if she deleted her twitter. people are acting like the world is ending.

  • kepping it real

    I have read all of these lame comments, and frankly none of it matters. Sure, Miley should realize that her tweets meant stuff to people, and that she helped people through bad times, but come on. We all know that when it comes down to it its all about her “image” and looking good in the media. Trust me, if she got bad publicity Disney would have something to say about it. Look at Lindsey Lohan. She was a big Disney star, then she turned into a skank. I got fooled my little Miley Cyrus like you all did. Im not playing dumb anymore. Do you think she actually cares about others? If she gets paid to care, then she will care. A piece of advice Miley…start acting your age because when you are 25, maybe even 30 know one is going to know who you are. Make it count.

  • lola

    Surprised I made it to :58secs :/ Later Miley, I’m going to pretend I care so you don’t look like an idiot. By the way, when you chose to become famous, you invited the press into your life. You’ve made enough money for even your great grandkids to never have to work, so if your life has so many hassles maybe you should just retire.

  • Fed up with celebrity b.s

    Miley: You cant run away from your problems. We have to face our demons head on. You still have some learning to do.

  • XoXo

    I can’t believe I just watched that. It wasn’t THAT bad though, I guess LOL.

  • Ilia

    I despise this b***h, and closeted, hillbilly daddy!