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'Nine' More with Vogue

'Nine' More with Vogue

Check out this glamorous new shot of Nicole Kidman, Fergie and Kate Hudson from the November 2009 issue of Vogue, which celebrates the highly anticipated movie-musical, Nine. (Also pictured below: Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, and Sophia Loren.)

Here are highlights from the article from a pageantry of Hollywood royalty:

Nicole Kidman on continuing acting: “I had no desire to work after I had my daughter, but to lure me back, this movie was the only way.”

Kate Hudson on the film: “I spent most of my childhood singing and dancing and just never had the chance to do it professionally. So when I got the chance to work with Rob, I was so excited, I was out of my mind.”

Penelope Cruz on being cast often in ‘tortured female’ roles: “Luckily I don’t have to identify with my roles, because if I did I would be dead by now! I’ve been working since the age of seventeen, and I really haven’t stopped. I want to balance it a little more. Instead of making three or four movies a year, I will do one.”

Marion Cotillard on musicals: “It’s been my dream to do an American musical. When I was a child, Annie was my favorite. I just never thought I would get to do it.”

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz
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  • ummahyk

    aaaaaaaah,I love Nicole Kidman,she’s such a wonderful actress,very very talented,she’s getting into the role like it would be herself,and I also love how Penelope interpreted her part in Vicky,Christina,Barcelona…

  • Beth

    I wonder who Nicole and Penelope got along. After all, she dated Nicole’s ex hubby, and possibly have broken up their relationship.

  • that beth is not me LOL


  • Abigail

    why are the poses all centered around kate? you can barely see the others

  • male

    kate hudson doesnt seem to really belong
    the other ones all one oscars n r cosidered good actresses
    she just the tipical pretty comedy actress

  • to bad Kate wasn’t in it

    Yes she did Tom cheated on Nicole with Pen…in VANILLA SKY …
    That is what broke up his marriage… Notice how Nicole does not
    talk to Penelope…It is so nice to see Oscar winning actresses in
    a movie together..

  • me

    Both Penelope and Nicole are gorgeous women but that cover shot doesnt do them any favors. Nicole specially looks like she’s rocking some serious trout pout.

  • kristen

    Marion looks gorgeous !! Nicole is so fake!

  • Annie


  • angel hair

    What is Fergie doing there… 0_o

  • stephanie

    Well why Fergie is in the middle?? She has the smallest part in the movie!! Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz are the main female characters of the movie!!!

  • danielle


    I think the reason Nicole and Penelope get along is because Nicole has gotten over Tom (unlike Aniston and her obession with Pitt) and realizes she is lucky she is out of the cult and has found her Keith.

  • sweetness

    Nicole and Kidman do get along..look at Nicole’s arm draped casually over Penelope’s leg….too bad Katie Holmes isn’t a part of this film…then it would be a cool gathering of Tom’s women.

  • sweetness

    Ooop I meant to write Nicole and Penelope do get along….

  • chit chat

    fugly is in this? I mean Fergie. Really??? So she’s an “actress”. Well, I guess she must be…they certainly didn’t cast her for her looks. Ferugly, lay off the botox/restylane!!! it’s not helping just makes u look scary!

  • river

    Nice wig Nicole!

  • river

    I just read the article with the pictures. Another stupid comment made by Nicole. She had no desire to work after having her daughter – no mention of Bella & Connor. I guess in her world being a birth mother is different from an adoptive mother.

  • zzzz

    Hmmm, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Nicole’s remark. She had gone through pregnancy, birth and nursing and settled into a different routine outside of working. No reason for her to mention her older childeren in this context. Some people are just so eager to hate that they’ll read negativity into anything.

  • dabu


    First off Nicole’s wig is from the part she played in the movie. She didn’t really have a choice.

    Secondly, Nicole did not work right after Bella and Connor were adopted. She and Tom traded off with only one working at a time. Why should Sunday not have the same?

  • taco

    river: she started the movie 2 months after gave birth to sunday rose. I don’t understand why your’e referring to her adopted children. when she adopt bella she stopped for one year, same for connor. so: your attempt to portrait her like a bad mother is failed. your hate for this woman is sad.

    anyway: i’m shocked by the beauty of these ladies..

  • wtf

    OMG Nicole is so ugly in the cover she looks like a transexual!

  • monny

    @wtf: your imagination runs fast. if she looks like a transexual then what the is sarah jessica parker?

  • tb

    Lay off the botox Nicole she looks wax! sophia too

  • taco

    @ and @ 24. You are the same person. Moron.

  • Fergie Rocks !

    Yhe best parfto of this ide definetley FERGIE !

  • clarice

    Kidman’s waist in unreal…
    Her whole body is unreal….

  • Aline

    OMG LOOK AT FERGIE!! I cant wait to watch this movie!

  • dani

    Love Nicole and well everyone except Kate. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • K.G.

    Marion and Penelope look cute!

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn once again they dont put enough attention on the best woman there, marion!!!!
    she does look cute from what i can tell, same goes 2 penelope

  • xotitanicox

    Nicole looks great now, but that cover shoot was in Feb, i don’t know what happened! But I don’t think what she said about Sunday Rose was odd at all, there was no reason to mention Isabella and Connor.

  • Buggaboo

    Yay to Penelope’s dress.

  • donna

    i cannot stand nicole kidman, she is so fake!!!

  • splash

    OMG,This one is much better than the cover picture!

    I love Nicole in that pose!Soooooo sweet!!!and absolutely amazing !!!!

  • jj fan

    Nicole is full of BS. She hasn’t stopped working for that baby and now will she. She seems to be able to convince herself of anything…like the fact she is ‘natural’ – ROFL that forehead could split a soccer ball.

  • LuckyL

    Fergie looks so mannish. Meth sucks.

  • pretty young girl


  • alyssa

    i looooovee them all.. i’m really gonna buy this issue..^^

  • 2u2

    poor nicole, looks so old even w/ all the botox “plumps”… and to stick her a ss out like that off to the side, yea really hot

    can only hope her little retarded BIRTHdaughter ends up looking more like hubby than her. and BTW when will she come out that the Rose has birth defects after all?

  • Jan

    2u2 You’re an idiot! Unless you have a medical degree, & have examined patients, STFU about an inocent baby!

  • dabu

    @jj fan

    You know before you shoot your mouth off maybe you should look up some facts.

    First she and Tom adopted Bella in 1993; Connor in 1995 and Nicole had finished two movies in 1993 and Tom one. Nicole did no movies in 1994, Tom did one, and none in 1995. She did two in 1995 and one in 1996 and a cameo in another movie. Tom did no movies in 1995 and two in 1996. So there was at least one parent home full time with the kids during their first year.

    Now she got pregnant with Sunday during Australia in 2007-08 and gave birth to Sunday in July 2008. She did a small role in Nine in 2009 and has a small indie coming up in 2010.

    I hardly think this constitutes overwork and ignoring her children. All the children including Bella and Connor have been on set with either Tom or Nicole from their adoption through age five or six. Sunday Rose has been on set with Nicole during the filming of Nine and of Rabbit.

    Most mothers who have to work or if they choose to work go back after six weeks, so I’d say Nicole and Tom and Keith and Katie, who have all been able to spend time with the children when they were babies or little–have all been darn lucky.

  • splash

    I totally agree with dabu!Some people never notice the truth and always talk some stupid words!
    Children is always her first !You can find this word in many mags!Nicole is a great mother and brilliant actress in this world!You know nothing and you have no right to blame nicole!
    After you know everything about nicole,or shut up!!!

  • dianel

    # 1 20 23 25 41 43 The same idiot person it is just to bad some one can not have an opinion besides you

  • lola

    #6 are you retarded? I love how people rewrite history. Tom and Penelope hooked up AFTER he dumped Nicole. Their break up had to do more their own issues (ie she possibly cheated on him/or he wanted to divorce before their marriage hit the ten year mark so he wouldn’t have to support her the rest of his life-these are just two of the rumours that went around when they split-it had nothing to do with Pene. If it did, it would have been a massive deal in the media like the whole Jolie/Pitt/Aniston incident.) He did start dating Pene very soon afterwards, but he was not with he before breaking up with Nicole. And I am sure Nic and Pene got along fine as they could talk about what a freak Tom has turned in to.

  • wm


    That comment was uncalled for. Nicole loves Bella and Conner and stays in touch with them on a regular basis. They prefer the L.A. lifestyle and want to live with their dad. They see Nicole when it works out for everyones schedule. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • karen

    why do you have to attack a little innocent child? Sunday Rose is getting much cuter the older she gets. How do you know that she has birth defects? You are just plain mean.

  • Rah

    Nicole is PERFECT, the most beautiful woman in the world, she’s so sweet and levely, she’s amazing. And Tom is a idiot, he don’t let the Isabella and Connor see her mother (Nicole) , because the Cientologist, the idiot religion he invented, He’s complet fool, Nicole can’t see the chields, since 2003 … and now she have a beautiful Sunday, and YOU the people are talking about this, but this is not fair. That’s is not happens because Nicole, and that’s happened because TOM IDIOT CRUISE. Fools ;x

  • Aliz

    my gosh Nic what have you done ?!?!?! sigh ç___ç
    please stop with botox, lifting and plastic surgery…….

  • AutumnM

    Fergie looks like hell

  • mikeygirl

    she never talks about her two kids with tom