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Orlando Bloom: Trench Try

Orlando Bloom: Trench Try

A solo Orlando Bloom keeps it cool in a Burberry trench as arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday (October 9).

The 32-year-old British actor had been spending time in New York City with his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr.

Meanwhile, Miranda reportedly has jetted back to Australia to launch her own organic skincare line Kora and to attend the Caulfield Cup Carnival in Melbourne.

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78 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Trench Try”

  1. 1
    Matingas Says:

    wowza! .. splash guys are quickkkk … he seriously arrived 40 mins ago!

  2. 2
    rox Says:

    Thanks, love the Orli curls!

  3. 3
    nikomilinko Says:

    he´s better with goatee.

  4. 4
    allspice30 Says:

    He’s soooo handsome!!!

  5. 5
    citylove Says:

    ORLANDO !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this guy ! Always sexy !

  6. 6
    Savvy Says:

    I am going to be in LA on the 12th Maybe I ll get to meet him lol

  7. 7
    FYI - He's not there solo Says:

    check out the new pics posted on OLove – Miranda is there with him, but they split up once Orlando saw the photographers. The direct quote about the incident reads….

    “Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr arrive together at LAX Airport. While heading to baggage claim, Orlando spots a photographer and the couple quickly split up. Miranda went upstairs while Orlando exited downstairs. Orlando then leaves in a town car and picks up Miranda upstairs after being seperated for 28 minutes. Orlando did not want to be pictured together because he said “there would be people waiting at his house.”

    Yep sounds like a nothing to hide, romantic relationship to me. NOT!

  8. 8
    sonjalucianforever Says:

    Orlando Bloom is still the most beautiful man I have ever seen.
    I could care less about his love life.
    If he is happy then that is all that matters.

  9. 9
    @7 Says:

    If they have something to hide it’s not going to be seen in some pictures taken at an airport. It may bother you and all that but the “famewhores” separated to avoid photographers.
    Give it a rest this obsession with a break up must be frustrating.

  10. 10
    bob's your uncle Says:

    Let the curls grow, dude. Tasty.

    Who cares who was with him. Damn, get over your nonsense.

  11. 11
    orlando-fan Says:

    here is a Link you can see Orlando und Miranda

    it look like not good for me

  12. 12
    orlando-fan Says:

    or this link here

  13. 13
    FYI - He's not there solo Says:

    @ 9

    To avoid being photographed. Give me a Freaking Break!

    If they have been in a romantic relationship for 2 years and have been photographed together during that time period, why all of a sudden, it’s , “Oh we need to separate to avoid being photographed together. We can’t let anyone know we are together.”

    Too late I think. Why the avoiding of the camera now?

    Stupid is as Stupid does!

  14. 14
    @13 Says:

    They’re obviously not trying to hide they’re together, they never hid it and they don’t have to. I never said that’s the reason why they’re avoiding the paps. They’ll have their own reasons. Probably not wanting to be followed like Orlando said.
    You should really get over this.

  15. 15
    orlando-fan Says:

    I find it very strange that after being together, not hiding their relationship, they would separate like this at the airport.
    It just seems strange they feel they would have to separate.

  16. 16
    ???? Says:


    I think the same.It looks like they split. I mean why he don´t want to photographed together? It´s strange….
    They both looked not happy in Paris and NY….and now that!!!! Whats happend?
    We must wait…

  17. 17
    Kelly Says:

    He seriously needs a good talked about movie role. All I see are pap pics and tabloid stories of him and his girlfriend. He’s turned into just another useless celebrity. So sad, I thought he’d have a better career.

  18. 18
    @17 Says:

    he does have a career – do some research.

    Why they separated, who knows? Maybe it’s truly just a game now – avoiding giving paps photos of them together.

    Whatever it is – it is quite contrary to the theory some here support – that it’s just a show. If it was just a show – they wouldn’t avoid the paps.

  19. 19
    @17 Says:

    he does have a career – do some research.

    Why they separated, who knows? Maybe it’s truly just a game now – avoiding giving paps photos of them together.

    Whatever it is – it is quite contrary to the theory some here support – that it’s just a show. If it was just a show – they wouldn’t avoid the paps.

  20. 20
    FYI - He's not there solo Says:

    @ 18

    Maybe the status quo has changed on their relationship. Why did Jared post that he was there solo when he wasn’t? Why did he not want to be seen with her at his house? What other people is he referring to? I’m not so sure it’s the paps. It sounds like he doesn’t even want to be seen with her in front of his friends, not just the paps.

    The show or whatever you want to call it may have come to an end. All stories do eventually.

  21. 21
    ???? Says:

    @FYI – He’s not there solo:

    i agree

  22. 22
    @20 Says:

    Yeah dream on loser.
    Damn the Delphi loons are pathetic I have no words lol.

  23. 23
    ???? Says:

    why you won´t see that they both have problems and are not happy? WHY? You saw that in PAris and NY and now again!!!
    I see that since Weeks/month…But you won´t see that.
    A couple what is happy looks other.
    And when they look like now i think Orlando and Miranda, think they both will not marry.

  24. 24
    Kelly Says:

    @17 I know he’s done some small roles in a some small films nobody seems to care about that’s what I mean. He’s not talked about for his work. His fame has nose dived and all that’s going on with him is useless celebrity stuff.

  25. 25
    @20 Says:

    1 Most likely Jared only has these pics and that’s why he thought Orlando was alone.
    2. Both of them have been seen with his friends and his sister so he doesn’t have any problem to be seen with her by his people
    3. They separated while at the airport and later he picked her up and left with her so it’s obvious he only wanted to avoid pics.

    In other words you made up everything you said.

  26. 26
    ?? Says:

    What the H— happened to “The Cross,” that highly-publicized “soon-to-be” film production directed by Andrew Niccol AND “starring” Orlando Bloom? Last I read, production was to begin in mid-September. Well — it’s almost mid-October. Here’s Orlando Bloom jetting all about (Paris, New York, L.A.) – but no further HINT about his involvement in said relatively high-profile film slated to begin production in Australia. .And then there was his reported scheduled appearance on Ellen’s show on Oct. 5, along with Juliette Lewis (his co-star from “Sympathy for Delicious”), which never materialized (well, for him anyway). No mention on Ellen’s show about “Sympathy” by Juliette either. Yet he was photographed “out and about” casually lunching with Ms. Kerr. Bit odd. And yes, I think it IS reasonable, at this point, to wonder if Orlando Bloom actually has a “film career” any more.

  27. 27
    @kelly Says:

    He’s never said or done anything that can be labeled as “useless celebrity stuff”. Blaming him for the interest others have in his private life is ridiculous. You choose to pay more attention to his gossip than his work, so how is that his fault?

  28. 28
    Kelly Says:

    There is nothing but gossip. Where’s the talk about his work? I’ve seen a review of NY I love you which mentioned his bit role. What other work talk is there? I’m sorry he doesn’t do “useless celebrity stuff” he’s just a useless celebrity as in a well known person who is covered simply for the sake of celebrity not for work.

  29. 29
    @klly and 26 Says:


    I will need you two losers to go back to Delphi and stop acting like your life depends on Orlando doing a movie HE DID THREE MOVIES LAST YEAR AND YOU STILL BASHED HIM .

    Let’s face it losers the problem isn’t whenever Orlando is working or not the problem here is he dares to date a woman .

    Do me a favor hold your breath for the day he breaks with Miranda.

  30. 30
    @kelly and 26 Says:


    I will need you two losers to go back to Delphi and stop acting like your life depends on Orlando doing a movie HE DID THREE MOVIES LAST YEAR AND YOU STILL BASHED HIM .

    Let’s face it losers the problem isn’t whenever Orlando is working or not the problem here is he dares to date a woman .

    Do me a favor hold your breath for the day he breaks up with Miranda.

  31. 31
    Tracy Says:

    When Orlando finished LOTR, he shot to fame becoming a household name. When he finished Pirates, he again was a household name, but he wanted a break. He’s had the break. He does not seem to be interested in block buster films and may be more selective about what kind of films he wants to do. If that is his choice then good on him. It’s his life not anyone else’s.

    However, he was suppose to be on Ellen D’s show this week and wasn’t. His fans threw a hissy fit over that but no one knows why he was not on anymore and even one of his costars from SFD didnt talk about the film. Filming gets delayed all the time for reasons that are out of the control of the actors involved. When he’s ready to do another film, everyone who claims to love him, will cheer him, and the others who say they don’t like him, will cheer him too. The man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    The one thing that I see weird is if he is in “love” with MK then why don’t you see them happy or looking as if they want to be together? At the latest batch of LAX, she looks as if she’s crying and he looks as if he is trying to either console her or telling her its not that bad.

    No one on this forum or elsewhere is attached to the hip about him so I don’t see why people have to crucify him upside down. Love him or leave him – either way, what makes anyone thinks he gives a rats ass.

  32. 32
    Kelly Says:

    Orlando did three movies last year? That’s news to me they must have gotten little to no attention. I like Miranda, personally I think she’s out of his league. She should find a man with a job but perhaps she prefers having someone who doesn’t work much and can follow her around the world. But I do love that he still has fangirlies that will defend him to the death and blame everything on being jealous of his girlfriend. Ah some things never change lol! His lack of career speaks for itself no need to blame anything on the girlfriend.

  33. 33
    @kelly Says:

    You must be mentally challenged

    1.New York I love you

    2.Sympathy for Delicious

    3.Main Street

    That is three movies if you can count lol .

    He has other movies in the can I am sure but we will know only when he is on set like found out when he did those movies instead of worrying about Orlando’s career why don’t you get a life .
    Miranda is known thanks to Orlando if they break up no one will care about her unless she finds another famous boyfriend which I highly doubt without Orlando she would fade away just ask Kate Bosworth .

  34. 34
    Crazy Says:

    @tracy, so being together in Paris, NY and LA in less than two weeks is not wanting to be together? Because your biased interpretation of a few pics that show their expressions during 5 minutes of their lives has more weigh than that? That’s what makes me know you’re in denial.
    Besides you imply that he’s with her for show, to keep his name out there and advance in his career, but then say that he doesn’t care for his career because he wasn’t on Ellen and doesn’t do blockbusters? Make up your mind. Does he care for his career enough to date someone he “hates” or does he not care at all. You’re not making sense.

    @kelly, the only reason why you haven’t heard of his movies while everybody else has is because you only care for his gossip and don’t give a rat’s about his work. And you’re cynnical enough to blame him for that. Amazing.

  35. 35
    @kelly Says:


  36. 36
    @kelly Says:


  37. 37
    fuzzy Says:

    If he was rich enough to take time off after Pirates, why did he need to do those commercials for Toyota & that hair gel crap?
    Also, I wouldn’t exactly describe Orlando as an ‘actively’ working actor. In the last two years since he finished his play he was been on a movie set for what, a total of 5 – 6 weeks? I wish I had a work schedule like that. Truth be told, the only reason that he is even relavent at this point is because of her. Think about it. Without her the last two years, what would any of us even be talking about in regards to him?

  38. 38
    Tracy Says:

    Crazy – how appropriate that your name is that – you are crazy.

    I guess you have never been in love. When you are, you smile, and that smile reaches the eyes. I have yet to see these two looking remotely happy to be in the same area, and every time they are out, she poses.

    You obviously can’t read either. The only person in that relationship who is out for a show is her. She uses him left right and center and if you can’t see that, then get your eyes checked. Idiot

  39. 39
    Miranda and Orlando Says:

    It’s none of anyone’s business if Orlando decides to make 10 movies or none, it’s his life not ours…….the same goes with his love life, he’s been in a relationship with Miranda for two years, if he didn’t want to be with her he wouldn’t be, simple…….Unless you know Orlando or Miranda personally you can’t possibly tell what they think or feel by looking at photos of them, that’s ridiculous and just speculation. Right now they’re a couple, in the future they may get married or split up, only they know, end of story.

  40. 40
    @39 Says:

    Well said!

  41. 41
    @Tracy Says:

    There are pictures of Miranda at the airport posted at The Fashion Spot, and she is smiling and not crying in the least.
    I don’t even know where this Ellen thing first started, it was never posted on Ellen’s web site that he was going to be on the show.
    And your comment about never being love, sounds like a Harlequin novel and very silly, how old are you?

  42. 42
    FYI - He's not there solo Says:

    @ 41

    which airport might that be. would you mind sending the link for these pics you are referring to?

  43. 43
    errol flynn Says:

    listen you big tooth raccoon, square headed flat ass, flu footed cross eyed bowl legged jack ass, you will never ever in your cartoon life, will be an ERROL FLYNN, AN ICON, STOP FOOLING YOUR DUMB ASS SELF.,

  44. 44
    ???? Says:

    here is the link where miranda arriving at LAX …..

    But that is strange when they both so in love, the eyes would shining, but the eyes don´t shining. She smiles for the camera,she likes to pose for the camera.
    But we must wait what comes as next from Orlando and Miranda

  45. 45
    baby Gone Says:

    First of all, he was mentioned in Ellen’s site a few day before the suposed show with him, he was included along with juliette lewis and rob law, then he was erased,
    And as for her pics at the airport, well, she’s really foxy….she doesn’t ever look at him when he’s speaking to her and doesn’t want to be seen with him, but then smiles and poses for the cameras…so predictable…she likes being the centre of the attention…poor guy…

  46. 46
    LOL Says:

    This is beyond crazy LMAO
    The one that claims to be very experienced in love thinks that relationships between adults are fairy tales. Couples are composed by two separate individuals with different ideas and different cultures in this case, so it’s not always smiles and running together to the sunset holding hands. That is, supposing you know anything by looking at some photos.
    Then we got the other one that says that a person’s eyes aren’t shining when that person is wearing sunglasses LOL
    Then the same people who say that she uses him say that she doesn’t want to be seen with him LOL!

    I hope one day you realise how demented some of you sound.

  47. 47
    los Says:

    Miranda Kerr clever, artful, calculation and the false girl. For the sake of growth of the modelling career and the popularity, she uses a name of the popular actor, before she was not especially known model from Victoria secret. Now Miranda appears with Orlando where only it is possible, we will notice that they together have visited Venice, France, Spain and Australia where there passed fashion parades with participation Miranda Kerr.

    She productively cares of the image, even using the Buddhism as a fashionable feature and speaking about advantage of the nature in opening of cosmetic line Kora.

  48. 48
    Gee Says:

    Every woman that Orlando dates will be more popular and talked about and for the last months the only time she’s made any reference to her relationship has been to shut down wedding rumours. If Orlando attends some of her modelling gigs, that’s his choice.
    Now they separate for some minutes to avoid pictures and you still put on the same scratched record.
    Of course she links nature to a natural cosmetic line, her job is to sell it.

  49. 49
    Kelly Says:

    1.New York I love you

    2.Sympathy for Delicious

    3.Main Street

    LOL Are you kidding me. These movies are hardly getting any coverage. If that’s his current resume then it just proves my point that Orlando is very low on the movie industry radar and he has to keep his name in the paper thru his girlfriend considering she actually works. I don’t seek out Orlando news, I read entertainment and industry sites where he’s occasionally mentioned and almost never mentioned on the likes of Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. But I can’t argue with the delusional so I give in: Orlando is a big star who gets plum movie roles….LOL sorry I couldn’t keep a straight face typing that.

  50. 50
    Ha! Says:

    He’s doing independent movies and turning down the possibility of a role in the next POTC, and that just proves that he cares more for being an actor than for being famous. If the level of coverage or the budget is what you think of at the time of deciding which movies are good and which are bad, I feel sorry for you.
    You’re right, he’s not a star, he’s an actor.

  51. 51
    @Kelly Says:

    Just because he’s not doing mega blockbusters didn’t mean that he’s not successful. There are a lot of people who want to see him doing smaller movies. I liked him in Ned Kelly, Calcium Kid and Haven. To do independent movies gives him the opportunity to show different kinds of characters.
    As others said before it’s his business why he had done ‘only’ 3 movies since POTC3. Today it’s not easy to get money for a small movie. The studios wanted to do ‘save’ films.
    In Paris he was at Canal+ who are involved in The Red Circle. So he wasn’t there only for ‘romantic reasons’.

  52. 52
    @49 Says:

    I personally enjoy smaller movies, much more that the big blockbusters.
    He doesn’t need to do blockbusters for big pay. He has enough money to last him several lifetimes.
    I’m glad that he is becoming the actor that I know he can be. He blew me away in Ned Kelly and Haven.
    If you don’t think that he is famous any more, how can you accuse Miranda of using him for fame? Quite the conundrum, wouldn’t you say?

  53. 53
    FYI - He's not there solo Says:

    @ 52

    “If you don’t think that he is famous any more, how can you accuse Miranda of using him for fame?”

    How are you so sure that the ones accusing her of using him for his fame, are the same ones who say that he no longer is famous.

    One group says that she got her fame from him.

    Another group says that he uses her current fame to keep his name out there.

    They are not one and the same.

    Maybe he is just using her the way she used him at the beginning of their whatever you want to call it. Before he finally calls it quits for good. Give her a taste of her own medicine as it were.

    Or maybe he just doesn’t care anymore about being famous. Don’t you think he would have shown up on the Ellen Show if he wanted so much to keep his name out there.

    Looks to me like he just doesn’t give a damn anymore.

    I would love to hear him say that famous line to her. If she says how much she needs him. And he replies just like Rett Butler from Gone With The Wind…

    “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

    What a wonderful You Tube video that would be.

  54. 54
    @54 Says:

    Exactly. Maybe he DOESN’T care about being famous anymore. If all he wanted was fame, he wouldn’t have taken the break that he did, and he wouldn’t have done a no-budget movie for a first time director, and he certainly wouldn’t have done the play. He wants be be an actor. He has always wanted to be an actor. There are a lot more efficient means of keeping your name in the press than dating a model for two years (or Kate for nearly four). If all he wanted was fame, he would have showed up on Ellen. He would show up at every movie premiere around. He would aways dine at Mr. Chow’s or the Ivy. He could date a string of women, while partying until he passed out every night. That worked for Colin Farrell before he grew up, and it certainly works for Lindsey lohan.
    Is that your version of ‘fame’?
    Oh, and don’t kind yourself (or try to kid us) about there being two separate groups. They are one in the same. They change their beliefs to suit the day. It’s just that they hate to be caught with their hypocrisy showing.

  55. 55
    hmmm Says:

    I guess that they are still in LA. Two different sightings place them at Runyon canyon. Orlando’s favorite hiking spot that just happens to be around the corner (sorta) from his house.

  56. 56
    Strange... Says:

    @ 55

    Very Strange Indeed.

    Isn’t she suppose to be on the way to Australia to do some charity work and to launch her new skin care line?

    Something is definitely happening. Or getting ready to happen.

    This is like waiting for the climatic end of a very suspenseful movie.

  57. 57
    @56 Says:

    She’s not due in Australia until this weekend, I believe. LA to Oz is a long flight, but not THAT long.
    Together in Paris. Together in NY. Together in LA. Looks like they are together. Nothing strange about that.
    “Something is definitely happening”..really? You can sense that they are about to get married just from a few photographs?? WOW! I wish I had that ‘speshul’ skill.

  58. 58
    @57 Says:

    I know the psychic ability on this board is scary!……lol

  59. 59
    baby Gone Says:

    Oh yes, they just look like 2 people getting married lately….happy faces….

  60. 60
    Ha! Says:

    They’re not going to marry any time soon. Not because some live in the delirium that photos give accurate information of their feelings for each other, but because they’ve said that they don’t want to marry several times.
    I agree 100% with #54. It’s stupid to believe he’s willing to date someone for two years and follow her around just for fame and then refuse to appear on Ellen where he’d get the attention of millions of people or turn down the fourth POTC which would give him massive popularity. Dating someone he doesn’t like for two years is torment and going to Ellen or to sunbathe in the Caribbean isn’t.
    Add to that when he was single after breaking up with Kate he got more attention being linked to Jen Aniston and Penelope Cruz and many others, than he is getting now.
    Nope. That ain’t no famewhore.

  61. 61
    @59 Says:

    Uhmmm, I think that they were making fun of all of the idiots who claim that you can read emotion from a few photographs.
    If you took a picture of me and my husband arriving at an airport these same people would claim that since we aren’t smiling or passionately embracing every second or even staring lovingly into each others eyes every moment, that we must be sad, and headed for trouble. That would be stupid. People don’t smile at airports unless something makes them laugh.
    The ONLY thing that can be interpreted from these photographs is that they travelled together to LA. That’s it. Period. End of story.

  62. 62
    baby Gone Says:

    Yes, maybe it’s all normal…they seemed upset and pissed off when together, but after 5 minuters, after they split, they’re all smiling for the paps…serious together and smiling alone, maybe that’s the new trend!

  63. 63
    . Says:

    It’s always the same. If they had been smiling you’d have said they’re posing.
    They were probably just commenting the paps’ presence and deciding to meet upstairs. That would be a neutral conversation not something to laugh about.
    Orlando doesn’t look like he’s smiling of joy in his pics alone, I’d rather say he’s showing an arrogant smirk at the paps.

  64. 64
    baby Gone Says:

    Arrogant smirk? Arrogant? Yuor perfect angel? That’s a good one….!!!!

  65. 65
    baby Gone Says:

    And BTW, it’ s senseless to hide and separate from the paps at the airport, pretending to look desperately for privacy when her mother speaks openly of their relationship and of what they are going to do and where (and funny enough, this hapens everytime she’s expected back in Australia)!

  66. 66
    . Says:

    Paps have the habit of teasing and saying some stupid stuff at celebrities to get a reaction. An arrogant smirk is a normal reaction to that.
    I’m not the one who thinks he’s a perfect angel, it’s you guys the ones that think he has to be perfect and bash on him for silly or made up reasons whenever he does things that humans do, like partying or smoking.

    I don’t think Orlando is to blame for his girlfriend’s mother’s big mouth either. What did she say anyway?

  67. 67
    mia Says:

    Paps helped them a lot-specially to Miranda. Paps photos are keeping Orlando in the public eye- because his recent movies don’t. Paps attention for Miranda developed since she started dating Bloom- there were no paps in front of her door before Bloom, although she was VS model.. So, both of them can say thank you paps and pose for them, not pretend to hate to be photographed. Separate or together.

  68. 68
    baby Gone Says:

    He’s not to blame of course for his gf’s mother’s big mouth, but she is, since she pretends to be looking for privacy…that’s not the first time her mom speaks of them. Last year she was the one telling the media he was going to see her daughter in Paris…
    Btw, this is the link,22606,26193485-5006301,00.html
    “Miranda’s mother, Therese Kerr, said the actor was trying to work the trip into his schedule.”

  69. 69
    @mia Says:

    Paps take pics of him because he’s a popular celebrity, and take pics of her because she’s dating a popular celebrity and people want to know about celebrities’ love life. That’s what paps do, and they do it because it’s their job. They get money for the photos.
    Paps have admitted that they follow him (in his birthday), there are several videos that show them teasing and saying stupid stuff at him to get a reaction. This is fact, not your imaginary set ups.

  70. 70
    talan Says:

    @baby Gone:

    LOL !!! Into his schedule??? What is he doing?? Nothing for a while. If he is not going ( read: following Miranda) to Australia it has nothing to do with “his schedule” but with his decision.

  71. 71
    mia Says:


    As I said, both of them can thank paps. Yes, paps are selling photos, but at the same time they are promoting for free the objects of their interest. Who wants to be celebrity must live with paps and with the lack of privacy. It is the price for being popular.

  72. 72
    baby Gone Says:


    I know! It’s hilarious! But this lady (Kerr’s mother) is always opening her mouth and giving this fondamental news! Never once Sonia Copeland spoke about her son’s schedules or intentions, but Theresa Kerr thinks she is become his Pr maybe…

  73. 73
    @mia Says:

    Yes the paps come with being famous and I think that they accept it as they don’t hide under a rock afraid of having an encounter with them. The point is that paps have admitted to following them. This is a fact.
    That they call them or want them to get attention is nothing but a theory of yours, and not consistent with a man that turns down appearances at popular TV shows or a role in a blockbuster.

  74. 74
    hmmm Says:

    Oh, I’m sure that Orlando didn’t mind Miranda’s mum using his name to help bring awareness to a Children’s charity. Children are his main focus in his charitable work.
    He was just officially named as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He has just been recognized by the most respected international aid group for his work. Yeah, this horrible, famewhoring devil is not such a bad guy after all, hmmm?
    C’mon. I dare ANYONE try to find a reason to condemn him for this. But I know that someone will come up with some twisted reasoning that paints him as the bad guy for helping children. This should be good.

  75. 75
    baby Gone Says:

    Oh shouldn’t be so difficult to understand…no one blames him for what he does for children, if HE uses HIS name that’s one thing, but if OTHER PEOPLE use his name for their own interest that’s a different thing. He always helped children and in a very discrete way, since his trips for Unicef were made public just after he actually did them.

  76. 76
    @75 Says:

    But she isn’t using his name for her own benefit. She is publicizing an event to raise money for a children’s charity. Is states that in every article that mentions the event. Why is that so hard for YOU to understand?

  77. 77
    baby Gone Says:


    You don’t get what I’m saying…Since this event is organized by HER and not by him or Unicef, she should use her name or HER daughter’s one, not his….

  78. 78
    @77 Says:

    But his name is more likely to garner attention than her name. Isn’t getting attention for the cause the idea? And if he doesn’t mind, why do you?

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