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Rachel Bilson: Lorac Lovely

Rachel Bilson: Lorac Lovely

Rachel Bilson shows off three fashionable looks during a top secret photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 8).

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress was seen carrying around her car keys, a water bottle, a mug and a Lorac shopping bag. (Lorac is a cosmetics line designed put the glitz and glamour of red-carpet beauty into the hands of women all over the world.)

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson looking Lorac lovely…

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rachel bilson lorac 01
rachel bilson lorac 02
rachel bilson lorac 03
rachel bilson lorac 04
rachel bilson lorac 05
rachel bilson lorac 06
rachel bilson lorac 07
rachel bilson lorac 08
rachel bilson lorac 09
rachel bilson lorac 10
rachel bilson lorac 11
rachel bilson lorac 12
rachel bilson lorac 13
rachel bilson lorac 14
rachel bilson lorac 15
rachel bilson lorac 16
rachel bilson lorac 17
rachel bilson lorac 18
rachel bilson lorac 19
rachel bilson lorac 20
rachel bilson lorac 21
rachel bilson lorac 22
rachel bilson lorac 23

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  • kroq

    I’ve never understood the vacuous hate spewed on her at JJ. And yes, I’m sure many of you are more than willing to elaborate.

    I’ve also realized she’s a poor man’s Mila Kunis.

  • Nay

    Top secret? Good place to be doing a shoot, right in front of a load of paps.
    Plus, this girl is lame.

  • A

    Jared! Did you miss her on Craig Ferguson last night???!

  • emmaa

    Oh god. I know what kind of comments will be flowing in now. But I’ll start with something positive for a change: I love the yellow dress. And Rachel is gorgeous.
    But, Jared. Enough already.

  • lisa

    I see Jared is still getting paid to post about Rachel everyday.

  • Here we go again

    Jared, you should change the name of your website from to

  • mina

    I think there’s a lot of hate because people are tired of her. She’s way too over exposed and it’s pretty ridiculous at this point. And if people want Jared to stop posting, than Rachel needs to stop pap tipping. If they don’t take pics, he has nothing to post.

  • pepto

    And she magically gets papped at her “secret” photo shoot dropping her Darth Vader key ring? Please, this is beyond ridiculous at this point and just plain insulting to everyone’s intelligence. Does anyone believe in this “engagement” any more? I doubt it. An “engaged” couple doesn’t spend all their time apart, and just get together once a month or so for a photo op. You FAILED Rachel, give it up. You’re stupid and everyone thinks you’re a pathetic, ridiculous joke.

  • screwed

    STILL a jobless & worthless fughag!

  • lou


    No Mina, all the hate is not because she is over exposed it’s because those people are just satisfied with themselves being hateful. If Rachel wasn’t around they would find someone else to crucify.

    Look at the Natalie, Mila thread. It was only a matter of time before they turned cannibal and started tearing each other to pieces over some other actress.

  • screwed

    @ top secret photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 8).

    SOLELY intended for her Paparazzi Groupies… and that is MORE believable!

  • sj

    i wish she would give up on fashion already…

  • Juniper

    What… Lorac?!?!
    What’s that?!
    Another never-heard name just like that Neanderthal brand Jergens?!
    Lorac sounded just like Borat that means filthy & trashy… LOL

  • huh?

    So what’s her connection to the project?

  • karmaisa

    what a life

  • diana

    she’s so awesome. i’m a huge fan. love her. the haters should just stay on perez hilton’s website. this page should stay positive!!

  • Whatever

    Here we go again, another random, meaningless RB gap-filler from JJ. Yeah, she is way over-exposed, which wouldn’t be so bad if there were a little substance, a little relevance behind all the exposure. I think JJ just uses her for bumf, you know, slow news day at the office, hey, not a problem, get a few shots of RB doing sweet FA and stick ‘em in the gap. Sad thing is it’s making her come across as completely irrelevant and that can’t be good for her career.

  • @Diana

    Why is she so awesome, why would you think that? She’s so stupid. I get that some people think she’s pretty but I have friends who are far prettier and far more intelligent and I wouldn’t call them awesome.

  • sharon

    IDK about this outfit they are trying way too hard to make her a fashion icon or model but this dress looks like drapes from a window and the gray shoes with the yellow dress made her feet bigger than her :)

  • trendsetter

    Like the yellow dress, like the top and leggings (not with red shoes), the least said about No 3, the better.

  • @Juniper

    Lorac is a cheaply priced cosmetics range designed and developed by Carol Shaw, make up artist to the celebrities.

  • me2

    Rachel has no legs, somehow they look very short. She definitely looks like a midget in the yellow dress. They should have given her shoes to elongate the legs not ankle boots.

  • me2

    She looks trashy and cheap.

    I think she is forever doomed to make one episode appearances on TV until she runs out of shows. She is too short to model and has no acting abilities to be in movies. I think her PR team is right to market her relationship with Darth Vader, which gives her some exposure and gets her work like one episode appearance or an unknown make up line. I hope he marries her soon and gives her a child so she would have an excuse not to work. BTW, with the exception of Adam Brody all former O.C. stars are unemployed. Adam said that he wants to work with good actors and smarter people than him, he could no have meant Rachel.

  • shadowy

    @ 12 – i wish she would give up on fashion already…

    Naah… just NOT enough. Why not QUIT anything & everything that she’s still dipping in Hollywood and save all of us from that homeliness, raspy-piercing voice and the over & over ditzy airhead character she plays on-screen & that she truly is off-screen.
    And sticking into fashion (looks like another last resort) isnt much of help when she is vertically challenged.
    And no matter how hard she tried this too shall all failed just like her previous stunts (i.e. crackting & fakeshion line).

  • me2

    The truth of the matter is that both Bilson and Christensen are after money. They are building a house and a family. They are trying to get work, any work. It smells of desperation. At their age good actors are trying to carve out long lasting respectable carriers when these 2 are grabbing anything they can get to make a buck.

  • lexy

    I don’t understand why someone would be JEALOUS of someone who’s UNSUCCESSFUL. Those of you who watch Dr Phil and claim to be psychologists please elaborate? Unsuccessful media whores are a dime a dozen in HW. Aren’t people JEALOUS of those that have something they want?? And surely in HW there are people with heck of A LOT more than SUCCESS & beauty than Rachel to be jealous of. Rachel’s are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of women I’m “jealous” of but they are successful and gorgeous and have great lives. Bilson is slightly better than the “actress” waiting tables while waiting for her big break.
    Maybe someone can explain why anyone would be jealous of THAT?
    HC seems to be off doing his own thing. RB is the one who reaks of desperation. Tipping off the paps when she goes to Target and this “secret” photo shoot – that’s desperation. We all know she’s not in the same league as Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie so the paps aren’t waiting outside her home and following her to these places.

  • lexy

    If you wanted to discuss how “great” Rachel is wouldn’t it be best to her fan site? I’m sure she’s paid a few people to set up sites that say how great she is – maybe even her own.

  • searlus

    @#1 : I’ve also realized she’s a poor man’s Mila Kunis.

    Or a microscopic Khloe Kard@SShian or is it Kardassk@nk…
    See… LOL

  • me

    @ me2 hayden don’t have to sell hisself that ahrd like she do. She’s the on that doing that herself.No one said anything about why he don’t be with her in la anymore. Someone said here the engagement is joke and it not its not really is going on.She hanging around other guys again which mean sne’s still single. Caught the late show she was on.and she didn’t say anything about the movie are him at all.They just showed a picture are it and it went off. Don’t its odd she don’t go to canada anymore like she use to. Could they be spit-up and goes their separated ways too.Who that guy that jj didn’t show with her ?its on the other site. Celebrity gossip .net. Why don’t tell the true about hayden he was only there becauase he has work nothing more. And why jj why didn’t you show her with another guy ? you showed other guys before nothing wrong with it. What did she tell people on that show that she was single since she didn’t let nobody knwo she was on there. Need to tell people her and has cool off and stop letting beli eve that they still on.That’s not a secert photo shoot.

  • me2

    I can’t believe I am responding to your post, you never make any sense. Nevertheless, here it goes, they are together, they are simply working in different locations. They will get married, bc Hayden can not get anyone better, besides, she is crazy about him and so why not. I don’t believe he loves her, just does not want to be alone, and she is small, cute and tries to be sexy, I am sure she pleases him in every way, if you know what I mean, he is her only ticket to any work or publicity.

  • me2

    Frankly, if I were a guy, I would take one look at those saddle bag and run so fast, but I am not a guy, so may be she is fine for Hayden, obviously he does not have high standards. Not only she is not that good looking, she is also very stupid.

  • Web Hosting

    Trashy and cheap.

  • me2

    You are right, she is trashy and cheap and she is trying very hard to hide the fact the she is half Jewish, she abandoned her heritage and her connection to her father who made her what she is, she would not have gotten anywhere without his connections in HW and now she says she is Italian and when Craig Ferguson made fun of her that Bilson is not an Italian name, she said on her mother’s side and did not acknowledge her father. If she was running after Adam Brody she would be bragging that she is Jewish, now that Hayden is Italian she is only Italian. She is trash without any substance or back bone.

  • chris23

    Look out! Press whore at work!!!


    I love Rachel’s yellow dress! What a pretty girl.

  • me2

    @35 Sarah
    Are you one of those white trash girls who follows Rachel Bilson around everywhere? You have not taste. I am leaving this thread, can’t stand this loser.

  • Gasol16

    Clearly Rachel is no model. The yellow dress is hideous on her and the big gray boot’s make her look like “Minnie Mouse”. Rachel wishes she looked so perfect and skinny as Natalie Portman.

  • Gasol16

    Here is Natalie. Much better then saddlebag’s Bilpoooo…

  • Anakin


    I can’t believe I am responding to your post, you never make any sense.


    You’re the one to talk. lmao

  • lexy

    These 2 will get married – I agree – she’s no fool. She knows how to get the bills paid and it’s not with her acting/fashionista “skills” – it’s on her knees aiming to please!

  • sibi

    I love the long dress she’s wearing. Speaking of long, how big would Natalie Portman’s nose be by now if she didn’t have it fixed?

  • Rhinoplastologist
  • lexy

    LOL! OMG!! That Natalie Portman nose thing is hysterical. If getting a nose job is what made Natalie so successful then saddlebags here needs to call Dr. 90210 and make an appointment. Frankly she’s not the only one – a lot of the “Rachel’s” of HW should call.

    Maybe some of “Nosey Natalie’”s success will rub off on them.

  • shane

    A warning would have been nice. I would’ve prepared myself before attempting to gaze upon that rat face.

  • Anakin


    If you thought that was funny this will make you keel over

    Sorry Nat, still love ya, but this is too funny

  • monica

    You mean skinny like this?

  • StylinSista

    Haha, I love that she is wearing nipple covers….seems like Nippies are becoming a full-fledged Hollywood trend! Rihanna, Gaga, Pink, and now RB….good that they are at least covering up when wearing those sheers!

  • sibi

    hahaha – Keep it classy, Natalie.

  • kosher

    At least Natalie got some “lean” thighs in there & definitely no traces of any saddlebags just like this one…

  • Anakin


    HC should be very happy with those child bearing hips, lol