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Taylor Swift - 'Fifteen' Music Video Released!

Taylor Swift - 'Fifteen' Music Video Released!

Check out the world premiere of Taylor Swift‘s brand new music video, “Fifteen.” It features her real-life best friend Abigail Anderson.

The song is the fourth single from her 2008 album Fearless.

Taylor has said, “‘Fifteen’ talks about how my best friend, Abigail, got her heart broken when we were in ninth grade and singing about that absolutely gets me every time.”

What a cute video. Loves!

Taylor Swift – “Fifteen” Music Video
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  • mary

    i LOVE her. i love her even more than before.
    like seriously, how can’t you not like her?
    she looks gorgeous.
    so talented.

  • jj

    Shes cute. i guess she writes music teens can relate 2. Good for her. just not my cup of tea.

  • amanda

    She’s beautiful, I love her!

  • rebekka

    This is taylor Classic! She is what a real role model looks like. I hope my niece looks up to taylor and not miley or vanessa. I love tayors music. Its all classics.!

  • sophie

    i LOVE it!!!!!!!! its so cool. and shes so beautiful.

  • rosa

    amazing video love taylor

  • Mickey von Dutch

    Lovely girl. I sincerely hope that the industry (and everything surrounding it ) doesn’t take that sparkle out of her eyes.

  • Joanne

    Taylor is gorgeous. very pretty girl.

  • Jazmine :)

    Ahhh! I absolutely love it, love it, love it! She impresses me every time she does it. I love her! xoxoxo

  • Ali

    so good, i never really liked taylor until i saw her live and now i really like her, she seems like a really sweet girl and just like any normal girl her age.

  • Nay

    Not my kinda music but she’s a sweet girl!

  • missme

    She is so adorable and looks gorgeous in this video!!

  • diva

    Love her! cute vid and nice lyrics in the song

  • Msz-Joanne

    Ok, let me just say that i absolutely ADORE taylor Swift. Her music, her style her values. The Whole LOT!

    She is my favouriite singer AND Role model. Not only is she beautiful, she is kind hearted and amazingly talented, she even got me into Country Music.. (Now on of my favourite genres)
    This music video was beautiful and really touched me, all the dramas of being a fifteen ear old. i sould know since i am one.


  • nikomilinko
  • nasya jade

    I LOVE her!! shes sooo sweet! and this music video is awesome!!!

  • antonella

    Omg. Love Taylor. She’s the sweetest, cutest, and prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. SO talented, but so real.

    Such a goddess. YOU GO, GIRL!

  • zanessa4life

    Omg! She looks even more gorgeous in this video than in all the others!
    I didn’t think that would be possible!
    Fantastic quality.
    I love her hair :)

    Go Taylor!

  • kelli

    I’m eighteen and I can soooo relate to this song! I remember being fifteen in the ninth grade and although it was our senior year that both me and my bff got our heart broken, I still think this song is so poignant. I love the line “When all you wanted is to be wanted,” it’s my favorite thing in the whole song. Love Taylor Swift!

  • ha

    swinging cats by their tails… that’s all i hear. AND I LOVE COUNTRY-POP

  • blah

    While Miley is out being sluty, Talor is stealing the spotlight

  • blah


  • Amanda

    The video would have been cute for another song, but for this one I think that something more true to life would have been a better fit. Still not bad, though :)

  • fashionista

    she is SO BORing god she can bor some one to death I’m 15 and I SO don’t relate to this teens r exiting fun she ain’t ++ she hates heels SO she dubble sucks

  • fashionista

    btw I am NOT freshman

  • Katelyn

    Omg i love Taylor Swift and this video is no exception! She is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect role model, she deserves everything she has and appreciates it all. Honestly, she has inspired me to start playing the guitar and write my own songs. I love her <3 xo

  • anna


    than you’re a idiot!!!

  • Simone

    I love her music.
    It’s not normally my thing but her songs can just realte to me so well!

  • fashionista

    @anna: an itiot with good taste ;D

  • fashionista

    an idiot with GOOD taste ;D

  • sooo

    i know i totally freaking agree

  • Jennifer

    Very good music video. It wasn’t what I was expecting every time I listen to the song, but she and her crew did very well.

    Absolutely adore her.

  • Someone


  • chelsey

    cheeeeesy! Horrible video and stupid song.

  • Mrs.Beady

    Awwww that is so sweet :) Cute. She’s so graceful and lovely. I wore a dress like that my first day freshman year….and tripped in the rocks in front of the seniors and ripped my tights bloody. Ah…memories…. Yeah. She’s definitely cooler than me. Good luck to all those cute freshies. Enjoy yourself!!!! Doesn’t last forever.

  • LYB

    her lyrics are always so real and meaningful~ love her songs

  • Caitlin

    “laughing at the other girls, who think they’re SO cool…” ;)

    by the way. taylor wears high heels a lot now, so i’m pretty sure she doesn’t hate them anymore.

  • westo1

    @Amanda: well this video actually makes perfect sense for the song if you heard the message of the song…

  • westo1

    fashionista, do you live in an igloo?

  • Mrs.Beady

    Hey at least she has the guts to write it like it is! I like it. Sweet…then…the reality.

  • lindaseems

    @fashionista: She loves heels… she wears them all the time

  • lovetay

    love this video & taylor! :)

    but i don’t know what high school she goes to where every single person where’s a backpack. i’m a senior in southern cali and nobody does that, they just carry binders.
    i thought it was funny that everyone wore backpacks haha :)

  • lennie

    Wow poor America. Is she supposed to be your best singer? Gorgeous and beautiful I agree. But the lyrics, the melody and the voice are beyond average if not poor.

  • fashionista

    DAMN u taylor fans r worse than EMinem hardcor fans
    butt at least he has tallent :P GET A LIFE
    I’m out …. ciao ;)

  • http://myspace j-k

    I LOVe TylOR songs ther just

  • http://myspace j-k

    I LOVe TylOR songs ther just

  • coco

    Blah Blah Blah I walked through the door
    Blah blah blah met a boy
    Lalala he dumped me
    Blah la la my life sucks now
    Blah blah blah I am a 15 year old has been

    Taylor is really pretty and I love her music and bought her songs on iTunes but I can’t relate to this song. Maybe I am just too OLD for these baby lyrics.

  • she shall remain nameless

    This is not one of my favorite songs on the album, I think she should’ve released “You’re Not Sorry” instead because I think that song is the best one. But I do like the way this video was shot, so great job Tay!!

  • uzma julia winter

    hi im a tay lor swift and miranda cosgrove jamie lynn spears and everyone else s fan

  • Lili

    I Lve this video!!! One of her best I think. I wish that she could release her version of George Strait’s “RUN”. THAT would be AWESOME as well!!!