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Kate Gosselin Files for Spousal & Child Support

Kate Gosselin Files for Spousal & Child Support

Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 pumps gas in on Saturday (October 10) in Penn.

The mother-of-8 has filed for child and spousal support after Jon Gosselin allegedly took over $200,000 from their joint bank account.

“She needs relief in light of the draining of substantial marital assets in violation of the arbitrator’s decision that the money should be used only for specific purposes,” said Mark Momjian, one of the divorce attorneys. The application for support was filed around the time that a petition was filed for Jon to return the money.

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    OMG I have that cardigan!

  • nat

    I really dislike Jon. Even if Kate is the “bad” person here, that according to Jon, Jon makes her look like an angel. I think that Jon is an egoist bastard, that needs to get over himself.

  • j

    hmm…she needs money? what happened to four years of being on television salary, speaking engagement money, if she still has $800,000 mortage and what happened to her $million from book sales? This lady is a scam and all you nut jobs who love her are dee dee dees

  • dabu

    Unbelievable. These two media-w*hores made a couple of million over the last two years or so between paid appearances, the show, and the books and collateral merchandise.

    And both of them are broke now?

    Give us all a break and go back to obscurity.

  • Kathryn

    She probably needs money to send those 8 brats to therapy for how hard she whored them out for years and years. May she file for bankruptcy in peace in 5 years.

  • Poche

    I used to feel badly for Jon because it seemed like Kate was always on his case about something. But, over the past several weeks, it has become apparent why she was so frustrated with him all the time. Kate was a saint for staying with that dead weight for ten years. He’s lazy, stupid (a knucklehead, actually), and just doesn’t know when to shut up. He has a thief for an attorney, a dimwit 23 year old career advisor, and he actually believes the paparazzi are his friends. Jon Gosselin is a moron.

  • rhonda

    She just needs to have the final word. She is a total control freak. Jon is lucky to be free, the kids will soon follow.

  • ava rose

    jon isn’t a saint…i’ll get that out but if i had to choose, i would pick him over kate. This is funny, she’s asking for SPOUSAL support…hmmm doesn’t she make more than him? So all of the money supposedly “saved” from prior episodes of “j&k+8″, all the book tours (she’s done alot this year), the events she’s paid to show up at, the book money that beth carlson wrote, TV appearances, magazine interviews…what about all those earnings???

    So kate is asking for spousal support so she wouldn’t give her uer “diva” lifestyle. I guess I would “agree”…she needs money for her:
    - spa sessions, manicures/pedicures
    - tanning sessions
    - designer shoes and clothes she wears on her TV appearaces and for running errands
    - the bodyguard and “helper peoples” salaries
    - first class on the plane for book tours and limos for the twins to arrive in and for her to speak at

    Jesus, what a greedy woman

  • lola

    This is utter insanity…I mean, she/he have millions of dollars!! If the house is an issue, get the helll rid of it! they think that they will “disturb” the “kids” if they have different residencies, and that is mildly comical considering all they keep doing to the kids…(LEAVING DAYS AND DAYS ON END, BASHING THE OTHER PARENT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, GETTING RID OF THE FAMILY DOGS..NEED I GO ON?)
    I feel that the State of Penn. needs to step in at this point. I mean really, what kind of parents can these two be if they have the need to constantly be in the media??? Seriously? The state of Utah over took about 100 children because of “accusations” of child endangerment/abuse……JON & KATE display more emotional child endangerment than I’ve ever seen on the public display…
    These two media loving dysfunctional parents need to get a life and start working. She complains she can’t make a living supporting 8 kids…How the helll does she do it now by traveling and being away from them? Whats the difference? They make me sick. Start investing your millions in the kids therapy sessions, and start yesterday!

  • pixie

    The idea that this woman has only ONE shared bank account with the man she is divorcing is absolute bullsh!t.

    Liar liar pants on fire.

    I refuse to feel sorry for this money grubbing famewhore, when so many people are suffering with real issues through this recession. Kate should pick up a paper or turn on the news to see REAL suffering and stop putting her ugly face on tv to garner sympathy from the mindless sheep who follow her every step.

    Jon is a pig and she is a dumb b!tch.

  • OhMy!

    This woman is a joke! Once again she is showing her true controlling, narcisstic self! They money they have is the money that they EARNED together off of their children. They should have equal amounts ( I would think). She would not have had book tours, church pandering, etc. if it were not for Jon…. HE was the sperm donor for the flock of kids they have. He does have some say in the money also Kate! For those of you that watched the show from the beginning and are not buying her “woe is me, cry me a river” crap this is the old Kate coming back and she can’t stand that she can’t control Jon anymore so she is doing it through the media, his pocketbook, and the courts with the help of TLC to make him miserable. Why do they back her? Because she wants to continue their cashcow that’s why. Jon doesn’t have her coniving personality therefore he sticks his foot in his mouth all the time. Best thing for him to do is shut up and get a new lawyer, PR person and go into hiding. If he is truely concerned for his kids he needs to get out of NY, let go of his girlfriend, sell his cars (get an SUV to carry all the kids), buy a simple house with lots of land and live the simple life. The kids will love him for it in the end.

  • Janie

    She needs more cosmetic surgery money.

  • Julie

    Hey Jon have a great life with that horse face Jailey. I’m sure it’s like riding a triple crown winner. You are the laughing stock of this world, ha ha ha.

  • ha

    They are both being a couple of tools. ALL the money made from the show is now going to lawyers instead of the kids. Kate better be careful cuz if the judge looks into her finances and sees she does indeed make more money than him, she will have to give jon alimony. AND since he’s the more available parent, he will also get custody. SUCK ON THAT KATE

  • ha

    i have to add one more thing: Kate is a classic ABUSER. she made jon suffer in their marriage and still wants to see him suffer after their marriage has dissolved. She’s keeping him away from their kids, has openly criticised him on everything just to make herself look better and now she’s trying to financially cripple him. She’s not thinking of her kids, she’s trying to destroy their father with the help of a garbage TV channel. But after Jon is gone… are the kids next?

  • jlene

    That’s interesting regarding the money, what happened to it all, when you watch them on television, just about everything is donated so what are they spending it on?

  • Halli

    This is what happens when you give trash money. They can’t handle it and the added responsibilities that come with money.



    Even Jon said TLC pays for the (not) nannies.
    We’ve see her trash him and cry poor for years. She’s a joke.
    Crazy woman!

  • cat

    good for you! thats what you do when he’s that bad a$#@ to you…you just turn the table on him!!!

  • christine

    EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Talks Kate, Blasts TLC and Tabloid Lies

    www. popeater. com/ 2009/ 10/09 /jon-gosselin-kate- gosselin-tlc- the-view /

    (I put spaces in btw the link cause jared’s blog seems to keep it from view for moderation. Hope it works.)

  • cece

    oh please. they need to just shut up.

  • Lenno

    Kate-now that you are broke let me take you out for a nice dinner at Monterey Bay on Mt. Washington overlooking the city of Pittsburgh.
    Many female lookers go there with their spouses/boyfriends because of the view and since you are so pretty you would fit right in!!!

  • nikomilinko

    I saw on another website Kate and Cara going to a nail/tan salon.
    Kate states she has no money to pay the bills and cannot sleep at night… but she has money to blow to get her nails done as well as tanning.
    She is sooo desperate for attention.

  • SmartyGirl

    The show’s name should be changed to Kate’s Desperate.

  • Dallas

    She doesn’t need any more money. She’s got enough from pimping her kids out on TV. Not to mention all the “love offerings”.

  • Linda

    Just one thing I’m going to suggest…check out Jon’s interview yesterday on parent dish.

  • asdfg

    TRASH :D

  • erica

    Well, Jon always said he wanted a regular job, now is his chance! Kate is right in filing for support, Jon is a lazy douche who has thrown money away on women and partying and now it’s time he spend some on his children. Besides, don’t you think he’s making a lot of money from Entertainment Tonight? They are following him around every second of the day now, every second story is about him. I’m pretty sure they paid him heftily for following him around.

  • Jill

    I can’t stand Kate and her lies. I don’t believe this cow for one minute when she got on TV proclaiming she was running out of money.
    She needs to sell the house, go back to her nursing job and learn to live on a budget like every one else in the world.

  • Jill

    TLC is garbage for making this monster–she could have been like this from start.

  • barbee

    Oh Boo Hoo Hoo
    Why not just run back to Today and the View and beg for more money? What was the point of doing that anyway? Was she thinking people would send her money or something? Maybe she should get a job.Wah, wah wah

  • flo

    She claimed to have been the breadwinner while Jon stayed home with the kids. Shw where is all the money From the Love Offerings, photos, book tout 200 magazine covers. I hope she has to pay Jon alimoney

  • spike

    Who with a functioning brain believes her story.( not counting Kate-fan trailer trash)

  • Mother Mary

    I pray daily for her demise.

  • Cry Wolf Khate

    Who finds out one day one of her many bank accounts is drained and she has no money then suddenly a day or two later all the bills are due and the family is desperate? …..Scum of the Earth…… How many Americans right now are really suffering with REAL job losses,foreclosures and evictions. She deserves cancer for her callousness as do her supporters.

  • alexanderina

    She is money hungry and they are both mediahos

  • christine

    “Sexiest Woman Alive dangling her adorable little puppy like a yo-yo. It doesn’t look like the dog is in pain…”

  • Rhonda

    How’s poor Kate gonna pay her bodyguards! Jon said on one of the talk shows that he and Kate have 11 bank accounts. Maybe Kate could go back to the Christians and ask for more “love” offerings!

  • kim

    TLC is to BLAME!!!
    they made monsters out of this family!!!


    tender loving CASH!!!

  • kim

    and of course, the one to blame is also the dead-skunk-wearing-beyotch-KATE!!!

    serves her right for having a taste of her own medicine!!!

    how is she gonna pay for her bodyguard now? no more shexxxx??? awww her poor mangina!

    ang is shes gonna pay to upgarde her dead skunk hair to dead koala now?

    awwww poor kate. sue TLC for making ur family a wreck!!!

  • Mattel toys rock

    Why is my post awaiting moderation?:

  • coco

    Jon is acting like a fat douch$ebag again. Big surprise there! Call “The View” and notify them. Like those bytches care…..

  • Jan

    TLC pays for NOTHING now because JON pulled the plug on the show. The attorneys, the paps, gossip websites, Jon’s PR rep, and magazines are making money. Thanks to Jon’s decision in stopping the show, the Gosselin children LOSE financially and emotionally. Jon admitted to that HAILEY CONTROLS HIS SCHEDULE. He now is being controlled by a 22 year old with no job. He claims she is the opposite of Kate. Kate accepts her duties as a mother of 8 children. That is different for sure. Jon does not know how to parent. We now see why Kate HAD to instruct him all the time and he resented it as he walked away mumbling and insulting her under his breath.

  • lexy

    Jon pulling the plug on the show was the best thing he ever did. It’s disgusting what this angry bitter b!tch has been allowed to get away with. Seeing as it’s Kate who’s out there on talkshows, in gossip magazines & sites – I think it’s HER & HER people who make most of the money.
    She better watch out with all her bad-mouthing Jon she could make him “unemployable”. After all Kate’s telling lies and making him look like an unreliable thief – who’s going to hire a “thief” who’s ex-wife is a crazy person and constantly bad-mouthing him?? Even Burger King wouldn’t hire him. Kate’s going to have to pay him spousal support!
    Go Jon – let this money hungry dunce pay you!!!

  • dawne

    This whiny, manipulative, narcssistic fame ho is beyond TIRESOME. Aren’t her fifteen over???????? Please????

    She is as authentic as a Gucci knock-off. Cunning, calculating b*tch……..loathe this phoney. The rest of the world with big families don’t moan and b*tch on the way to the spa with their eight year olds that they can’t pay their bills on national television looking for more pity and more ‘donations.’ or better yet, more star power with their own talk show because they have so much to ‘offer.’

  • http://justjared bond007123

    both of them seem pretty unstable to me. The kids is who I feel sorry for. Divorce is never easy but to have these two quacks as parents is going to be really hard on the kids.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol spousal support??!! im pretty sure kate makes more than jon with those books she did
    just like i told u jon, ur gonna get f’ed over in these and ur douches ways defs didnt help
    as always, women almost always win in about everything when it comes to settlements in divorce

  • Luv it!

    Well, if the show goes off the air, this family can still stay famous for years and years with their fighting. Jon is an imbecile. He makes me laugh the way he tries to pretend he’s an innocent, quiet type who got emotionally abused by his wife. HA HA HA! He is so lame!!! An innocent family man doesn’t all of a sudden turn promiscuous. He’s such a fake! I think Kate put him down because she was angry and knew something wasn’t right and that he was probably sneaking behind her back and having sex with other females. He had it coming to him, actually.

    Go on Kate and get your revenge. Get all the money you can and leave that loser with one penny to spend on his nasty, low-class women. He’ll probably be begging you to take him back when his thrills wear off and he realizes where his bread was really buttered.

  • Tdani

    This woman is full of it. She needs to get a life and a job and support these kids and quit looking for a handout out of John.