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Zachary Quinto: Before The Door...

Zachary Quinto: Before The Door...

Zachary Quinto and his dog Noah leave Smart Post Sound studios on Thursday (October 8) in Burbank, Calif.

The 32-year-old Star Trek star was later seen visiting the home of a mystery male.

Zachary‘s college alma mater recently posted an article about his production company Before The Door and its partners Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa. Check it out at Apparently the name of their company “draws on one of the first acting exercises required of them in Carnegie Mellon University’s drama program.”

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Credit: John Shinn; Photos: Buzzfoto, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jesse

    i love him … and i think hes gay too ;)

  • Zapina

    he’s the best dressed man on Earth… and he’s not gay !! :[

  • nikomilinko

    I think he´s gay, i don´t care.

  • john shinn

    I think Zach is gay the the guy in this pic ( is his boyfriend……by the way, i took some of the pics, above, of Zach.
    My colleague talked to this guy.

    OMAR: how long do you think he’ll (Zach) be in there?
    GUY: We shouldn’t take that long.

    OMAR: Can you ask Zach if we can take his picture when he comes out?
    GUY: We’ll be coming out soon…..

    The guy always answered Omar’s questions in “We.” As in him and Zach. The guy drove Zach Prius to the back of the studio. Zach’s dog Noah seem to know this guy real well….

    Oh well………

  • phoenixbai

    I like him more and more!
    BTW, if he is gay, I would like him further more!

  • Sara

    I think the guy is Zach’s brother Joe? He lives in LA too.

  • kimberlee

    Beam me up!

  • Timmi

    Guys, that is not Zach’s boyfriend that is in fact Zach’s brother Joe.

  • Timmi

    Sara, you called it first, sorry about that! It is Joe.

  • angeles

    @john shinn:

    Shinn, does it really matter that much what his sexual preference is?

  • true

    John Shinn must be a pap. If he is, then he must know what he’s talking about because I’m sure Shinn probably follows all these celebrities around. And I don’t know what Sara and Timmi is talkin about because the pic doesn’t even look like Joe. All of Zach’s female fans just wants him to be straight but in reality, face it girls….the man is GAY!

  • Karen Brown

    I will say that believing something because a papparazzi says it sounds kind of ridiculous. What sells more pictures, taking a picture of a celeb’s brother, or press agent, or security, or just buddy, or their clandestine gay lover?

    Not saying what the man is, but saying that.. its true because a pap says so is bad logic.

  • Tina

    “its true because a pap says so is bad logic”
    Couldn’t agree more!

  • Timmi

    The truth is we don’t have any facts on whether or not Zach is hetero or homosexual. It is all opinion until Zach himself says something! Even then I am sure there will be people who don’t believe him.

  • ANDY


  • SAN

    Zach is cool again!!! John paparazzi who cares?again…

  • Jesse


    yes he is gay … ive seen him all the time in west hollywood with nothing but guys , and west hollywood is “boys town” i love it when girls get all sad when guys are gay !!! all the hot ones play for our team honey! ;)

  • angeles


    Then he must be bi, because I saw him at a play about gay marriage not so long ago looking sweet with a blond female with long hair. He was obviously into her, bringing her a glass of wine between getting mobbed by the fangirls who wanted his autograph. The women fangirls were all over him, like little kittens after catnip. It was kind of cute actually.

    The odd thing was, when I met him that night, my gaydar didn’t ping at all and I found that odd. I was sure it would go off like a siren. Nope.

  • angeles


    I just realized that the fanboys around here will probably scream “beard” at my post above, so to continue…..

    Also I honestly don’t think she was a beard, she stayed to herself most of the times I saw her, after he brought her wine, she passed by my bf and me and started talking to an elderly couple off to my left. There were no paps that I saw, fans had cameras, but they were taking pics of ZQ. Not her.

    If she was a beard, she wasn’t bearding very well.

  • Timmi

    I saw her too with the wine, then spoke to Zach later in the night. I didn’t see her talk to him or around him again that night, however that really means nothing. I don’t know if I saw he was “in” to her.. but that is just my opinion and that means nothing. However, it is worth saying it could have been his girlfriend.

  • madmax

    maybe he’s as gay as Jake G is.

  • trick

    or maybe this conversation is just getting real old. Isnt there someone else y’all can pick on? poor zach.

  • Wahh

    Wahhhh…say it is’nt so Jesse!! rolls eyes.

  • Lucie

    lol@ Angeles, first admonishing John Shinn for wondering what Quinto’s sexual preferences were and then desperately trying to prove he is “into girls” by having seen him bring wine to and engage in conversation with a woman.
    Get over yourself, girl, for one thing, you’re stalking him just as much as John Shinn is and for another, fangirling and self-righteousness just don’t go together.

  • angeles


    Oh please gurl, I think you need to get over yourself and re-read my posts.

    John said he saw a guy with Zach in Burbank, so the guy must be his boyfriend. Okay, whatever, but what does it matter?

    I saw Zach with a girl in NoHo and no I didn’t ask her or Zach if they were shagging like bunnies and no I didn’t get a flamming queen clang on my gaydar. But that means nothing. Jessie saw him in WeHo with some guys, and that means what exactly? Nothing.

    And out of the three I’m the one who is the self righteous fangirl? *laughs*

    Gurl, we’ve had people on this board who have claimed to have slept with Quinto to prove that he’s straight, and I’m the first to laugh at them, just like I laugh at the self righteous queens around here who are trying to out him before he outs himself.

  • linguistic_turn

    The man is bisexual. He even said so on his MySpace page before becoming famous.

  • Lucie

    @angeles Um, I’m afraid you didn’t understand me at all …

    What I meant was:
    FACT = This is a gossip, basically celebrity-stalkerish site. Gossip and speculation and all that is the very substance of it. Superficial? Yes, but that’s why people come here, to ogle pictures of celebs and endlessly rant about them.

    It’s not about the actors as *actors*, it’s about the actors as *celebrities.*

    So you can write it’s all “nothing” or “whatever”, but that has absolutely no value because we are all here, all of us on the same boat, prying into the personal of the rich and famous as either 1) fangirls 2) haters or 3) paps – who actually make money out of it, so in a way they win :)

    As for ZQ – he went to L.A. to become famous and fame is what he got, with all the downsides of it. So if people wanna talk about his sexuality and bring up all kinds of half-truths and crazy stories – let them have at it. Because that’s what it’s all about. No need to act like you’re above all of this – if you were, you wouldn’t be here.

  • cece

    it has only just occurred to me how hot he is.

  • Zapina

    @Timmi: Thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zapina

    @madmax: exactly

  • Wahh

    Look if he is gay it is his own business, however being gay and coming out as gay will not affect his female fan base. Look at how popular that American Idol guy is. Women still love and support him. It may affect his straight male fanbase but in a couple of years they may come along as well.

  • angeles


    Okay dude, whatever.

  • Heather

    Was this the blond you both were talking about?

  • John Shinn III

    Long before the incident in Burbank with the mystery male, I already had my suspicions about Zach being gay. I’ve seen him more often in the company of men—than women. Bu then again I have several cousins in their 40s who are always in the company of men than women—and they are not gay.

    Take a closer look at Zach’s pictures on the blogs…in the few times I’ve shot (photographed) Zach, there are a few frames on each set that reveal (read: his body language) his feminine side….I really don’t mind if Zach is gay (I have a family member who is gay), but he’s cool to work with. Plus, he’s a good actor….he’s one of my favorite celebrity to work with……Lastly, I suspect Noah likes the paps. Every Noah sees us, he wants to break free and ran to us to play….

  • angeles


    No that isn’t her, the woman I saw was older (perhaps his age) and more nondescript.

    As for Zach, he looks good.

  • ****

    @Zapina said: He’s not gay!

    Keep telling yourself that.

  • trick

    Please – I went to high school with a guy that was femme up one side and down the other. He was a cheerleader and everyone just accepted he was gay. We were all wrong. He is happily married with two kids and a house in the suburbs. And still femme.

    That is not a criteria. Frankly I’m a little irritated at the stereotyping. It’s not fair and is disrespectful. I get that people judge, but judgement should be based on fact and not speculation.

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