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Angelina Jolie Replaces Charlize Theron as 'Tourist'

Angelina Jolie Replaces Charlize Theron as 'Tourist'

Angelina Jolie is in talks to replace Charlize Theron in the thriller The Tourist.

THR is reporting Charlize dropped out after being attached to the project for a long time. Producers are now looking to find a director to helm the movie.

The Tourist is about an Interpol agent (Jolie) in Europe who manipulates an American tourist (Sam Worthington) in an attempt to flush out an elusive criminal who was her former lover.

Aussie Sam, 33, has been much buzzed about since Terminator Salvation. He next stars in James Cameron‘s Avatar, out in December.

Sam and Angie? Um, HOT!

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  • goAngie!

    Angie and Sam ….. SO HOT !!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Omg she’s so HOT

  • LuckyL

    I love you too Charlize =)

  • LuckyL

    …but Aeon Flux bombed

  • dakila

    Wow!!! HOT!

  • LuckyL

    But ummm, who’s “Sam”?

  • coco

    Angie needs another check to support her child army. She just needs 2 more to get her own reality show on TLC.

  • LuckyL


  • Shannon

    Why is this stated as fact when it’s only a rumor?

  • angie’s old nose

    Good grief…she always plays the same part. (ok, the two times she didn’t, the movie was a box office disapointment)

  • veingelina Jolie

    LuckyL—-oser is on here 24/7.

  • mslewis

    That movie sounds a lot like “Salt” which she just made. And, anyway, it’s just a rumor. There is also a rumor going around that Angelina is being asked to do “Wanted 2″ and she still has the “Scarpetti” movie to get off the ground and, since she is taking a year off, she won’t be available for any of this until June of 2010.

    I sometimes think people bring up Angelina’s name just to get publicity for their movie (“Catwoman” for instance). Why would Charlize drop out of a movie? The girls needs a hit BADLY since her last two or three have bombed. Was she dumped? Why would Angelina want to do a movie that Charlize Theron turned down and that sounds just like the one she just did? This doesn’t make sense and I don’t believe it.

    Also, who is Sam Worthington???? Guess I could google him. I will, if this turns out to be true. Otherwise, I don’t care who he is!!

  • Liverwurst

    Angelina could be sexy if she only had a hot body.

  • la sigh.

    @mslewis: Ease back from the caffine girly.

  • blah

    They both are overrated, but if i had to choose I would say Charlize is the beter actress. Angie is just recognized becasue of who she is dating/shacking up with ( Brad Pitt)

  • eden

    hollywood general rule of thumb: if you’re gonna make any sort of action chick flick, Angelina Jolie is more bang for the buck, kids.

  • wow

    if this is true I will be happy for Angie . yay!

  • sofia

    I can’t believe they didn’t think of Jennifer Aniston. She’s just as good of an actress as these two Oscar winners! :P

  • Goddess

    Angelina is gonna f.u.c.k Sam just like she did with Brad since he is equally hot. I don’t get the hype for Sam worthington, I mean, yeah, he’s hot but the movie Terminator he was in was freakin’ lame and boring, ugh. Anyway, I’m not saying this against Angelina. I’m saying this because she’s super gorgeous and she oozes some unique sexiness. What co-star wouldn’t want to get her in his bed? haha. I’m juuuuust kiddin’, she can’t, she’s a mother of six. Anyway, I also think the better actress is Charlize but the hottest is Angelina even if she doesn’t have the sexiest body of all time #13! Have you seen her sex scene in her movie “taking lives”??? The sexiest sex scene ever done in Hollywood history IMO !!!!! XD …..This is a rumor. I’ll take it seriously when it’s a fact =)

  • liam

    I love Charlize as well but lets hope this is not because they want to use Angies name to get publicity for their movie. Jared please make sure it is true before you post this kind of things.

  • mslewis

    @la sigh.: Thanks!! I just finished my afternoon tea and was a little hyped!!! I’m calm now!!

    Still, I don’t understand why Charlize dropped out of this movie. This sounds like something she would be good in. However, she has had nothing but bombs since her Oscar win. I’m just wondering if she was pushed. I do like her and I hope she hasn’t ruined her career by bad choices. Charlize is a good actress but people in The Business only love you for how well you’ve done lately. Oscar means nothing if you can’t get big box office numbers and Angelina does get big box office!!

  • mslewis

    @sofia: Jennifer was probably first on their list but she was already scheduled for some tanning in Mexico and turned them down!! A girl has to have her priorities straight. Maybe next time!!

  • releka

    I’ll watch Angelina Joile in anything.

  • groundcontrol

    They are probably just floating this rumor to keep their investors interested.
    I took a trip over to one of the blogs Samuels cites as concerned with Zee’s hair.
    Well, what do you know. The overwhelming support is for Zee’s natural and beautiful and Angie’s handling of Zee’s hair. Most of the posters there equally condemn all the manipulaiton of AA hair as well as think people should lay off a 4 year old who is someone else’s child.
    Black Hair Media forum. I think this link may go to the middle of the thread. The thread is 17 pages since Oct 6, 2009.

  • alexanderina

    if this is true that would be awesome and plus I like Sam he was awesome in Terminator

  • sofia

    @mslewis: You’re probably right. Girl is nothing if not predictable – I mean, consistent.

  • sofia

    Oh, and yeah – THR said she’s “in talks to replace,” not “replacing.”

  • alexanderina

    hmmmmm JJ is still crazy as always with the nutjobs trolls

  • well

    Salt, Wanted2 and Tourist all action movies. I don’t know. I hope Angie would mix action and drama movies.

  • an oldie

    How come the constant pitting Angelina and Charlize against each other lately? Hummmm.

  • Dani

    Both great actresses

  • Not impressed by JA

    an oldie @ 10/11/2009 at 6:12 pm How come the constant pitting Angelina and Charlize against each other lately? Hummmm.

    Both are former models turned serious actress with an Oscar on their sleeves and are born the same year..

    Charlize is extremely beautiful, she is really talented but she has ZERO and i mean ZERO charisma and national appeal, let alone international appeal.
    I really don’t know why. Ever since she appears, i thought she was absolutely beautiful but for some reasons, she can’t direct the light towards her. She can’t draw people to the theater on her name solely. Never had, never will. Oh and this rule also applied to the media. She is just doesn’t sell whatsoever , even in advertisment. Actresses, usually brunettes are better sellers..

  • hi

    I would love to see sam w and angie in a movie together. Sw is hotter and younger than Brad.

  • hi

    I hope Angie has an affair with Sam.

  • SANS

    Cdan’t wait

  • interesting

    Charlize Theron replaces Angie in Atlas Shrugged and Angie may replace Charlize Theron in The Tourist.

  • huh


  • happy girl

    angie AND tTHAT would be hot!

  • nikomilinko

    new angie´s movie. good.

  • Two

    I know, #11. And she always rags on me when I hang out here even though nowhere near as much as she does.

    How could you not have heard of Sam Worthington, #21? He stole Terminator 4 earlier this year.

    Actors turn down roles for many reasons. Scheduling conflicts is a likely reason. Why wouldn’t Jolie take on a role that someone turned down? It’s not like the role would be spoiled goods or something. And how is it anything like Salt?

  • Not impressed by JA

    hi @ 10/11/2009 at 6:24 pm I hope Angie has an affair with Sam.

    Angie’s no Cougar.
    That’s Maniston thang to go out with younger men who star with Angelina (cough, cough, Vince) or dream about Angelina (cough, cough Mayer).
    She is THAT obsessed !

  • happy girl

    #32: I agree with you. It is a phenomenon most of us can’t understand. Sometimes the most beautiful woman may come off blan on screen. Charlize is one of those drope dead gorgeous women who comes off i don’t know what it is…maybe too ethereal, or too passive, or too something. She has become the HUGE star she deserves. I don’t think it is a brunette or blonde thing. Somehow Cate Blanchett who is less beautiful than Charlize is more interesting on screen. Can’t explain it. It’s a mystery. You either got it or you don’t. Angelina Jolie has the IT factor for sure. It’s a powerful thing when men and women are seduced by a woman like that.

  • Jill

    Liverwurst @ 10/11/2009 at 5:26 pm
    Angelina could be sexy if she only had a hot body.

    ROTFLMBAO!!! Posted while sitting on your size 42 ass with your boobs resting on your knees, yeah, right.

  • happy girl

    i meant charlize has not become the huge star she deserves despite her stunning beauty and amazing talent. her oscar performance was out of this world. she just has not translated to the mainstream for some reason. i think she is beautiful but not that possible?

  • Karen

    I love Angie.. big big fan.. and I love Charlize. I don’t like it when they try to pit one woman against another..

    since I think they are bothy beyond beautiful and talented I would love to see them do a film together.. That would be so off the freakin Chain.. I think they have a lot in common and are two really strong minded women..

    I love that Angie works when she wants, and does not feel the need to put out 2 or 3 movies every year. Damn some people it seems as if we see them in a new film every week.. Give us time to miss your faces on screen. It will be over a year since Angie last worked. So 2010 is going to be a treat for her fans..

    Glad she and Brad are off and just enjoying family time.. NOW if only the media and the haters would leave them the H e ll alone.

  • dawne


    ROFLMAO………..YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS. BWAAAHAHAHA. Aniston couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag; she’s the flop queen who will never get a another chance to open a movie after two major box office and critical jokes……….she still has a few in the can she will be ‘trying’ to get distributed……….good luck to her

    On the other hand, Angie is an Oscar winning and again Oscar nominated most powerful female HW star…………so dream on sucker.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    They need to stop using Angie’s name to get publicity for that film.

  • let’s see

    Sam is hot. Brad is hotter even though he is older than Sam. I will take Brad any time. I don’t understand why Angie takes another role similar to Salt. I love how Brad takes diverse roles.

  • mslewis

    @happy girl: I agree with you that Charlize doesn’t come off as “sexy” and has zero charisma. You just aren’t drawn to her on the screen. I don’t understand it either. She is hardly ever on any of those stupid “most beaufitul” lists. I mean, I know those lists don’t mean anything but, evidently, when people are asked to list their most beautiful stars, Charlize’s name never comes up. It’s strange but it proves that you can be beautiful and still not connect with the audience. Guess that’s why she can’t carry a movie on her own. Poor Charlize. She really is a good actress, I think.

  • The Bruiser

    Well then lets hope this film and Salt is not like Angie’s other 8 major flop films.