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Angelina Jolie Replaces Charlize Theron as 'Tourist'

Angelina Jolie Replaces Charlize Theron as 'Tourist'

Angelina Jolie is in talks to replace Charlize Theron in the thriller The Tourist.

THR is reporting Charlize dropped out after being attached to the project for a long time. Producers are now looking to find a director to helm the movie.

The Tourist is about an Interpol agent (Jolie) in Europe who manipulates an American tourist (Sam Worthington) in an attempt to flush out an elusive criminal who was her former lover.

Aussie Sam, 33, has been much buzzed about since Terminator Salvation. He next stars in James Cameron‘s Avatar, out in December.

Sam and Angie? Um, HOT!

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  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Angelina Jolie may become an accidental ‘Tourist’
    Charlize Theron and the director are reportedly out of the European thriller

    The game of musical chairs on the thriller “The Tourist” is continuing with Charlize Theron exiting the Spyglass-produced feature.

    While Theron has been attached to “The Tourist,” a remake of the French film “Anthony Zimmer,” for some time, she may be replaced by another Oscar winner.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Angelina Jolie is in talks to take the female lead in the film.

    But Theron’s departure is hardly the only change on “The Tourist.” direct Bharat Nalluri (“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”) is no longer attached, the trade paper says.

    As for the male lead in the drama, which centers on an American tourist who gets enlisted by Interpol to entrap a former flame, well that’s also been in flux. Tom Cruise was, as the trades say, “loosely attached,” but he was replaced by Sam Worthington.

    For now, Jolie’s involvement is still rumor-only, with the “Changeling” star already transitioning off of an action-thriller in “Salt.” Even if Jolie does sign on and “The Tourist” secures a new director, it will still be a rush to get production going by early 2010, as had tentatively been the plan.

  • lulu

    Angie ‘s going back to work sure killing the faniston trolls.

    Angie just prove it again , you can have it all!
    Highly successful career , motherhood, cute little offspring and a loving supportive partner , she have it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Angie!

    The script look awesome, hope Angie sign for it.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Liverwurst @ 10/12/2009 at 7:38 am Angie wouldn’t play this part on the fact that Sam Worthington is a nobody, and a sexless nobody at that.
    Uum sorry to burst your bubble, Jolie is no Maniston.
    Mc Avoy is a great actor but kinda nobody too and it didn’t disturb Jolie to do a movie with him.
    Again Jolie is NO conceiceted a la MANISTON.
    Oh and by the way, Sam Worthiston is the next IT. he was acclaimed in Terminator 4 and has 5 movies in post production, one of it done by James Cameron himself. By the time he will star in THIS movie, everyone will know that the rumors were roght : he is the new IT guy.

  • Not impressed by JA

    As for the sexless comment…lol, coming from a Maniston fan who wosrhipped sexfull and urinefull Mayer.
    Yeah right, Sam is a hot peaice of man and is about to blow ! Again, he is said to be the next big thing.

  • Not impressed by JA

    I don’t think that Charlize cares that much about Hollywood. She avoids the usual trappings, and her partner is the same. She doesn’t care if he is a big star, and they enjoy their lives, and keep it private. I think she is more about finding a project that interests her every once in a while, than about building a big, memorable career.

    Well it goes both ways. First she doesn’t keep things more private than any other. She just doesn’t interest the tabs enough to follow her, so she isn’t bother. You don’t decide, they do. They do the same with Megan Fox on her daily routine, so she doesn’t do anything for it.
    Second, projects, whatever they are, are also businesses that need to make money. At some point you need to have some that are bankable in order to keep receiving good projects, independant or not. And again, there are bombs and bombs. Those of Charlize are of epic proportion even within the independant genre, so again why would a businesman hire her instead of another one who would draw 10 times more ?.
    Third, the fact that she did ‘Hancock’ is the proof that like any other artists at some point she has to build a longevity on popular index in order to keep receiving other projects. The same goes to Johnny Depp and the ‘Pirates. Charlize is already rumored to have accepted to star in the second ‘Hancock’, hardly an independant, serious project…maybe a changing of strategy in order to gain more bankable credebility, a criterion that is ALWAYS taken into account bby those who finance movies, even independant ones.

  • Not impressed by JA

    la sigh. @ 10/12/2009 at 7:23 am @mslewis: I agree however, Angelina has had several box office disasters after her “G.I.” Oscar win

    Again, she had bombs like anyone but rarelly in the same proportions as Charlize.
    And again, in the present time where they are both in an age where they should be at the pinneacle of their career, financial wise included, Charlize doesn’t seems to RISE above the typical figures of an unkown starlet in her first movie, even taking the ‘independant’ project.
    Again, if 4 out of your last 5 movies (exception of Hancock) are making less than $400,000 domestically, even for an independant one, you have to ask yourself the right questions. This is a consistent mega implosion of unbeleivable proportions.
    Where are Charlize fans ? Her fans alone should guarantee each independant movie to reach $2M at least !
    You can look at it at every angle, no actress of this stature in this type of movies has had bombs of epic proportions like Charlize had. It’s like she is transparent and doesn’t even exist.
    Again a shame cause she is beautiful and talented BUT with no real fanbase who will follow her and her work.

  • nikomilinko
  • ellie’

    It would have been real nice to see Charlize in this movie.. Shes a great actress.. Would have been a great action star.. She is beautiful and a beautiful body.. I’ve really missed her in the movies. .A real big fan of hers..

  • bdj

    Don’t worry whiny hen. Charlize is doing a sequel to the dreadful Hanco*ck with Will Smith. That should satisfy your whiny heart until Lard face latest lame rom com crapfest is inflicted on the public. Happy Monday

  • Neil

    I love Charlene and Angie. I think they are both fascinating, beautiful and talented women. Both have interesting stories to tell and I don’t like the idea of people treating Charlene like she was some sort of threat to Angie. In fact I would like to see a serious film made with both of them working together (add Monica Bellucci and oh my….). Just my two cents.

  • Neil

    Sorry, meant to say ‘Charlize’.

  • Not impressed by JA

    bdj @ 10/12/2009 at 9:41 am Don’t worry whiny hen. Charlize is doing a sequel to the dreadful Hanco*ck with Will Smith. That should satisfy your whiny heart until Lard face latest lame rom com crapfest is inflicted on the public. Happy Monday

    That’s so true ! FACTS are there for all to see.
    Where were the new Charlize fans for her latest flick, where were they ?
    “Burning Plain” has been out for three weeks already and has a domestic figures at $157,532 only.
    Again where were her fans, where were the ones who whine about not seeing her when they can’t even bring their a** on her latest movie and probably didn’t even know the title of her latest flick ar that she had a movie coming out ?
    And don’t come with the excuse of the number of theater to explain that pooor results. Like i said, Renee’s latest flick was released in 4 theater (Charlize in 21). Renee managed to pass $160,000 within the first 5 days with 7 times less theaterS and is now en route to reach 2,5 M on the back of her fans.
    Again, proof that Chralize has only whiners who whine that she isn’t cast in movies but can’t bring their butt to see her work contributing to the perception that she is a no drawer when it comes to bring people to the theater.

  • an oldie

    The bottom line is he jenhens always take the side of whoever is not Brad or Angelina. LOL at Ellie being a fan of Charlize now. How many of her films did you see, Ellie? As it was pointed out above, not too many Charlize fans showed up to see her movies. Maybe her film will see a bump in the bo # this weekend after this dicussion? LOL.

  • pokeman

    regardless if Charlize is a box office draw or not. i would rather look at her than filler face. she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettier and she is more natural than MANiston. charlize is easy on the eyes unlike MANiston. her face is too damn ugly especially the long chin.

  • Cherylr

    @Not impressed by JA:
    I don’t think this is coming from Charlize fans, I think this is mostly Angie haters. Charlize is a beautiful woman, with A-list name recongnition, but no real fan base. At least not one that is willing to come out guns blazing (or to buy tickets to the Burning Plain) to defend her honor.
    This project would appeal to Angie because it will mean filming in Europe. My guess is that she is going to start to prefer projects that are closer to her home base.

  • jealus of shilo dina # 1

    jjb dorothy street is jjj’s dina # 1 lier lier pants on fire !! dorothy street is jealous dat ppl r interrested in shiloe , vivane , knot . She is drunk , if she did not kno pple won’t too see the bio kids !! anglina said brad had too love adotped kids as he wood love bio !! you think anglina wood take it if brad di’d n’t love his bio like adotped !! angie carry littel kids in her belly , they there blood . brad caerfull and lovin his kids in anglina belly !! zahharra luves shiloe , vivane , dorothy is hung up on race !!

  • dawne


    Angie, unlike yourself, is self-actualized. Being good at one thing does not preclude her from exceling in many other things.


    She doesn’t spend her free time working with hair stylists, yoga instructors and female enablers.

    She ‘acts’ because she is great at it and enjoys being part of a fun or meaningful movie.

    She is avidly interested in world affairs as it affects the disenfranchised; ‘ particularly children and refugee families. As a UNHCR amassador she travels extensively.

    She flies her own plane. She rides motorcycles and four wheelers

    She has dreams to fly across the Sahara Desert.

    She is a voracious reader and is well informed as she sits on the Council of Foreign Relations.

    She spends quality time with all her SIX children every day even when she is filming.

    She is the desirable partner of a very self-actualized man who shares her smarts, talent, family devotion, global interests and philantthropy.

    She is on the speed dial list of Queens and Presidents, but is more charmed by the paupers.

    She is admired for her professionalism, beauty, sweetness and talent by her peers and directors.

    Angie does not conform to HW’s perception of sexy. She dresses classically without parading the t&a like so many other women who rely on this to garner attention.

    Angie, as Brad has said, has no boss……….or publicist.

    Angie, for being such a mega star, does not attach her identity to such frivolousness. She lives a life of real purpose and deep convictions, none of which are centred on her stardom.

    So, maybe your ‘one trick pony, no talent, insecure, middle aged t.v. star alum couldn’t chew gum and walk, but Angie can. So don’t worry about her multi-tasking. She is capable of doing it all and doing it well and that is why she is so admired. So don’t project your personal limitations on this iconic woman.

  • dorothy iz no shiloe fan ppl!!

    ######################################################dorothe blog she dispointsde if angie gets no ethipien kid !! read batk thread jjb , dorothy repeets her tired azz , angie said ehtopien , ethopien , zahharra needs a kid too idendify with !! zahhara aint infearir too sisters dorothe !!


    zahharra is imirge of bio mom

  • val

    Great, Great response, everything you said is right to the point!
    Oh and I gave that freak of nature Allison -from Newsweek a piece of my mind. Heck I gave her a couple of things I had in my mind. That biche must be a jentard freak or something. You know what, I think I will go overthere and tell her a couple of more things. WTF!

  • an oldie

    You are a real big fan of Charlize? Hahahaha. You are a big fat liar, as usual. Hey, now that the bo # are out, and Vince movie made $35M the first weekend while Maniston’s made $8M, whose movie do you say TBU was? And I bet you if the cute puppy that was on the MarleyandMe poster did another movie coming out the same day as a movie by Maniston, the puppy’s flick would win the bo numbers too.

  • the real lou

    I see the haters are coming out of the “woodwork” pretending to be Charlize Theron fans,LOL.Funny thing is…. they pulled the SAME crap when Brad pulled out of State of Play.Remember the Russell Crowe fans claiming State of Play would be a BIGGER hit without Brad in it?What happen to these “so-called” Charlize Theron fans when her latest movies have been flopping all over town?If NOT for Hanc*ock the woman would NOT have had a hit since The Italian Job.BTW I have NOTHING against Miss Theron.I just have a problem with haters taking ANY and EVERY opportunity to hate on Angelina.You people really need to get a damn life.Seriously!

  • Not impressed by JA

    Cherylr @ 10/12/2009 at 11:11 am @Not impressed by JA:
    I don’t think this is coming from Charlize fans, I think this is mostly Angie haters. Charlize is a beautiful woman, with A-list name recongnition, but no real fan base. At least not one that is willing to come out guns blazing (or to buy tickets to the Burning Plain) to defend her honor.
    This project would appeal to Angie because it will mean filming in Europe. My guess is that she is going to start to prefer projects that are closer to her home base.


    I know Cherylr. That was sarcasm when i said they are whiners…which is Maniston fans signature.
    I beleive that Charlize has fans but a very tiny fan base. Not to say that she isn’t love, she is extremely loved and that’s the problem, she is loved overall but not at a fanatic level which is paramount when you put out there independant movies that only a very LOYAL fanbase can follow and support while mainstream movies are follow by fans and more amateurs of the genre..

  • pokeman

    Not impressed by JA @ 10/12/2009 at 8:25 am

    I agree. how about the guy from AMH. he wasn’t a hottie and a nobody.

  • the real lou

    Angelina Jolie Replaces Charlize Theron as ‘Tourist’…..Why is Jared stating this as fact?The article says Angelina is in “talks” it’s NOT a done deal.They haven’t even hired a director as of yet.I will wait and see how this pans out.Unlike the haters/trolls I will NOT be jumping conclusions.

  • pokeman

    off the topic. on they refer brad as the american idol now and Paul Newman was then. i thought that was nice since some of the JP fans refer to JP’s relationship as the Newmans of their generation.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Great post as usual.
    Those Maniston fans are just like her : lazy losers who can’t perform well in more than one thing, let alone succeed in their single activity. they can’t even blog like professional.
    They are AMATEURS and LOSERS in life !

  • People


    The world’s love affair with Brad Pitt began more than two decades ago with his tantalizing shirtless romp in 1991′s Thelma & Louise.Since then he’s continued to melt hearts – as much for his movies (Legends of the Fall to Troy) as for his off-screen role as doting family man to a brood of six and his global goodwill efforts with partner Angelina Jolie.,,20301963_20308815,00.html#20674751

  • the real lou

    # 225 pokeman @ 10/12/2009 at 11:45 am …..I saw that this morning.Funny thing is…my Mother-in-Law made the the same comparison after Paul Newman passed away.I also feel Angelina and Brad are the modern day Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.

  • People


    Late screen legend Paul Newman (who died in 2009 at age 83) mesmerized audiences with his piercing blue eyes, but the icon will be remembered for being much more than just a pretty face: He was a philanthropist, a beloved friend and family man whose proudest achievement was his 50-year marriage to actress Joanne Woodward.

  • kim

    2009 Hollywood Reporter list Angie #1, Julia#2, Reese #3 . Angie is the highest paid actress in Hollywood

  • Scottish-Hawtness

    Charlize steps out of ‘Tourist’ role, and Angelina could be making the trip instead
    By Steven Zeitchik

    Charlize Theron has opted out of the Spyglass-produced thriller “The Tourist,” to which she has long been attached, and in talks to replace her is one Angelina Jolie, sources say.

    The tomb-raiding one, fresh off an action-heavy part in “Salt,” would take on the one-part seductress, one-part action role of the title.

    The project is now also seeking a director, as Bharat Nalluri, the “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” helmer who had been attached to direct, is as of last week off the project, with producers now seeking a new helmer to pair with Jolie. Neither Spyglass nor the director or actresses’ reps could immediately be reached for comment.

    Production has at least until this point been tentatively set for early 2010, which could prompt producers to act quickly on a director.

    A remake of the French thriller “Anthony Zimmer” from 2005, “Tourist” centers on an American tourist who, on behalf of Interpol, goes undercover to entrap a former lover who’s a suspected global criminal. It follows in the long tradition of innocents caught up in shady activities abroad that dates back to Hitchcock (“The Man Who Knew Too Much”), Polanski (“Frantic”) and beyond, and a theme that also has contemporary echoes with “Taken” this past year.

    It’s not the first time there’s been movement on “Tourist.” Tom Cruise had been loosely attached at an earlier point for the lead male role, but Sam Worthington will now play the part as he rides his
    “Terminator: Salvation” and “Avatar” hot streak.

    There are few A-list females who producers like for lead action roles, and with Jolie not attached to star in any imminent projects post-”Salt,” “Tourist” is seen as a perfect itinerary for her.

    Good news ladies, ” The Tourist” doesn’t have a director. No comment from Angie.LOL!!


    kim @ 10/12/2009 at 12:25 pm 2009 Hollywood Reporter list Angie #1, Julia#2, Reese #3 . Angie is the highest paid actress in Hollywood



    (((SUCK IT HATERS!!!)))


  • love Angelina

    I don’t care about how much money Angelina makes, she’s such a sweetheart and a great mother. I hope Brad cherishes her as much as we do! It goes way beyond thier paychecks because they live to take care of others less fortunate as well as themselves. I can’t praise this couple anymore than I have for the last 4 1/2 years, they seem to get better every year.

  • AJBP

    It’ll be great, Love Angie.

  • He’s not good

    @love Angelina: Of course he doesn’t . Just look at the abuse he continues to let her take in the media for his actions.

  • Loves it

    I love how Brangelina fans and Angelina haters aka Brad PItt fans hate the idea of Angelina doing a movie with some hot dude. Yeah, will she be able to help herself especially when her man is so inattentive. She needs some TLC from a MAN.

  • Loves it

    Angelina has not Played a REAL Love interest since being with Brad Pitt probably because he has some fears. Do you blame him? I think she’s gonna shack up with the first new dude she does a serious love scene with. I for one can’t wait.

  • huh

    @Loves it:
    LMAO Assley only in your dream. Get a life you dumbazz.

  • Has anyone noticed that Angie is ALWAYS in the top 5 searched for on Box office mojo? ALWAYS! A big Movie comes out and the Stars of the movie are in the top 5 people search and Angelina is ALWAYS in the mix .no matter what is going on. LOLOLOLOL

  • an oldie

    OT, I am late at this but I just got to watch that Tom Cruise Scientology video. My, oh my, Tommy Boy is one crazeee guy.

  • Loves it

    @huh: Get your face some room to breath and move a way from Pitt’s butt hole. Angelina is definitely gonna sleep with her next leading man if the movie involves a love story. “I always fall in love with my leading men.” – Angie. this is why she hasn’t done any super lovely dovely or sex romping movies. HELLO! You all know this and that’s why you are wishing, shaking, and praying to the lord that Angelina doesn’t do any movies with a love story/ hot man.

  • huh

    @Loves it:
    I am laughing at you. You really don’t know Angie at all. Stop pretending to be an Angie fan. You are embarrassing you idiot.

  • well

    @Loves it:
    Angelina is not stupid. From Brad Pitt to anyone is a downgrade. Just ask Maniston.

  • Not impressed by JA

    … @ 10/12/2009 at 1:31 pm Has anyone noticed that Angie is ALWAYS in the top 5 searched for on Box office mojo? ALWAYS! A big Movie comes out and the Stars of the movie are in the top 5 people search and Angelina is ALWAYS in the mix .no matter what is going on. LOLOLOLOL


    I have been looking at box office mojo for the past two years and Angie is always in the top three. She has been number 1 for the past two years on a yearly basis….and the only woman in the top 5 !

  • Gracie

    Angie hasn’t even confirmed she is doing the movie and the trolls are aready losing their minds, what will they do when it’s confimed —- throw themselves under moving trucks?

  • dawne

    Yup, azz-holes, Angie’s going to break up a union she committed to five years ago when she and Brad chose to have a very large family………devastate the man she loves and their six children for a ‘leading man’ fling.

    Do you read ‘anything’ posed on her threads????? She is not JA who is DESPERATE and has nothing, ergo nothing to lose!!

    Angie has waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much loyalty to her man and family to risk their happiness as a family for a quick jump. GMAFB.

    Again, you have her confused with Miss Lonely Nippleston who would jump the janitor on the shoot if it would get her another tabloid cover!

  • passby

    To: Loves it – you are being so silly with your comments about Angie. You are not a fan of Angie. Angie is with Brad and she is not doing anything else with her co-stars. Unlike your idol Maniston, she has been sleeping with her co-stars…Vince Vaugh, Gerald Butler, etc. I think you got it mixed up. I understand you don’t like Angie but your comments are so fake and ignorance.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Trolls are sh*tting in their pants because for the past 5 years All iof Angie’s movies have been consistently either artistically acclaimed with a string of awards nominations attached to them or financial blockbusters.
    She is at the top of her game and she doesn’t even capitalise on her top position by putting out there movies after movies like some actresses who fear to disappear in the limbs of the has been by running after their youth and undeserved lucky star.
    That’s the sign of great actresses. Reese is the same league. She takes her time and has that balance, so are Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett. All successful working mothers.
    Reese, Kate and Angie are all about the same age and are multitasking successful ladies, not losers who can’t do their job properly while raising children and taking care of their man all at the same time.
    They are modern women in par with their time not juvenile r*tarded teens in a 30 years old who whine cause they can’t manage to have a professional life while putting the same effort at leading a decent and successful private life with or without children around.

  • Sue

    Oh, that would be so cool. I hope that’s true.

  • love Angelina

    @loves it,
    When did Angelina say that? Please give me a date. I’m sorry to say she’s no longer available and in a very happy place right now with a very lovely family. You can dream all you want of Angelina leaving Brad but in reality she’s with Brad and not going anywhere.