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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Breakfast Bunch

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Breakfast Bunch

Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck take their daughters — Violet Anne, 3, and Seraphina Rose, 8 months — for a breakfast run at a local cafe on Sunday morning (October 11) in Boston, Mass.

Later in the morning, super mom Jen was seen taking Seraphina for a walk around Cambridge.

Jen is currently supporting The Elephant Project, an organization to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. Get in your bid at!

FYI: Jen is using her Lascal baby carrier!

20+ pictures inside of breakfast bunch Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

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jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 01
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 02
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 03
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 04
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 05
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 06
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 07
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 08
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 09
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 10
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 11
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 12
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 13
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 14
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 15
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 16
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 17
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 18
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 19
jennifer garner ben affleck breakfast 20

Credit: Fame Pictures, PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Ellie

    Let’s see what creative new way the haters spin a family breakfast into Ben hates his wife, Violet is homely, Seraphina is Victor Garber’s baby and Jen is clingy. My own take is that this is *shock* a normal family.

  • dani

    Thanks Jared for mentioning the Elephant Project benefiting Alzheimers on!

  • LuckyL

    Seraphina is going to be adorable.

  • Lynn

    Seraphina is already adorable. She looks so much like Ben.

    These are nice pictures.

  • Jen is a b!tch

    stop pimping kids for press.

  • LuckyL

    Lynn @ 10/11/2009 at 1:10 pm

    Seraphina is already adorable. She looks so much like Ben.

    These are nice pictures.
    Lol, true, she’s just going to become even moreso with time.

  • tati

    I hope that they last I get afraid for them sometimes.

  • Lynn

    @Jen is a b!tch:

    Jen has said multiple times that she hates having the paparazzi around and has complained. She’s not doing this for press. The paparazzi love her and the kids for some reason.

  • one picture of Ben

    Great family! LMAO!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    aww i love this family the kids are so cute

  • lying phonies

    @Lynn: Garner is just another phony who uses paparazzi for PR ALL THE TIME and pretends that she doesn’t like it.

  • mnm

    @Ellie: Normal is not shock but abnoraml is . The problem is when others does what they are doing it is not considerd normal. why?

  • Yes

    Well at least Jen knows how to dress her kid’s for the weather! More then some other people.


    Jen also has Make time for a change with Fridgidare to save the Children for a better education…It is on the Frididare website..
    Did you see how mad Ben looked when he is holding Violet.. wow.!
    Sera is Ben’s daughter …But Violet is dressing a lot better these days.!

  • nativenyker

    Damn, when are they goin to leave them be for one day! Talk bout stalking…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Pippi

    This family looks like they never shower. How unfortunate. Such an ugly bunch.

  • nowhere

    Violet is cool. And Seraphina is cute.

  • Pippi

    Garner looks like she smells a smelly diaper.

  • christine
    “Sexiest Woman Alive dangling her adorable little puppy like a yo-yo. It doesn’t look like the dog is in pain”

  • Pippa needs a shower..

    YOU ARE the one that ELLIE IS TALKING ABOUT.. No she does
    not smell a smelly diaper…They look better than any one else
    so don’t bother using your keyboard to make such stupid remarks
    and move on to the next one..Yeah your house probably smells like
    you never take a shower and tell us why you hate them so much..

  • Pippi needs a shower..


  • Pippi

    Garner looks like she smells a smelly diaper!!!!!!

  • HoHo

    @one picture of Ben:
    Yeah there are plenty of pics of Ben on other sites but Just Jared hates ben so the only one he shows is the most unflattering one – he looks like he’s having trouble clicking the car door open or maybe Violet kicked him in the nuts by accident… Why Jared hates him is unknown. Maybe he’s a vartan ho like all the other haters on here…

  • coco

    Flat faced huge head Benny boy is not wearing his wedding ring. He is single and ready to mingle. He is available.

  • @ Pippi

    you repeat yourself..stupid!

  • lexy

    Jen and Ben are awesome! I think it’s great they do family stuff together and TRY to give their daughters a normal childhood in spite of the paps. It’s also great that despite their busy schedules they manage to get involved with charities and causes – unlike some celebs.
    Jen and Ben aren’t pimping their kids – THEY are A-listers who the paps wait outside their house and follow them. We’re not talking about some JJ regulars who are D-listers but somehow manage to get pap’ed at “secret” photoshoots or little restuarants in the middle of no where.

  • lexy

    PS – wouldn’t say Ben is single and ready to mingle with a wife and kids who are constantly around him!

  • HoHo

    @coco: \
    You wish Coco! Unfortunately for you, he has his wedding ring in safekeeping because he is playing a single man in “The Town” which he is producing, writing, directing and starring in.

  • gaeazg

    @lexy: They aren´t A-listers!!!!! Where are you live?!

  • huh?

    @lexy: constantly around him??? coulda fooled me!!

  • christine


  • Darya

    Actually the haters are so ridiculous on here they sound funny. It’s just a family of four going out for breakfast. Haters, give it a break already. Ben is not single and ready to mingle. He is a family guy and happy to be in that situation. Not sure what your beef is with this family but you make asses of yourselves every time you come on here with your low literacy skills.

  • Mattel toys rock

    ITAw/#13,17 and others.

    JenGarner is not playing up to the paps,like HalleBerry does not either.If they were,don’t you think they would dress for it.They dress down on their off time.I think Halle and JenGarner are good parents.I think their kids are adorable, but I do wish the paps would leave them be runnning their errands,boring stuff like the rest of us do.
    Because they are good moms,and those kids are adorable,the paps can’t help themselves.Maybe.

    Love,Love the way Garner has her kids dressed for Boston cool weather.
    The little girl has on sneakers,a sweater,pants/tights,cute.the baby is bundled up.

    While she is in Boston,KateCruiseHolmes should take note.

  • nikomilinko
  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @lexy: A-listers are NOT Ben Affleck and Jeniffer Garner!!!!!!!!!!! just becouse they are allways in the gossip sites and getting everyday thier pics taken, its doesnt makes them a ‘A-listers’!!! they are just two famous people that are not hiding themselfs from the paps, so the paps are allways following them, and the didnt did some really huge project that give them the ‘title’ ‘A-listers’, at least not yet!!!
    so, they are just a beautiful famous family/couple!!! (:

  • Seus

    @Mattel toys rock:They make some uglie troll babies. That serafina looks like the guy who made the movie with Jennifer. I think his name is Ricky Gerbel or something. Oh by the way Jen pumped up the upper lip a little too much it makes her look weird. They love the paparazzi it keeps them relevent cuz their movies suck lol. Also, the azzflecks look like they took a bath for these pics.

  • Hahaha

    Ben looks pissed, it’s probably cuz his red sox got SWEPT outta the playoffs hahaha whatta loser



  • ********

    Awww…such cute little girls. Seraphina has a beautiful smile:)

  • Liv

    Sera is adorable. Look at that cute little button nose.

  • elm street

    Nightmarish girls. Seraphina is fuglie and snaggle tooth looks scary she’s got those funny looking beady eyes. ewwwww. Just in time for holloween.

  • elm street^^

    14 year old girls should have better things to do than look at a 30+ year old couple and their two little daughters and say stupid things. Now, Go play outside!

  • Liz86000

    Beatiful family… And that’s a really good mom, this one. Love how she interacts with her kids.
    To the haters: you are some reeeaaally scary @ sad people!

  • Hahaha

    How sad both kids are retarded

  • coco

    @HoHo: it is not unfortunate for me because I am not married to it – wifey Jen is the one that is fcuked because he looks miserable being married and as people say he usually is not seen with her. Also, he is not on the set here, just going to eat with his kids and wife – he could put his ring on but he does not want to!

  • *** JAMIE ***



  • love the paparazzi

    @Liz86000: People say the dumbest .”love the way she interacts with her kids” she does normal things she gets praised for going to breakfast with her kids LMAO. Oh she kissed her child so she’s a great mom you guys are 10 years old. You people must not have kids because praising somone for just being a mom is laughable. My next door neighbor kisses her child everyday and takes her to the park..does that make her a good mom???I don’t know. Jennifer Garner is counting on you guys to keep her relevant so she pimps her kids on a daily basis. How about really being a good mom and cooking breakfast at home now wouldn’t that be a whole lotta fun w/o the paprazzi following you, that would really be some nice private time, especially when Ben is off. But of course, they gotta be seen it’s too much of a photo op to pass.

  • anna

    ohh the girls ae soo cute!

  • ned

    Benjamino is not on the pictures (only one) because he ruins the family image. He looks depressed. Better to leave him out. Another unhappily married man. Pics are happier without him.

  • duh!

    “Benny boy is not wearing his wedding ring. He is single and ready to mingle. He is available.”
    Ben is ALWAYS available, he was never faithful to Garner.