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Madonna & Penelope Cruz Honor Pedro Almodovar

Madonna & Penelope Cruz Honor Pedro Almodovar

Penelope Cruz (in Chanel) keeps wraps around director Pedro Almodovar at a special dinner party honoring him at Italian restaurant Casa Lever on the Upper East Side of New York City on Saturday (October 10).

The Paper- hosted celebration also brought out Beth Ditto from the indie rock band The Gossip.

Penelope and Pedro have worked together on four projects — 1997′s Live Flesh, 1999′s All About My Mother, 2006′s Volver and 2009′s Broken Embraces and The Cannibalistic Councillor.

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Photos: Flashpoint/WENN
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  • blah

    man Ms. Cruz is an ugly mexican woman

  • Vickie

    blah – is an ugly human being

  • Connie

    what does Madonna take to grow her eyes lashes , would love to know, because she takes something, earlier pictures of her, the lashes weren’t that long, sorry they don’t grow with age that actually get thinner, and isn’t it so obvious she has cheek bone implants, not subtle at all that Madonna.

  • ihavenolife

    madonna looks better than penelope in the picture!

  • ihavenolife

    oh and fyi, penelope isn’t from mexico, she’s from spain.

  • Weber from Brazil

    Penelope Cruz is NOT Mexican, but from Spain

    She looks a little bit tired…
    Madge looks so BOTOXed… Her face has changed
    But I love her toyboy and her music

  • carrie

    i dislike Cruz dress even Madge is better and Ditto is great in her look

  • lubvee

    from a girl’s view::::::::Penelopeee CRUZ is gorgeoussss 1 of most biutiful complexion of a woman and actresss i seeeen =] stop blahing

  • lovey

    Madonna is looking better these days… Penelope is looking cute too… #1 fcuk you b*tch…Penelope is from Spain you stupid a-hole..

  • bae

    What a cute pic of Madonna and Penelope

  • 51

    Madonna goes out so much for a single 51 year old mother of 4, 2 of whom are under the age of 5. Stay the f*** at home with your kids and lay off the Botox.

  • just sayin

    Penelope is getting out of shape, I think the rumors are true about her being preggers.

  • towa

    Madonna looked gorgeous

  • road

    Madonna is looking good!

  • annya

    Her kids are in bed asleep early, why can’t she go out at night? And once a week is a lot? Is she supposed to be a hermit? Get over yourself people.

  • martha

    Madonna is looking really good! Wow!

  • alex

    “Madonna has knocked the importance of talent out of the arena. She’s manufactured. She’s made a lot of money and become the biggest star in the world by hiring the right people.” – Joni Mitchell

    “She sings better than she looks, she dances better than she sings, and everyone knows a girl who is a better dancer.” – Clive James

    “A thimble of talent thrown into an ocean of ambition.” – Mick Jagger

    “She is closer to organized prostitution than anything else.” – Morrissey

  • mona

    The black driving gloves are doing a great job covering her crypt keeper hands. Now if we could only find a face mask to match…

  • Noticias de famosos

    Penelope Cruz is from Spain, from Madrid, was not born in Mexico. And it’s a very good actress.

  • mery

    Why the people this board not dislike the firm of Almodavar defend Polanski as the firm of Darren Aronofski?

    Yes, Penelope is very ugly.

  • sid

    where would Madonna be without her two groups of fans: gays and pathetic middle-aged women

  • seb

    Where would most of the worlds greatest art be without the Gay?
    It never would of had the audience to appreciate it, or the minds to build it!

  • james

    Jesus Christ whats everyones prob with Madonna always bringing her age into it,, Madonnas the closet to art that pop gets,, here music is a genuine natural evoloution leave this women alone for fuc sake

  • Finchley

    Madonna is a wanton whore who opened up the floodgates for all the other untalented sluts.

  • md

    Madonna needs to spend more time in her sarcophagus.

  • Alice

    Madonna made her career by pandering to the gay community who is blindly loyal to her even now that she’s a member of a homophobic cult.

  • catalina

    Nothing like seeing “Madonna” and “art” in the same sentence.

  • the Gay

    I “could of” been a better writer if I “would of” learned to use English grammar properly.

  • dino90

    Madonna’s cheeks look as if she were a squirrel hoarding nuts. She looks like the frickin’ Madame puppet.

  • ayla

    Oooh Madonna looks great in this pic. You are all just jealous. Don’t worry, you’ll age one day. Unfortunately for 100% of you, you won’t have the money or the fame to be in the public eye looking as amazing as Madonna does. And to Catalina, Madonna and ART belong together. If you’ve never heard any of her albums, seen her photoshoots, music videos, tours and basically everything she does, then you should look into it. Madonna is a huge collector of art from Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo…This list goes on. You are very ignorant. BTW, I’m not gay or a middle age woman. I just love Madonna, she is the most independent an unapologetic woman who ever walked the earth and is someone I look up to and admire as a woman, mother, humanitarian, entertainer and human being. We could all take a page out of her book. Everyone else is jealous of her success including Micael jackson, Mick Jagger, Joni Mitchell and everyone else. It’s quite obvious.

  • Laquisha

    LOL! You people are so agist! Madonna looks better than Penelope in that picture. Why does everyone hate this woman? She stands for Freedom, Equality, Peace, Ambition, Self-Love and can dance circles around all of you. Don’t be mean, love her. She is the only super famous person who loves gays, art, fashion, and is very liberal…I don’t get why people hate her. It just seems like envy to me…Oh well, she earned her money herself and she can spend it any way she wants. She is the ultimate tale of the American Dream…by the book and everything. Her Blonde Ambition made her POP ICON and she’ll be with us forever and ever.. Get used to it. LOL.

  • twpumpkin


  • rave69uk


    The same would apply to any gay fans of a singer with mainstream Christian beliefs, as no mainstream church has openly declared that the same sex intercourse is not a sin…unless Christian celebrities are allowed to take what they want from their scriptures and others aren’t….

    Also, why is Madonna so improtant to some people that they need to lurk and post a negative comment as soon as there’s an article about her online….stop googling her every half hour and she’ll become as irrelevant as you’re so desperately trying to make out she is.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not the best pics of penelope
    dress is pretty bad imo and she doesnt look that great
    i hope she and fugdonna arent friends, i f’ing hate that old bitczh

  • Justin

    Love Madonnas look when she wears little makeup – she seriously looks beautiful and youthful. Why shouldn’t she look as good as she obviously feels inside? Even if it takes some fillers and botox…who cares. She always had unique features. Its nice to see her maintain/take care of herself the way she does.

  • Corey

    Where has the Madonnas pic gone

  • Madonna looked horrible on SNL

    Um, you know all this how? You’re on Liz Rosenberg’s staff, aren’t you?

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